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Chess Score Pad


Chess Score Pad is one of the best $7.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Roger Carey, Chess Score Pad is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th May 2012 with the latest update 13th January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Strategy, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


132 people have rated 1.90

You can download the game Chess Score Pad from APP STORE.


For chess players who want the ease and accuracy of an electronic scoresheet at an affordable price, now there is Chess Score Pad. Chess Score Pad is designed to be easy to use because we know that you need to concentrate on your game.

Keeping a score sheet is required for tournament games and essential in order to review your games to improve. A paper scoresheet distracts you from your game and they are prone to errors. Then the game needs to be manually copied into your chess game database. With Chess Score Pad there is no need to translate the move to the coordinates or risk forgetting to record a move. You simply drag or tap the piece to the new square. Then, after the game you can share the PGN file of the game and import it to your chess game database for analysis and review.

  • Designed and written by a chess player who has played hundreds of USCF rated games.

  • Game PGN can be shared using the standard iOS Sharing. This can include AirDrop, Message, Mail, Notes, Clipboard, Save to Files and direct import to apps that accept PGN (HIARCS).
    *Universal App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for one low price.
    *Quick and easy setup:

    • You can start entering moves without entering any information about the game.
    • The "Next Game of Event" action copies the event name and increments the round number.
    • You only need to enter your opponents name and your name is automatically entered.
    • You can select frequent opponents from your contacts.
    • Your pieces are automatically placed at the bottom of the screen.
  • All moves are automatically saved. There is no chance of losing the moves you entered because you did not tap a save button.

  • Move entry by dragging OR tapping the piece. Both options are always available.

  • Straightforward move correction.

  • Review moves with single move buttons or the live position slider to quickly find critical positions for review after the game. You can also use a swipe gesture to review moves.

  • iPad users can display the notation while entering moves.

  • Options to check for legal moves and positions.

  • Adjust your screen brightness from the board view with swipe gestures.

  • Print a scoresheet with a position diagram to an AirPrint printer.

  • Option to include the time spent on each move in the scoresheet or PGN.

  • Localization for English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish.

  • Option for long (Ng1-e2) or short (Nge2) notation.

  • Option for Figurine algebraic notation or Standard algebraic notation (Nf3) .

Chess Score Pad is an electronic scoresheet to record your moves during a chess game. It does not provide analysis. It is not certified so check with your tournament director before using it in a tournament.

More screenshots and documentation of all of the features can be found at

Updated on 13th January 2022

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Chess Score Pad Reviews

Simple design and it works for what we need it for. Not much else to say. We hope the developer(s) continue to maintain it and even add to it over time.

Fabulous product! We all know what a hassle it is to enter game notations with pen and paper. Not only is it easy to screw them up but its distracting. This app completely ends that problem. Very intuitive. Even better, you can create a PGN file and download it into Chess. Com for analysis. Due to our technological ineptitude, we were having some problems with creating and entering the PGN file so we contacted the developer, Roger Carey, who went way out of his way to help us out. Great guy! For what its worth, this is the first review we’ve ever written for anything.

But it seems to be the only score sheep out there. Useful but could be better.

Does everything in an efficient and intuitive fashion, Im amazed we never found this before. You must get tons of suggestions, we were wondering if you might include the ability to add ??, !!, !? And ?! Notations to moves. This would greatly help with later analysis. It is wonderful to see a developer that provides regular feedback to customers. Thank you again for the wonderful app!

Easy to use, great export functions.

Don’t want to keep a dozen chess boards set up? Record your games here, and take with you. Legal for all sanctioning organizations, no analysis, chess no engine.

Any chance to get different board colors or at least lighten the dark green squares a little? The black pieces kind of get lost against the dark green background is our only complaint and we really like using the app. This would make it better.

$2 less = **** ICloud support = *****

We got the app. It looks good so far. Two comments: 1. We couldnt use Save to Files in iPad if the result is draw (1/2). 2. Didnt see the option to load a game.

It shows our own pieces checking our own King. It does not show when we check our opponents King.

Great app. The convenience of recoding moves is fantastic. Two suggestions for the developer: 1. It would be great to be able to save games in . Pgn format automatically. 1. See if you can get this app approved for USCF tournaments.

App is great, but it would be even better if it had iCloud capabilities so that all your saved games can be pulled up on any device.

This app has a lot of great features for what it allows you to do as far as recording chess games. What we would like to see added is a built in player list for those club players you play the most.

Would like to be able to save pgn and export multiple game at a time.

Why get a Monroi when this app does the same job. Been using it for about a year. Fantastic.

Great app. Note that there is a tournament version as well. Wish we didn’t have to pay for that separately. Works great with lots of options. Love that we can export games in pgn format for analysis. Using it to get good at recording our games without errors manually as we’ll.

Love this app . Great features. Easy to use. Regarding the 1st review , you can flip the board position so either black or white is on the bottom.

We’re currently using this app in a USCF corr. Tournament. We have also used it in over-the-board tournaments (note: you may need tourny director approval, but we haven’t had issues). This app does what it says it will do. We’re very happy with it. Reserving 1 final star for enhanced time controls that respond to corr. Matches.

We’re currently using it to score a corr. Tournament. Works great!! We would like to be able to backup database to iCloud, or Dropbox, or…

Need a lot more features for the price.

The app is simple and easy to use. However, there is no option to flip the board so that black is on bottom! That is really bad. It is an absolute must for any type of chess app, chess score keeping app notwithstanding. PLEASE add this feature, it is a MUST have option for notation taking.

The app is now tagged as a 32bit app that may not work in the future.

We were using chess scoresheet for the longest time, but, being an iPad user, we were annoyed at having to play in 2x, ewwww. This app is not only designed for iPad, it’s perfect for tournament play. Hats off to the designer and coder.

This is the tool do exactly we are looking for.

It’s the only program that does this function well. Ways to improve (and make it a no-brainer buy-it-now app for the $7.00 (or more!)) 1. We love the simple way you can record moves! Any way to keep this, but also have a "review" or "journal" mode where you can input variations and annotations? You could even ease navigation through the variation tree by integrating more of those awesome finger gestures you have already used. This mode would be incredibly helpful, especially with access to the talk-to-text feature to comment. Have the comment show prominently in a separate frame next to each position? We would gladly pay $25 for that capability. 2. Looking forward to standard algebraic notation! 3. Add more tags to your app store search. We couldn’t find this app without really digging. Pgn should be a tag, for instance. Overall, great app. If you make even a different program to do these things, we will buy that too.

Great app, pgn file has no flaws in comparison to chessscribe. The only snag is having to figure out how to work some functions in the app which you can figure out in a few minutes. But otherwise no problem, moves are saved automatically, you can even edit a game after it has been saved which is a plus. One thing we would have love to see is having move notations with the time, hopefully in an update that will happen.

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