Chess Sudoku

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Chess Sudoku


Chess Sudoku is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nick Carney, Chess Sudoku is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd March 2020 with the latest update 25th August 2021

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


144 people have rated 1.6

You can download the game Chess Sudoku from APP STORE.


***** AUGUST UPDATE *****
15 new King puzzles, all 100 puzzles are out now!

Presented by Cracking The Cryptic, YouTube’s most popular Sudoku channel, comes a new game that connects two of the world’s biggest mind games: Chess and Sudoku!

How does Chess Sudoku work? Well we’ve taken the classic sudoku game everyone knows and loves and created puzzles with chess-related twists! There are three different types of puzzles in the game: Knight Sudoku; King Sudoku and Queen Sudoku.

In Knight Sudoku, in addition to the normal rules of sudoku (no repeated digit in a row/column/3×3 box) a digit must not appear a chess knight’s move away from itself. This simple extra restriction introduces lots of clever additional logic that makes the puzzle even more interesting!

King Sudoku and Queen Sudoku work the same way: ie it’s always normal sudoku but, in King Sudoku a digit must not be a single diagonal move away from itself; and, in Queen Sudoku, every 9 in the grid acts like a chess Queen and must not be in the same row/column/3×3 box OR diagonal of any other 9!

As with their other games (‘Classic Sudoku’ and ‘Sandwich Sudoku’), Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe (the hosts of Cracking The Cryptic) have personally crafted the hints for the puzzles. So you know that every puzzle has been play-tested by a human being to ensure that the sudoku is interesting and fun to solve.

In Cracking The Cryptic’s games, players start with zero stars and earn stars by solving puzzles. The more puzzles you solve, the more stars you earn and the more puzzles you get to play. Only the most dedicated (and cleverest) sudoku players will finish all the puzzles. Of course the difficulty is carefully calibrated to ensure lots of puzzles at every level (from easy through to extreme). Anyone familiar with their YouTube channel will know that Simon and Mark take pride in teaching to be better solvers and, with their games, they always craft the puzzles with the mindset of trying to help solvers improve their skills.

Mark and Simon have both represented the UK many times at the World Sudoku Championship and you can find more of their puzzles (and lots of others) on the internet’s biggest sudoku channel Cracking The Cryptic.

100 beautiful puzzles from the Knight, King and Queen variants
Hints crafted by Simon and Mark!

Updated on 25th August 2021

15 new King Sudoku puzzles, all 100 puzzles are out now!

Chess Sudoku Reviews

We are a chess player so we expected chess soduku to make sense. Queen move ones though clearly have some additional rule. It says no duplicates on the diagonals, but its only some diagonals and not the others. For instance in puzzle 2, the 1s x out all the spots in row 5. In puzzle 1, it starts with two fours across the long upper left to lower right diagonal. Huh?!

We love this app!! The chess move limitations add such interesting new patterns and techniques. However, we’ve finished all the knight move puzzles multiple times and am getting bored of them! Id love to see another update with more puzzles.

Puzzles number 30 In the knight sudoku has 2 solutions.

We would highly recommend this app for anyone who has ever liked sudoku. Personally we were very into sudoku many years ago but admittedly got a tad bit bored of it. These puzzles offer a very fresh and interesting twist on classic sudoku puzzles that has rekindled our interest in sudoku.

After discovering CTC from YouTube, its safe to say we knew this app would be worth the price. The mechanics of center and corner notes, coloring, and multiple cell selection makes playing these intricate puzzles so much smoother. Not to brag but the easy puzzles were a breeze, as they should be. The hard ones definitely stumped us multiple times. Some we broke free after a couple hours but others we needed to use the hints which are very helpful. We recommend watching their videos if hesitant on the purchase, but be warned you will be a sudokuholic after!

This is a fantastic app. The puzzles are good, and train you to work your way up to the hardest ones. The variants add a tremendous amount of fun. There are three different types of puzzles, queen restriction, knight restriction, and king restriction. The solving interface is also fantastic. We highly recommend it, and we look forward to trying CTCs other apps.

Several other reviews have stated it already, but the puzzles dont seem to follow the queens move restrictions very well. One review listed a few and the very first one had multiple contradictions. We love the app but the devs should probably take a look at this.

We have all of your apps and love them! Thank you Mark and Simon!

This app is amazing. The rules are interesting. The puzzles are engaging. The creators are awesome. We’ve got hours of fun out of this, and for $5, its easily worth it. If we had any feedback, it would be that Id love more puzzles in the current categories, especially more difficult ones. We love the challenge of the most difficult puzzles of the app, but crave more. (though to be fair we have yet to finish the Queen Puzzles, so perhaps we shouldnt complain).

The queen sudoku has errors forcing you to break the queen restraint.

Love the app, but the first Queen puzzle seems to be just plain old sudoku.

Previously left a 4 star review due to no Landscape mode on IPad up, and it appears that has been updated along with addition of Queen Sudoku. A+ guys, thanks!

This app works so well, it is really smooth compare to other sudoku apps. We really like it. The variant chess sudoku is our favorite. The only thing we wish was different is the corner notation for the 5 cause they go to the middle which can be confusing, but this is really nitpicking. Great app!!

We tried Queen sudoku today and for games 2 and 3 Queen rules do not seem to be followed in the final solution.

Really nice puzzles! The hints especially are very helpful in teaching we do feel like Im getting better over time/learning the tricks!

We’re not a huge sudoku fan as we find them quite tedious, and we’ve probably only done easy sudokus in newspapers. However, we got inspired to try out this app after watching the YouTube channel. To our surprise, we tried and successfully completed all the sudokus in the King mode without too much difficultly. Most of them took under and hour to do and we used exactly zero hints in the whole run. That is to say, we did not find the process of solving them tedious at all. We went back to the YouTube videos and tried a solve along sudoku in the description section. Again, we found it tedious and boring to solve. That really tells us about the quality of the app, whose pencil number highlighting especially made it so much easier for us to find patterns in the sudokus that the puzzle solving process went from being tedious to being enjoyable. To our mind, that makes this app a showcase of how technology can augment and bring out the best of human intelligence. Great job by the team, and now it’s time for us to solve the knight sudokus!

This app is so much better than any other free sudoku app on the App Store. We were hesitant to buy it, but being a unique Chess variant sudoku and everything about the app being better, its definitely worth the money. Some of the best things about the app are the different ways to note blocks with different colors or writing the numbers in the corner or center. We do wish their were more colors to choose from for more complex notations, but thats not a huge deal. No other sudoku app even compares to the functionality of this app! Its very well designed, and we hope that, with proper feedback, the app will continue to evolve and improve!

Knight and King sudoku offer new and interesting logic to the classic puzzle. Regardless if you are a beginner or have been doing puzzles for years, these puzzles will keep you entertained for hours. We cant wait to see what else they release! Lets get cracking!

Great interface, far better than free sudoku apps. And the hand set puzzles are quite nice. Really like the chess constraint as well. These would definitely be over our head if we hadnt watched your channel a few times, but probably not too many beginners would pay 5 dollars for an app.

If youre a fan of sudoku mixed with other logical constraints, this app will given you many tens of hours of fun.

Love the game(s). If you havent, check out their YouTube channel. Thanks Simon and Mark.

The 5’s are the same for both notations making it kinda awkward. Selecting specific tiles can be awkward when you can only select tiles that are connected. A possible fix would be a way to highlight and lift your finger. A possible toggle mechanism maybe. Notation is not beginner friendly at all, perhaps a little section that explains different notation use. Overall we only have very minor critiques. Great App.

When can we expect new puzzles?

We got this app because we play on the web version all the time and wanted one for our phone rather than just our computer. The user interface on the app is very frustrating. Its virtually impossible to toggle between highlighting colors unless you hit them just right. Buttons are too small and confusing.

Cracking the cryptic have done something great here. They deserve all the support for what theyve accomplished. Keep it up guys!

We’ve loved their YouTube channel, and their puzzles, and these dont disappoint. A few minor UI issues with the app, but they mostly dont impact gameplay. It can sometimes be hard to read the settings/menus with transparent backgrounds, and the lack of a header to whatever menu youre on can leave you a little lost in navigation. Other than that, thank you!

Cracking the Cryptic does it again!

We love all of their apps. Thanks for getting us back into sudoku and turning us on to chess sudoku. Please do a thermo sudoku soon!

We got this app despite seeing lots of free sudoku apps on the App Store because Im a fan of the Cracking the Cryptic team and wanted to support them, but in fact we believe its more well-designed than any other. We love it.

Cracking the Cryptic are one of the premiere puzzlers and these puzzles meet expectations. Our one complaint is that button placement and size is not optimized based on how frequently you use them. The number buttons are the smallest and the farthest from the puzzle, meanwhile, buttons like delete are large and right next to the puzzle.

We’ve never been a huge sudoku fan on a basic premise, as they all just felt basic. After watching the Cracking the Cryptic YouTube channel, we got this app. This app, as well as their channel, took a twist that is new to us. The app is very well done, the puzzles varying in difficulty. Only issue we’ve found is the number buttons being kinda small. Theyre harder to hit than most other buttons. Otherwise its pretty well optimized.

Our critiques would be; The number buttons are too small. It is awful when it enters the wrong digit and shows red, feels bad. Our phone certainly isnt the smallest supported model even. Could easily double the size of them by using staggered rows. The entry modes werent really clear, and switching from notes to enter is awkward Cant select non adjacent cells easily for pencil notes. (Without at least three other taps to select separate cells and then return to normal mode) The few hints used were pretty spot on. Generally helped us find where we forgot to clean a note that would have shown that we had the next step set up. That or naked cells sometimes can be tricky. It can be awkward to refer to a hint and the board at once. We think the hint text should probably overlay just the controls so you can see your board still (bonus points for some sort of indicators for the relevant hint cells). Honestly our biggest other wish was if all these variants were just IAP of a single app. We would pay the same, but they dont seem that different that a single app couldnt reasonably do it all.

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