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Qwirkle is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MINDWARE CORPORATION, Qwirkle is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 7th February 2014 with the latest update 9th March 2018

Whether you are a fan of Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,889 people have rated 1.1.0

You can download the game Qwirkle from APP STORE.


Challenging and thoroughly addictive! Now you can play the original award winning board game Qwirkle on your iPad and iPhone!

Qwirkle is MindWare’s best-selling board game, with over two million copies sold worldwide. Through the years, Qwirkle has received numerous awards including Mensa, Parents’ Choice, Major Fun and the Spiel des Jahres, Germany’s coveted game of the year award.


  • Solo, Online, and Pass and Play modes all support up to 4 players.

  • 4 levels of difficulty, from easy to expert.

  • Includes Achievements and Leaderboards through Game Center.

  • Customize your experience – choose your favorite background to play on.

  • Play with classic Qwirkle colors or personalize your tiles with custom colors.

  • Exciting animations and playful music enhance the Qwirkle experience!

  • Tutorial and Help sections get you playing fast and easy!


  • Play solo against 4 levels of robot, from easy to expert.

  • For family game night, use Pass and Play mode to play together on a single device.

  • Challenge your friends to play online through Game Center.

  • Find new online opponents through auto-match in Game Center.

Find out more about Qwirkle on the MindWare website:

Want to share your thoughts on the digital version of Qwirkle directly with the developers? Email us at [email protected] with your comments! We’d love to have your input about what you like and ideas for improvements. We look forward to your feedback!

Happy Qwirkling!

Updated on 9th March 2018

  • Added support for iOS 10 and above.
  • You can now play Qwirkle on your iPhone X.
  • Adjusted the Average AI based on player feedback.
  • Numerous bug fixes, tweaks and improvements.

*Optimal gameplay is achieved using devices with iOS 10.3 or higher.

Qwirkle Reviews

This app is fantastic! We have thoroughly enjoyed playing our favorite game. It has been a life-saver during this stay-at-home time-period.

Our family loves the board game, and this app is an excellent coach!

Thank you so much for updating this app! Our Mother, and a close friend of ours used to play Qwirkle all the time with us – in person at least once a week when we were living closer to each other. We first discovered this app well over a year ago and were really upset when it no longer worked on our iPhone after updating the iOS… Thankfully, after sending some messages, calling, and asking for an update – we are back to our normal game play! Its so great to feel close to loved ones even when we are so far apart. Thank you so much!

We love Qwirkle, so near we can play on the app. The only thing we dont like is the pic of board zooms in and out while pieces are played.

Qwirkle is a fun game that takes a little thought. Fun to play online with family and friends.

App works great. We play against robot or our wife and we play against each other on our iPhones. Only complaint is the info line waiting on other players to make a move NEEDS to be placed somewhere else on the screen. Its right in the middle of the play area. Great game/app. Well worth the money.

Our family loves this game! As a board game – both versions, and as a computer game! Super cool because it makes you think and strategize.

This is a fun game in the board version of it, and the app works great too.

Totally worth it! Was introduced to this game a month ago at a game night. This app version is really great!

Our family and we enjoy this game so much. Our 5 yr old grandson is a master at this game!

This is our absolute favorite boardgame! We love to play the online version! We play this game everyday and it makes us so much better at the board game. We love how you can change the colors and the background.

27 October 2021 Wednesday Here are our impressions of the Qwirkle game app (iOS version). On September 5th we bought and loaded this app to learn how to play Qwirkle and to practice so that we can play with our stepson and his wife when we visit them, and with our wife at home. All our app games have been solitaire against the robot. We played 24 games against the Easy Robot, losing only the 1st and 4th games because we didn’t yet understand all the rules, having not read the instructions carefully or looked at more than a few examples. Our choice was to simply plunge in and learn by playing. We were soon spoiled by winning again and again by large margins of over 50 points. We were put off from wanting to play the robot yet at harder levels because we expected at some point it would probably become hard to impossible to beat the robot. Losing at anything most of the time is not for us. Next we played 10 games against the Average Robot, winning them all. Although by smaller margins of usually under 40 points and once our winning was by only 5 points. The Average Robot was clearly playing more carefully, which made us more careful. We were learning to find higher scoring ways to play the same pieces and also make it somewhat harder for the robot to easily score. Now we’re playing against the Hard Robot (level 3), having won 5 of the 7 games so far. The running scores are much closer, with the robot often leading until near the end. The last game was the closest we won by 167 to 165, finally pulling ahead with the 6 point bonus from using the last of our pieces and making the last play in the game. We’ve learned to play very defensively and to keep track of how many of each shape in the same color have been played. We’ve discovered that often the highest scoring choice of plays also blocks further possibilities, for both the robot and for us. As a way to learn and to play Qwirkle this app is very clear and helpful. In learning where your drawn pieces could go just press on each piece and the playable locations show up on the board. You can focus on searching for different scoring patterns because the robot never lets you play an illegal move and always adds up the score, flashing its components. Apart from the Qwirkle app being a good way to learn the game it’s fun simply as a solitaire board game against the robot. Compared to the physical version of Qwirkle with the wooden pieces, the app is much easier in several ways. The digital colors are brighter and easier to distinguish, the tiles never get out of line on the table, scoring is never missed or mistaken, and no space is needed to set aside the sprawling array of pieces to finish playing later. All this lets one concentrate on the interesting variations of interlocking patterns without having to worry over jumbled tiles, illegal moves, or mistakes in scoring. Eric (78 year old retired librarian)

Great companion when nobody else wants to play. We love it,

We love this game and play it daily. However, sister we I cannot play anymore since she brought an I13. We have an we 11 phone. We used to play every night. Now not possible from either phone.

So glad they made a game app online so we dont have to wait for someone to play the game with us.

This is our favorite game and being able to play with family in another state is so much fun.

We have played Qwirkle at home for many years. This year, with the pandemic and social distancing, our family could not be together. So we decided to try to play our games in a new way, online. Though our husband & we are older, and not technologically savvy, our son was able to talk us through getting the app and learning to play Qwirkle in this new way, online. It was actually easier to do than we thought. So we were still able to enjoy playing games together in spite of being apart. And a benefit of playing this way is that none of us had to be the scorekeeper. The app kept score. ;-)

Qwirkle used to be in easy, hard and expert levels of difficulty, why the change? Easy is boring after being a player for several years.

We’ve loved playing Qwirkle for about two years, but just recently found the App. We’ve learned a lot of new strategies playing the robots. Its a great game with friends or with robots. Really good for our concentration! Yep, we recommend this game.

Our friend and we who are devoted Quirklers loaded the app and now play online. We miss the click and feel of the tiles as well as the teasing, but its a fun way to pass the time. We are also in chemotherapy, so this helps keep the brain sharp as well. Beats watching the news, too.

So much fun to play with our friend since we do not live near each other anymore!

With automation help this app is like the board game but only better. Our only complaint is playing online with friends its a little bit flaky you have to keep re-opening it and we’ve had to make the same move more than once. Also starting out to get a friend in your list is cumbersome. Make sure you have Game Center on with ID to play online.

We have the "board game" version of Qwirkle and have loved that game since we bought it. Once we found the online version, we were hooked all over again. We can play anytime we want against the robot when we can’t find another person to play against. Love, love, love it!! Thank you for finally making the needed upgrades for IOS 11.

Thank you for updating the app. We’ve missed this game. We were just introduced to the board game and loved it. Then we found out about the app. We’ve loved it more. We can’t stop playing. We’ve even challenged friends. Love that we can players in another state. We just wish it kept a record of highest points. Regardless. We love it.

Weve been playing Qwirkle for awhile but we love this for the in between times when formal game just doesnt work.

Majority of the time we play, the board gets refreshed when we click done and we need to start over. Sometimes we need to replay 3-5 times and its getting to make us not want to play.

We are not a game guy but a friend introduced us to the Quirkle board game and we fell in love. We now love the Quirkle app and need a 12 step program to keep us from playing.

Have been playing this game for years. This new version is much more stable and easier to add players. Usually have at least a dozen games going with different people some two player and some four. It would be nice to be able to send a message during the game without leaving but it is our favorite game and we really enjoy it.

Great game. We love the "board game" so had to try the app. It does not disappoint!

What a great game ! We like playing Qwirkle but cant always get others to play. This lets us get our Qwirkle fix ! We’ve only played against the AI, so far but we love this app. Definitely a winner !

We first played Qwirkle using the wooden squares that are stored in a bag. Our siblings and we enjoy it as well as our adult children. This app is exactly like playing the original – not so with the droid version. Try it !

After this died with iOS updates, our whole family has waited. So very excited to have this back! We paid for versions, and gifted it to many people. Works so well on the iPad or iPhone. Great for online play. Only problem is a partial game from the past will not delete.

We love the board version of this game and this version is great too! Thanks.

Great for traveling and for an easy quick singles game!

We’ve searched through the developer page, Apple store where we purchased the app as well as other provided links hoping to contact technical support. No luck. We’ve encountered a glitch in the app and would like to submit it for future updated. Please advise as to where we can send screenshots of the issue. Thanks! PS This is an awesome game!

This game is underrated because the mechanics does require the person to read and understand how scoring works and how to. Lock your opponent. Luckily we were able to learn from the easy AI and move up from there. Quite frankly we like this version better… We never have to worry if Im scoring it right!

We’ve tried them all. The other types of games are not for us. We love and play 3 games. Rummy Cube, All Rummy Card Games, and Qwirkle! If you love to play those, like we do, youll love this one too.

We love this app; we’ve invited friends, cousins and daughters and everyone else loves it now too. Getting everyone started through Game Center took some doing (and restarting of phones). Only complaint would be that only the person who makes the final move gets to see it; the opponents only see that the game is over. Hope there will be an update soon with a fix for that!

Life was great till we upgraded to 15.0 – now we cant invite previous players! :(((( Please help. Thanks.

Our family plays this board game when we get together. Found this version of the game while quarantining during the pandemic. The family lives in different areas of the country and it’s great to get together and play on line. We usually do FaceTime on one device and play on the other so it’s like being together. Another group we play with we use the phone to talk while we’re playing. It took some time to figure out how to get everyone on board but now it’s easy. We’re just grateful we don’t have to keep score! We think we wrote this review a while ago and never sent it. Unfortunately Qwirkle has not been updated for a while and its not compatible with the updated iOS. Now you cannot invite friends to play to play on the updated iOS. It would be wonderful if you could fix it!!

This game is our relaxation when we are stressed! It is our go to game before going to bed and the game we play the most.

Our grandsons introduced us, their grandmother, to Qwirkle. Of course they trounced us with their brains that work at the speed of light. This Gma immediately looked for an online version so that we can practice and be somewhat competitive. The game app is perfect simulating the game to perfection! We are already better at scanning the board and making decisions about what/where to play.

Completely addictive and no hidden charges or annoying ads.

Qwirkle has been our #1 favorite game now for 15 years.. Started out actually playing the original game then found the game here on Apple (on our Ipod).. Still loving to play both ways.. Thank you for this! KC.

Fun and addictive. Wish it was on Android too so we could play with more friends. Great game. Thx.

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