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CHUCHEL is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Amanita Design s.r.o., CHUCHEL is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 29th November 2018 with the latest update 1st April 2020

Whether you are a fan of Family, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


427 people have rated 2.0.14

You can download the game CHUCHEL from APP STORE.


CHUCHEL is a comedy adventure game from the creators of Machinarium, Botanicula and Samorost. Join the hairy hero Chuchel and his rival Kekel in their quest to retrieve the precious cherry and face numerous puzzles and challenges!

The reward? Cheerful situational humor, wild music and sounds by the band DVA and dozens of hilarious gags that warm up even the coldest of souls. Plus cherries!

What the press said:
"Comedy gold." – Destructoid
"A giant cuddle of a game.” – RockPaperShotgun
"Silly in the best possible way.” – The Verge

Independent Games Festival 2018 – Excellence in Visual Art
Anifilm 2018 – Best Game for Children
CEEGA 2018 – Best Visual Art
BIG Festival 2018 – Best Art
BitSummit Kyoto 2018 – Media Highlight Award
IMGA 2019 – Excellence in Visual Art and Design

Updated on 1st April 2020

  • Minor bug fixes


You got a perfect game good job:)

We love this game. Its like adventure time its so funny and cool.

We like this game a lot! We like the artwork its really cool we wish there was a 2nd CHUCHEL.

If you like their other games, and we know you did, youll like this one too. Although, yes, shorter than the others but still really well done and it ran flawlessly on our iPhone 6S. Auto Saved perfectly. Its a puzzle game, not an adventure game with a cute ending. Some of the puzzles do make you have to think what theyre going for before you can solve it.

Great game, fun and creative :)

We dont have the game yet but it should be funny like a cartoon.

Its super fun and awesome! If you wach Dantdm we will let you know that he played this game and loved it! We love the tap and adventure games so its really fun! Some people say that its for little kids but Im 9 years old and Its amazing! So ceep on making good games! (Like we said Im only 9 years old so sorry for the bad spelling)

Im so mad because the jelly is hard!

This game was fun and all but it wasnt long enough for us to enjoy it that much.

We should have read the reviews. We blindly bought this game as we loved the other ones. We got annoyed and bored. Not planning to finish it. Wasted our money.

We’ve been waiting for you too make a pocket addition of this so we can finally play it so thank you very much for making this!

We adore Amanita Design games! This game was fun, so cute and we found myself smiling and laughing throughout the game. Chuchel was quiet the character, it was hilarious to hear him and the other character talking, adorable how angry he gets and the puzzles were very fun to solve. Not the hardest but we felt like that was part of its charm. As always, its so sad when they end because we wish we could play them forever. We cant rave enough about all their games, Samorost 3 is hands down the best game we’ve ever played! Highly recommend and well work the money!! Cant wait to see what they come out with next!

And it is still even if we would like to get the black skin and the Orange hat a still love it!

We rarely play computer games, most are usually a waste of time, not providing any value or improvement to the player – violent or barely intellectually stimulating. Amanita Designs manages to surprise and entertain with every game, while providing some mental exercise as well.. Flipping the script on expectations for games scenarios and control and ways of interacting. Corky, different, entertaining. We cannot praise them enough for their AMAZING creativity! Well done Amanita. Keep doing the amazing thing youre doing. And THANK YOU for daring to be creative and different, while lighthearted.

Please come out with a Chuchel TWO!

We love this game, but we wish there was a sequel.

We love it so much best game we love you creation.

Weird but surprisingly delightful. We have to say we actually enjoyed the game, well done.

We are usually not a mean person towards reviews, but we just HAVE to point this out. When we first got this game, we had high hopes. But seeing every little speck and corner of this game made our brain automatically Think: Im doing something completely wrong. Am I? But it was too late. Our finger had already pressed the download button. And we just KNEW we were about to go on a terrible ride. No character in this game we cared about. They all felt like a wasted level idea. Music just sounds like some random sounds all mashed together to fit the situation. Story is probably the worst of this review. A little orange monster named Chuchel trying to get a cherry that is always out of his reach? That sounds as simple as Mario trying to rescue Princess Peach! Sorry for all our negativity, but of all the games Animata Design has made, PLEASE skip this one! PLEASE!!!!!!!

We love it but can you please make Second version? We think you could make a update so there are some more adventures!

We want there to be 50 more levels thatll be ingame today because its so funny that we want more.


Awesome game but in the end the bigger CHUCHEL was trying to get the pear, so we thought maybe you will make a CHUCHEL 2. Also love the game.

We love the games that have good characters and puzzles so this is the game for us but we finished it in about two days. Maybe you could make more levels? But still it is one of the best games we’ve played this year.

We have completely finished Chuchel and have got all of its achievements and we dont regret a single thing! The music and sound effects are great too! Chuchel is absolutely filled to the brim with charm. All of its characters are weird in a good way. Some of the puzzles are also quite challenging and need some thinking(for example the frog level). Chuchel also has a very cute ending which we are sure you will love! And are selling this for only one dollar? This game should be worth a lot more than that! To sum it all up this game is simply Chuch-tastic!


Sorry we ACCIDENTALLY PRESSED UNDO ON THE REVIEW, SO IT REMOVED ALL THE WORDS!! Just saying that this game is amazing and DONE! IM NOT WRITING IT AGAIN!! Maybe we should Well here is our review: This game is AMAZING! Well Im surprised and not surprised at the same time. This company already MAKES GOOD GAMES! Well, we saw Youtubers do this! Like: DanTDM, Ethangamertv, etc.. We dont know any more youtubers play this, but Im sure there is A LOT! Worth it with the money, we have no idea why people say Worth it with the money. BUT APPARENTLY IM DOING THE SAME! Are you greedy?? BUY THIS GAME NOW! Im not threatening you, Im just recommending you. Its your opinions TRULY! This game is Very good, cute, very good for kids, MAYBE GOOD FOR TEENS AND ADULTS! Its just relaxing, and guess what. IM ASKING FOR A PART 2, kindly. This game is so addicting. We really like puzzle games like these, and ESPECIALLY WITH THIS COMPANY! And for youtubers out there, IF YOU HAVE A TIME MACHINE, this is gonna waste your money and give you more many, only takes you one day GUARANTEED. How? By getting lots of views of course! But, in the 2020 CHUCHEL maybe wont give you views! Use a time machine, and go to history when this game was released 20 days ago, and that will get you views. Next topic: Please make a season 2, we would give you support in anyway you like. If you already have a season 2, please remind us! We NEED a season 2, so please make a season 2. M A K E S E A S O N 2 P L E A S E wont rush ya!

Its the best because its funny cool and we love comedy and please make a CHUCHEL 2.

We like the game its our favorite app and plz make a 2d CHUCHEL.

It was funny buuuuut l needed to press the help button on every single level except for 5-6 levels that we saw ln ethengamertv who played CHUCHEL. So if you say a bad review on this app l will be angry and you wont like us when Im angry!!!!!!!! So just Agee with us that we like this game its easy that way . Youre welcome CHUCHEL for this rate and we no most people like you and thats why you were the game of the day… But all the other people who dont like this game or other games we like we hate you automatically! And youre welcome CHUCHEL for this rate youres truly spidermatt22.

This game is very funny and hilarious, but this is not what this review is about when we were playing we were on the singing level when we pause the game CHUCHEL was stuck on the same note when we paused again he was stuck on another note, and now he just broken. This glitch was funny and this game is funny to thank you. Ps make a CHUCHEL 2.

How can you get mad at a game like this. Its so funny and cute but is there going to be a sequel to this game.

We just love Jaromir Plachy as game dev. He makes the coolest games we have seen and Chuchel is not just the coolest, it is also the cutest game. We would give it a solid 5 stars.

We love this game because its so funny!!

We couldnt stop laughing any time CHUCHEL becomes increasingly frustrated. We want a sequel now!

This game is very weird but its cool the characters are cute the game is interesting and fun, we dont know what to say about the game but we like it.

Just amazing + ( ) + ( < _ + `

We loved the game! Could you make another one please it is so cute and funny!

We love to chill and we also act like Im really crazy and Im lost him we always play the game and we move to Chelsea we cant wait to check out the other games do to chill please.

While Im on CHUCHEL, we go on adventures with our favorite fuzzball! Weird but cute! Our favorite level is the slingshot one. It felt like we were playing 2 games in 1! We hope a sequel happens! This cherry-loving fuzzball might be one of our favorite characters!

This game was amazing but why is it amazing well its a puzzle game some puzzles are hard and some are easy and some Times you have choices so if you like puzzle games then this game is for you. One more thing this game is a little short we finish the game in like three days.

We tried a lot of the other games they were the best! But this one was the best of the best! And whoever is reading this should play it too. Then they will want the sequel and we will all want it! So this might sound like pleading but PLZ PLZ PLZ make a sequel!!!!!!!!!

We love this game! Its so cute.

We almost bought this game back when it came out, but read through the reviews and a lot of them complained that it was more of a kids game. We recently found it on sale and figured it was worth $1 to try it out… And Im so glad we did!! This is one of the most creative games we have ever played and we enjoyed every minute of it! We didnt find it to be too childish or easy. We thought it was the perfect difficulty level… Not too hard or frustrating, but still a bit challenging. We loved the humor, sounds and artwork, and we were sad when it ended. This is definitely a game Ill replay in a year or two, once we’ve forgotten the puzzle solutions.

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