City Takeover

Last updated on August 6th, 2022 at 08:00 am

City Takeover

City Takeover

City Takeover is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, City Takeover is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 4th November 2020 with the latest update 22nd March 2022

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


47,615 people have rated 3.0.3

You can download the game City Takeover from APP STORE.


Connect all your buildings together to grow them taller. Grow the bigger army to crush your opponents. Strategize your moves and outgrow others!

Simple drag controls from one building to another to connect them together.

Good luck!

Updated on 22nd March 2022

Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

City Takeover Review

We like this game its just that we cant get pass level 104.

Love this game. We have had it for a long time. Im on level 350+. We purchased the ad free add on. Please make more levels. The same levels over and over are getting boring.

Its not loading. Played for months now wont load.

Love this game what we want to know is why we paid for no adds and we still get them IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAMELOL please fix this or refund us please.

We think yall need to add more levels and can we at least get the option to pick our color instead of having to be blue all the time ?

Our only complaint with this game is when the adds started popping up in the middle of game play and the game doesnt stop in the background, several times we would be winning and then the add pops up and by the time we can get through the add we see that we have lost the round. If you are going to have adds pop up in middle then stop the action in the background, or just play them in the beginning and end like everyone else. We love this game and used to play it all the time, but now we play one or two rounds before getting fed up with it.

Game is very repetitive we are on level 6322 and its just recycles the same boards starting spots etc over and over Good game but needs improvement.

What happened to the power ups? Ones you spent the coins you collect on? The ones you drag-and-drop on your enemies to help you beat a certain level? We have an enormous amount of coinage and it’s just collecting dust! We have every character, every weapon, every shield and our coins are above the 6 figure range (not too many more and it’ll be 7 figures). Bring back power ups and buyable items!!

Pretty decent time killer type game, levels are endless apparently. (Im above 1500) Would be nice to be able to spend coins after you unlock every sword, shield and character. Like having a store to buy 2x power ups or double coins instead of watching an ad. Other than that, amazing!!

This glitch is the most annoying thing ever, we dont know if this is just happening to us, but whenever an add shows up in the middle of a game and finishes, our screen goes black, and the app exits out on its own, and restarts our whole progress, its happened so many times that Im stuck on level 10 because whenever we get close to finishing it closes us out!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!

What happened to the update with new levels. It reverted back to the old game.

But what is the item that cost seven thousand coins?

Fun game but Im on level 842, and they are all repeats. Make new levels please!!

We paid to have ads removed and we are still having to sit through ads. Please fix this or return our money. Thank you.

Good game just the same levels with different numbers ie level 3 looks like level 200. There is a pay to change region button but it only changes the background of the same level. Please add some new stuff.

We love the simplicity. No daily commitments. There are still ads in the middle of the game play but the game now pauses during the ad so you have a chance to win. The ads are data heavy and hang up our device but it is still free.

Absolutely love it, wish we could create our own levels tho. Maybe submit them to let the public play real peoples creations?

We understand that mobile games need ads to survive and profit. And while pop ups may be annoying in every game, they show up before or after the main part of the game. This app takes it to a whole other level by putting ads DURING the game. Sometimes the ads dont even have Xs so its impossible to close. The only way to get rid of these is to refresh the app. We’ve had some fun experiences with this game, we’ve gotten to lvl 114. But that was before this terrible update. Now its a burden to play.

When we first started playing it, we were enjoying the game. We dont play it all the time, but since we started playing again, the game will freeze. And when its not frozen, it will start playing ads that cannot be skipped. Needless to say, we wont be playing it much any more.

Fun but appears to only have about 70 levels.

We paid for no ads and play this game ALL the time! Im in the 1000s in levels. But in the past two weeks, we’ve had to delete the app and reinstall 3 different times and its still so glitchy. It often wont load, will force close in the middle of a level, freeze up, etc. We’ve checked everything else on our phone so we know its the game, not another issue. We do love this game, and would be back to play if/when it works better.

This game is very fun, but it has serious issues that must be addressed. Starting off with the amount of ads that are in the game. While we know since this game is free ads are the only way to make money, there is a time for ads and this game plays them at all the wrong times. Ads interrupt your game right in the middle of playing! We think the ads should only play after every game never in the middle. Also since there are so many ads trying to play every 30 seconds (yes they play that often) it makes the game freeze up or lag. Its almost unplayable because of how laggy it gets from all the ads.

This game is really fun, and we bought no ads, even though we never have before. Unfortunately though, every time we try to open the game, we are just given a blank screen and eventually kicked out. We have tried everything to fix this, and until it is, we have to give it 2/5 stars.

City takeover was a good game but ruined by the over zealous application of ads. Instead of run a couple level get an ad, its now run a few seconds get an ad. Do not download till devs return the ad density to what it was.

We loved this game until now. It would not open and we would have to restart our iPad. So we had to uninstall and we have lost all our progress. We were at approximately 3180 levels completed.

We would love to give 5 starts, but we cant see our ranking anymore. Also, we need new levels im at 1643 and theyre repetitive. SMH. Love the game but we need to SPICE IT UP!!!!!!

The gameplay itself is fun. However, the advertisements interrupt gameplay too often. We’ve experienced three interruptions during one match. That is unacceptable, even for a free game. We will be deleting this game and all other games by this developer. What you develop is fun, but the amount of time wasted watching ads detracts heavily from gameplay. And we wont pay to remove the ads because we wont give money to a company who wastes players time.

Game is ok, for the small amount of time between ads.

Always plays adds in the middle of the game, and they are long ones. Worst part is that you cant play it without internet.

Nothing but ads.. Even in the middle of gameplay. Dont waste your time.

Bro these ad are gonna be the death of us. Game is horrible and also it can kill its self.

Game has been broken for days with no updates. Gets some decent devs. Also stop changing game- every time you do makes it worse or breaks something else. Last big change you took all our gold for boosts and then took boosts away. Ads every 10 seconds- what do you spend the money on???

We used to have fun playing this app, but now they’ve made it so that you have to be connected to the internet to play. For an app that’s not even multiplayer or is online! Ridiculous. Completely unplayable for us now.

The game is fine and a good way to kill time. But ads in the middle of a level of a game that depends on timing is ridiculous. Id be fine with ads between levels, but this is just annoying.

But now youre forced to put up with endless ads.

Feeling so annoyed. We played this game like a year ago and loved it. Downloaded it again and tried to restore purchases and it will not restore our purchase for no ads. Its is just ad after and after ad so annoying. Cant even play because its so many ads. Wish our purchase would restore.

Crashes during ads. Ads inturrupt the middle of gameplay. Game uses a lot of power which drains our iPad battery quickly.

Cheating , they charged us for (no Add)4$ but still same adds showing and repetitive every single game.

The game play itself is mediocre. Theres arent very many different levels so youll quickly cycle back through them. We would still play the game occasionally because we can enjoy the simplicity of it. But there are way too many inappropriate ads, very frustrating. As well as ads way too often in general as there will be an ad mid level. Not worth even having on your phone.

This was a great way to kill some time, however the games (along with a few other games from this dev), has not worked since the last os update. Oh well. Guess its time to find another time waster.

You used to be able to play it for about a day and it was fun, until the minuscule level design pool was depleted and you were playing reruns. Now, they added so many ads (at least 1-2 per level) that you cant even enjoy one level. Thank god we discovered that this waste of an app was such, itll now stop taking up space on our phone. Do. Not. Get.

Stupid amount of adds cant even play the dam game in peace.

The game is simple and at times challenging and it as strategy with creativity! Our only issue is that the game only does one thing.

The game is so fun we never get bored and theres so much levels to unlock and cool things to get such a great game.