State of Survival Patch 1.13.65

State of Survival Patch 1.13.65

These are the changes for State of Survival Patch 1.13.65.

New Resonating Joker

A complete psychopath with no moral compass whatsoever, the Joker’s psychosis causes his personality to shift between goofy prankster and mass murderer on a dime, making it impossible to predict his next move. It’s exactly such unpredictability that makes him such a dangerous opponent. Derived from the lunacy of the Joker himself, when fighting other players, Joker increases his heavily wounded rate and damage inflicted. Wounded Rate: 7.5% Extra Damage: 15%

Arena of Doom

Engage in 1v1 challenges in the Arena of Doom. Let’s see who is the strongest in the post-apocalyptic world.

Pun Intended

Throw Punchline Bombs at other player’s Settlements to turn them into inflatable Joker Balloons, then laugh at them all you want!

Joker’s Showdown

Collect Joker Chips to Join the party! Try your luck and you might be able to get the Resonating Hero, Joker! Every time you draw a card, you will get a corresponding reward- the move will cost a Joker Chip. To obtain Joker Chips, you can buy the Clown Prince Bundle or participate in the Arena of Doom event. After the event, unused Joker Chips will be exchanged to equivalent Biocaps!


Survivors, the Joke-in-the-Box has arrived! Joke-in-the-Boxes will appear all over the wilderness. You have limited number of chances every day to retrieve supplies from the Joke-in-the-Boxes, and these chances will reset at 0:00 UTC every day. Dispatch your troops and find out what’s inside the Boxes!