Cliff Diving Champ

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Cliff Diving Champ


Cliff Diving Champ is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Jean-Baptiste Bolcato, Cliff Diving Champ is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th December 2012 with the latest update 18th July 2021

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Sports, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


6 people have rated 1.33

You can download the game Cliff Diving Champ from APP STORE.


Take your diver from the junior 3m local rocky beach meet all the way up to international top events at the whopping, high adrenaline, life-threathening 26m platform.

Users’ reviews:

" Easily the best cliff diving game out there! "
" Well worth the money…"

The game is an evolution of DiveChamp, our other simulation of the more classic indoor acrobatic diving. It features just as realistic graphics captured from experienced divers, the signature ultra-smooth animation and responsive controls for optimal gameplay following closely the beautiful and dangerous sport of cliff diving!

Other features:

  • Wide range of heights: 3, 5, 10, 15, 18, 21 and ultimate 26m platforms
  • Forward, Back, Reverse, Inward and Armstands dives.
  • Pike, Tuck and Twists positions
  • Allows freestyle practice; enjoy ripping a simple reverse dive or a double back flip with quadruple twist!
  • RPG elements: customize and upgrade your diver thanks to the experience you accumulate by competing and practicing!
  • Offers 3 to 5 judges and a palette of qualifying standards just like in real life!
  • Follows most FINA and HDA codes, DD rules and judging regulations
  • Full Game centre support: achievements, leader boards and in-app store transactions.
  • supports all devices with iOS beyond 8.0 (including latest units like iPhone X, XS, Max)

Updated on 18th July 2021

Bug fixes, minor updates.

Cliff Diving Champ Reviews

The game is really fun and is very easy our only problem with it is how you need to get almost all perfect dives to get first in the last 2 competitions and other than that it is a great game.

Amazing game but we would like to see back armstands added to the game.

Physics are great in this game, others we have found have the worst game play and make zero sense of how flips actually work. Love the meets in this too! And the proper diving terms its dope.

This game is awesome! We can’t stop playing it! Best. Game. EVER!

Really great physics, realistic positioning and skills. You need to make a trampoline game, aerial skiing game, high bar game, etc. You are the only one who is actually making realistic acrobatic games out there. Keep it up. Check out Walabers trampoline, he was the best at acro games but won’t develop for iOS.

First of all let us add five more stars and give this app ten stars. Game play, graphics, controls are spot on. This game is highly addictive and tremendously fun to play. This app is a must have. We salute the developers, God bless.

Keeps telling us we’re doing the wrong dive when we don’t. Tried to email a big report but no way to contact software developer. Website doesn’t exist and no option in the software. Disappointed.

Super decent, immediately regretted spending our dollar.

Immediately after downloading we got an error saying the developer needed to update the app and that it would cause our iPad to be slow. Want a refund.

Great game! Love it! Can’t stop playing it! Only thing is the glitch from when you twist then tuck or pike it glitches and shows you in. Different spot in your rotation from where you actually are! Not huge deal but would love it to be fixed! Great game!

Hard to see where te diver is at when he passes the rocks at the bottom.

Awesome sequel to divechamp, BUT on the final competition, World Championship, it will not let u perform the 210B back five somersaults, keeps saying wrong dive. Also 310C it wont allow.

Tons of fun, nice graphics and animation, just the best diving game out there! Go for it. Highly recommended.

A lot of fun and very similar to dive champ. Last meet 310c and 210b are unable to complete keeps saying wrong dive.

Really good diving simulation, just like its sister app DiveChamp, finding the perfect balance between fun and realism. Really playable, easy to learn and tricky to master with quite a bit of depth with the way you can upgrade your diver. Good graphics and animations: Highly recommended!!!

Issues with: -210c and 310c in meet 16 (says it’s a failed dive) -tucks after twisting (backs and gainers only)

Love this game and dive champ but final meet 210b and 310c say we’re doing the wrong dive if this is fixed ill give 5 stars.

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