Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon

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Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon


Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Side Labs LLC, Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd May 2019 with the latest update 1st December 2021

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


896 people have rated 2.11

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Welcome to The Coffee Inc, business simulation tycoon game!

As a founder and CEO, your role is to start up your coffee shop, manage coffee bean blends, create the best coffee products, hire and motivate the best talents, conduct effective marketing, manage financials, expand the business to multiple cities and build the biggest coffee empire!

=== Key Features ===

  • Open more than two hundred coffee shops. Location! Location! Location!

  • Choose your own exteriors, interiors and store equipment in order to differentiate your stores from competitors.

  • Seven cities to expand your business (so as your competitors!).

  • Develop the best coffee blends to uniquely stand out your products and shops.

  • Set products and pricing strategies wisely to compete with neighboring coffee shops.

  • Hire store employees, train/motivate/compensate them well and keep the service level high.

  • Conduct store marketing as well as corporate level marketing to increase brand awareness and attract more customers.

  • Very realistic income statement and balance sheet to provide detailed financial insights.

  • Borrow money from the Bank if you are short on cash.

  • File for IPO to increase the capital and expand your business aggressively.

  • Acquire (M&A) competitors through the stock market.

  • Once you get big, you can invest in real estate and other venture businesses.

  • Expand your business to become an owner of professional sports team franchises.

  • It’s a turn-based game. Enjoy the game at your own pace, even offline. No more waiting for hours and days!

  • Because we’d like you to fully enjoy the game, there are no annoying ads.

Updated on 1st December 2021

  • Added a link to Coffee Inc 2, new version of the game.
  • Performance enhancement.

Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon Reviews

We absolutely love this game and the fact that its so realistic. We hate when games get unrealistic and start letting us easily get quadrillions. However, we do wish that after you bought out other coffee companies, more would appear over time because after a certain point you basically rule the world and there is nothing else to do or spend money on ! Also adding things like sales on coffee drinks or trends that spike sales would be fun. Or the addition of reviews from customers would also be nice !! We love the game though, and we didnt mind paying for extra cities !!

F it Ill pay 30$ for a cool update man we love this game and what can you do with trillions of dollars in this game? Not much, sorry but Im addicted to this game and would love more immersive content Great developers, great game. Sending love to yall \m/

We love this game so much, its super addicting and cant stop playing it, we wish it was for pc as well so we can play it 24/7. We recommend this game!!!!!

We have really enjoyed this game and love it so much. However, we recently switched from Apple to Android and was sad to find this game wasnt on the google play store. We hope the devs plan on bringing the game over to Android because we absolutely love this game!

We love this game so much because its genuinely difficult to get the hang of. We found myself actually researching economics just to get the hang of this game and make better decisions when it came to our stock price, venture capitalism, etc. Our biggest problem is that the game feels like it maxes out at a point and becomes very repetitive/grindy. For example, once you win some marketing battles against the competition and your stock price takes off, you can sell as much of your company as you like without losing any percentage of profit. That becomes seed money to invest in startups (an aspect of the game solely governed by RNG), and after you hit on those you can invest in real estate and youve pretty much topped out your earning capability. The game is wicked fun in the beginning, but gets shallower and shallower as your wealth increases. That being said, after we give it a break for a month or so we always end up re-downloading it and playing the crap out of it for a few weeks, because its really just that good. We hope that the second version or a future update adds more penalty for risky financial moves (like selling all your stock) and gives a better method for evaluating investment opportunities than hope this goes well. All that said, GET THIS GAME!

This game is great. Please update for more gameplay. It would be great if there is more options to learn and analyze more about start up in order for player to make better investment. Right now its like gambling with investing into start up.

Game is definitely a must have if you like REAL strategy/management games. Not like the other trash of mobile games which has become the standard of today. Keep up the good work, Id definitely love to see what the devs add to it. Only complaint we could have is the later game (after youve build up your coffee shops) Please add an option to skip through weeks faster and a way to view the weekly news after you close out of it the first time.

  • One coffee place at max difficulty with lowest starting amount and loan. – Cocaine Co. -Balance prices to make barely any profit -Expand to more areas to compete with 4 other coffee companies -Buyout 1 company after years of almost goin bankrupt -Buyout 2 more companies -Invested in space company -Made ~$300,000,000 -Buy properties -Make rent profits dwarf all profits from coffee -Invest hundreds of millions of dollars in failed ventures – Grind for hours to get more money – Invest ~$150 – $200,000,000 in pharmaceutical company -Made -$6,000,000,000 – Rename all schools in Augusta University to our name by donating ~$2.5 billion. – Start Cocaine Co. IPO (stock symbol:COKE) -Sell 100% stocks for ~$16 billion – Buy everything 11/10- Would turn plutocrat again.

The game is the boring but please please of please add sound effects with out sound effects the game will get very very boring.

First off we want to say this is by far our favorite simulation game we’ve played on iOS. We havent read any other reviews so Im not sure if these things have been brought up before but theres a couple things we’ve noticed that Id like to mention because we think they can help improve the game. 1. Competitors with no stores can win best coffee. 2. Im still a little confused how the stock market in game works. Especially when it comes to our own stock. There have been quarters where Ill increase our revenue by 10-20% and that doesnt affect the price. 3. Overall depth. Once you become a big enough company the game is kind of no longer a challenge and is just a VC/stock sim. Typically for us by 2035 we no longer even care about our businesses because theyre only a fraction of our income. Currently in year 2040 revenue from our stores is about $1mil per week and our real estate income is $53mil and we end up profiting about $13mil per week. Love the game but Id love to see more added.

So we did a couple quick runs to try and figure it out and by our third try we broke the game. Once you hit a certain point your coffee shops dont matter and you make more by closing all of them and buying out your competition. One bug we found is that none of the competition will rebuild even after we closed all our shops. The trick to break the game is to just invest in venture stuff like crazy and eventually one will pay off big. Then you start to buy real estate until you own every property possible and you have infinite income. It didnt take much time and got pretty boring. We owned 100% of every sports team at one point and changed the name of every school building. The concept is fun, but it got boring really quick and felt like it was too easy. We wish the coffee shop aspect mattered a little more, but it feels like none of the choices you make for customizing your shop really matter.

Its a cool game, but it has a bug in it at 2067. Every time you try to advance to the next week it shuts the app down. The only workaround is to restart the game.

Bruh we cant een lie.. We usually dont even play these type of games, we make a point to not spend money on apps, and we NEVER leave reviews.. But we cant front this the best game we ever played, NO CAP Cant wait for an update! We showed this to all the homies and Im chasing down an in-game Billion as we speak Please keep the content heavy & steady, the streets need it.

Gets a little tedious, a lot more depth to this game then we thought thered be. Definitely worth the money Id say.

We thoroughly enjoyed the game even got the bonus cities. At 99 cents a piece it is super good value we’ve payed much more for games we didnt get so intrigued by. The only thing is Im still new to the game maybe only playing two weeks on and off but we’ve monopolized the coffee market even with three competitors we guess we need to change it to the hardest setting bc we’ve learned if you take on multiple loans at just above what you can pay you can rapidly expand, dropping prices for your competitors by opening stores near them then just ruthless buying out anyone who pops after you crush them.

This is a very good game also very addicting, just maybe they could add a harder difficulty.

This game is nice and very realistic but given the addition of colleges and donations perhaps it might be helpful if one could improve the college by donations and in turn select executives or researchers to lead companies where millions and billions are being invested. The money and college has to account for something surely.

Seriously the best mobile management game on the app store, hands down. This game is seriously amazing for what you get in it. We hope the developer makes more concerning different areas of business because we would buy up anything similar to this in a heartbeat.

We’ve been playing this game for awhile and once you pay the money to just unlock all of the towns it makes it even more fun one thing tho that we think would make this game really fun is if they added natural disasters that make you repair the businesses and building you own as once youve made a lot of money there isnt enough stuff to spend it on.

We love this game sooo much. It taught us the basics of the stock market and basic economics in just a day. Please add more cool features and content, this is our favourite game!!!!

This is a wonderful game and we have spent many hours playing it. We think it would be great if there was a huge update that would include additional features with the stock market and the ability to buy out companies that you have invested in. We really love this game but we think there could be a lot more to take it to the next level! Please please please provide an update soon!

Hello we have been playing this game for a pretty long time and we honestly love the game. We have reached a level where we have so much money and we dont know where else to invest and It would be fun to have a good place to make more money and make another business. The game has a bug where it wont let us skip to the next week and we cant advance. Hopefully it gets fixed soon :)

We’ve had this game for some time and started a few different coffee shops The game needs more updates though This game could go so much further and draw an even greater profit if more content was added.

We just want to start by saying, we love this game Its so addicting and Im always playing it, but we think some features thatll make it even better is : Holidays or National Coffee Week/Day Where we could make special drinks, or sales for these holidays, it can also boost the store profits Create our Own Drinks, Original Drinks we understand we already have the Bean section but we should be able come up with the ingredients of the drinks, or maybe just create our own drinks in general (Oreo toppings, peppermint toppings, spice) Product Store we wish it was a store that we could by more products to sale in our stores (cups, coffee packets, mugs, signs, shirts etc) Size Variety Like Small, Medium, or Large or even Demi, Tall, Grande, Venti where the prices would vary depending on the size of the cup Buy other coffee companies we wish the game was longer, so maybe add challenges to overcome and we wish overtime more coffee companies would come for more competition Customize our stores/ Upgrade store Time/ Days time option but well still have the done with week option Limited edition drinks, trends Like during fall there could be a Cinnamon Spice Coffee or during Christmas a Peppermint Frappe and we wish we could create these drinks and names on our own. Hourly Pay we wish the hourly wage was the same for all stores like they was an easy option to make all the stores pay out the same pay to employees Store Managers Baristas Point of View Wish we could make people orders, and take them and also see what it feels like as a crew member Create Cup designs and other things Wish the cities and town innovates as time go past making some places more or less busy, and construction Social Media, Reviews and Star ratings Customize and go in detail about the Companys App Celebrity Collaborations, Sponsorships we just wished the game was longer, and It was more to different ourself from other competitors, and really make our own name and a unique company, Hope it makes sense.

We really enjoy this game, the financial investment part more than the coffee part, and we were just wondering if there was ever going to be another update? We would ask for more investment and financial decisions. Thanks for this amazing game!!

Great concept and a lot of depth for a phone app game. Best business sim gam we’ve found.

Guys we think it would be great if there was a company in the stock market that is very large and steady, it would be easier to make money and understand the market. It would also be nice if we had the option to ask for investment for shares in return, like all of these diversified businesses can ask for. It would also be nice to see other companies investing in you coffee company!

We’ve basically beat the game. Own all real estate. All sports franchises. Please add more names for venture capital companies so they dont repeat. Add more sectors and depth. Maybe reskin this as a general business tycoon not just coffee since we found myself much more interested in the other business aspects of the game like VC and real estate.

We love this game but there is a point at which it gets boring and there hasnt been any updates for last couple of months.

The transition from week to week needs to be redone. For example, after getting a loan, our goal is to pay that off so we can start making money again. Theres should be an option to skip multiple weeks or a month if wanted. Secondly, instead clicking on the date to change the week, can you add a fast forward button or something towards the bottom of the game to make it seem more seamless to transition weeks. Also on the week to week notification, could you include an option to view positive/negatives of a business. Example, if we made a shop and down the line we were off doing other stuff and we dont notice a decline in sales we would get notified, so we can change things around. Example, mostly if a shop or real estate was constantly losing money or Im under a certain % of revenue. Also, in 2 games, 1 in 2068 & 1 in 2066, the game crashes every time we transition weeks. No matter what we do. We wonder if its because we have so much going on, shops, real estate, investments, and different sport teams if it glitches up and cant process everything.

We wish there was more. Upgrading businesses and buildings would be nice to flip them for more cash. We wish the other companies lasted longer so Im not monopolize so easily, we’ve played on all difficulties as well. We purchased all of the cities to further our businesses which was nice. We spend hours on this game a day so we really enjoy it. Just wish there was more to do :)

Fun in the beginning but after you file for ipo there is no goal in the game except to make money, nothing fun after that especially since once you hit the millions everything becomes change with the market and lucky investments.

The game is addicting, but then it got to a point that when we tap on the button for the week, it kicks us out of the game. We tried to turn our phone off and then turn it back on to see if it just needed to be rebooted. Still did the same thing.

Just got this game about a week ago and cant stop playing! Lol our only suggestions so far would be updates to functionality of the app(UX/UI), as well as updates to investment types/capabilities (allow user to invest in other types of industries besides sports, EV tech and medicine. Such as other types of restaurants, green energy solutions or even banking/housing). Im sure Ill think of more as soon as Im back in the game, but just some ideas that have come to mind as of now. Would really love to see some of these things added in soon! Otherwise truly loving it.

Great game. Im gonna have to agree that its probably the best $2 we’ve ever spent on a game. Cant wait to see what else you guys can add to it. We would also love to see an autosave feature because we’ve swiped out of the app twice now and lost a looott of progress because of it. Would also be nice to have a text box, or something other than a slider so when trading stock and negotiating on real estate we can do even kind of numbers more easily. It kills our ocd when we go back and forth over say 1 million 10 times because we keep getting say 1.05 million then 950k and we cant get an even 1 million. Keep up the good work though love the game!

We like the game a lot but after playing for a couple hours you come to a stand still because we cant no longer lease any more shops. We think that being able to start another business other than coffee would allow the player to continue growing their net income and revenues.

We bought this game on a whim on payday because we had the 2 extra dollars and only a day later we bought all the DLC. The game itself is simple but complete bringing to mind the saying keep it simple stupid and the game just works. Grow your coffee company to the point where eventually you can buy and invest in IPOs, stocks, and even buy apartment complexes and sports teams! It can get repetitive quick but other than that we have no serious base game issues. Our few gripes with the game is that using sliders in a mobile game would be fine if we wasnt trying to get an exact number on how much to pay our employees or charge rent or sell stocks. It should just be a type box. When opening a shop the second slider for interior does not end on the most expensive option which doesnt make sense because everything else does. More customization would be appreciated too because as it stands once your company dominates the Earth there is little to do. Overall we would highly recommend the game and play it regularly. 8/10.

We love the game, have been plying for quite a while now but recently in our current game our revenue says Im making 20k per week but our total balance goes down by like 4k. How do we fix this? We have restarted the game and our phone many times.

We really like the game, im actually really addicted to it, but it keeps crashing when you try to pass nov 5 2068.

It does have a lot of potential for the game. The update of the donation the public and private institutions could have been a different update for something else.

Once you realize a good strategy the boys dont stand much of a chance at all so expect to be pretty much done with the competition part of the game after about 2-3 hours or so.

When you reach a certain part of wealth over 1 billion the game crashes us out or will delete our game files. We’ve made 7 trillion in total from investing & once we got done playing the game. We go back on this game & our game files just disappeared!!!! Its a very great game until your close to beating it. Please fix this problem weve spent our money on the whole game plus the other worlds. Keep giving us amazing experiences & fix the bugs have a great night.

We’ve played for an hour or two now. We like the idea and business/ investment interests us, but the game mechanics dont offer much in the way of development. Every time you have between 150k and 200k, rent a new space and open another store. We built 5-6 in each city, put 6-8 employees in each and increased their pay till they were all green. Then turn on all the per-store advertising. Skip all the brand advertising. Just like real life it is mostly a waste. Chug through the weeks and watch your bank roll build up.

We wish we could pay our employees more than $20 an hour. We were making so much more money than we needed it felt very unethical. We also took out a loan from the bank invested it in stocks and made hella money and the game got boring when we were filthy rich.

We cant activate the IPO or the the 3k billboard option and its annoying because we enjoy the game and cant finish it.

There is no option to upgrade real estate that you have bought. You should have a template office room and pay a good size amount to update walls, windows, fixtures, ect. That way you can make more profit on buildings.

Paid $3.99 to play this already lacking game and now $3 more to play the new cities. Slow, tedious, repetitive. Focus on new feature and gameplay mechanics and different things rather than new cities. The game is not worth $7 in its current state. Update 2.8 new feature for free, finally a good start !

Boring and repetitive with no real purpose. Looks good though.

Im in 2068 in the game been really addicted to the game and have been playing it over the last couple of days. Spent our money on all of the maps. When we try to advance a week It goes right to our Home Screen tried resetting our phone we have tried everything and nothing works need fixed ASAP!!!!!!