Manor Matters

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Manor Matters


Manor Matters is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by PLR Worldwide Sales Limited, Manor Matters is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th April 2020 with the latest update 3rd May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


131,430 people have rated 3.2.1

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Welcome to Castlewood — an old manor full of mysteries! Why is it abandoned? What’s hidden behind the tapestry? Is the manor really haunted?

Inspect and renovate rooms, find curious artifacts from all over the world, and unravel the secrets of this thrilling location together with Carl, your charming assistant! Are you ready to step inside? They left the door open for you… come on in!

● Explore stunning scenes to find hidden objects and earn stars
● Try your detective skills with a variety of modes and items
● Restore the manor to make its interiors strikingly beautiful
● Search for ancient treasure, unlocking rooms to get more clues
● Delve into an intriguing storyline with a wide cast of characters

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Updated on 3rd May 2022

Here comes a festive update!

  • Horse Season is here! Get a unique pet and a special corral for it!
  • Decorate the front yard during the new Wonder Garden event and delve into an atmosphere with an Eastern vibe.
  • Compete in our new contest—the Tennis Tournament! Beat mini-games to win cool rewards!
  • Restore the gorgeous orangery, and you’ll get to keep it forever!
  • And we have prepared something special to mark the game’s second birthday!

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The Manor Matters Team

Manor Matters Review

We love your game because it has mini games and searching games and Games where you move blocks. Its super fun and amazing thanks for making this game.

Im in the middle of the game it is sooooo fun and we would recommend it because it has no ads basically doesnt get boring and it is very suspenseful,mysterious and challenging. Please download the game you wont regret it!!!

Love this game but we dont like how it puts all your money in the safe and you dont get your money And we dont like all like games for seasons.

Love the game soooooooooo much. But we want more mini games. Definitely a 5 star app thats why we gave it 5 stars. If the game creators could put more mini games in the next update. Thank you, it is such a great game, we love it sooooooo much.

We found this game through another games ads. We like that it has a mix of like seek and find and the puzzle game. We like earning the stars to build our mansion.

Its pretty fun to pass time but the energy thing is really annoying. Either energy should be cheaper or energy points should load faster.

We had an issue and the developer sent us an email within a day, explaining how the resolve the issue (tap and hold the paint brush feature–it was different after the update). We’re so grateful they listened and responded; thanks so much, Playrix!

We absolutely love this game. Cute characters and stories, challenging puzzles, and funny little side puzzles. Has in app purchases but definitely doesnt depend on it like some apps we’ve played, just have to wait for your energy bar to refill in a few hours.

We love that the way the level tasks change so that the game isnt boring!

This game is so much fun!! We’ve never played a game over level 50 let alone over 2,000!! Its easy and challenging at the same time. You can remodel a house and play mini games and actually win the grand prize on the wheel. Im obsessed!!

The main reason that we like this game, is because it challenges us to find hidden objects quickly.

*Everyone is commenting about the hidden object levels, and that this is NOT a match 3 game. Thats exactly what prompted us to try this game. But, we barely get any hidden object rounds. Its ALL match 3 candy crush type levels. For every 6-8 match 3 games in a row, we get maybe 1-2 hidden object rounds. All of our rewards or bonuses are often designed for the hidden object rounds. A magnifying glass doesnt help us much when Im constantly getting stuck with matching 3 blocks and trying to collect donuts, cherries, break ice and chains. 10/10 would not recommend after reading the reviews and the constant same generic response from the developers that each level is designed to be beatable in a single round. The game started off really fun and engaging! However, it quickly becomes a chaotic unorganized mess. Some of the levels are beyond difficult to play without a bunch of boosters. Unfortunately, boosters are hard to come by without spending a heap of real money. Even then, some of the levels are impossible to clear in a reasonable amount of time and effort. Im all for a challenge, but when a puzzle has 9 things to collect with only 5 moves, and almost everything is chained or in solid ice it becomes less of a matter of skill and more of a game of chance. The dialogue is non-stop, and even with the option to skip, it still takes a long time to get through the cut scene. The life energy is a ridiculous addition to the game. The game should offer more chances to earn infinity lives for a set period of time, and way more instant bonus additions. Such as the one where you get boosters as a bonus after completing each round. Otherwise, you can quickly become stuck in a game of limbo. If the level is too hard, you run out of lives and have to wait hours to let it refill. Only to try again and still not be able to complete the round due to lack of available boosters to begin with. Thats where Im at, and we’ve already purchased a lot of packs and at $1.99 for the lowest price option Im not sure if the game play is worth it. We also dont enjoy spending 20 stars to open up a mummy coffin. But what really grinds our gears is having to spend stars to 1. Start the new day 2. Call or speak to people. We will probably uninstall and with so many similar like games try something else.

When we play the color puzzles, there is currently a glitch. It doesnt show what the goal is, how many moves we have, or the boosters on the left. Please fix.

See to make it so if you pass a level you get to keep your energy.

Its a really good game you should get it!!

This game is so relaxing parents let your kids get it it is kid friendly and there are barely any adds!

We used to play seek and find games with our grandmother as a little girl. Now that we’re older we’ve been looking for something similar, and we’ve finally found it in Manor Matters. How funny that this was created by Playrix, as so many of our Grannys games were.

This game is our favorite and has been for quite some time now! Our only REAL complaints (maybe this is just for native English speakers) are two things: 1. If one of the items Im searching for is candy – for the love of god, please dont put two types of candy in the picture! We often see a combo that includes either a box of chocolates, a candy cane, and/or a lollipop. We have to figure out which candy is the right choice, and it could be any one of the three. 2. Things like a) cone shouldnt mean that it could be an ice cream cone OR a pine cone. We may be in the minority here, but we would never understand what was meant in real life if someone called either of those items just cone b) lily should just mean an actual lily (like it does on some levels), and not used for a fleur-de-lis. Just because (I think) the literal translation of fleur-de-lis is flower of lily doesnt mean everyone knows what it translates to in English and also that you need to look for something thats not the literal lily flower. *A side note: items like bow, money, and bat make sense, though. If Im talking with someone about any of those things, we generally wouldnt further specify in conversation that we meant gift bow, baseball/animal bat, or break down money into saying coins or bills.

We absolutely love this game! We only had two complaints. One is the stupid clouds that cover everything. We should get a little bit of a longer time to complete the level with the clouds blocking anything that you should be able to see. Other games have a little black clouds it go back-and-forth across the screen and create a distraction but dont prevent you from seeing the items. Secondly, the energy runs out way too fast. Especially when you have to keep trying a level over and over and over again because you cant see anything with those stupid clouds! Other than that we adore this game.

By:Isabella Marry Fan In our opinion this game is awesome! But it is pressure full and gives us the nerves. And we love it so much. We bet you will it too.

Im obsessed with this game we know so many people who have it its amazing has so much adventures and we love adventures has mysteries new solve puzzles and riddles its such an amazing game we love it its amazing it is absolutely positively amazing we dont even know how to say it one thing we would say is that the mysteries in this game are so fun and we love the adventure and the person goes missing and he has to solve it and theres a whole mansion to decorate we love it.

Im not sure when the update occurred but just the other day our app completely changed and no longer has the match three levels (which im fine with). What im sad about is that you know longer get your energy back for passing a level. Really limits how long youre able to play the game plus the search levels have gotten harder (again fine with) but without the ability to rack up stars because we cant play the games becoming annoying rather than staying fun. Please bring back returned energy !

We love this game. Im quite addicted. Theres just one type of level we hate- the teapot steam level. We dont want to have to drag our finger around the screen. And you already have the fog type level.

We are so addicted to this game. The graphics are great and there are no ads.

The game is great. Theres always more to do and its not just a simple Candy Crush-Like game. There are no ads and the rare bonus games are interesting. But the Hard and Super Hard normal levels rather than the find levels are not hard in difficulty for the same reason as other hard games. Rather than just being a challenging mini game, the level seems like its relatively easy but gives you very little moves compared to what youd normally need to complete said level. So rather than feeling like any progress or learning curve is needed it ends up feeling like a level you can only win by chance. This frustrating since at times you can lose simply because you did not get any special items and these levels are impossible without them. The Find levels have a different issue all together however. The lack of definitions of context. Its very common to lose a find level simply because you dont know what a word means or a word is referring to something it normally would not. We feel there should be the choice to click the word and see a definition or the word used in a sentence. The time should pause for the latter but not the former. There is also the move suggestions. They are extremely annoying for people especially those with Misokinesia. We wish there was a setting to turn them off especially since they happen within 2 seconds of not moving so they are extremely constant.

We want to solve crimes like in the add. How do you get to solve crimes in this game?

We love this game and we would give it 5 stars but for one frustrating thing that really BUGS us, the three hardness modes – normal; hard and super hard! What bugs us is that sometimes the normal levels are harder to complete than the super hard levels!! Like for instance, you sometimes have less time to find more objects in normal mode than you would in super hard mode! If you are going to do three different levels of hardness then normal modes should be far easier to do than hard or super hard like more time to find things, less objects to find! We do love this game as we said, we love the graphics, we love that its not a match 3 game, we love that there are no ads but come on, make the hardness of the levels consistent like 1min 40secs in normal mode, 1min 20secs in hard mode and 1min in super hard mode, that kind of thing!! Just a suggestion! Otherwise we would give it 5 stars!

We enjoyed playing this game, but it keeps closing on us when we play on our tablet. Its too hard to find things if we play on our phone. We wouldve given 5 stars if we could actually play it.

We love this game-Carl is so sweet and tries hard to be helpful. Love the rooms, the objects etc. However, why does it have to take so much money to play? Winnings from the games do not supply enough stars to work another scene if you are low or out of power, so the player is forced to purchase coins to buy time or the tools. Right now in this country with everything going so high from gas to food to electricity, its a stretch to continue playing. How can you justify this to yourself? We love this game, and want to keep moving thru the storyline, but honestly you are making it hard to maintain interest knowing how much it takes to continue. We wish developers and companies would look past the money and consider lowering the costs to provide a great avenue of escape for short time frames to get through these horrendous days. But since you are all there for the Benjamins, we know it wont be considered. Thats the real shame of it all.

Our husband hasnt gotten a single candy crush like level so far and he is roughly 50 levels in. Im 90 something levels in and these are very annoying. The hard and super hard are very irritating because you get very little moves to beat it which makes it extremely difficult and frustrating. So very jealous of our husband not having to do any candy crush like levels.

This game is our all time favorite but there was a short update of it being a mix of a searching game and a candy crush like game, during which the energies were so much better. Every time you played if you won the level you would keep your energy, but now with the update the candy crush levels are gone and the energy goes down every level you play. Not very swag of yall :(

We thought this game was mainly about finding items but the majority of the time Im playing that same stupid matchup game it doesnt say it in the description we thought it was gonna be something different at first it was not that bad they were like every other level now it is basically just a matchup game and like every three or four levels you get a finder game we have been playing for a few days and we are on level 189 so we feel like we got a pretty good feel for it.

We’ve been playing this game for about three months now and here are our thoughts on the game. The levels in the beginning are easy to beat. Objects were easy to find and they also gave you more time to find the objects. Fast forward to maybe levels 800 and up. Objects are harder to find and the time allowed are just ridiculous. We used to play this game for fun and to de-stress, but now we find that it is more stressful to play this game. Please make it fun again. We understand that people want a challenge when playing a game, but you also have to think about other players that dont want that much of a challenge. Maybe you should add an option for players to choose the difficulty.

Get rid of the foggy and cloudy scenes! A minute and a half isnt enough time for a lot of the levels. This game is fun and challenging until you get to day 4, which took a year to get to. The cloudy scenes are so frustrating. The foggy scene is a waste of time and energy. The circle to which you find items doesnt move well. Youre lucky if you find 3 items in one of those scenes before you run out of time. No amount of boosters can get you through these scenes. You should set your games to include difficulty levels. Your game would be more inclusive to those who are very young or elderly. Our patience with this game is running thin.

It would be nice to just jump into the game without having one popup after another of events that we really dont care about. Being able to bypass those would be nice without waiting for them to do their thing before being able to tap the x in the corner. And we want to fire Carl and get a restraining order on Sir Henry. Most irritating characters in the game.

We really have enjoyed playing this game up until today. What we enjoyed previously was that when Id clear a level, it would restore energy so that we could continue playing. Before we could play as long as we continued winning. Now we can only play 6 scenes at a time regardless of whether we win or lose. Not gonna lie but the bait and switch has really irritated us. Going to take this as a sign from God that we should get off our phone and do something else.

We love the game itself, that is when we get to play the finding game. Our manor matters makes us play both a finding game but as well as a candy crush sort of game. But our sister, (who recommended it to me) doesnt play any sort of candy crush game. And at family gatherings shes showed us and weve played together but she gets only the finding stuff. Looking at the game descriptions itself, we’ve never seen this candy crush game involved. So Im hoping we can get a response on whether or not anyone else has this problem, or if its just a us problem. We downloaded it on our phone as well (I play on our iPad) and it made us play the candy crush as well. Im hoping someone can help us fix this problem. Other than the candy crush aspect though, we absolutely love this game and am totally obsessed!

At the beginning of the game you started new finding levels with less items to find to learn the scene and the wording. Now new levels are set at the highest possible level and not knowing what to look for the scenes become impossible and not fun to play! Also before the update you were able to pass the level and gain 10 points of energy back, now even if we pass a level and dont have energy to keep going.

We are giving this a 3 stars because it has merging tiles in the game! This is something that we personally am tired of all games having! This game looks super similar like Home scapes or garden scapes.

We love this game, but its so frustrating when it crashes and it mainly does this when starting a new level. Of course it takes your energy and you cant get that back.

Some levels are just way to hard and little time to pass without using tools and spending money.

We’ve been playing this game from the very beginning we used to love this game we’ve even spent $$$ and didnt mind , it was great. We have now reached level 3801 and it has gotten ridiculously impossibly hard and it is absolutely no fun. Like we said we didnt mind spending $$$ but not when you feel like you can only complete a level with extra time or with a tool to help that you have to purchase. It is NO fun anymore we are sorry to say.

We’ve had this game for a long time and we’ve gotten as far as level 814. We have a lot of fun even with the challenging levels and we dont mind that it sometimes takes us several tries to get through them. There are lots of events so you can usually win quite a bit of free energy in plenty of different ways. Our biggest complaint, and the one that keeps this from being 4 stars, is that at this point, theres not very much decorating anymore. At the beginning, nearly every time you spent stars you got to pick a new decoration, but now we have to finish 7 or 8 meaningless tasks before we get to actually pick something. We mostly play the game for the hidden object aspect, but it just doesnt feel like im getting rewarded much for finishing levels anymore. Every task costs so many stars and almost none of them are even interesting. Maybe its just because im not that invested in the story, but if it gets much worse itll definitely be hard to keep playing.

Hey so our sister got this game and it had only the fun finding type levels and we thought wow so fun so we got it and was so disappointed because we dont have barley any of those type of levels only the match 3 type games and maybe every 10 levels we would get a fun one but only one. Plus when we got a hard match 3 level they dont give you any moves to do it and it gets way to hard only have 10 moves on a huge board so idk if mines messed up or Walmart but you do you.

We love the game but how do we get our stuff back all we did was change phones everything else is the same except we lost our whole house.

In the new update, you do not gain your energy back after completing a level. Makes completing a level less satisfying. Not a fan.

This is a good game in many ways. But the game play is short. You lose energy even when you win. This can be a plus since we dont play it long enough to be tempted to buy anything.