Manor Matters

Last updated on September 29th, 2022 at 11:20 am

Manor Matters

Manor Matters

Manor Matters is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by PLR Worldwide Sales Limited, Manor Matters is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th April 2020 with the latest update 25th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Manor Matters ?

149,594 people have rated 3.5.0

What is the price of the Manor Matters ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Manor Matters released ?

Manor Matters was released on 28th April 2020.

When was the Manor Matters updated ?

The latest updated date of Manor Matters on 25th August 2022.

Where can Manor Matters be downloaded ?

You can download the game Manor Matters from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Castlewood — an old manor full of mysteries! Why is it abandoned? What’s hidden behind the tapestry? Is the manor really haunted?

Inspect and renovate rooms, find curious artifacts from all over the world, and unravel the secrets of this thrilling location together with Carl, your charming assistant! Are you ready to step inside? They left the door open for you… come on in!

● Explore stunning scenes to find hidden objects and earn stars
● Try your detective skills with a variety of modes and items
● Restore the manor to make its interiors strikingly beautiful
● Search for ancient treasure, unlocking rooms to get more clues
● Delve into an intriguing storyline with a wide cast of characters

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Updated on 25th August 2022

An amazing update has arrived!

  • Create a beautiful Japanese garden together with an unusual assistant in the new Robot Season!
  • Have fun building your own pavilion at the Fun Fair!
  • Meet a very special guest to help you turn Castlewood into a cozy Aloha Park!
  • Get ready! A fencing tournament is coming your way!
  • And one more thing—now you’ll get lives instead of energy! Your cups of coffee will be exchanged for additional lives. Check the Mailbox of your in-game tablet to learn more.

The Manor Matters Team

Manor Matters Review

Great for your mind and our past time.

The new update drive us crazy. We dont like matching games. Why they added this levels. Finding objects is our favorite but matching colors is hard and annoying.

Hi, love this game! We hope there will be like thousands of levels. GS games, you never fail!

We gave 5 because there are no advertisements and the work in the game is all about what you achieve.

So don’t get us wrong, we love this game. But the one thing ion like is the new updated. How the energy is just 5 red hearts. Maybe its faster but we liked how the energy nar was blue and how much you got. We dunno thats just me.

This is one of our favorite games except for recently when they put the new games in. We like the mini games that came up every once in a while but we got this game because it was only picture finding and different challenges finding pictures not an off brand of Toon blast Id like to suggest taking those games back out of the game we hardly ever get to play the finding games anymore and when we get stuck on a level its no longer the picture search game its the stupid block game that we get stuck on.

Use to offer something unique , but with the addition of the 3 match might as well be playing candy crush Ends.

Its a fun game, they changed it a lot, was a lot better before the changes. Still fun.

Bring back the old version PLEASE for the love of god nobody likes 3 in a row we all hate it we do not want sympathy we want you to change it back. If you can put it in the game you can take it out please remove it we have played this game for years and have so much progress done and we dont want to stop playing just bc yall put the stupidest thing ever in the game. REMOVE IT.

We really like playing this game its great to pass time no ads.

We dont like it anymore. We dont like the Match 3 to much like candy crush.

Love this game fun for all ages puzzles seek and find plus the story line Cool game very addictive we recommend it to all our friends its cool to have friends on the game as well.

This was not a candy crush game but recently became one, it was way better before they changed it. The find the objects levels are far fewer and way easier than before and no match 3 games hardly ever. They have ruined it and it was the best find the objects game out there! We hope some other developer creates a great game like this one was, we would jump ship in a moment! Dont down load this game unless you like match 3 games as that is what it has become! Bummer!!!

Im tired of the match games. If we had wanted to play match 3, we would have picked one.

We agree with Cupcake. Chose this game because there was no matching. Im upset with the new format.

We Love this game but now you are making us do 3 of a kind. We got this game because we love hidden figures if we want to three of a kind we wouldve got that kind of game so whats going on.

Its a good and fun game and it is really fun for little ones!

This is such a amazing game! We love the switch between game play. The story line is easy to follow and interesting. We didnt think much of this game at first and thought we would try it. We were pleasantly surprised and am loving this game! The levels so far are pretty good easy and there are helpful hints and levels ways to pass without having to pay to play.

The interaction in this game is amazing! Play games to win stars to complete tasks in the mansion.

Im honestly a little sad. This is one of our favorite, let our brain relax, games and it has changed. Its supposed to be a hidden object game and has turned primarily into a match 3 game. We were excited to see the match 3 feature thinking it would be occasionally or even that you could switch back and forth between hidden object and match 3 at will but no, you play maybe 2 or 3 easy hidden object levels then youre stuck on a very hard match 3 level, sometimes for days. Its not worth it, you cant advance and makes it not worth playing. Please return to your other format.

We loved this game because it was different than the other games with their forced match 3 levels in order to do anything. Now that those levels have been added, we find the game a lot more frustrating. It would be great to have an option with no match 3 levels. Or just do away with them. We dont find them to be enjoyable at all.

Game is fun and addicting, especially after the latest update. Level 3765 is nit winnable. Please tell us theres a fix scheduled- hate to have to delete the game.

There are a lot of three in a row matching games to choose from, and we placed several of them, but we specifically downloaded this game over a year ago because it was hidden object and those are our favorite. Im disappointed to see that with the new update there are only a handful of hidden object scenes now. Also, with the new update we seem to have the game shutting down about every three or four scenes now, wondering if thats happening to anyone else.

We really liked the game before they added the match three business. We downloaded the game because it was a hidden object game, so not so happy,,

We really like this game, been playin it for awhile now without any issues really. Just now we spent 900 coins to refill our five lives and as soon as we did the game crashed. When we brought we back up it took our coins but didnt refill our lives. Im sure its just a glitch but we would appreciate it if yall could do somethin about it. Thanks yall!

We used to looove this game, but now they have this candy crush game inside and we cant handle, because we hate candy crush! Please, this kinda game has to be opcional!

Thank you for making this game, firstly! Its the only game we’ve played that we have thoroughly enjoyed. For this last update however, we really would suggest bringing back energy. We loved being able to play and collect more energy. We also felt that draws people in to pay for more as well. We would sometimes purchase things. However, the lives makes us not want to play because we have less chance to. Also, please make the events/gold passes last longer! We don’t think some events are long enough. Thank you for reading! This game is excellent in so many other ways though.

We enjoyed playing the game, lots of different parts to play. But in order to play more than just a few minutes you have to pay for more coins. Adds up quickly. We had to delete the app.

Like this game as it helps our brain recall and challenges memory. Absolutely do not prefer the match 3 which has been added. Makes it feel like you needed a cheap filler until you came up with content. Am hoping for less of the match and more of the memory in future updates.

So we’ve had this game for a long while. The most recent updates have changed the game for us completely. The seek and find aspects are still there, but now it has become more of a match 3 game with seek and find levels. We are on 1700 level so it was a great challenge and was fully seek and find with mini games. Now, with the changes, it is more match 3 levels than seek and find levels. The seek and find levels are not as challenging as they were as well. They also changed to energy system to the heart system because of the new structure of the game. We wonder if there could be an option for us to choose more seek and find levels vs match 3. We will keep playing, but slightly less, because we are too invested in the game. Please give option for more seek and find games for the higher levels.

We feel like this game has a little bit of everything! We really like the item seek levels, and recently they started incorporating match three levels as well! We enjoy this because it gives variety. The constant updating of storylines, events, and renovations make it fun to continue to come back time and time again! This has definitely been the longest running game we’ve ever played on our phone. We think it is very creative and Im impressed at how consistently they update and procure content! We think that it is overall very well done! Also any recent update, we really like that you dont lose a life if you be a level, but when they did this with energy they did not allow for unlimited energy. Now they converted back to lives instead of energy, and even though you have less, you dont lose one if you beat the level and often you can be rewarded with anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes of unlimited play! The only downside is that sometimes as these updates come in, while we appreciate that they are constantly trying to make the game more exciting for everybody, its a real bummer when they take something away or change something that worked well for something less desirable.. For example, we never spend money on in app purchases, but we have really grown to love this game that on very rare occasions when they offer certain rewards we have done so. We purchased the golden ticket in order to get the horse and stable, but in recent updates we’ve noticed that its not there anymore. We’ve also noticed that while you moved your way through levels it was fun for them to name scenes (ie kitchen, alley, etc.) and you felt like you were exploring different parts of the mansion, but now you just go into a scene blindly. Further, they recently brought back a lot of old scenes that they had stopped using (which we liked!), but all of the scenes that we HAD been in are no longer available. We feel that part of the reward of spending all this time with the game is to be able to navigate all of the different areas that have been unlocked rather than being rotated through certain ones until theyve completely exhausted them. It almost feels like some things have had a reset, we have to re-earn certain rewards, potentially re-unlock certain areas or we will just have to wait until they decide to open previously unlocked areas up again. Lastly, we feel that the balance between the match-3 levels and item seek levels is way off. We find that for every five or six match three levels we get to play one item seek although when we downloaded this game originally, it was for the item seek levels. We personally would love to see more balance between them. Overall, if you like storylines and puzzles we think its a great game!

We really like this game but when we play our phone starts to get hot and it drains our battery really fast.

We joined this game a while back and loved it. We understand the management decided to change the game to solely hidden objects (which we loved) to a mix of that and pick 3. However, after a few weeks, it changed again to a ratio of 1 hidden objects game to 4 pick 3. They can certainly do what they want to their game, and are more generous with free boosters. We would like to see this finally settle to a more even mix of ratios between the hidden object games (which we loved and was why we started the game) and the pick 3. Thanks for the great game. Very few technical issues with this game, play is good.

Not for children, thats for sure.

Love this game we’ve had it for a long while at this point. And a big reason we loved it was because it wasnt a stupid match 3 game Im so over those. So was very sad to see them start to incorporate match 3 levels. It was great before idk why that needed to be added in pretty disappointed with that.

Id have given it a 5 star except all of a sudden im spending more time on what was supposed to be a hidden n find game but has turned into a match 3 in a row. They call it Fly High but its driving us crazy. Not what we wanted. We do one hidden scene n many of these other 3 in a row. Seriously considering deleting the game. If we wanted a game where we had to match 3 in a row we would have downloaded a game for that.

We downloaded this game for the hidden picture type of game. Now, with the update, we are playing more 3- match games to maybe 1 hidden picture game per what feels like 5 3- match games. The whole game has changed significantly. We would be ok with one 3-match game to several hidden picture games.

We dislike the newest update. Instead of just searching for hidden objects, now theres level of matching. If we wanted to go back to matching we would go play Homescapes but thats not what this game is and we rather just search for things. Other than that the update is great.

A long while ago, we downloaded this game specifically because it was the only one of this style (makeover, renovation, etc.) that we could find that didn’t utilize the candy crush-style levels to progress in the game. We’re not that good at it and we don’t find it enjoyable, so we’ve never played the game by itself. We especially loved that not only was it not candy crush style, it utilized "find" levels, with various types of finding activities, difficulty levels, and maps. It gave it a really nice bit of variation that made it easy to play the game a lot. We read another user’s review saying they originally loved it because of the "find the difference" and other find things from Highlights magazines they read as a kid – we felt exactly the same way when we found this game and was thrilled about it. We’re really sad to see that it changed and that the frequency of the merge or match style levels is so high. It’s made playing the game much more frustrating / leas fun and we’re honesty not sure how much more we’ll play (which is also sad to us because we had a lot of progress…).

This game has become more of a Candy Crush game instead of hidden item puzzles ?

When Manor Matters was solely a hidden objects game with a few mini-games scattered between levels, it was much more enjoyable and we would have absolutely given it 5 stars. However, the tile matching levels detract from the uniqueness of the game and instead make it feel like just another Candy Crush knock off. Its sad because there has obviously been so much work and care that went into creating the beautiful graphics, hidden object scenes, interesting story line and developing the different rooms and hidden object placement. We miss the variety & different challenges within the scenes. Now we get the same few scenes over and over and they arent as challenging when a hidden object scene does come up before its back to the tile swapping format. Manor Matters had been our go-to game to help relax, but this new format only leads to frustration.

We used to love this game because it was just a bunch of search and find levels. The levels kept getting more challenging as you played the game. It was fun and different from all the other games! However, the developers changed the game this summer and added the 3 in a row style levels. It would be ok if you had one of these levels interspersed between search and find levels but theyre not. You get 5 or 6 three in a row levels and then maybe one search and find. Plus, the search and find levels are easy ones that anyone whos played the game for a while can quickly win. The more challenging levels have disappeared. Its a bummer and we dont enjoy the game like we used to. The premise of the game is still good but we miss how it used to be. We loved that this game was different and was strictly search and find. Maybe the developers can bring back more of those levels and reduce the number of 3 in a row with future updates.

We absolutely loved this game. We specifically downloaded it because we were tired of matching games and was so excited to find a game that still had the story line but not the matching. However now they are adding matching into the game when theyre are already so many others that have that. It was better before especially since there wasnt any other games of the same quality with a finding concept instead of a matching.

The search and find games are why we got this in the first place. It was different and challenging. Sometimes frustrating at the level of difficulty, but thats what made it rewarding. (I even used those levels to coerce our spouse to help us look, which made it more fun) Then the upgrade with match 3 happened. There are now 3 matching rounds for every 1 search and find. Rather than diversifying, it replaced 75% of a unique game! Very disappointing. Giving 3 stars to average out the 5 for search and find and 0 for matching. If possible, please change the ratio so we get more of what users wanted in the first place.

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