Coffee Stack

Coffee Stack


Coffee Stack is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Coffee Stack is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 28th October 2021 with the latest update 29th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


87,831 people have rated 1.12.1

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Who doesn’t start a day without a cup of coffee? Coffee Stack is a cup stacking game with runner Coffee Shop elements for extra fun! In this fantastic cup of coffee, you have a chance to collect all the stacks and pack coffee, fill them in different flavors, stack them and sell them to customers and earn cash rewards.

Start with a coffee cup & Collect coffee cups stack them in a long queue. Upgrade your line to turn your coffees into delicious drinks, sweet cappuccinos, lattes, and frappuccinos! Add the beautiful sleeves, put on cute lids, and voila! You have an art piece of coffee cups!


  • Fun cup game where kids learn to serve and make coffee.
  • Choose your favorite barista hand and learn how to make the best drinks.
  • Easy to use stacking controls for kids to play.
  • Stack yummy recipes as you play!
  • Make hot or cold, tasty drinks for customers on your runway cafe.
  • Upgrade your cups of coffee; try not to give them for free!

More Features

  • Design and upgrade your COFFEE SHOP!
  • Decorate your Coffee Shop as in your caffeine stimulated dreams, improve your coffee corp and turn it into an empire as you earn money!

If you like coffee games, you will love this game! What are you waiting for? Open your shop, and invite in your first customers!

Updated on 29th April 2022

  • New levels added!

Thank you for playing and stay tuned for more amazing updates to come.

Coffee Stack Review

We have nothing to say but, Its super fun! We would rate it 10/5 if we could.

We like it bc one when ur playing it doesnt play ads Second we like it bc u can choose your own hand and pick a name for ur cup Third we love how they added cups that looks better and its easy to play ILL RECOMMEND FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO PLAY.

We love this game so much it is so satisfying.

It is so so fun you can beat your friends score or try to beat your own score us and our sis play it a lot we love it.

This game is addicting the best game ever!!!!!

Im inpatient for u guys to make another game we just got this and our in love with it!

After the game froze we decided to remove the app and restart it. We paid for no adds and no thats lost. Super annoying- the company should find a way to create an account where you don lose what youve purchased!

We have a lot of fun playing with this game but it has to many adds in it.


This is the best game we have ever played! Its fun and lets you experience how a coffee is made.

It is a really fun game we were bored so we downloaded this game and its pretty cool and fun.

This app is so much better and fun than our others.

This is a very nice app its entertaining.

To start it is just so so so so fun we love this game we are also happy about that at the beginning it does not tell you what to do but that is good we like it because it does not bother us this is the best game EVER!!!!!!!!!

This is a really good game and there is not to many ads at all. So we say you should get this game and you would have so much fun playing this game. So enjoy!

We would give it 4 just because there were some glitches that really bugged us, 1. Kicked us out of the game or we had to do it myself. 2. It would stop us right were we were playing. 3. There was to many ads that bugged us. But we really loved it because 1. We got our own cafe, 2. It is a great app to play when you are bored it is really fun!! 3. We loved to cool designs on the cup and you could write a name on the cup and save it!

This game is great, however adds get annoying sometimes. We would recommend if you dont mind adds and are looking to pass the time.

Because Im new Im not sure but Im pretty sure this game will get boring eventually that is why it is only 3 stars.

We think the game is fun but you need some more items one you max out the shop cause we’ve been done with the game for a while and so we would. Like if you guys add more items and let us have better items for the coffe cups hands and recipes.

We downloaded it because it looked fun whenever we have no wifi but the problem is every time we open the app to play it it freezes then closes/crashes the app.

Full of ads and boring gameplay.

There are tooooooo many ads we know it sponsors you and stuff but seriously.

His is the best game ever made.

We are getting really good high scores.

Its so fun we love it Ill play it all day trying to get it right now we can have fun when ever we want we have to play or Im left out on the best game ever.

Ok so we love the app and it relaxing but like every one or two rounds we do we have a add, which annoys us a lot. What yall could do to make it better is every 4-5 rounds give us an add that would be much better. But other than that the game is grate!

Sooo.. We LOVE THIS GAME. IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! We have NO complaints, and only one suggestion that is just an opinion from me: Less expensive furniture? Ok, we have one question. Why does the scale go from rookie right up to COFFEE GOD? Its just a question. Overall, we think everyone would love this game and you should download it immediately.

This game is so fun watch out for traps and the person who trys to get it free you can write a name after youre first round it will let you write a name !!! YAY!!!

We love the game its nice entertaining too! We do this for free time!

We just started playing this gam and all we have to say is u should play it too it is so much fun and u can play it anywhere with our internet and thats great for us. Because Im always going out so its rlly fun to play while your outdoors or indoors u should totally play this game its amazing 5 star rating in our opinion its so much fun and super easy to play.

Hello people this is is way better then them other ones! Its not laggy and not a lot of bugs! Just a few adds and plus its really fun to play on car rides of if your just bored ! Bye.

We shared this to all of our friends.

To upgrade it a lot of money and so many adds Lot of fun but a lot of work to upgrade.

Awesome game we got really satisfied playing it for like hours now.

Best game ever we love it so much we cant stop playing it.

Well, Coffee Stack has all types of things in the store. And, they are soo cute! And, we just love the satisfaction of how they make the coffee! It really brings out our aesthetic too! This is our review of why you should play Coffee Stack.

The add said only one% people can beat this but its not that hard so is the add true to their claim?

Thh huh is game is so fun and it nearly gives us adds.