OverDrive 2.6

OverDrive 2.6


OverDrive 2.6 is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Digital Dream Labs LLC, OverDrive 2.6 is a Racing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 28th May 2020 with the latest update 1st October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


178 people have rated 2.6.10

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Digital Dream Labs is proud to present Overdrive, back by popular demand! This version of Overdrive reverts some of the most current changes back to a more popular and requested time, as well as introducing a host of new features and improvements which include:

  • Returning Missions and Characters!
  • Control optimizations and improvements
  • Enhanced interface and feel!

OVERDRIVE is the world’s most intelligent battle racing system with Tech so advanced, it feels like the future!

Each Supercar is a self-aware robot, driven by powerful artificial intelligence (A.I.) and equipped with deadly strategy. Whatever track you build, they’ll learn it. Wherever you drive, they’ll hunt you down. The better you play, the better they become. Whether you battle A.I. opponents or friends, your tactical options are unlimited. And with continuous software updates, the gameplay always stays fresh. Customize weapons. Swap out cars. Build new tracks. It’s easy to pick up, and nearly impossible to put down.

Updated on 1st October 2021

Added support in tutorial for all Overdrive cars, where originally only Skull and Groundshock were allowed.
Now supports additional cars "Mammoth" and "Dynamo" in modes that include Overdrive cars, as well as "Nuke Phantom."
Fixed an issue where the campaign mode would not save//load information properly while playing online.
Fixed an issue where Crashbot voice lines would sometimes corrupt and crash the game and other various crash fixes.
"Overdrive 2.6" changed to "Overdrive"
New Icons
Added an "Exit App" button.
Removed broken link buttons.

OverDrive 2.6 Reviews

Like a lot of others, we enjoyed the open gameplay but was frustrated our tournament progress wouldnt save. We found a fix and am now having so much fun playing and upgrading us cars! We went into settings and selected the guest account and now our tournament progress saves without any problems. Hope this helps those others having the same issue. Now all we need is support for Nuke Phantom and the F&F cars.

Its is fun, but there are some pesky bugs.

Thank you DDL! This is awesome! There are definitely bugs that need to be ironed out, but keep going!

We loved the free version of this game, and this is just as fun, if not, more fun than the free version because of the tournament mode! However, with the tournament mode, we won against Crashbot (the first character you race in this mode) three times (the first time, since we just got this yesterday), and the stars didnt add to our star count, as well as it isnt letting us progress in the mode. Im having tons of fun playing with this otherwise. But the fact that we cant progress in the main single player mode of this game, is kind of a shame. Instant 5 stars if this gets fixed, since the game is extremely fun otherwise, especially the multiplayer aspect of this game, which is where both this, and the free one shine, in our opinion. However, we do think that this one shines more in the single player aspect, because of tournament mode. Its just a shame that we cant progress in it, since it seems like a really fun mode!

Digital Dream Labs reboot of Overdrive was much needed. There are many improvements, like the track scanning and campaign. But, when we exit out of the tournament, to go to other parts of the app, we lose all progress. Also, when we win matches, the amount of coins we get are unsaved. This renders the shop useless.

The game is great overall but some glitches like the tournament resetting whenever you go home or go to the garage. We wish you could support the fast and furious cars but overall the game is really good.

We dont k own if its because the weapons that we have (had) are too new or something But when we signed into our overdrive account it tried to transfer everything we had over but it left out nukes disintegrator and his antimatter smash thing which are two very valuable weapons to nuke we also lost support items for both skull and ground shock Other than those two big loses not much to complain about Also nuke phantom is not available yet but Im sure that will change in later updates.

When we saw digital dream labs was making this we were excited for it and when it came out we bought it instantly. The problem was it was even worse. It no longer felt sorta modern and literally everything had a bug. It had so much potential but because of bugs and problems we were heavily disappointed.

This game is unusable! Connectivity issues! Worked great in the other anti app!

No fast and furious cars available to race. Also couldnt connect to super trucks through app. More hiccups then original.

When we first downloaded this app, we had high hopes for it. We thought Overdrive was returning to glory. But we’ve had an issue with this app for a while now, where our progress with the tournament would not be saved while we were logged in. A lot of other people had this issue too, along with other bugs that we personally did not experience. And even after about what feels like and probably is a year, the apple never got updated. These bugs never got fixed, and probably wont be, which frustrates us, because DDL made it seem like they were gonna make Overdrive great again, and they would bring back everything that was good about the old Overdrive, yet all they did was release this app and forget about it. To make matters worse, we were having trouble changing the password for some reason, so we contacted DDL technical support, and all they did was tell us how to change the password, which we could not do and was why we contacted them, instead of look into the issue and figure out why we couldnt change our password. This is unacceptable. We truly want this app and this company to succeed, we really do, but so far, they have proven that, gameplay and software wise, they could care less about us, and thats unfortunate. It seems that the only purpose of this app was to use peoples nostalgia to generate stacks of money, and it hurts us to see that such a small company is doing something that corporations with scummy business practices like EA or Activision would do. Do not buy this app for any reason until the bugs are fixed. It will be a waste of your time and money.

Dear Digital Dream Labs we really like the new overdrive but it doesnt save you progress in tournament mode. Plus, the weapons arent the same. We had so many levels on our weapons and we found out there isnt levels. Anyways, the main issue is to make it so it saves your progress. We know you just brought Overdrive back and thank you for that, but a we are hoping to see improvements in the future. If you implement these changes, instant 5 star for us. Thank you!

We have been a long time buyer of anki overdrive products, but the app is currently unusable for us or anyone else in the household. When the Begin Scan button is pressed, the app crashes. Along with that, in the occasional time that the app does work, no campaign progress or weapons are saved. We were all very excited to be able to play with these cars again, but we are now equally if not more disappointed.

We have recently gotten back into Aki overdrive, and was surprised to see this app. We thought the way they used to have the game set up was better than the newest way that they have it now so we wanted to try this app out immediately. We were disappointed, however, because we cant do ANYTHING in this app. We try to go to the garage, we cant equip anything. We try to play a tournament, it crashes along with open play. Biggest waste of $3 ever, Id rather have an app thats slightly worse but free!

This app looks fantastic . You download it and it resets the firmware on your cars. (Then You loose weapons that you purchased in the previous app for your vehicles.) Not a big deal. Then you select a race and set the cars on the track. Then when you press the screen to start a track scan . THE APP CRASHES!!! We have deleted and reinstalled this about five times. We wasted money for this stupid app. And then when we deleted it and reinstalled the old overdrive application. We had lost a lot of the weapons in our vehicles . This app is junk . They developed it and never followed up with updates to fix it from crashing . DO NOT BUY THIS FOR YOUR CHILDREN . It does not work. This company went out of business and does not offer anymore support for the toys they produced . So once your kids have raced and beat all the characters in the original app. There is no more updates to give them any reason to want to play with the cars . And this app just disappoints them by crashing before they even get to play .

Paid for the app hoping it would fix the issues we had, but we cant even setup a multiplayer race the app wont recognize the vehicles. Even in training mode our vehicles had difficulty staying in the track, fish tailing and doing random reverse u turns.

  1. Does not support the full screen of the iPhone XR or other similar phones. 2. Nuke Phantom is not suppurated and it makes the car kind of a paperweight until support is added. Great to see the dedication of work done to the app but with these two features we would feel that the app would be better.

We just got the game and our progress never saved.

We got the app and was really exited that they brought back things from before. We opened the app and tried to battle crash bot and the game crashed. Tried again, the game crashed. We tried some more, and eventually gave up. We went back to the Anki overdrive app, and our level 3 plasma cannon and charge beam were now level 2. Our level 2 electro pulse is now level one. That might not be all, we havent checked the rest. We lost about half of the stuff that we had worked months for. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!

Really! Your first attempt at reintroducing the app and you guys put out something light years away from being ready and charge money for it. Its only 3 bucks but we feel like we’ve been scammed and ripped off. We have all the cars and trucks and was only able to get 2 cars to scan the track before the app crashed. Also 3 vehicles not even supported. Most things in the app dont do anything when clicked on and the 2 cars we got to work their progress wasnt saved. At least we can go back to F&F and race. Get back to work and try to come up with an update fix that might just allow for a even one lap before crashing, really hope you guys are better than this.

The screens froze together, we couldnt equip weapons, and we lost 3 bucks to a piece of trash app. Better update soon or else.

As a first step towards reviving the awesome Overdrive platform from the brink of death, we applaud DDL in their initial efforts and their willingness to listen to what the community wants. This is a return to the glory days of Overdrive game play, with a few limitations that we hope will be worked out in short order. First priority would be enabling support for the three cars that came after this update: Nuke Phantom, Ice Charger and MXT. Not supporting all of the available hardware is a definite drag, but better than nothing. Just be aware that you will not be able to use those cars once you start using this app until theyre included. Second would be allowing progress to carry over from previous accounts, though understanding the limitations of major changes might make that impossible. While a bummer to have to start from scratch, at least its possible. We give 5 stars to the initial effort, hopeful that the few key features needed to maintain 5 stars will be coming in short order, and look forward to years of awesome!

This app is much better than the previous version. Thanks Digital Dream Labs!

Im really excited to use this app and Im so happy that overdrive is having updates again but there are a lot of bugs.

Dear Digital Dream Labs, we like the game, but . . . CONS: – it doesnt include nuke phantom or the fast and furious cars It also does not include ice X52, the third truck – when we enter the garage and go to the equipment our game crashes SUGGESTIONS: – you should be able to refresh the shop for more money PROS: we can see the devs are trying and already have a new app, and a way to repair batteries and tires which was definitely needed. We hope these things will addressed. We did not expect the app to be perfect immediately, but it came close and far exceeded our expectations. We are glad the game is being improved. It was still incredibly fun despite these glitches, and we enjoy playing the game like 6-8 hours a day. Once we get our cars repaired it will be even better, and once the glitches are fixed it will be truly amazing. Thank you Sincerely Luke.

Everything is good but we think it should include Nuke phantom and the Fast and Furious cars even though it is before that time. There should also be data transfer.

Im very thankful that Digital Dream Labs brung back this version of Anki Overdrive, and it brings back the good memories and challenges of beating the Tournament (to us, at least). But there are a few things we would like to see added/changed. First, we would like to be able to refresh the coin shop in 2.6 just like you are able to in 3.4. Another thing we would like to have is a modifier in the Race mode that disables weapons or support items. We would also like to be able to have all your equipped weapons and support items on the screen instead of cycling through them all. This is definitely worth three bucks for this app, and Im excited to see how Digital Dream Labs will use this to make even more improvements on Ankis products.

Awesome app overall! This is exactly what makes this game so much more fun. The AI are much better and gameplay feels more advanced and more strategy is required. Awesome job Digital Dream Labs cant wait to see more. However there are still some bugs but other than that, perfect app!

This app has no glitches and definitely improved the cars battery life and you can keep the same speed and the commanders do not say mean stuff:) Thank you DDL.

Simply put, this game is amazing! Originally, we were sad to find the lack of updates put out by Anki during the primary release. Although it is sad to see Anki fall, we can speak for everyone when we say that we are grateful that Digital Dream Labs has taken full control of their product line. If we could change 2 things about this app, it would be: support for the iPhone X and other phones with 18:9 aspect ratio, and a data transfer function to allow veteran players to port all of their old progress to the new and improved app. Edit: it is now possible to login and transfer all old game data to the new app!

The game is good but if you try to edit your cars it wont pull up the menu. It pulls up three little buttons that dont do anything. It also makes all the other buttons not do anything. If they fix that glitch the game would be good.

THIS is what Overdrive should be! Its a far better App. We will update to 4 stars when one, only ONE, bug is fixed: Progress is not saving in the tournament mode as of this writing on our iPad. We can keep the items we earn, but if we get out of tournament mode at any point, we start agains crashbot at the beginning again. Once that is fixed- 5 stars!

We love that this version has returned but one annoying problem Im having is that when ever we play the tournament our progress never saves.

Our family and friends LOVE overdrive. We have all cars, track types, and super trucks and therefore are kind of disappointed that not everything is supported. Im so thankful to DDL for taking up these great products and helping make this game even better before. Things that need to come back ASAP: – Support all cars and trucks (including drive and fast and furious cars) – Battle Race Mode, this is our FAVORITE MODE please bring it back!!! – try your best to get the app up and running quickly/correctly in terms of upgrading cars. Our devices seem to be lagging and not letting us upgrade things (we have LOTS of stuff, long time user) Weird stuff: – weird sentry sent back gray bar at top of loading screen, also wont load half the time and gets frozen on overdrive screen – PLEASE MAKE IT FIT THE IPHONE X RATIO, VERY SMALL AND ANNOYING Other than that, we are liking the new look and excited to play!

So far the gameplay has been pretty great! The few problems we have are cars still flying off the track after jumping off a ramp or a turn too fast. The email verification did not come through for us either and the fact that the tournaments progress isnt saved is annoying. But Im sure everything will be fixed soon enough. Keep on rolling out the updates DDL!

We will admit, sweet thinking bringing back the old Overdrive. Everything is how Id hoped it would come to. Yet of course, the older Overdrive as well had a lot of glitches… Like… A lot. When we opened the garage, the menu wouldnt even come up. Instead, the little buttons on the bottom that say lines like, Learn more about super cars and such. Then when we opened up tournament mode, we hit the button that has the cars scan the track, then the game just immediately crashes. We tested with the other modes too and had the same results. But yet again, old Overdrive was basically like this for a little bit, but it picked itself back up… Before they reworked the campaign that is complete sh- anyways, if you guys can return the old Overdrive with even a new tournament menu layout, then we bet you can late tournament-stage Overdrive. Where nothing crashed, everything was working well, and no menu glitches occurred. Good luck fellas.

Its great they are back and lot of cool stuff, but too many bugs to fix from this new one. We will delete and download again in a week or two. We have an Iphone 8 and it opens ones and never again, on our ipad it opens and you can play but as we said too many bugs and some cars like nuke are not yet available.

We don’t see much difference between the original app and this one. It still has tons of not-playing-with-race-cars stuff we have to plow through before we can make the cars go. We do like the throttle control better on this app. The computer cars still drive like idiots, flying off the track every half lap or so. We still can’t consider this fun. It’s interesting, but not fun. Our daughter said the app looked like it was trying to be the game instead of the cool robot cars. We agree.

Whenever we leave the tournament area it doesnt save our progress and restarts it to the beginning its very annoying because we cant earn more weapons and Ill have to play with others.

Whenever we try to begin track scan it boots us out of app so we cant play also some buttons dont work Im on the newest iPhone es Edition and we see it working for other people so please fix this bug.

The game still is made for iPhone with home buttons, because it does not fill the screen. We cant use fast and furious cars, and all this is for $2.99.

We can enter the game but when we click garage it freezes and we have to close the app. When we try to scan the track it kicks us out of the game.

We cant even get past the loading screen. This app also messed up the old new app, rendering several of the cars useless after the updated firmware.

It is full of glitches. Keeps looping us through the qualifying rounds. We visit the garage and when we revisit the tournament suddenly we have to start over with Crashbot again.

When join a game is tapped the app reports that it is not connected to WIFI when the phone is connected to WIFI. We were looking forward to this app but it is useless.

It is a old version of the app which hasnt been updated to hold all the cars. It has lots of bugs and cant use all the super trucks. They are making you pay for an old, glitchy version that they wont fix. Do not buy it, use the other one. It is a waste.

So we have had anki for over 3 years now and we have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on this. We just got our son a new we pad so he play this game more. He downloaded the app and was SO UPSET! He played through the first tournament toutorisl thing and he had to do it again. When he tries to open his garage after he gets a new weapon the game just crashes. Pleases fix these bugs we have loved anki so much and still want to play it.

When we load into the game our game freezes and we have to refresh the whole app to get in the game once then the same thing happens again.

We were able to login and upgrade our cars. When we tap start game, the app crashes.