Colors Runners!

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 12:05 am

Colors Runners!

Colors Runners!

Colors Runners! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Colors Runners! is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 6th May 2022 with the latest update 21st October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Colors Runners! ?

8,602 people have rated 10.1.0

What is the price of the Colors Runners! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Colors Runners! released ?

Colors Runners! was released on 6th May 2022.

When was the Colors Runners! updated ?

The latest updated date of Colors Runners! on 21st October 2022.

Where can Colors Runners! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Colors Runners! from Apple Official App Store.



Hide your characters from the killer drone!

Place them to the matching color zone to save all.

Harder than it seems, have fun!

Updated on 21st October 2022

New levels are available now!

Colors Runners! Review

This game is amazing but there are a few flaws, so lets start with the good. This game is thoroughly entertaining and very good to pass time. Very 2 in 1; the concept is very original and the fact that you can build cities is very cool. This leads us to our next point, the negative. Theres ads after every level. When they ask if you want to get more money in exchange for watching an ad, do it, its not worth it; theres going to be an ad either way. Also, after a while new cities stop popping up which is unfortunate because its really to build them. Other than those two points the game is fun and deserves recognition. The creators took lots of time making it, which you dont normally see!

So, in the beginning of this game we were like oh this is a super fun game! Like you get to roam through this cool city and buy things for the amount of people you have!! This game was not like other games at first, but there are a lot of bugs and we think that they needs to be fixed. There are also so many ads especially right in the middle of the game. When we get to the shade of color there is about at least one ad. Luckily though, the ads are only about 10 seconds long or lower. The next thing is you cant get any higher than 48x even when you have more than 177. Its very annoying and we can never get 50x. Ok, now for the part we have been dreading. So in the beginning, it would let you roam around the city and everything and when you finished it would let you move on to the next city. But then on the second or so city, even when you completed everything, you still wouldnt be able to move on to the next city no matter what. We dont know if its just us, and we cant see or if its a bug. And if its a bug we would recommend fixing it. Thank you! Regarding, Yawning Navigator:)

After color the first town from the initial download and moving on to the second town and completing it also. We find that there is no more progression and we cannot move onto a new town even after coloring everything. Also, figures collected do not stay stored from previous level when you exit app.

The game is really good and addictive. PROBLEM: One thing about it that we dont really like is the fact that when you go onto one of those color things with the laser gun, it gives you 2x if u do it properly, BUT for the one where you have to go onto the color things with the helicopter you dont get 2x if you pass that one. Now us personally we dont really like that but it would be nice if you could put that in the next update. Thanks.

App didnt work past first level. Uninstalling.

This is the best game we’ve ever played.

We had a lot of fun in the game but once we maxed out our first city, we couldnt move on to a new one.

We like the game so far but , we cant complete the second city to color we have done everything on the level and it still wont clear ! So frustrating !!!!

Its cool and fun to play but theres not enough cities.

Its a great game to pass the time but at a certain point the game stops loading the cities even after you unlock everything. The game just probably needs a update but besides that its fun when you wanna kill time.

It wont let us past the 2nd island we unlocked everything but we cant get past.

Instead of the game telling you that youve completed all of the cities its just let you keep going the the levels and saying unlock everything there are only 3 cities to complete short and easy no challenge.

This game is cool it fun but one thing the ad we been playing this game for 4 years now it fun but ad are no and the game get boring for us and other people you meet it to be more fun now this game as to more fun but we like it for now but please read our review bye.

We played this game for awhile now. We’ve unlocked all the buildings and everything else and it still tells us we have to unlock everything before unlocking the next city.

Im on level 20 and we made it to the second map. We unlocked everything but its not taking us to the next map. What am we supposed to do now ??

Im on level 85 but we have had the second city unlocked so now for the past like 20 or 30 something levels we’ve just been doing the same color runs over & over again and nothing to unlock.

Three stars because we really enjoy the game, but once you unlock everything youre still just stuck in the same city. We’ve been stuck in the second city for like 3 days now even after playing multiple levels.

Im stuck on the second world we finish all the little projects and it doesnt let us advance. It also glitches once in a while. Other than this two issues and the fact that it has tons of ads it is pretty entertaining.

Fix the bugs for example its not letting us go to a new city other then that its a great game very entertaining.

We enjoyed this game a lot. We wasnt like the other games where the ads are better than the game, in our opinion, the game was better than the ads. Speaking of ads, the game has ads after every level, which is great! Its really nice not having ads after everything you do. We recommend this game, its really fun.

Hi, this game is really fun we love it just the problem is it is nothing like the ad. It is still a really fun game though and Im glad we downloaded it.

Can we have more features like getting coins and being able to switch what our character looks like. Such as aliens, dinosaurs, boy, girl. And maybe like a bonus level where we only collect coins not people.

Its a good fun game its so addictive tho but you dont watch so much ads like other games these days and you dont pay a single penny thats why we like it.

The game is mostly like the ad but some things are a little different but it makes it cool!

Heres the thing: we love this game and all but once we got to the second city and completed it, we just couldnt figure out how to get to the next. It said there was another but now Im doubting this game.

So this game is having a bug at least we think so at the end so we see another grey building and it wont let us make it like put the people in it to be colorful and its really not that good so if you can play fix this Ty for reading this and we hope you can fix theirs bug.

The lag is terrible. As soon as we start, a lag spike comes in and ruins everything. It also does it during the run.

We thought the game was pretty cool, until we had a glitch, we deleted the app and restsrted it cause the glitch was only on the 2nd city and there was the glitch again we cant get passed the 2nd city even though everything is unlocked.

Its a fun game but after you finish the first city it goes to the next and all but even after we finished building the city it wont let us advance so we keep checking to see if we missed anything. Also if you finish one level and leave the game it makes you replay that level Please creators fix this.

It literally tells you which color to go to. In tiktok we saw a ad and decided to download it, in there it doesnt tell you which color to go to and makes it look more fun but in the game it literally tells you which one is the right one and which ones arent.

This game has to many ads and we try to go back to a different color, it dont let us. UPDATE THIS GAME.

This is not at all what the add shows it said that you pick out of 3 colors to try to match but that never happens its not at all like what it said.

So far the game is the same as the ad but theres more to it where you have to collect more people and use them to make a city and every time you finish a city you move to a new city and do the same thing we enjoy it because your not just collecting people for no reason but we were only able to finish two cities but it wont let us move on to the third one we updated it and its still the same also they need to add more levels because we’ve done all of them multiple times and we dont feel challenged when playing it and sometimes it lags when you run.

Great game and entertaining enough passes time if your bored or waiting for something, however we would suggest adding a pause button into the game. The only way to really pause it is by leaving the game and joining back. So we think a pause button would be helpful. But um other than that yeah great game!

The game is sort of what’s in the ad but a little more it’s pretty cool but after you finish a level every time you have to watch a ad even if you don’t multiply your people but despite that this game has gotta better before it was nothing like the ad now it is so yea it’s your choice if you want to download it cause kinda looks like it thank you for fixing some stuff also we’re not sure if it’s the first couple of levels like that or they updated the game but either way it got better.

We got this app about 2-3 days ago and after about the 3rd city it says to unlock everything to unlock a new city and we unlocked everything and we closed the app and reopened it and still didnt give us a new city. It is kinda frustrating and we tried claiming and watching ads to claim stuff but nothing happened.

Personally we liked this game despite the ads but we cant get past level 52 bc it didnt load a new level. Unfortunate.

We had to replay the same level over and over again. So annoying!

This game doesnt come without bugs. We will give this game 2 stars bc it does deserve at least some recognition for being more original than the other games tht r essentially the same genre. We give it recognition for allowing us as the players to roam freely across our own cities for every time we pass the finish line. We thought tht idea was more creative than most running game mobile apps had to offer. However, it is still pretty annoying tht we were only able to complete one city so far. Bc the city tht we are stuck on right now, well Im not even stuck, bc we unlock everything in the city, it just wont let us move onto the next city. So overall tbh the genre of this game in general is not tht pretty impressive, it never was to begin with, but the thing tht makes this game unique comes with glitches. Therefore this only deserves 2 stars, which is a pretty bad rating.

Its a really fun game but we are still stuck in the second city. We are level 45 with 10000 people ready for the next city, but for some reason though everything is unlocked we cant get passed it? Tried everything, all the ads, all the people. Still on the same city. Gets kinda boring when everything’s unlocked and there’s nothing else to do.

One part of the level wont open to let us continue to the next stage. We’ve done the update and it hasnt fixed the problem. And the levels should be harder And longer.

We enjoyed the game at first, it became an awesome way to pass time, however once we got to the level with the ferris wheel the game became a problem. We have been stuck there, its literally nothing else for us to upgrade, yet it wont unlock the next city. So now Im just running around looking for what in supposed to upgrade. We’ve even did an update of the game. Still NOTHING! Im on the verge of deleting and finding a new game to pass our time!

We rated this 5 stars because we just cant even explain how much we love it all we can say is thank you.

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