Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery

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Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery

Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery

Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nordcurrent UAB, Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 2nd October 2018 with the latest update 24th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery ?

96,385 people have rated 9.1.0

What is the price of the Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery released ?

Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery was released on 2nd October 2018.

When was the Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery updated ?

The latest updated date of Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery on 24th February 2023.

Where can Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery be downloaded ?

You can download the game Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery from Apple Official App Store.



MURDER IN THE ALPS IS a unique adventure story game! It’s a fully interactive crime novel with amazing Hidden Object gameplay features. Journey back to the 1930s, solve countless mysteries and experience an adventure in the authentic atmosphere of the time!

THE GAME’S STORY IS set in a hotel tucked away in one of the most beautiful locations in the Alps. But the happy adventure quickly reverses. The tale begins when one of the guests goes missing, and it is not long before other strange events start to occur.

THE MAIN PROTAGONIST, Anna Myers, is a journalist from Zurich who wants to spend her holidays in a quiet and peaceful hotel. But now Anna must end her holiday and find the answers! With each new day the story thickens, and Anna must decide which one of the ten Mystery characters could be the killer.

AS THE GAME STORY PROGRESSES, you will VISIT many unique locations, from the airy beauty of the Alps to the depths of Hidden blood-filled cellars. EXPERIENCE immersive gameplay and engaging story!

SOLVE mind-boggling puzzles!
FIND hidden objects!
INTERACT with each and every character!
DISCOVER which one of them is the twisted killer!

Will you be able to find the Killer before the Killer gets you and everybody else? Can you find the answer to Murder in the Alps? There’s only one way to find out, so get your magnifying glass and your detective hat because this amazing, MOVIE-LIKE EXPERIENCE AWAITS!


Fascinating STORYLINE with unexpected twists and turns!

Filled with CHARACTERS with mystery personalities and dark secrets!

Gorgeous GRAPHICS with amazing animations and beautifully illustrated comics!

Hidden Object GAMEPLAY, which allows you to explore each picturesque location!

Enchanting MUSIC, great sound effects, and fully voiced characters!

Built-in STRATEGY GUIDE to help you with every step of the game!

Every game scene is filled with COLLECTIBLES!

Lots of unique ACHIEVEMENTS!

Amazing MINI-GAMES, Hidden Objects scenes, and Much More!

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Updated on 24th February 2023

Various minor bug fixes and improvements to make your gaming experience more enjoyable.
Be sure your game is up-to-date so you can have the best time playing!
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Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery Review

Everybody that has 10 fingers, 2 legs, 2 hands, 1 head, 2 eyeballs, one mouth, two ears must play this game, whether your black, white, Asian or mixed, must play 1!!11!

We love the game and the story line, the downfall is it uses energy way to fast and doesnt give enough energy to even play long, unless you constantly buy energy you arent going to get much play time at all. Its more of a money rack game then something you can enjoy playing.

Have waited for the ability of playing this next series! When is it available? We are having trouble being able to solve the movement of Miss Meyers in the Da Da Killers Iris is being held by Oskar at the Kneef Gallery and Anna is trying to get Iris away and Now we dont k ow what to do. There is no HELP button to go to. Please advise.

Hi. We are enjoying this game so far but we are having an issue with the game. The games tends to freeze up at certain points and doesnt allow you to do anything. (Im not talking about the freeze in the hidden object scene if you tap to much) sometimes this freeze up happens after you speak to a character or last night the game froze up on us as we hidden object scene was coming up and we couldnt get to it. We cleared the game out and went back on and we got it to work but then it just froze again. We believe it might be a bug/glitch. And may need to be updated again.

We’ve been trying to connect to the next level for days now and it keeps telling us to try again in 15 mins we thought maybe we needed to update the app but theres not one available we’ve put a lot of time and money and effort into getting where Im at in the game so its very frustrating to say the least!! Please tell us how to fix this issue.

This game is just so amazing and its so fun, we just love the fact that there are mysterious things in the storys and we love the puzzles on the game. This game has no adds which we love because we can enjoy this game without being interrupted by the adds! 10/10 love this game.

We love this game so much. The storyline, graphics and gameplay is excellent. Would really love if you could receive energy a little quicker because it runs out fast. Our only complaint is for Luigi and Anna to have the romance they deserve. Other than that great job!

This game is one of the bast Mystery we have played in years.

Its like reading a really good book or watching a great movie but youre part of the story. Captivating with beautiful graphics. True to the time period youll enjoy being immersed in Annas life who is a journalist in 1930s Zurich. She helps solve murder mysteries while following their stories for her articles. The chapters are loosely connected and keep you wanting to see what she gets herself into next! It can be a money pit if youre not patient and cant wait for your energy to refill, which does happen but that just tells you how captivating the story is. Its not a game you play in your 1 minute spare time, keep candy crush and the like for that. This is captivating and will need your attention so you understand the often elaborate story, while also solving mini puzzles and hidden object scenes. We personally have changed the language to German because it helps us study the language (taking lessons concurrently) but it also creates a more authentic experience since the original language would be German. Youll still hear the story in English but subtitles will be German, a great learning opportunity. We think another 5-6 languages are also available.

We love this game its so fun and its a great mystery game highly recommend you download our red in the alps.

B4 we were able to watch and listen to our video on YouTube as we were playing this game on android. But ever since we switch to apple we could not multi task. Please can you update this to work.

Our mind is relaxed. Had a long day . It really got our mind off things. And the music too.

Fun game but only recently have we started receiving notifications and we had received 75 notifications about more energy for the same price in a span of 3 minutes. Not sure if this is a problem from our phone or its the app that is SPAMMING but its annoying. Turning off notifications for the app because that was unbearable, unbelievable, and unnerving.

Good game but more energy would make it a great game.

UPDATE: thanks for the developers for having the best intentions and also for suggesting new ways to gain energy. Love the game play and animation. Health meter not visible during game play so hard to monitorwhich makes it hard to understand how health is used. But it seems like every tap uses health which makes it run out very quickly. A little expensive. If you like to pay to play, you will enjoy the beautiful game play and attention to detail.

We absolutely love this game, and we are super picky about games. Its hard for us to find one and stick with it. We are also a person who doesnt ever put any money into a game because we feel like its a waste. Well we actually put money into this game because it is absolutely a great game. But it has one flawthe energy its insane. It really has us second guessing the game. The amount of energy you use for one thing is incredibly frustrating. Especially since you use your energy to find the hidden objects, which that alone takes everything. It wouldnt be so bad if the energy refilled pretty quick, but it doesnt. Its take way to long. When we say forever we mean hours of not playing gets us only 30 bolts of energy, which is wasted within seconds of playing.

We absolutely love this game but, it shouldnt take weeks to finish a chapter! Its so annoying that everything you do requires energy and then it takes FOREVER for the energy to be replenished. We read that they were going to work on it but that was a year ago. We literally had to wait 2 full days to get a full bar of energy because we were tired of watching ads.

They want folks to purchase bundles to play longer than 10 minutes at a time. Such a shame because its a great game.

We actually really enjoyed this until we realized how much it costs to play. Genuinely surprised us that this would be fun. But seriously insultingly expensive. We might watch an ad or something, but would never spend $5 an hr to play, which is what it seems to be after you get hooked.

Hey whoever updates this game. We really wanna play more but it always turns off our music or podcast that Im listening to when we open the game and thats a real bummer. It makes us turn to play other games that dont cut off our podcast so we dont throw off our groove. Please update so we can listen to our own stuff and play because its super fun! Thanks fam.

We have played every chapter of this game without any issues. This last chapter we have had little issues but we have tried to finish portion of this game but can not. We can not attach the handle to the car jack. We have not received any information or help from the creators. Wish we could finish it.

We love this game and we like replaying the stories while we wait for a new chapter to come out. Yes, you use energy quickly and it takes time to get through things unless you pay for more, but you get used to doing it little by little and its fun. We also like to try finding all the little collectibles for more energy. The only thing we dont really like, is that when we start a story over to try to get all the collectibles this time around, all the collectibles reset- meaning we have to find every single one again?! Thats a little annoying, because we dont know which ones we had found previously and which are new, if any. Its a little frustrating to have to do things we already did. Otherwise, we really enjoy playing along with the stories and we do find the replay value to be good.

Great game but we hate that it takes too long to gain energy.

Started this series years ago but it too so long to update inbetween chapters??? That we decided to wait until it was done. So we restarted playing from the beginning and it still hasnt changed. It was an energy guzzler then and its STILL an energy guzzler now! But its such a well written mystery, Im invested. But since Im starting over, Im ok with playing once a day and wait to reset all our energy. Otherwise like everyone else says, it costs a lot. The developers other games are similar, that it takes a lot of energy. But we play several games and we just hop from one to another. We hope eventually, they will get the point and make the gameplay longer without having to spend so much money or time. We might actually pay more then just an initial $2.99.

Our rating is based solely on the fact that we have to scroll past all the levels in the game to get to the one Im playing now. Either those completed levels should collapse, or the user should have the opportunity to pin a level to the top of the list. If the scrolling consistently worked well, it would be less of an issue, but if you end up tapping into a level when youre trying to scroll, its a bad user experience.

Game is decent but it just freezes a lot.

We really enjoy the game but the cap on energy is 200 which maybe gets you 5-10 minutes of play. Then you have to wait more than 24 hours for your energy to refill. We dont spend money but its frustrating that you can only play for a few minutes every other day.

This game is great, good graphics, fun clues and hidden puzzles. It is truly fun and entertaining to play. But it is waaayyy too expensive to play. You require lightning bolts to accomplish any small task, it is goes super fast, and doesnt replenish quickly, unless you pay for it. And even when you buy bolts, its difficult to complete a puzzle or two before you have to buy more.

Im broke and we can only play so long till our 200 energy is gone every time you press on something its 5 energy and then when you use hints thats ten energy and it adds up very fast we like the game but idk if its worth it to play for 5-10 mins a day.

The game is fun and interesting, we really do like playing itbut the energy system is annoying! It takes so much energy to do something, and you recover energy at a ridiculously slow rate. If you want to play more than once every 24 hours you will be able to do nothing. Of courseyou can BUY more energy for $5, $10, $20. Its just a money trap!! Examples- it takes 5 energy to click on each single item in the hidden objects mini games, and 10 to interact with things, say like turn on a light switch. We played last night before bed and turned it back on today at 10:30, and only had 74 energy. Enough for the other half of the mini game we started last night, and to walk around and turn on a light switch and talk to another character. Then, oops out of energy. Play if you want to flush money or if you have a LOT of patience.

We really enjoyed the first two chapters in the game. The design work is fantastic and the story line very much in keeping with murder mysteries of old Hollywood. The energy levels do fall off very quickly, but that keeps us from spending too much time playing, and it is easy to return to finish a section of the game. As someone who studied and taught art history, we were looking forward to the story line in the Dada Murders. And that’s when our disappointment in the game’s story line showed itself. Firstly, as a woman, we were so disappointed with the sexual violence portrayed in the Dada Murders. Can we just play a game without being confronted? It really is NOT necessary to the storyline. We also found the scenes had become so much more graphic, again not necessary to create a good game and good story line. We appreciate how Dada was portrayed, but it could have been just as effective without being quite so graphic. After Chapter 1 in the Dada Murders, we deleted the game. Considering the second chapter was about "Ladies of the Night," we decided that I’d had enough. It’s too bad, because we really enjoyed this game until the third chapter.

It really takes away from the game to not have any music or sounds, it looks like it should have sound but we cant seem to make it work.

This game is so well put-together and fun. We would give this game 5 stars if it werent for the energy aspect of the game. While energy makes sense, it is insane how much it takes to do simple tasks. For instance, the max amount of energy is around 200 or so. It takes 30 of our energy just to open a letter. It also takes quite a lot of energy just to talk to someone, which means we can only play this game for about five minutes per day. It is also extremely hard to gain energy back without buying it with real money. This game has so much potential to be great, and we hope one day it is as such. Until the energy aspect is fixed, we will not be playing.

We love these kinds of games, we also have the Murder by Choice game from the same developer, but the ratio of gaining energy to expelling energy is way off. You earn 1 energy every 8 minutes, up to 200 energy that means it takes 26.7 hours to get full energy. And it takes so much energy to do the most simple tasks, we timed myself today to see how long we could play before running out of energy, which was exactly 5 minutes. The game has good graphics and challenges, but having to wait more than 26.7 hrs (1600 minutes) just to play 5 minutes at a time is a bit disappointing.

Fun game, but it takes longer than 24 to fill energy and you are maxed out at 200. Most of the actions take 30 – 50 at a time. And every time we update the app, it finds a discrepancy in game play and sets us back.

Its a good game but takes too much energy for EVERYTHING and it takes forever for the energy to fill back. There should be tasks or mini game to play to fill the energy instead of having to pay for it.

We love this game which is why its so disappointing that we receive a server wont run pop up every time we try to play. Its beautifully conceived but wont work.

We think the game is wonderful but we would recommend changing the way the energy runs out. Why have the energy run out every time you find the correct items you are looking for? Cant it just be when you hit the wrong items too many times? We cannot keep spending money on getting more energy. We understand that a lot of work was put into this game and we appreciate that. We have put some money in it but we cant keep doing that. It wont let us watch videos to get more energy either. So basically we have to wait a day before we can play again. Which is ridiculous. We hope you guys take the complaints/constructive criticism to heart and change up a few things.

We like the game cause its very interesting and dont get us wrong it really does get us curious but we dont like the fact that it takes too long to refill our energy , besides idk why it wont allow us to watch to refill the energy. We wish we could keep playing it cause we love games like this but we just cant wait 72 hours just to get less then half of energy to continue playing .

We love the story and puzzles. Graphics are well done but playtime is so limited by everything you do using up a crazy amount of energy and then takes a long time to recharge that we will probably uninstall soon.

It wont let us watch ads for energy.

Its a pretty fun game, but if you want to play for free youll get about five minutes a day of play time. If you want a game thats entertaining, free, and that you can play for longer than 60 seconds at any given time, find another game.

We dont like games with timers or purchasing energy.

Difficult to play the game due to energy needs.

As others have mentioned, the game is beautiful and has a great story, but is far too expensive. If played all the way through, the game would probably cost $100+. Just charge up front so users know what they are getting.

Takes a long time to gain energy.

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