ColorSwitch! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zachary Elia, ColorSwitch! is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th November 2014 with the latest update 22nd March 2021

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of ColorSwitch! ?

2,288 people have rated 3.3.2

What is the price of the ColorSwitch! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the ColorSwitch! released ?

ColorSwitch! was released on 6th November 2014.

When was the ColorSwitch! updated ?

The latest updated date of ColorSwitch! on 22nd March 2021.

Where can ColorSwitch! be downloaded ?

You can download the game ColorSwitch! from Apple Official App Store.



ColorSwitch! – Tap tiles to switch words and colors!

You’ve got a time limit… better pick fast!

Can you get to the top of the leaderboards?

In this tricky game, identify the word that appears on the screen and select the colored panel that matches it within the time limit. The color name and font color will often be different to confuse you, but that won’t get you, right? Unlock achievements, get high scores, and challenge your friends!

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Updated on 22nd March 2021

  • Bug fixes

ColorSwitch! Review

We have only had this app for one day and we’ve gotten really good at it. This app might seem easy but its actually quite difficult. If you like a good challenge then you should definitely download this app. There are different levels and they also have an option that gives you a certain amount of time. This is an app that we would highly recommend! There are a few ads but we rarely see them. We 100% recommend this!!

Love it so much and we will keep you posted.

We absolutely love this game and it is especially nice to have on our watch for when we are waiting in transit or something.

Its so fun for us because Its just something rly fun to do.

The game is everything it’s cut out to be, there isn’t really anything wrong with the game, and it’s also available on Apple Watches. That makes it fun for when you are, well, let’s say you’re on a road trip, bus ride, etc. We personally use this when we don’t have to use Wifi for games but still want something fun, that doesn’t get repetitive after playing for a while. The User – friendly UI is one of our favorite parts if the game, and also one of the most important features. The game is everything you’d ask from it after installing it, if not your probably hard to please when it comes to minigames. (No offense-) All we’re really saying hear is we enjoy this game and we don’t believe there’s anything wrong with it, as the only glitches/bugs it had are long gone. Our sincerest thanks to the creator of this game, for putting in the effort to make something so enjoyable!

Pretty good we like to play it in school.

We love this game, its a great time passer, plus it woks on our Apple Watch!

This game is absolutely awesome and addicting! It is great for when your bored or even just when you have a few minutes the only thing is that on the Apple Watch there is no time limit and only 1 level. If you could change that it would be awesome! Other than that its perfect!

Our granddaughter got us hooked on this!

This is a good game you guys should make more its so fun we rate yall a 5 its amazing.

This is a great game to play with your friends too. Our uncle and us compete against each other for each level of difficulty. It is also a fun game to play when you are bored. Totally recommend!

We love this game. Thar is nothing wrong with this game.

This game is pretty hard overall its pretty fun and amusing byeee!

Fun game. We just think that it needs levels, it doesnt really get challenging its very repetitive.

This is one of our favorite games and also really hard it is like a puzzle but you can never solve it. Our high score is 100 but still we will never be there again goodbye and thank you.

So far this is the only game we found that is Free and has NO ads.

The game is a very fun test to test your mind and reaction time. There are two problems though First of: It hardly gives you any reaction time. On our iPhone, the easy mode is very challenging. It barely gives you any time to read what the color is, find it, and click it. By the time Im trying to click it (keep in mind, its on easy mode), it gives us a notification that time is up. And of course, theres an ad. Anyways, the next problem is that theres no medium mode. Once we started to get tired of Easy mode, we wanted to move on to the next mode. The next mode was hard. We couldnt even click two in a row! It was very difficult. We have it 2 stars because its a fun game but you barely have fun with time limits.

It hypnotizes you. A person we know well was playing it and they wouldnt listen to anyone or anything except the stupid game. We even tried it on another person and same exact resolt.


Really good game the helps the brain.

Its so good to play with our head it confusing but try to get a good score ;))

We love this game but ik that if u wait a bit long u lose but can u just add time and u should put a hard mode with more colours like purple,brown,pink… Ect and an opposite mode like it would say yellow but with colour blue blue would be the correct answer that will be fun!

This game is AMAZING! We rate it 5 of 5 stars for its uniqueness!! We love this game SO SO much and it is very stress relieving. It is an easy way to get your mind off something you are upset about. You all should get this game because it is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, AMAZING!!

Great game love the colors ,&/,&:&(&/&,[email protected]?&:!/8?98:8kdkvsoivoffiiivf.

It is a pretty good game because it is fun for one and for two you can play on the Apple Watch. We love it so much we will play anytime! No problems and not a lot of adds.

We love this game it is well worth getting. Also we can play it on our Apple Watch which allot of apps you can not do that. So we are supper excited about that part. And even if you do not have a Apple Watch this is a great game. There is nothing wrong with this game trust us we are a pretty hard reviewer. This game is just perfect. Trust us like we will demolish a game that has bad quality with like anything ex: like if the game has lags or if you get a add every 2 seconds if there is a glitch we will call them out for it! And it makes there game look bad but in no way can we call this game out on anything. Even if you were looking for something wrong in this game you would not find anything wrong in this game is perfect in every way. And if anyone said that it is not plz somehow reach out to us if you can. We will fight you (verbally) about how good this game is. It may look simple. But in no way is it simple. Trust us by the 3rd time you play this game you will want to through your phone through the wall in a good way thought that is what makes it such a good game. You cant stop playing this game! Until you beat your height score and then you are like we have to beat this fight score and it goes on and on and on we LOVED.

This is Awesome for color recognition!

Great for when youre bored and have nothing to do.

On the iWatch there no time limit to choose the answer, u can literally take forever to pick the answer!! If u fix that it would be a great game on the iWatch! That the only thing we found wrong with it!

We got this game and it’s been great it’s super tricky and fun. But after a couple of rounds it just glitches and takes us to home screen and we lost all our progress.

This game is a irrelevant and overall its hard to complete im giving it a one star this game sucks.

We like this game a lot!! Now dont get us wrong, its not an epic game that millions play, but when on a road trip or just bored, this game is the perfect solution. We’ve seen reviews about the game glitching, but it no longer does that. It never did for us because we’ve just recently got it. Theres absolutely nothing you can say bad about the game because it is what it says it is, and there are no glitches. You cant get mad if you wanted one thing but got another. That simply means youre getting the wrong app. We dont think youll be disappointed with this one though. Thank you for making this game free because when games are free but you still have to pay, thats annoying so this is a great mini game.

Great game! It works perfectly on the Apple Watch and on the iPhone as well. Challenging as well.

It always glitches and goes to home screen.

We have only had the game for a few seconds and am already seeing problems! Our friend had let us play the game on their phone, and it worked on their phone. When we installed it to play the game after 10-15 seconds, the game crashed. We click the game and once we clicked play it said our time was up. We clicked play agian it did the same thing. 1/100000000.

We would not recommend this app to anyone because when u start to play it either glitches back to home screen or back to the begging. And also it doesnt save the history/high score of your game.

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