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Solitaire The Game

Solitaire The Game

Solitaire The Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MOBISHAPE LTD OOD, Solitaire The Game is a Casino game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th July 2017 with the latest update 12th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casino, Card, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Solitaire The Game ?

3,082 people have rated 4.11

What is the price of the Solitaire The Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Solitaire The Game released ?

Solitaire The Game was released on 16th July 2017.

When was the Solitaire The Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Solitaire The Game on 12th September 2022.

Where can Solitaire The Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Solitaire The Game from Apple Official App Store.



Solitaire The Game is a FREE classic Klondike Solitaire with a native iOS design and an INSTANT START. 
If you like playing Solitaire on your PC, you will love Solitaire The Game as it offers SMOOTH PERFORMANCE on your device, wherever you go.

Amongst all free solitary games, Solitaire The Game is very intuitive, fun to play, with clean design and LOADS EXTREMELY FAST. You don’t have to wait the game to load, just play solitary and have fun. This puzzle card game will train your brain.

Each day you can try to complete one of our DAILY CHALLENGES which always have a solution. Sometimes the solution is more difficult but the daily challenge is one of the best ways to train your mind and become even better player at solitaire.

If you haven’t played before classic solitare (also known as Patience game) – don’t worry. The game is extremely easy to play as our hint feature shows you all possible moves and you can learn the rules in the matter of few games.

The Game Center is also available for you, so you can compare your high scores with friends, or just to see the leaderboards.

Solitaire The Game offers a free card game of solitaire.

There are two main modes:

  1. RANDOM DEAL – each deal is randomly generated. Some of these deals may have no solution no matter how hard you try.

  2. DAILY CHALLENGE – unique deal for each day. Each Daily Challenge has a solution. Some solutions are just harder to find. You can play all Daily Challenge deals for the last 3 months.

The other features of Solitaire The Game are:

iPhone/iPad FEATURES:

  • Solitaire 1 card draw
  • Solitaire 3 cards draw
  • Standard scoring
  • Vegas scoring
  • Cumulative scoring
  • Winnable Daily Challenge each day
  • Autocomplete
  • Hints
  • Statistics
  • Game center leaderboards
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Custom cards faces
  • Custom cards backs
  • Custom deck spots
  • Left/Right hand layout
  • Apple Watch support
  • Double tap – play Solitaire with one hand
  • iMessage stickers
  • Game saved and restored when solitary is interrupted


  • Solitaire 1 card draw
  • Standard scoring
  • Left/Right hand layout
  • Statistics
  • Sounds
  • Autocomplete
  • Undo
  • Custom backgrounds and cards’ backs

Play Klondike solitaire free and have fun :)

Updated on 12th September 2022

  • Option to turn off Autocomplete
  • Bug fixes

Thank you for your support and feedback! Let us know which features do you want most at [email protected]

Solitaire The Game Review

Perfect for the Apple Watch but Id love a restart game option under settings.

Love playing this on our phone and our watch!!

You did a great job; we love it, especially on Apple watch. But unfortunately, after latest watch iOS update. It crashes, cannot be open. Please update/ fix it Thanks.

If we stop playing for a month or so we win a lot more games at first then start to lose consistently. Seems to be a pattern with this game.

Our watch is on silent but when we play solitaire it makes noise. Not what we want or what we need. Totally ruins the usefulness. Yes you can turn the sound off in the setting but if our watch is on silent our apps should be silent too. Every time they update it then it has to be turned down again.

When the app worked on the watch 6 we would have given it 5 stars. Although we can click on the app to open it, the app will open but for a brief moment. Then the app disappears. We can even see it on the dock. We’ve tried accessing the app from the dock and from the overall menu, and the same thing happens. The app opens and briefly shows us the cards, then closes immediately. We’ve tried removing and reinstalling the app to no avail. Is the app not supposed to work on Apple Watch 6?

Didnt mind the adds until added sound. Super loud. Cant play at night without waking spouse. Uninstalled.

Of all the solitaire stuff we’ve played this solitaire is our favorite.

Love this app both on the iPhone and watch. A landscape setting would be cool to have like others have said. Id like a restart button more! And we would pay to eliminate ads. Our question is: is there a button to see the solution for a daily challenge? Im stuck on august 7th 2021. Thanks!

Our favorite (and only game we use) for the apple watch (se). Easily a 5 star rating for quality of game (although 3 card draw would make it 11/5 stars). But our only complaint is that we’ve had to download, uninstall, and reinstall the app roughly 5 times because it crashes. Our watch is only about 3 weeks old, fully updated (as well as our phone). The app will work 80% of the time, but lately when we click the app, the logo will go to the center of the screen with a moving circular loading animation. Than it just cuts back to our app list. Please fix this update, solitaire is one of our favorite games, and having it on the watch has been incredible.

Its the ads guys. This app is so good. Out of all the AAA games this solitaire game is our favorite app. We love playing it on our watch and phone. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep this ad free.

The worst iteration of this classic we have ever played.

We play on our phone and Apple Watch without any issues or crashes. We love the simplicity of the app, it isnt clogged up with a bunch of stuff, its very simple get to the point. The only thing we would like is a paid version so we dont have to see ads but other than that this is the best of the best on solitaire apps.

Works well, fun to have on our watch.

Too difficult… Not playing anymore…

There really should be an option to pay to remove the ads.

Its so tiny and cute. Lol, but really! It comes in handy when youre waiting in line or on the toilet.

Great job building this game should build a lot more like this ones looks original.

Pretty good app. Still have to tolerate ads. It is basic. Just plain colored backgrounds. Confetti is thrown to celebrate a win!

The ads are often times not designed properly to fit the screen- making the x impossible to press to close the ad.

Its a fun game. Love the dailies as that is always a winning hand. The only reason for 4 stars. Ads. Not that we dont mind ads. But with this app. When the ads are over, its a tiny x in the upper corner and when we try to press it, always seems to not want to press the x and so it takes us to the ads site or nothing at all.

The ads are terrible. Very loud and obnoxious. We would never buy those products….

We wish there was a rest deck button! Would make the app flow better but besides that it is just like any other solitaire app we have used.

Our lose rate is much greater than our win we have 500 losses to 50 wins so your stats are not good make the deal easier.

Got the game specifically because we needed a good time filler for our Watch series 3. Game runs VERY smooth! Only minor issue is that it can be hard to tap cards on the very edge of the Watch face. Given the size of things, Im not sure there is any way to fix it. The new animations for the face cards on the iPhone blew our mind the first time. We thought we were hallucinating, lol! We would love to know what triggers them so we can view them all, because we’ve only caught a couple so far.

One of the best games for the Apple Watch we’ve played. You wouldnt think something like Solitaire could be downsized for such a small display but the devs really did a great job with this!

We love this game, we’ve played it for over a year on both our iPhone and Apple Watch. However, last nice we were playing a random deal and one of the Kings faces started moving, as if it was animated? We thought maybe we were seeing things, so we continued on with the game when we saw it again. We’ve never experienced anything like that with this game before so we freaked out and closed the app. Has there been a new update that allows face cards to move? It was very unnerving as we wasnt expecting it!

This game provides all the pluss needed for liberal choices.

Amazing just like you used real playing cards.

We play this game as a diversion and escape from all the crazy that is happening. We find it offensive and annoying to be constantly assaulted by unwanted political ads.

On the three card draw, it takes us 10+ deals before we can get one that can even be finished let alone be finished with a higher score.

Its highly unlikely you will find another game of solitaire of this caliber of quality. Playable on iWatch and surprisingly bearable. The developers deserve all the love they can get, because this beats even Microsoft Solitaire. The developer of this game has enormous support for players. Look through the ratings and you will hardly find any rating without the developers response. The app is going places and so far it is the model of how all solitaire games should be . We see that a bulk of the ratings less than 5 stars deals with people unable to understand iWatch mechanics. The developer even replies with a solution to their problems! Sadly, the ratings arent changed, and their 4 star comments remain Dont get us started with the needs landscape setting rating. We understand some comments deal with some app issues by itself, and not a lack of understanding, but the developer reaches out to these small comments, providing feedback to these complaints that their troubles are not ignored. Its hard to find that nowadays. The developer will probably continue to improve upon the app, and we will continue to play it .

Anyone else out there do the daily challenges? We think the challenge for January 26, 2020 is impossible to win. If anyone has solved this let us know!

Plays well but for the life of us, we cant figure out how to end one round thats not going anywhere and start another!

We like the game but we need to know how to restart a game if we cant make any more moves. Otherwise its fun.

New game doesnt happen on watch. No reset ability. Other people have stated this with no response.

This game is rigged we never win.

The game works fine, but when an ad pops up you usually have to force close the app. The x to dismiss an ad is generally placed in one of the top corners and doesnt respond to touch.

Solitaire for iPhones, EVER. Try it and youll see.

This is a really good solitaire app. Amazingly fast translations and strong gameplay. Our only complaint is that if you have the game sounds turned off and an add pops up, the add volume is not muted and will play at full volume. Its kinda embarrassing in public. The app maker was kind enough to tell us they are looking into fixing this issue if possible. Thanks.

We have the app for our watch and phone. Our watch and this app work perfectly, but the phone version drives us crazy! It always says we have no moves left when we clearly can see a card in the stack. We thought maybe having 3 cards per draw was too hard for us and thats why it was telling us that we had no more moves. We were playing with one card per draw and Im one card away from winning the game. We can see the queen that we need is in the deck, but the game is insisting we are out of moves and the game will only result in a loss, so we cant go back through the deck! Random deals never result in a win for us, and its so frustrating! Its not hard to win solitaire and we know its not just us!

The game is fine with a lot of ads but the ads themselves are very troubling. The ads are spout lies about political candidates and its way too much.

There shouldn’t be adds for solitaire.

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