Comet Racer

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Comet Racer


Comet Racer is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Donut Games, Comet Racer is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 19th January 2010 with the latest update 14th May 2020

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2 people have rated 1.13

You can download the game Comet Racer from APP STORE.


Prepare for wild races inside abandoned mining rocks and comets throughout the universe!

Race against the clock or your own shadow through squiggly mazes packed with power-ups, secret passages and hidden items.


  • "Comet Racer is easy to get into and fun to try to master. It’s one of those games that can draw you in for hours…"

Featured by APPLE, Jan 2010, as:

  • "What’s Hot" in iTunes
  • "Hot New Games" in App Store


  • Varying RACE TRACKS in space and inside comets
  • 3 Control Modes
  • Hidden secrets and surprises spread throughout the game
  • Power-ups to protect your ship
  • Donut Games’ highly acclaimed 3-star system: Improved replay value!
  • Collectors Icon #18
  • Support for playing your own iTunes music in the background


  • Game Center support
  • MFi controller support
  • ION Arcade controller support
  • Universal App (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Enjoy another Donut Games release!

Updated on 14th May 2020

  • Support for the latest iOS and aspect ratios above 2:1

Hope you enjoy! And thanks to all fans who’ve stood by Donut Games all these years.

Comet Racer Reviews

One of our favorites of Donut Games’ games. Made even better with a game pad if able.

Pros- Sort of fun and a little addictive Cons- SO HARD we WILL BE FLOATING AROUND IN SPACE AND BOOM we EXPLODE!!! IT JUST MAKES ME MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was awesome but we beat it with all three stars. So can you guys add more levels please? More levels more levels more levels more levels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the update, we first got it for our iPod, and now on our iPad it’s that much better.

We BOUGHT THE GAME WITH A HELP OF A CARD!!!!!! By the way this game is FUN!!! We hope u guys make another fun fun fun FUUUN game! Cuz this one is a HIT! Great job and thank u!

We love it it’s great :) !!!!!!!!!!

Awesome game. One of our favorites so we’re gonna say yes do buy it. Worth a buck. We gotta say donut games have been better than ever lately so all we gotta say is buy this app, all the rat on a whatever games, and probably either cat psychics or traffic rush( yes all these games are made by donut games). Ok guys just remember buy all those apps and you won’t regret it.

It’s a bird! No It’s a plane! No It’s…. Comet Racer!! It’s outta this World! And by far the best of donut games.

This game is amazingly awesome but it needs more levels and gamecenter with achievements.

This game is pretty good we first got it when it wuz free and we think it is worth a dollar unless it’s gonna b on sale then wait.

This game is sick and the only thing we can think of to make it better, would be to add some more levels… Once you get into it, it just finishes way to quick! Still super awesome and worth way more than a Buck!

It is a fun game that starts off a little too easy. There are lots of levels and some are pretty challenging.

Good but really? Only 25 lv! Donut games u guys rock but this is too short.. Make this like spikey or icy escort…. More levels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a good addicting game to kill a few minutes. (or hours) Gettig to the finish line has never been so challenging! This game gets a 4.8/5 and deserves way more credit than it’s given and by the way… IT’S FREE!!!!

Another great game by donut games.

Great game, great controls, great price. But we zipped through all these levels in such a hurry, please make more for an update! Click yes if you agree!

We love every one of the Donut Games games! This one happens to be our favorite. Keep up the good work! We’ll buy every one you make! (unless ofcourse it’s another gardening one)

Reminds us of Mario Cart or Crash Bandicoot racing in space. Simple to pick up and play, harder to master, ranked 22nd in US. WELL worth the price- A+ Donut Games! Mmmmm Donuts.

This game is super but we don’t know how we can do 11 level.

Great new game! This is def worth checking out.

The best Donut game!! Which is saying a lot because they produce a lot of quality games. Easy to learn but tough to master. We will for sure be coming back to this baby! For sure worth a buck.. Graphics are good enough for the gameplay, but the gameplay is what u r buying. Please add more levels though. Great stuff.

Ok donut games u have done it again!!! We jst wanted 2 ask u if u culd put more of them 4 free thse r our favorite games on our iPod pleassssaeeeee.

This is a fun racing game because you get to race your own ghost through the tunnels. Keeps you trying to beat your time and get 3 stars on all levels.

The game remindes us of the ol’ arcade games and what not. Great job!

This is a good DG(got it 4 free!) but please make more games free!!!!!!!!!

This game is great and free, so 5 for that! But an arcade mode would be really cool.

Great game! We can’t stop playing. Having lots of fun racing against shadow. Highly recommended!

Every game that we get from them comes out great and entertains us for a long time so keep up the good work.

Donut games are the best game makers! And to the people who rated it 1 star cuz it’s "too hard" your not going to get anywhere by saying that.

Every game that we have played of donut. Games is awesome. And once again it is great.

This is another good donut game! Not our favorite but still good!!

Donut games did it again! Retro, simple, cute, challending and fun. Get it NOW :]

Donut Games is our favorite game developer in the app store. Thanks! Another great game from you guys. Thanks for the updated controls. Out of all their games we have, we enjoy them all with the exception of 1 (Castle Smasher), only because of it’s lack of features. It desperately needs a challenge mode + bonus game like the rest. (I’m looking forward to that addition)

All the people complaining about the controls, you can switch them to a thumb button which helps 100 times. U had the same problem and now have at least 3 stars on all the levels. This and mouse on the run are in our top 5 of all our apps!!!

Donut Games is a fantastic developer. We love all of their games and this is no letdown. Please make more!

Just get it, it’s worth it, we hope they add more levels tho.

This is our favorite donut game. Thanks donut games for all your hard work and amazing games. Love all of them!!!!!!!!

Game is great! Controls take just a few tries to get used to but after that it’s go time!!

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