Comics Bob

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Comics Bob

Comics Bob

Comics Bob is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SayGames LTD, Comics Bob is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 2nd March 2021 with the latest update 27th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Comics Bob ?

44,125 people have rated 1.2.9

What is the price of the Comics Bob ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Comics Bob released ?

Comics Bob was released on 2nd March 2021.

When was the Comics Bob updated ?

The latest updated date of Comics Bob on 27th December 2022.

Where can Comics Bob be downloaded ?

You can download the game Comics Bob from Apple Official App Store.



► Comics Bob – Mind-bending puzzles and classic cartoon fun!

Comics Bob caveman! Comics Bob not clever man. Comic Bob love cave lady. Cave lady in danger. Comics Bob confused. Comics Bob need friend with big brain!

► Yabadaba-doh!

Help lovable doofus Bob and his beautiful lady friend overcome the trials and tribulations of paleolithic romance in this wacky cartoon puzzle game where you make the choices for the hapless prehistoric heroes. Choose right or choose wrong, the answer’s always guaranteed to be a blast as situations unfold with the humor and ingenuity of classic cartoon capers. Sneaky saber-toothed tigers, manic monkeys, tricksy pterodactyls and even inquisitive aliens are all conspiring to rend our star-crossed stone-age lovers asunder, so you’ll need all your lateral thinking and puzzle-solving skills to save them, get them back together and ensure the future of the human race doesn’t go tumbling over a cliff into oblivion.

► Stone-age technology!

  • Endless prehistoric puzzle fun – enjoy dozens of unique levels of logic adventures with Comics Bob and his stone-age queen. Each situation has two possible outcomes: disaster or delight for poor bewildered Bob, but so much fun for you that you won’t mind trying again if you can’t get it right first time.

  • A Paleo diet for your brain – attune your sophisticated 21st century brain to the wild primitive thinking of the stone age, where the tools are simple but the the uses they can be put to are ingenious. You’ll need all your guile and imagination to choose the right answers and get Bob and his missus past the obstacles that stand in the way of true love.

  • Cave art, cave music, cave party! – the setting may be primitive and the gameplay couldn’t be simpler, but the graphics and music in Comics Bob are gorgeous, recalling over a century of classic cartoons and comics, and ensuring a joyful experience for players of all ages.

  • You can’t stop progress! – regular updates and new episodes ensure the fun keeps on coming. What’s Bob got up his loin cloth this time? You’ll never guess in this zany puzzle-solving adventure where the surprises never end.

► Get primitive!

Tired of the complexities and stresses of hi-tech modern life? This is the game for you! Get back to a simpler and even sillier time when women were real women, men were really dumb, and romance somehow flourished nonetheless! Download Comics Bob today to explore a wild and wacky ancient world filled with colorful creatures and crazy situations, save humanity from its own stupidity, and enjoy innocent, endlessly entertaining pre-historic puzzle fun!

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Updated on 27th December 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Comics Bob Review

We really like this game but: WHERE ARE THE NEW LEVELS YOU PROMISED!!!!!

Is it over after chapter 93? No updates in 3 months. Im taking that as its done.

Great storyline we cant remember it.

Fantastic game, need more levels so Im patiently waiting. Also please give us a way to opt out from ads. And please make haste with new levels!

After downloading a bunch of games that we cant even remember why because they are so different from what they advertise to be. This is a breath of fresh air. We laughed out loud in the first few levels! Thanks!!!

Is it over after chapter 93? No updates in 3 months. Im taking that as its done.

Several months ago you promised NEW LEVELS WEEKLY! With this update you say Enjoy The Game. How can we when you have not supplied any new levels for months. We really dont want to start over from the beginning!!!

Im going to delete this Game now ! Sawraawraas.

Every other breath is an ad!! Cant even tell if the game is fun or not!!

This game appeared for our 4 year kid as ad while he was playing an innocent game and promotes for choosing between man or woman to sleep with!! This is insane!

Awsome but should have more levels.

It was lowkey cute, Im surprised how much work was out in to this app game! We enjoyed it, we hope theres a second Bob Comic.

This game goofy ahh when do see boobs.

This game is worth playing it its not a bad game its entertaining to play but its just short of the story they should make part 2 or something.

We downloaded it because why not! We were playing one day and all of a sudden we restarted! Except our level said it was the next level. We were so confused and also a little mad that we had repeated the same sene.

This game is fun, and we like it. Except after every 2 taps an ad comes up. Thats not an exaggeration. Theres also an option to watch an ad for a perk, and if you dont an ad pops up anyway you have to watch so whats the point? The many ads makes the game laggy and the game becomes less enjoyable. We wouldnt mind watching an ad after each complete level, but after 2 taps, we cant stand it. We had to delete it and write a review.

We would like the game better if we actually could play the game without being interrupted every 2 minutes with an advertisement right in the middle of the missions.

Cute, but way too many ads. Dont waste your time.

Okay so we were literally enjoying our time when we left our phone on our bed. Somehow when we got back to play our game there was this game called Comic Bob. It was our older brother we told why he got it and he just ran away. So then we decided to play it because we thought it was like a building game. But no we decided to play a different game because we were thinking we dont really like building games. So we went on a different game and saw the ad for this game. We when we watched it it was a girl. And at the end the man had to decide to take off the bra or underwear. Honestly we were freaking out so we deleted it. And bro thats just insulting to women because so men just decide to treat them like sexual objects. We were so mad because we hate people that do this especially the ads. Like we were playing another game once and they gave us an ad about a girl and two men and they were giving you a choice TO TAKE OFF THE BRA OR THE UNDERWEAR!!!!! OMG IM FURIOUS!!! UGH!!!!!!!!

First it has sexual harassment. The weird bob guy sees the woman trapped and starts taking of her clothes not worth it. It also has a few lags. Never get!!!

This game is dumb, and so filled with ads that its almost unplayable. And begging for reviews before finishing the first level just feels really desperate. Do better.

This aint worth trying.. 30sec ads after 30 secs playing! Pffff.

We thought it would be better by now, its the same.

Impossible to enjoy this game, with an ad after every move or two.

So there are too many ads, you are on it for five minutes and four of them are ads. One of the ads for this game one is a girl tied up and it is a terrible squid game ad and instead of helping the girl the guy takes off her cloths until it gives you the choice (but you cant make one luckily) to take off her bra or underwear. The other ads are worse kids can see those ads. The game and ads treats girls like objects the girl in this is wearing a bikini really and it is suggestive we get it she has boobs dont make those animation and the game is crappy dont download this!

Why all the ads??? Why cant we just purchase it??

We think this game is really fun! We also like how it is challenging. It really helps you think about problems and what steps to solve first. We know a lot of people complain about the ad. We dont think its that bad bc it only takes the womans jacket and shirt off. She has a bra on underneath and they dont ever show her boobs. Its not bad for little kids bc its not like people havent seen boobs before. And its only a bra so its not that bad. But overall the puzzles are really fun to solve!

We just started playing this game and its really interesting!!!

We love the quirky characters and the storylines are well done. Our favorite character is the one we call Haggy. You know, the other cave woman. Sure shes ugly but she is sweet in her way. The armpit joke had us loling for a while. Our ONLY complaint is there is no way to pay for ad free playing. We would pay up to 5 dollars for this game. We really want to support the developer. They worked so hard on the game and deserve something in return. We dont mind the save us ads but the non optional ones are a pain. Please add pay to remove non optional ads. Thank you. Ps the one ad with the girl stuck in the washing machine needs to go.

We like this game but the ads are annoying and sometimes inappropriate, we saw the ads for comic bob was about women and sometimes nude and thats just disgusting and disrespectful there are different ways to promote people to download games and also kids sees this stuff so parents please watch what your child watches and plays and developer please fix it and thank you for reading this review.

Lol we havent even played it we just got it cause it was in a Markiplier vid.

Yea. Not what they advertise. Sex sells tho!! Theres no logic In this game, just a 50/50 chance youll get the right answer. Dont use logic though!! Oh and of course ads. Ads . Ads . Ads. Did we mention the same ads you see everywhere are in this game? Yea..

It seems you spend more time watching ads then playing the game.

We just started this game. Because of it Im rating It low. Ask later.

The only reason we gave it 3 stars was because of all the ads, good Lord. Its a cool game though.

We may have given it a higher rating if he didnt ask us so soon after starting the game. We havent been playing for even a minute before this pop up wanted us to rate it.

We play several segments, then quit. When we restart playing, it starts several segments before where we quit previously. Have to replay those lost to advance. Please fix this.

Every minute is ad like we just cant play the game without so many ad.

You are given two choices and if you pick the wrong one you start over which isnt the stupid part, after yet another ad, you get the same choices. Like duh we think Ill choose this one this time.

This game is disgusting and sad. In one ad you have choices at the end you have a decision take off her bra or underwear. Here’s one if the things we wanna know. What was going through their head when they made this. We were gonna see if it was appropriate but NO of course NOT. People that great women as object’s are gross this is offensive and If you could not tell already we’re a women. Thank for those who read this.

Do not waste your time on this game it is not fun! And it has some content thats inappropriate for lil kids! Dont download! Trust us!

Wrong Im so many ways. Women are not objects.

This is one stupid app but we were curious.

There is zero skill or logic to this game. You basically have to make a random choice and if you choose wrong, you die. And they want you to die because then you have to watch an ad before you can try again.

Sure free games have ads but this is ridiculous. 30 seconds off game play followed by 1 minute add. Dont be fooled.

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