Cookie Clickers

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 01:45 pm

Cookie Clickers

Cookie Clickers

Cookie Clickers is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tiny Games srl, Cookie Clickers is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 24th September 2013 with the latest update 25th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Entertainment, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Cookie Clickers ?

3,445 people have rated 1.59.3

What is the price of the Cookie Clickers ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Cookie Clickers released ?

Cookie Clickers was released on 24th September 2013.

When was the Cookie Clickers updated ?

The latest updated date of Cookie Clickers on 25th May 2023.

Where can Cookie Clickers be downloaded ?

You can download the game Cookie Clickers from Apple Official App Store.



The most exciting cookie game is now on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Download it now for free!
Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment!

The game is very simple:

  • Bake as many cookies as you can by tapping on the giant cookie. The faster you tap, the more you bake!
  • As soon as you have enough cookies, head over to the shop and use them to buy upgrades to bake even faster!
  • Keep an eye out for the golden cookie rain! Don’t miss it!

Cookie Clickers’ endless game play will allow you to play for an indefinite amount of time– or at least until you bake such an extraordinary amount of cookies your device won’t be able to count them anymore!

Become the Cookie Clickers God by baking 1 QUADRILLION cookies!

Log-in to Facebook to play with your friends and compare your Cookie score in the leaderboards! The Game Center is also enabled!
Don’t waste time… start now! Every second counts when it comes to baking cookies!

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Last but not least, we want to give a big THANK YOU to all for playing Cookie Clickers!

Updated on 25th May 2023

Something new is coming out the oven…
Have fun and don’t forget to rate us after every update!

Cookie Clickers Review

Just tap the cookie- Just tap the cookie-

BEST. GAME. EVER. PS: yOu GuYs ArE tHe BeSt! ;)

This keeps us calm. It is an amazing game! We wish we could rate it 100 stars. It is a fun and playful game to play while bored.

WHEN DE IPOSTA IS SOOS. (Starts playing Ohio among us song)

This game is SOOOO Addicting we can barely leave it.

This game has no point. But sooooooooooooooooooo fun. We would totally recommend it. PLS download NOW. Have fun.


The game is addicting and its good the cookie looks delicious.

We love it. We have been playing for a few days and we just wanna say that it is not one of those games where after five minutes your bored of it. Get this and you will be addicted.

We love this game we play it daily definitely recommend to play we just wish everything was like 1000% Cheeper Have Fun and keep up the good work cookie clicker devs.

Wow! When we got this game, we did think it was going to be something else, but when we opened it, we were overjoyed! It was better than we were expecting. We only need one more – ONE – upgrade to have them all Im also very very addicted lol.

Is it bad we have played for 9 hours WARNING WARNING THIS GAME IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

This game is really fun like if your bored and its really entertaining definitely get this game.

This game is really fun and addicting and for that we give it 5 stars! The only thing is we make like 70 cookies per click but we make like 12 billion cookies a week. The reason is because for the powers (like power click, offline production, and golden cookies) you need cards but they are super hard to get! Please remove the cards and make it so powerups just cost golden cookies.

Cookie clickers is a very fun game for some people, it is pretty simple to play, and if you are like us and gets addicted to things easily then this will be your favorite game, it is SO addicting to play and it is good to make your tapping faster. (Also if you are a parent and your child gets addicted easily then use this so they dont bother you) this is a fun game to play we recommend.

So many cool things to do and a comfort game at least for me.

Love this game!! Its super fun.

Oreos are a ripoff of hidrox a brand that was overrun by Oreos its still on shelves in the back of the shelves at least.

After we played this game, our wife came back with the kids and our dad came back with the milk for the cookies. We became 6,1 and not have the highest paying job ever. Thank you Cookie Clicker!

To be honest we think we broke our finger clicking.

It may be quite obvious but the game as of this review has 3.4 thousand downloads but the leaderboards claim to have over 8 million players ahead of us as of starting, regardless is is an okay app.

It wouldve been better if we could buy the power click card. We already have enough golden cookies and we still cant upgrade it.

We are in love with this game we just cant right now cookies!

Its so addictive and it is so much fun.

So one of our friends introduced us to this game and it’s so addicting, click on the !!!!!!!!!!!!

We love cookie clicker it is so fun and addicting.


We have love this game it is so fun we just started and we already have 30,000 already.

So fun really addictive and 100% recommend.

Who ever created this game you are our god.

We like to play Cookie Clicker. We also like to play the original by Orteil, since our friend introduced it to us. It is one of our favorite games as of today.

This game is one of our favorite classic games on the App Store if not our FAVORITE. We started this game a year ago but we didnt really get it and we needed more storage so we deleted it. But now we have more storage and downloaded it again after these months. We started and just starting clicking and clicking, and buying upgrades like Auto Click and GrandMa. We kept unlocking newer and newer things and we got hyped so played more and more. We are trying to become a Cookie God! EVERYONE, TAP COOKIES!!! Oh and cookies are also really yummy.

The dumbest game but the funnest game.

This game is so good we got grounded we played this for 10 hrs. Yesterday.

We have this game and I.. LOVE IT!!! It is the best but it can get challenging one thing that is amazing is no ads but sum times there are ads but not like every time you click a button. The best thing is you need NO WI-FI!!! Give us a cookie and some milk and we will go cookie crazy!!

This game is addicting!!! You play this game and rate it 5 stars now or the cookies will come for you!!!

This game is amazing we love it.

Whenever we Dont Have Anything To Do we Play This Game ITS SO MUCH FUN! CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT COOKIES.

Our fingers are numb, this is great!

We cant say anything else other than its a good game thats it why are you still here playing this game ITS BECAUSE YOUR BORED thats it.

Cookies cookies cookies cookies cookies and more cookies and more cookies its WONDORFUL.

Most addicting game ever offline production is the best too.

We think rating this game under 5 stars should be an understatement this game is oddly satisfying and one of our favorites!!!

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