Cooking City: Restaurant Games

Cooking City: Restaurant Games

Cooking City: Restaurant Games

Cooking City: Restaurant Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MagicSeven Co., Ltd, Cooking City: Restaurant Games is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th November 2018 with the latest update 25th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Simulation, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Cooking City: Restaurant Games ?

146,080 people have rated 3.17.2

What is the price of the Cooking City: Restaurant Games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Cooking City: Restaurant Games released ?

Cooking City: Restaurant Games was released on 30th November 2018.

When was the Cooking City: Restaurant Games updated ?

The latest updated date of Cooking City: Restaurant Games on 25th April 2023.

Where can Cooking City: Restaurant Games be downloaded ?

You can download the game Cooking City: Restaurant Games from Apple Official App Store.



Cooking City – One of the most addicting time-management cooking games! Simply tap to cook, serve global cuisine and enjoy the fast-paced gameplay!

Become a master chef! Cook the best food and make the cooking fever catch on in Cooking City! Prepare, Cook & Serve delicious meals from all over the world! Get all the citizens and guests in this real cooking craze! Build your cooking empire and serve every hungry and crazy diner with great dishes!

Explore worldwide food cultures by traveling among dozens of cities from the real world. Dash from restaurant to restaurant on every city map and discover authentic flavors. Go from Classic Coffee to Popular Pizzaria, bake cakes and grill delicious burgers. Cook well-known cuisines like Beijing Duck, French foie gras, Tom Yum Kung, and also learn endless hidden recipes!

Open Restaurants Anytime Anywhere

  • No internet required after initial installation!
  • Play offline in this FREE cooking game anytime!
  • Enjoy the kitchen game in your pocket anywhere!

Travel & Cook in New Cooking World: Cooking City

  • Rome, Paris, Moscow, Beijing… 10+ cities of cuisine to travel and unlock!
  • Happy Bakery, Pasta House, China Café, Sushi King… 50+ dream restaurants await you to open!
  • Burgers, pizza, seafood and ice cream… Over 300 tasty foods on the menus to cook!
  • Master all kinds of dishes and global cuisines to become the Star and Mad Chef!

Challenge 2000+ Levels With Unique Goals

  • Fantastic strategy meets fast-paced game play!
  • Interesting mini games and weekly events always kill time!
  • Celebrate important festivals in time-limited events and theme restaurants!
  • Complete grand monthly events to win free rewards!
  • Cook up rewarding combos, earning big bonuses!
  • Endless fun with new levels and casual games to be constantly updated!

Master Your Exclusive Kitchen

  • Serve hundreds of exotic recipes all around the world
  • Cook cuisine you’ve seen or NEVER seen before
  • Upgrade ingredients to manage top cooking restaurants!
  • Manage cooking time efficiently with kitchen appliance upgrades
  • Decorate and level up to welcome more customers

Use Powerful Boosters

  • Complete special cooking goals with magic boosts.
  • Make food never overcooked with special pans!
  • Serve with Cook Helper instantly. Fresh food are always inviting!
  • Increase earnings with help of Double Sales.
  • Boosts’ Power feature star chef’s skill and dash!

Download Cooking City for free. Regular updates and festival events await you! Get Christmas and New Year restaurants now!

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Updated on 25th April 2023

New updates in Cooking City!


  • Aquarium World(4.29-5.21): Enjoy fantastic seafood in the themed restaurant and play tycoon games to win rich rewards!
  • Redeem Machine: Want to try your luck? Collect tickets to redeem tons of rewards!


  • Road to Chef: Ocean Season begins! New arrival for another mysterious avatar and customer!


  • Fish&Chips Bar is open! Have a taste of the authentic British flavor!

  • Bug fixed and game experience optimized.

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Cooking City: Restaurant Games Review

Game has great levels and good for cognitive brain therapy.

This game is amazing! If you are debating getting it you 100% should. We havent spent any money on the game and we are still able to pass levels, even if it takes a couple tries or a power-up thingy. We just finished the first four restaurants, ending with pizza shop. We had 50,000 coins. Once we got all the keys in the pizza shop it took us to a new part of the world with new restaurants. We were thrilled, but with those restaurants they used different coins, so all the ones we had saved up for upgrades had been lost and we were really disappointed. Maybe in a new update the coins you have are converted into the different currency you are now using. We also cant seem to find where we can go back to our other restaurant. If that isnt a part of the game, we highly recommend that on the next update. Because we love replaying levels to earn a few extra gems. But we are still super happy with this game! Never get tired of it, super awesome. If you could just change those few things that would be fantastic. -Chef.

Very fun, but you have to spend money.

Do you not bother downloading this game because the developers have no idea what they are doing. The latest update removed and/or erased all the progress in more than a dozen of our restaurants, and it took them several weeks to even attempt to make a fix, which did not work. It has been going on almost 2 months now, and we still am finding restaurants that we have previously completed everything at 100% a long time ago but they are now showing our tasks are not completed. To complete the tasks in some of these restaurants are really hard and expensive, and we do not intend on spending the time, coins, and gems that we have either already won or purchased to complete task that we have already completed. We will delete the game and not spend another dime before we go back and try to complete task. We have already done. We have written to the developers almost a dozen time asking them to fix our restaurants, but yet they have not. We have yet to receive any response back from the numerous times. We have written into them asking them to fix the problems. All we get is email automated responses saying it will take some time to fix the problems. We wish there was an option where we could give it zero stars, because thats what we would choose.

Great game! Challenging but not impossible! Lots of fun.

Too many ads!!! Takes the fun out of playing.

Fantastic, it gets hard! But its fun to keep trying.

Im so ADDICTED really cant stop playing.

So this game is us and our daughters favorite game to play together. It challenges us and is really fun to play. The competitions are so fun. We have stayed up and played for hours because it is so fun. Over all the game has been amazing. There are so many places to travel and restaurants to cook at. We have made it to Italy, but when we go back and play some of our favorite restaurants they have a new look. The new look is just to colorful and not fun at all. We used to look at the donuts and it would make us hungry but now that everything has changed we just dont want to go back and play the restaurants. We wish they could go back to the way they were. If all of the restaurants turn into that style we might stop playing because the look is unpleasant. We hope they wont change all the restaurants because the game is just so amazing and fun to play.

Great game to play. We really enjoy playing this game. Its fun and challenging. Its a great game for hand and eye motions. We wish that cooking was so much fun!!!!

It is so amazing! Like some other cooking games we downloaded, you do not need to pay to go to another level/city and stuff! We love it!

It addicting and we cant get enough of it.

We love this game our grandma used to play it to we love you guys this game is so entertaining.

It combines the building the restaurant like restaurant story and cooking like cooking maina it doesnt have long wait times and free to play hardly any adds and the best experience of our life.

This game is honestly so addicting, we can literally sit here playing for hours lol we just wish there was an option to purchase the actual coins instead of just diamonds.

We have been enjoying this game for some time now. We spend money on it from time to time but it is impossible to get assistance from anyone when something goes wrong. We’ve tried to contact them via their contact us option in the game and we keep getting an auto response with no resolution in sight. While playing we came across a restaurant that wont register the activity and while we have sent screen shots and messages we have gotten no resolution and we have received no information from Tech Support. Enjoy this game at your own risk because when something goes wrong there is no response. Update: multiple emails have been exchanged and with every email comes requests for more information. A video is requested of the problem, we send it and then a different request with instructions to film from the beginning of the game. Ridiculous, if we hadnt just spent money on the game we would have just deleted it.

Glitch in level 26 of sushi bar. Throws food to ice instead of customer then wont allow you to go from ice to customer. Unable to get pass this level.

We love playing this game, unlike most gaming apps, theres tons and tons of ads you have watch in order to gain more resources in the game. In this cooking game, the only tim you need to watch an ad is if your desperate and run out of lives and if you want to earn double coins after completing a level. The only time your going to be paying $ for anything in this game is if your low on diamonds and want to buy power ups or if make a mistake mid game thats cost you that level, at that point you can pay with $ and buy the gems you need to complete that same level. We WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO EVERYONE, UTS REALLY A LOT OF FUN !

It is so much fun , you get to move on to new levels of cooking and we are a chef already.

We LOVE this game, its fun & addicting without being all consuming. 10/10.

Got thing to keep your mind from stressing. Relaxing.

The only cooking game thats got us hooked , and is also very fair !

We love this game reminds us of cooking fever lol –

We messaged several times about this. We were ahead in the leaderboard by 500 points, and then one minute later, the person who was behind was suddenly ahead of us by 800 points? In two minutes? Nope. Impossible. Several accounts did this to dominate the high winnings board. We messaged support and they were very responsive, so hopefully they will correct this problem. Otherwise, this remains our favorite game.

We really like this game. We only wish we didnt have to work so hard to get free gems. We would rather buy the game than buy gems.

Ok game. Have to purchase too much though or its too hard.

This game used to be great! Then we made a purchase of the gold ticket, thinking it was forever. Found out it only lasted a couple days based on purchase date. Then we accidentally clicked refill lives, took away 50 gems. We asked both times for a good faith return of our money and/or gems. Both times we were told no. The only thing they care about is getting you to spend money. We’ve accidentally made purchases in other apps using earned gems, and have had them refunded when we wrote to customer service. This game wont budge. Its too bad, its a great game, unfortunately run by the greedy.

We’ve been playing through the levels and Im on a certain level and it wont let us give out the food to certain customers. We even restarted the game and now its irritating.

Its fun but it doesnt give the food to the customers in order to whos been waiting the longest so it gets confusing real fast.

This application deserves no star because it’s nonsense. Once you download it you can’t play it. The application will be demanding for your ID card number, real name and other personal information so don’t bother to download.

Not comfortable with the vague message this app gives about needing to track our device to receive the daily rewards.

This game makes sure you cant advance unless you use boosters and gems. Whatever the dont dos are for a given level, they speed up the likelihood of you losing when youre on that level. You can max out everything coin purchase wise and it will be impossible to pass without paying (because you can only earn a handful of gems daily without buying more). Play other cooking games and save your money.

It was so fun at first but now the levels are impossible so we cant move on to the next level. We have to stop playing because there is nothing else we can do but delete the game.

We’ve had this game for a few months and have paid so much money to pass levels etc. All of a sudden we get to the new city and a offer to buy gems and coins pooped up and wouldnt come off!!! We had to re download the game and all of the money we spent as well as the progression we’ve made in this game was for nothing!!!!!!! Im sooo upset!!!!!

This game is excellent. Its challenging and keeps your mind going. Thank you for making such a wonderful, fun, and kind challenging game.

Really like this game. Just started yesterday. Just too any ads.

The game is great but theres too many adds.

Trying to save our progress to Facebook and we get a message saying the app is not active, please fix this.

We loved it while it lasted. We finished our second City and was going on to the next city, Well, it didnt download, so every time we open it. It just spins, doesnt go to the game anymore. This is after uninstalling and reinstalling, making sure its updated, everything. And we just paid for diamonds. Now all gone. Oh well.

We play a lot of cooking games, and this one it is very clear from the beginning that if you dont want to spend money to buy gems, you will have an aggravating gaming experience. The game is designed for you to continue to spend money on it. We dont mind paying for it, but we are not going to spend more than $20 consistently on a game week after week. We will be uninstalling it tonight.

Hi we have complain why do it have to be so fast.

Mostly like the game except when theres levels impossible to win unless you buy boosts.

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