Creatures of the Deep

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 08:35 pm

Creatures of the Deep

Creatures of the Deep

Creatures of the Deep is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Infinite Dreams, Creatures of the Deep is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st November 2022 with the latest update 6th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Sports, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Creatures of the Deep ?

18,507 people have rated 1.67

What is the price of the Creatures of the Deep ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Creatures of the Deep released ?

Creatures of the Deep was released on 1st November 2022.

When was the Creatures of the Deep updated ?

The latest updated date of Creatures of the Deep on 6th June 2023.

Where can Creatures of the Deep be downloaded ?

You can download the game Creatures of the Deep from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Creatures of the Deep, the unique multiplayer adventure fishing game that blends exploration, relaxation, and competition.

Disturbing news is coming from all over the world about mysterious monsters from the deep.
You need to reach out to the local people and investigate. You don’t have much time!

Join Anglers across the globe and travel through the world’s most exotic fishing locations, cast a fishing line and catch record fish, sea creatures, underwater treasures and even some monsters. Join the adventure and see what mysteries you can uncover in this exciting multiplayer fishing game.

  • DISCOVER the world’s most exotic fishing locations
  • CATCH over 100 fish, creatures, items and even monsters
  • MEET some crazy anglers
  • CHALLENGE other players
  • SOLVE the local mystery
  • RELAX with the soothing sound of the waves and original music
  • BUILD your camp
  • JOIN clans and compete with other to catch the biggest fish
  • DEVELOP your skills and abilities to become a master of the sea
  • HELP save the ocean

This incredible adventure will introduce you to the fascinating underwater world, full of puzzles, curiosities, and the most unique animals on earth.

Explore the depths, and be the first to find all the secrets. Catch the biggest fish in the location and become the master angler. Great discoveries and ancient treasures await you.

Let’s Fish! “Creatures of the Deep” is the next game from the developers of Sky Force, Crazy Dino Park, Jelly Defense and Let’s Create! Pottery.

“Creatures of the Deep” is FREE to download and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-app items with real money. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet settings.

Download "Creatures of the Deep" now and experience the thrill of fishing like never before.

Updated on 6th June 2023

Here’s what’s new:

  • New Language: Türk dostlarımız, hoş geldiniz! The game now supports Turkish language.
  • New Boat Decorations: Show off your pride with Indonesian and French flags.
  • Social Interaction: Now, you can see other players fishing at the spot.
  • Language Fixes: We’ve improved translations across all languages.
  • Bug Fixes

Creatures of the Deep Review

ChineseChineseChineseAll we need is Chinese language.

At first we found the slow pace frustrating, but we love that the game forces us to slow down for a moment. Incredibly calming and very sweet game thank you!

Love the game but what would improve the overall aesthetic would be if the rods did not break after 5-7 fish and we are speaking of the carbon rod in particular. It is so costly but a necessary implement. As we said LOVE the game and will continue playing constantly!

So our son and we have been playing this for about two weeks, very fun and cool game. We play on our phone, and only on occasion will it let us view the game in portrait mode (screen vertical). When it works, it’s really neat because it zooms in the view to reveal more detail of the graphics, and everything isn’t so small. It would be a huge cool thing for it to do that at any time while playing. Still, cool game though still!!!

Add an option to reel it in ourselves.

We hope to add the new language, Chinese.

We really liked playing for the first 2 hours but now theres a bug where our ship wont show up no matter what we do. We tried reinstalling, giving it all perms, and restarting our device. It just wont load. We were really looking forward to progressing in this game. :(

So we want to play the game. And we get told to wait until tomorrow for more quests. What the heck is the guy doing ? Besides sitting there in his boat telling us that we shouldnt play today we should play tomorrow. What the actual ####. Just give us a quest already.

After the latest update on 6/6/23, when we start the game, our boat is nowhere to be seen. The music is playing but the screen is not responding. We cannot reset the game. We are stuck and unable to play anymore.

This is one of the best games that we have payed in a long time. No other game keeps us attached like this one but there is one recommendation. Catching your first monster should be a little easier because we havent caught one yet. But its an overall great game.

Can we add the Chinese language? Thank you.

Pretty fun and low maintenance.

So we cant keep our attention on a game due to adhd and asd but this game is so sensory pleasing its beautifully made and fun at the same time! Highly recommend.

We Love this game but we dont like how you have to pay money to go fishing but everything else is fine.

Only thing thatll make it more fun is if we could also reel it in ourselves. Put a wheel and have the line turn red so that we can stop before the line breaks and then the red goes away. Im sure you guys can figure it out. Make it a setting that can be turned on and off.

Amazing gameplay and graphics. Absolutely stunning animation and one of the most enjoyable and entertaining games we have played in a long time.

Only knock we have is the amount of xp to lv up is a bit much between levels maybe cut that down by half.

Omg im in love with this game!!!

Recoge la sensacin que produce la pesca, los sentimientos y experiencias que us trae este juego son increbles.

Im enjoying the music and the tasks are doable and fun. Also love it visually.

Best time wasting game we’ve played. Theres so much to do and its just fun 10/10.

We’ve never been a person to write a review on a game mainly because we dont like most phone games. This one is everything that it should be. It perfects a simple idea and can provide hours of calm, enjoyable gameplay. Plus our favorite part NO ADDS!! Ill always have this game on our phone!

Love this game for the design, but we really hate the monster bait. Useless and cost a lot. Spent 50 bait but doing the same job as without it. We think this garbage bait could be deleted from this game.

We really like the concept of the game and the fishing mechanics, but we are often confused about the details of specific fish or gear items. Also, we forget things the characters might tell us in the little dialogues. We would love if all that information was stored somewhere in the game. For example, we would like the bestiary to contain information on which region to find the creature (e.g., Paradise Island, garbage patch) and the method you should use to catch the creature (e.g., catch and drop). We would also like if there was information on what the various lures and bait do (I still dont really understand the proper way to use bait). We would also like if the parrot was a quest lot, so we could see all our previous missions and what the quest assigner said to do/where to go.

We really enjoy the game, however Im starting to think the snake oil they sell you (monster bait), is just a ploy for sell tactics. We’ve yet to catch a sea monster. Also we wish we had known that we could keep fish and other treasures that we find in the storage shed you have to collect wood for. We wouldve been saving up for that before the clans or trophy room. Also wouldve been more interesting if you had tsunamis whenever your searching for the elusive shark in the first chapter of the game. Hence the choppy waves and bubbles, just a thought. Overall the game is nice change to everyday life. We like to play it on our iPad more just because we feel like its more detailed than our tiny screen on our iPhone SE. Also maybe just a couple of things, that kinda bug us, customizing our boat. We wish it didnt cost so much gems. Thats where they getcha on it. Roughly going to cost ya $40 to make it look like a tiny pirate ship or even better the langskip. We dont mind paying a little for nicer things but Im not gaining much from it except aesthetic value. Give us a crane or a fish radar something we can actually use for catching or hauling up treasure. That would be awesome!!! Maybe Im asking for too much from a simple yet beautiful game. Either way its looking at, gotta have some patience too. Its not a fast paced game.

The is fun and engaging. Buying gems is not necessary but it does significantly aid in fishing and upgrades. One major annoying game mechanic is that there is no way to store a fishing rod and switch to a different type of rod. This is seriously a real pain in the butt. A high end monster rod is 3000 coins and an old man rod that gives more time to hook the fish costs 10 gems. This means that if you want to switch from an old man fishing rod and switch to a monster rod or a fishing rod that gives a bonus to reel in trash, you LOSE the rod that was equipped. Why is there no way to unequip a rod and use a different one without losing it. This makes no sense.

Just wish leveling up was a little faster and a little more specific quest directions. Otherwise a beautiful relaxing game experience. Perfect to destress to.

Very fun game, only one drawback for us is when you have to deal in a fish. There is absolutely no reason to have to fight a fish for as long as this game makes you. We usually just let those fish go.

Made us want to visit islands for travelling.

We would like to play the game but it never loads. Im hoping that the game devs see this and help us. Every-time we load into it it just tells us connecting to server and stops.

Why do we have to wait a whole real life day just for a new quest.

Dont get us wrong this game is fun and we want to see where it goes, but we feel like we almost have to pay our way through this game it thats just something we dont want to do.

The worst day of fishing youve ever experienced. You waste money on bait and catch nothing, or if you do, what you catch is near worthless considering how often your pole breaks and needs a costly replacement. Have been fishing for the shark longer than we care to admit and have never come across it despite following the advice online and in game. There are time wasters and then are vortexs of unending agony that leave you wishing youd had just spent your time hammering a nail into your nose. The fake reviews should keep this title popular for a while.

Loaded in, caught the first three fish, returned from our island, and we have no boat. We cant move. Im just stuck, staring at an island with nothing to do. We tried uninstalling but nothing. Just another game to pass on.

This game is very relaxing and goes a lot deeper than we first imagined. Its a great game to play to pass time and also get the feeling of progression.

Us encanta este mucho. Te relaja un montn y ambiente es bien tranquilo.

Need to have the fishing poles last longer, when your basic stick pole last just as long as the 1000 coin one or higher that is a huge problem. We love to fish and we know its a game but this isnt right for a new 1000 coin or higher to break after several catches and it does. We have had our real pole we fish with and it has lasted us for almost 10 yrs and it is of good quality. We know why you do this, but still isnt right to your consumers. There is circle around your boat as you fish you cant see the whole circle and you miss the larger fish sometimes. When you do projects in the games to find this or that you can never find what they are asking for, but when your not doing one of those tasks you find them all day long, what gives? Not saying to make it easier, but drop a small hint. Putting these issues aside it is a fun game, if you decide to fix these issues it would be appreciated.

Wish we could play without having to wait till the next day.

And also push other peoples boats around. Both we very much appreciate. Occasionally she does freeze up and auto shut down, might just be the ram we have available on our 7 though. Most of the time it happens when Im reeling in a decent sized fish so we get stuck with the clicking noise for a minute or so until the phone manages to shut everything off. Im pretty patient so its not really a big deal for us Other than that its pretty rad; nice audio, pretty graphics, mostly straightforward gameplay, vaguely animal crossing vibe sometimes. Or in terms of the AA games; yes can fish. Unfortunately cannot pet the dog because there isnt one (so far).

Our dog made us lose Don Pedro.

Firstly, we very rarely review apps and mobile games. But after logging quite some time in this game we wanted to write one for anyone thinking of taking it for a spin. We believe that users should keep in mind the goals and style of games when they play them. Creatures of the Deep is a relaxing low effort fishing game, with a surprising amount of depth and light-heartedness. The Devs did a wonderful job creating the atmosphere. The art style is unique and fun, we always enjoy watching our fisherman and his boat dangy when riding the helicopter. And the cartoon fish are colorful and unique. There is also a myriad of areas to unlock that get larger as the game progresses with unique areas and little nuances to see and discover. The devs paired this art style with great music that is soothing and relaxing. It fits with a fishing games requirements of patience wonderfully. The result is a relaxing experience that we’ve found very pleasing and fun. Next, we’ve enjoyed the progression. Fun NPC characters, quests, and discovery to love the player along through areas and learn about the monsters that inhabit these areas. We always like to see incorporation of ways for a free-to-play player to get in game currencies. And the daily gem quests allow for players to get gems to upgrade things without spending money. We highly recommend this game for anyone looking for a relaxing fishing experience with a fun art style and great music.

We love this game so much and we cant thank you enough.

Awesome game, really fun and makes us want to continue playing all the time BUT it crashes constantly and loses connection to the server often.

So far we really enjoy the atmosphere and game play. Very relaxing and enjoyable.

This game is fun we know butneeds EASYGOING THERE IS 1 THING we ALWAYS CATCH BLUEFISHES ! Every single TIME Sometimes NOT EVEN one Fish gets on our hook And FISH GET sCaReD Away.

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