Cross Logic Puzzle Game

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:09 am

Cross Logic Puzzle Game


Cross Logic Puzzle Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gismart Limited, Cross Logic Puzzle Game is a Board game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 29th April 2021 with the latest update 26th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


18,469 people have rated 1.8.4

You can download the game Cross Logic Puzzle Game from APP STORE.


Engage your brain and get your tapping finger at the ready. It’s time to solve the logic puzzles and win the game.

This is Cross Logic, a brain game that will entertain you for ages. And that’s not all! Logic puzzles are like taking your mind to the gym. Boost your brainpower, and have fun at the same time. Play brain puzzles, solve logical mysteries and complete the levels to win the game.

How does this logic game work?

  • Download and open the app
  • Solve brain puzzles and grid riddles
  • Progress through the levels (there’s lots of them to play!)
  • Boost your brainpower
  • Win the game!

Now, you can forget all about dull brain puzzles! Because here you’ll discover only the best logic puzzles that will challenge and entertain you at the same time.


  • Logic puzzles galore
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Clues and mysteries

In Cross Logic, you’ll never get bored or tired of playing brain puzzles. Not convinced? Just open the app and try the exciting logic puzzles for yourself. Get Cross Logic now!

Updated on 26th April 2022

What’s that? Update and get:

  • New challenging levels – explore new logic puzzles
  • Gameplay improvements and bug fixes
    New hot updates and epic challenges COMING SOON!

Cross Logic Puzzle Game Review

Love this game! Our only complaint is that our progress isnt shared across our devices via Game Center or Facebook.

We wish there was more puzzle games like this, there arent many bad things about this game! We wish there was more puzzles, and in some levels clues are written lazily/dont make sense/just plain wrong. This mess up is rare and we found it mostly in the hard and medium puzzles.

This app is lots of fun. Needs more puzzles.

We would give 5 stars except if we have to leave before we finish a puzzle, the app wont let us continue the game we are on. It makes us start a new game. It didnt do that before the last update. Please tell us how to fix this!

The game is good but we would like more Cases to solve or new Stories. It keeps offering the same story that we already solved twice.

After playing over 100 levels the game suddenly crashed and we could not get it to play again no matter what we tried. We had to delete the game and start again from the beginning losing all our progress even though we had purchase the app. So, ok Im starting over again, but how do we keep it from happening again or at least save our progress so we dont have to start all over shouldnt happen again.

Its great. But the problem is: Ads. Oh. Our. Goodness. Unless they fixed the overflowing ads, Im not playing this game again. They are so annoying. We got tired a while back and deleted this game, so forgive us if Im not accurate. So unless you dont mind SOOOO MANY ADS or you have enough money to spare to buy No ads, we unfortunately would not recommend this. But if you can escape the ads, we would definitely recommend this game. It has great gameplay, and varying puzzles. It helps challenge your brain. We would like if they were like, sorted under topics, like animals, music, ETC. We also just redownloaded the game. We see the detective puzzles, and by a quick glance, they do look pretty cool. After clicking on one, it gives us a short quick story (if you dont care to hear the story, luckily you can just click the speech boxes away very quickly) and then solve a puzzle. Personally, we dont like having to double click for a check mark. We wish you could do something else. Though this is something small- its definitely not irritating enough for us to delete the game again. But perhaps you could change it to making a X and Check on the side, you click either, then click a box. Whichever box you click, the X or Check would pop up depending on the one you click. Though we do see people getting frustrated with this to: So maybe you can enable it in settings. Another thing we would like, if not already in the game (Im to lazy to check), is daily restocks of free clue things. Like you dont have to watch a ad or anything: You get a few daily. Those are just our recommendations. Have a great day/night!

This is the best logic game we gave played. But since the last couple updates the screen freezes after we finish a game, or if we have to navigate away from the app. We have to force close the game.

We really love this game, but its annoying that the special event puzzles havent changed at all in over a month even though we beat it before. If that bug could be fixed Id be much happier with the game! All in all its awesome though.

We love the games, and its become one of our favorites. We do have 1 complaint. When a game is left midway, hitting continue when return results in a frozen screen. We have to get out of the game, reopen it, and start over.

This game is fun but it constantly freezes. Still waiting on a puzzle we solved to allow us to move forward.

Normal level 142 has an error in logic: white and green houses wanted two smallest shapes. But puzzle was only solved with green as the huge shape.

We enjoyed it at first but then it kept making our phone freeze up and ultimately not letting us access the level we were at. We made it to insane level 12 and it wont let us go any further or continue solving it – definite flaws and glitches.

Even though we paid, we still get ads when erasing mistakes.

We really enjoy the challenge of a good logic puzzle. This game offers that, but recently its gotten stuck. We solve a puzzle but something doesnt register because it wont advance. Im super bummed and hoping our progress doesnt get lost.

Could be a fun game if there wasnt an ad between every round.

It freezes up so bad that it freezes the device Im using it on and makes it impossible to close the app.

The levels are different but the events are the same just over and over. It gets boring.

We loved the puzzles. This seemed like it might be a beta version. Several times when a tapped in a square, the screen froze. We had to wait several seconds and reenter. Also, when we solved a puzzle, about half the time we did not get the level completed message. We had to exit the app and open it again. Also, there was only one detective story. We kept getting the message that there was a new one but it was the same. Finally, we ran out of puzzles! Please make more !

Its a fun game but they really need to screen their ads. Dont let kids download this game. The ads are super inappropriate!!!!!

Some clues dont add up. A bit too often for comfort. Defeats the purpose of this game, no? Glad to see Im not the only one finding these mistakes frustrating. Where the puzzle just turns into a guessing game along with ads to finish it. Every instance is an ad. Beat the level? Ad. Messed up and want to restart? Ad. Want your mistakes removed? Ad. Just opened the game and hit start? Ad. Thats rough, buddy. Seriously.. Rough. Make your money but with the mistakes, we aint paying $5 to remove ads for a broken puzzle game. Fix the clues and maybe Ill cave. But on to the next one.

This game is like sudoku with words, it has the potential to be great. But has way to many annoying ads.

Fun game but wayyyyy too many ads.

Its a fun game, but everytime you complete a level or even want to go back to the menu it gives an ad. It takes the enjoyment out of trying to do anything and just becomes a hassle if you want to change modes or go to the main menu.

We were having a lot of fun playing this game. Its a fun story and the puzzles are progressively more challenging. Unfortunately, there seems to be a glitch in the cases section. We completed two case files, but it wont allow us to move on. Im stuck with the option of repeating the last clue for each. We cant solve the case. Not much fun just repeating clues youve already solved. When this glitch is fixed, we will definitely consider using the app again. For now, Im in search of a new game to play.

The ads make it impossible to play.

We purchased this and Im still seeing commercials. Upset!

It never explained what you were supposed to find, and it was way too easy.

We initially was able to receive quite a bit of enjoyment from the gameplay. The puzzles are very interesting and keep you hooked, but the number of ads we experienced consecutively made us a bit agitated. We watched four ads and received no gameplay. We dont understand why thats the case, but it is imperative for the creators of this app to strike the perfect balance of ads and actual gameplay, so that they can make money, while also retaining users. That balance has not yet been struck, so we’ve uninstalled the app.

Fantastic fun game but you cant get into the flow of this because long ads with exit traps (you cant exit the ad without opening the App Store to download some other app then have to click backwards a number of times to make an x appear) interrupt you literally every 2 minutes after every single switch of the screen. We understand some ads are necessary but they really abuse and go overboard to the point of having zero flow in the game. Deleted after 15 minutes.

UPDATE: this app has lost all credibility and should not be played. One of the puzzles has but 2 clues which do not give enough information to solve it. When we gave in and used hints, we were told that some of our selections were incorrect even though they were exactly as said in the 2 clues given. This app is a horrible example of a logic puzzle and will be uninstalled. Im a sucker for logic puzzles so we got excited when we saw this app. But the boxes on the higher levels are so small that on an iPhone its almost impossible to always select the right option, and when the game limits you to 3 mistakes, thats an issue. Playing on our iPad is easier, but honestly, logic problems shouldnt have a three strike policy. The whole point of logic problems is that you make errors and realize them, and change them. Not being able to backtrack your mistakes defeats the point of the puzzle.

Paid for no ads and there are still ads.

You literally cant do anything without getting an ad, its annoying.

On Normal 134, theres an error. The first clue states Pauline and Dominic were prohibited to think about pink and cheerful animals. What it really should say is Pauline and Dominic were prohibited to think about or listen to, pink and cheerful animals. Because they both dont have the same action prohibited. Other than this, the game is pretty great, and fairly easy/straightforward once you get the hang of it. It definitely has kept us entertained!

We’re not big on taking the time to review games but this one is a lot of fun! We really took a chance on it because the ADs made it look too easy. But we enjoy logic games, and decided we could delete it if it was bad. We absolutely enjoy this game. It’a real workout for the logic circuits. Great for developing deduction skills as well! Worth a download.

We would be very nice to have a dark mode option.

Its a good game, but we just did the story puzzles and lost all our rewards from it. We did all of them, thinking we would have 9-18 hints to use and we opened the app today and had none.

We love logic puzzles. Overall, these puzzles are good. We usually skip the easy ones and go directly to the difficult ones. Having done the harder levels, we went back and did the easier ones. The Easy puzzles are truly easy, but passed time and are a good introduction to logic puzzles for those new to them. The harder ones are challenging, some more challenging than others, but definitely not impossible. Our biggest frustration is having to start a puzzle over from scratch if an incorrect solution is reached. There should be an option to return to the completed puzzle to review and correct errors without starting over. Also, we have noticed multiple puzzles, at all levels, missing one last piece of information to properly solve it without guessing the answer. A few puzzles are just incorrect and contradictory to the given clues. When we reach an impasse in a puzzle by working and deducing in the order clues are presented several times, we then start over and try multiple other tactics to solve it. From marking only what is explicitly stated in all clues before deducing anything, going through the clues in reverse order, going through clues in random order, etc. Even using substitutions for elements that are particularly confusing (similar/duplicate numbers, colors, etc.) can help. After reaching the same failed solutions numerous times, we then begin to analyze the puzzle itself for its solvability factor. * There have been a handful of puzzles that had to be guessed at because of a missing piece of information. We noticed that many of those had at least one redundant clue element in them. If an element of the redundant clue were changed those puzzles would be solvable without guessing. Im choosing to believe these are fatigue errors during final puzzle editing; being missed after reading and looking at that particular information for so long and knowing the solution. However, this is still poor quality control. The puzzle maker(s) cant be the final puzzle testers. There have also been several puzzles with direct contradictions to clues in their solutions. Our most recent encounters that we can accurately recall are: * Normal level Puzzle 142s solution directly contradicts clues. The Green house ordered the Huge topiary in the solution, which was only revealed watching ads to erase mistakes after repeated rounds of dead end, conflicting eliminations. The puzzle clues specifically stated the Green and White houses were either (I cant remember which combination) Tiny and Small, or Tiny and Average topiaries. There were multiple conflicts in this puzzle. Skip it * Several puzzles before that was one about a parade with a pan, pot, bucket and box as a hat, accompanied by a road sign, pillow, pan lid, and umbrella. According to one of the clues, by elimination, Irving used the pan and therefore should have had the umbrella. The solution stated otherwise. Again, overall the puzzles are enjoyable. They became less frustrating after we realized there are mistakes and omissions, and it wasnt our logic solving skills betraying us.

Pretty good game, but the daily challenges are the same puzzles every time, and we’ve finished all of the other puzzles.

We paid the $4.99 for no ads. And, there are no ads between games. However, when we have mistakes, if we choose to erase the mistakes or skip, we have to watch an ad first. Only if we start overdo we not have to watch an ad. Seems like false advertising to us.

We genuinely enjoy the game but every 10-15 minutes it starts to lag and crashes our entire phone to where we have to restart our phone every single time.

Which is rarely. When the game first started freezing and stalling, we saw an update was coming soon. But there have been several now and, if anything, the stalling and freezing have gotten worse. We (try to) play on 3 different devices so we dont think its our device! When is this going to be fixed? At this point its not possible to finish a puzzle without closing and opening the app at least twice.

Our first complaint is the number of ads. If we could mute the ads without having to mute our phone that would be good. Also one after each puzzle is plenty but sometimes we were getting one in the middle of a puzzle. Thats a little excessive. We are not paying five dollars for this game its not worth it. We will delete it before we pay five dollars to get rid of the ads. Some of the clues need to be written better. Especially use the same terminology that is up in the puzzle itself. We liked the cases we would like to see more. Normally we dont care about the storylines but in this game it made it worth playing.

Its a fun game, but it freezes a lot. Then when it freezes it causes our phone to glitch out.

We like the idea of this game, and there are some elements that are done very well. But the grids are so teeny tiny they are really difficult to see, and we have 20/20 vision. Also, the English needs editing. Some of the clues are impossible to understand, which makes this kind of game kinda difficult to play… As others have mentioned, the number and length of ads on this is ridiculous. Our work-around is turning off the cellular data to this app, then turning off our WiFi connection when we play games.

We are happy with the rest of the game. There arent that many ads and the mechanics were pretty intuitive to us. But when we get stuck on a puzzle Id like it to explain how Im wrong. We could just skip the puzzle, but they only get harder. We are very frustrated with it.

Downloaded this game after seeing an ad that said you could get robux from this. Let us be clear; we were fully aware that this game wouldnt give out roblox. We downloaded specifically so we could leave a review. Dont make up lies so people will play your game, especially directed toward kids. Its weird and creepy and leaves a bad taste in our mouth. We will not be playing this game or anything else this company makes. It makes us sick that they made a false ad directed at kids.

You have to watch an ad between each puzzle. Deleted it after the third one.

Every time you complete a level, fail a level, even accidentally close the app, you have to watch 3 ads. We understand that this is a free game but this is ridiculous that you have to watch 3 thirty second ads. 30 seconds of play time for a minute and half of ads. The developers are greedy and gross.