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Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game

Crystal Crush - Match 3 Game

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game! Developed by the innovative team at HK Adevote Interactive Limited, this Puzzle game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 16th November 2020, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 23rd June 2021.

Are you a fan of Puzzle, Casual, games? Then Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game

Over 13,276 players have rated Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game Cost?

Good news! You can download Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game on your iOS device absolutely free!

Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game Release Date

Eager to know when Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game first graced the App Store? It was launched on 16th November 2020.

When Was Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game Last Updated?

The latest version of Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game was updated on 23rd June 2021, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game?

To get started with Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game

Play the newest candy match 3 games—Crystal Crush! Enjoy the candies puzzle match 3 game which you cannot miss, just as the King and Queen! Use the magic power to crush the crystal stone with Princess Gerda and her sweet pet—Firefox. Just begin your magic adventure soon!

After Princess Gerda and her sweet firefox ending their magical adventure in the Frozen realm, the evil Snow Witch got a chance to escape and cast her ultimate magic for revenge: She transformed every candy in the king world into crystal stones! Fruit hard candy turned into yellow crystal stones; Lollipop candy becomes purple crystal rocks;Toffee candy transformed into blue crystals; Caramel candy has been changed into red crystal stones; Milk candy switched into Green rocks; And Chocolate candy is cursed to be orange crystals!

Frozen realm king has again faced with another danger. Sweet candies over the world have disappeared in an instant. Gerda and her pet firefox are ready to set up another magic journey, saving the candies from crystal rocks. Defeat Snow Witch in the frozen land and use the magic to crush every hard magic pop stone, restoring them to candy again. What are you waiting for? Just join this sweet and magic game be a hero with Gerda and pop sweet firefox.

How to play this Game?
-You will have a specific goal in every free level, just finish the goals and you will get big rewards after games.
-Match 3 or more same color crystal stones in order to crush them.
-Pass level to get enough stars and unlock the new maps in the game.
-Collect free coins and buy powerful boosters to crush and save candys easily.
-Pass levels to unlock magic cute friends to help you win the match game.
-Hundreds of challenging levels and magic maps need you to match
-Join the Team compete games with friends all over the world, winner will get generous rewards.


  • Super fun and addictive gameplay. Hundreds of challenging and unique match-3 levels!

  • No Wi-Fi or internet connection required to play. This is an easy-to-play match 3 puzzle game! No matter your age or experience, you will enjoy those wonderful jewel games & levels!

  • Different wonderful game worlds with new designs! Solve puzzles and unlock new maps.

  • Powerful boosters helping you solve the quests and they will help you to match every blocks and solve every puzzle.

  • Play timed events for boosters & other rewards. Sweet holiday events to be added regularly for your entertainment.

  • Leaderboard to watch your friends and competitor globally. Monthly and global rankings show your great record.
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What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game updated on 23rd June 2021:

Optimize the game experience and fix some bugs.

User Reviews on Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Crystal Crush – Match 3 Game below:

We have over 10,300 wins. We go on and off the Web many times during game play to gain boosters and to avoid ads.

Excellent Game! Very generous with all the extras! Thank You so much for such a great game!

This match 3 game is the best game we’ve ever played,because It gives us free boosters more than other games! Wow you made this game really well! We see this game is easy and its awesome for those like us who dont prefer challenging games,hard levels makes the player feel exhausted and the game wont be enjoyable! If you want to update this game in the future please do not change it because its fantastic and addictive and we cant stop playing it, only one thing we wanted that we wish the screen of the crystals also the crystals could be larger,it has also too many adds but we dont care because this game is so fun and beautiful,thank you.

This game is fun you win tons of coins and boosters so it doesnt cost a bit of money if you dont want it to! Thanks for this game!

LOVE the game, but since the last update, we dont know what LEVEL Im on – just stage 54?? And chests saying we need to reach Level 2010 to receive get more rewards. The amount of ads is bad enough but the quality is disturbing. Cartoons of people sitting on a toilet?? Gmab!

Love the game, but growing weary because all of the ads! We gave the game five stars because it is so enjoyable, BUT we have to spend more time watching ads, than playing the game. We wish that the developers would trim back the ads!

Its very relaxing and easy but still challenging. Not so hard you get frustrated with it. Im up in the 900 level and still enjoy it. Love this game for relaxing and letting go!

Fun and addictive but PLEASE, turn the chest key over 180 degrees before we lose our mind! Lol Its upside down.

Best matching game ever! Although the many adds are out of hands. If they didnt have any adds we would be even happier with this game! On the first day we got very far and had a lot of fun with it! Thanks so much!

Our friends list will not load .. Is this game going to be discontinued like candy bomb ?

Hi our friends list will not upload is this because of a bug upgrade or is the app being deleted?

We are on level 2000 between 2000 and 2010 Im onStage 29 how many levels stages do we get to level 2010 we dont why can we see our team members anymore and where is the support.

This a fun and addictive game. The only issue is that we have apparently played all the levels. It looks as it has not been updated in about a year. Will there be any new levels added?

We just started playing this game. So far, we cannot stop playing because it is so fun and relaxing. But we hope that it does not become harder to the point of becoming impossible when we move up in levels. We hate those games. This game is challenging. But that is the way we like it. It is not hard or frustrating at all. It is very fun and entertaining, the way a game should be.

This game is awesome! It helps us to relax , isnt like others 3 match games, this one you keep playing without stressing you out with impossible levels to pass. One of our preferred game. We would recommend this game to everyone. Hope you guys make more games like this one, blessing .

Great game app but there hasn’t been an update for it in 2 years! We recommend they update the app! I’d like to play different versions of the game instead of the ones we already played over and over!

We have been playing this game for a couple days and reached level 60. So far Im having a lot of fun. It doesnt kill you with ads, its enjoyable gameplay and we actually find it fun and play for a bit before starting our day. It seems easy enough to level up but you must pay attention to objectives or you can get sidetracked. So, for now we dont have any complaints and would recommend to friends looking for a fun,stress free experience which can be tricky to find with other match games.

Too many game options being shown.

Dont get rid of adds, if you do, you will lose a power booster before each game, plus you will lose the 5 extra moves after you continue the game. Dont remove the adds.

Finally a game thats fun to play and doesnt empty your wallet.

You should have a map of the levels so it is like we are on a journey.

Great game like the rewards But the ads are way to many too frequently and then there is the issue of double hitting the arrow button only for it to go right back into the same ad. Ill be uninstalling.

This game was the best till we got to #673 then it was impossible to get anywhere in this game. Just 23 moves to clear 100? Really??? You make this game ridiculous to even come close to winning. We loved this game till now. Give us a break and dont make it that hard and totally impossible. We’ve tried this #673 at least 12 times. We are doing much better with this game, on level 1,700 and pleased that its better than we first experienced it. Please make this game challenging but not so much that its impossible to beat some of these games.

We love playing Crystal Crush very much. However the issue is that after every level you complete there is an ad. Why not offer the option to pay not see any ads?

For the repetitive ads after each level. Including ads for games that we already have. When will you offer no ads option?

Love the game until you get to level 602. There arent enough owls to clear. Also an advertisement after every 5 games instead of every one would be plenty as that is wasting valuable battery life. Thank you.

We rate this game 3 stars only because after every game you have to watch ads, and soon will delete this game.

Omg the amount of ads. Holy crap. Fix this issue or allow to purchase no ads and Ill change to five star.

We reached level 2010 and now its has us in stages how did this happen.

The game is fun, but the constant freezing following ads is extremely frustrating. After the entire ad plays the screen goes black. The only solution is to exit the game. Cant this be fixed?

We really like this game. But the ads are annoying. We understand the purpose of them but why should it be an ad after every board except for when you win. Then you have to go through like 2-3 stages for them to end. Please try to eliminate some of the ads.

It would be nice to actually be able to play the game without being interrupted every 6 seconds. Every 3 moves its a notification to use this one, match this, and etc.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to advance to the next level.. No instructions on how to do it as well. Just spinning our wheels going through the boards but not advancing to the next level.

We love playing this game but WAY TO MANY ADS!

We like this game but we had to delete this game. Too many ads to deal with.

This game itself is actually fun and challenging but OMG the amount of ads is enough to make us want to delete it unfortunately. Every level you pass, every time you and do anything, ad, ad, another ad. Just too many and four games that arent relevant.

Game is fun. Helps us past the time but the area where we get more lives needs to be updated. We know for sure we have accumulated more the just 20 lives.

We like playing but an ad after every game is ridiculous!

Game is very good but the Royal Match Ads are too long especially when they have the men introducing the game.

Since the last update the ads have just gotten to invasive. They now open the App Store window to try and get you to d/l the game or item advertised. Too bad. Deleting this game now.

Every day we have to talk myself out of deleting this app. There are just too many ads and it wont allow you to make a purchase to remove them. Please fix it.

Way too many ads. Deleted after 1 day.

Fun game but constantly crashes when ads play. Then you lose your rewards.

We have played this game for a very long time. Almost two weeks ago, we bought the Legendary pack ($99). We received the coins but not the boost items. We’ve sent two emails explaining the issue and asked them to credit our account with the boost items that we paid for. We have not heard back from them nor have the boost items that we paid for been added to us account. This is our favorite game so it is disappointing to have this issue and no action taken to credit a long-time player and fan with the rest of our purchase. $99 is a lot to pay for a game but we like it that much. We hope they will do the right thing.

Decent game but there are too many long pop up ads. And theyre the same exact ad each time.

The ads are unbearable and really ruin the game, popping up between every level redirecting you to the App Store.

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