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CUBE SNAP 2 is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Daniel Glaser, CUBE SNAP 2 is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 11th November 2017 with the latest update 24th May 2020

Whether you are a fan of Education, Puzzle, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


427 people have rated 1.31

You can download the game CUBE SNAP 2 from APP STORE.


Love Cube Snap but want to learn how to solve puzzles on your own? Want more than a list of turns and tired of watching videos of people explaining how to solve not your specific scramble? You are in the right place. C.S 2 will not only show you each step but explain each step. C.S 2 provides all the animated algorithms you need to practice along with a companion video to compliment many learning styles.

If you have Cube Snap you know that improvements and additions are part of the deal. This app is feature packed…

3×3 Teacher Mode
-step by step instruction and explanation
-all the algos you will need (w/animation)
-companion video for even more explanation

-2×2 quick solve inst. (12 moves)
-3×3 quick solve inst. (20 moves)
-4×4 quick solve inst. (46 moves)
-5×5 solve inst. (200 + moves … working on it)
-Gear Cube (25 moves)
-Sudoku Cube quick solve (20 moves)
-Center Square Rotation Solver – fix those center square rotations on those picture 3x3s
-Void Solver (20 moves)

Teacher Mode for more cubes will come as updates

-Don’t have enough cubes to solve? Feel left out?
Scramble a virtual cube with playgrounds (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, Gear, Sudoku, and Mirror)
Solve on your own or get solving instructions

-AR Mode: Solve 3×3 & Sudoku Cube in AR
-Patterns: Bunch of patterns for 2x-5x
-Share: Share instructions with friends
-Fix Feature: Get instructions to fix invalid 3×3 cubes
-Tutorials for solving cube and how to use the app

Look for continued updates with additional teacher modes and cubes

Updated on 24th May 2020

Tweaked the 5×5 solver to reduce turns (in most cases)

CUBE SNAP 2 Reviews

It works great, but we cant get back to the home screen. It is staying I. The floating cube screen.

When we tried to copy down our 5×5 it said incomplete cube and we just got it and didnt take it apart So please fix that.

This app is great! But really needs to be fixed. We have a NEW 5×5 that was just scrambled and yet it says a edge is impossible! We have tried for actual hours to fix this. App developers please fix ASAP.

This helped us solve our first cube so we would recommend getting this app.

Its so easy to solve Rubik cube we love it.

We had our cube scrambled we are not a cubed and this app is cheap an easy to use and we didnt want to spend hours trying to solve the cube or take it apart and assemble it solved thanks to this app we solved our cube in seconds.

It works so good but sometimes it takes too many steps for our 3×3 and sometimes when we use camera it gets the wrong color.

So this always works with our 2×2 and 4×4 but 3×3 and 5×5 are SUPER frustrating. We’ve never solved our 5×5 but have attempted over 10 times. When we were on step 176 of 5×5 out of 298 we failed. We quickly put the colors In and there should have been less but there was 322 steps. This app is hard to follow even when you set it to 4 sec. Bad app unless your dedicated to solve your cubes.

The entire interface is just clunky and confusing . The camera function has no idea what color each square is, and after 5 minutes of entering in colors with the cube interface randomly changing sides to enter, the app just lost everything we had entered after we asked it to solve. Angry at this developer. Will be requesting a refund.

Great for new people in the cubing community to learn new strategys.

The camera needs to do a better job of knowing the colors.

It is very responsive and does what you want it to do like different pictures on your cube… Love it a lot.

We hate this app because when you take a picture it it doesnt show the right colors than is why it is so frustrating.

We love your app and it always solves our 2x2x2 cube,3x3x3 cube, and our 4x4x4 cube but it took us about 7 tries to solve the 5x5x5 cube. But if you enter a 5x5x5 cube, 1 move from the solved state the app shows you a solution 361 move solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the app is great other than that ,so good App a pretty good app.

Its only 99 cents and it literally helps you SOLVE a rubiks cube. We were SO stressed because one of the corners wouldnt work and this app helped us!!!

We love this app!! It actually solves your Rubiks cube. You can solve it in 2×2 3×3 4×4 and you can FreePlay! Keep it up!

It would work better if we could tell the orange and red but they are both the exact same color.

We have a mega mix and we want to solve it but we dont know how to we once broke it apart and put it back it worked but someone scrambled it and we dont want to do that so please add a mega mix one so we can solve it but besides that its a good app so hopefully you can add our changes.

Color recognition is very unreliable unlike the original Cube Snap. Works fine when manually entering the colors. The solve guide is much slicker than on the original but the camera color problem really brings this down.

We hate it because every single time we try to do it it always does and possible edges so we hate it.

Every time we did the left then up we took a pic and and it kept on showing impossible corner and it never stopped because every time we tried that it just didnt work please fix.

So today we got a 3×3 cube then we scrambled it then we get this app then it would keep saying error and not know like dude. Explain the rules we did not know what it do give us our money back.

When I. Try to solve the cube it gives us the wrong thing and our cube doesnt solve.

We accidentally scrambled our 5×5 right when we got it. Since this app was probably the only app that had a 5×5 solving system and it had good reviews, we decided to buy this app. When your done with the taking picture part, it only shows you a few algorithms, instead with normal apps which show you how to solve it. If you have a cube and you dont want to badly scramble it and you need to solve it, we recommend NOT using this app.

Can we please get our money back.

This was the best 99 cents we ever spent!!!!! So worth it.

We love this app! We can learn new patterns to show our friends which is really cool, find stuff to keep us busy, and if we mess up our Speed Cube it shows us how to fix it and saves the day!

Thank you so much for this app!! It takes a little time to understand how to work the app. But it does what it advertised.

After preforming 336 steps, not only was neither the cube in screen nor our cube irl solved, but the in app cube had several cubbies missing..? And a row of them had some sort of overlapping texture as well. Id love to show you the picture we have of this is our description isnt great. The other solvers have been great for us though.

The camera never works and the when we do all our sides manually it just says impossible edge or impossible corner even though we’ve never tampered with our cube like pop out something and put it back in.

Great cube solver and when you take a photo it always shows the correct colors on the cube, unlike other solvers we’ve used.

This app is great we are a speed cuber it works but we prefer the 2d and the self color set because the camera dose not really pick up the right colors.

It told us our cube had been tampered with and thus unsolvable, so we took it apart reset it, then scrambled it and it worked through every step to help us solve it! Soon Ill be solving them solo!

We really love this and the original cube snap app, the only thing we would fix is perhaps adding how to solve a megaminx or dodecahedron cube. Much love for this app.

Every time we try to solve with teacher and quick solve it just become a black screen and we have to reset the app. Please fix.

We dont use the camera cause when we take pictures of it it doesnt give the write colors but everything is perfect love it.

This is the best app ever. But, can you fix teacher mode because the explanation doesnt always fit in the box and some of the explanation is cut off. But this is a great app and Ill rate 5 if fixed!

We really like the concept, but there are some minor issues. The biggest selling point for us was the ability to use the camera to set your cube. However, we find it gets the colors wrong too often. Its actually easier to set the cube manually. On a minor note: Its really annoying to watch the goal videos. You have to leave the app, open a website, and then redirect to the YouTube app. Very time consuming and irritating having to go back to safari and close that tab (yes, Im being picky here). A native player would be welcomed but then we realize there might be issues with app size by including videos as part of the app download.

It makes our cube get ruined over and over again. Take it away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we put in the colors manually, and pressed the solve button (I dont want to try solving it myself) it froze and then crashed. Please fix it. We hope we didnt waste our $1.00 on nothing.

Update – we’ve move down our rating to one star because the app crashes with 5 x 5. We have to say we were expecting more after using the original cube snap. This version is buggy to say the least. The color recognition is way off. (Unlike the first version which was spot on.) And color correction is so hard to do because the multiple buttons are so tiny. It was easier just to click on the color multiple times to get the right one. Once we got to a place where we finally had the right colors the whole app crashed. Hopefully the developer can fix these problems and we can update our review and our rating.

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