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Cup Heroes

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Cup Heroes! Developed by the innovative team at Voodoo, this Adventure game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 25th October 2023, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 4th April 2024.

Are you a fan of Adventure, Role Playing, games? Then Cup Heroes is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Cup Heroes

Over 1,071 players have rated Cup Heroes. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Cup Heroes Cost?

Good news! You can download Cup Heroes on your iOS device absolutely free!

Cup Heroes Release Date

Eager to know when Cup Heroes first graced the App Store? It was launched on 25th October 2023.

When Was Cup Heroes Last Updated?

The latest version of Cup Heroes was updated on 4th April 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Cup Heroes?

To get started with Cup Heroes, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Cup Heroes

Defeat waves of enemies!
Multiply balls as much as possible!
Choose the best skills to upgrade your power!
Save the princess and become a true hero!

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Cup Heroes updated on 4th April 2024:

new mods introduced
bugs fix

User Reviews on Cup Heroes

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Cup Heroes below:

So just downloaded this game and we enjoy it a lot. However, multiple times ads have failed to load causing the game to freeze. When this happens we have to close the game out all the way losing out of our reward, we wouldnt be upset if this didnt happen twice when we were ready to double up the winnings from either finishing the chapter or failing in the later waves. If you have to shutdown the app you will not gain anything at all, so its like that run never happened!

Awesome game very captivating yet simple. There are a few bugs preventing us from progressing further. We hope it is fixed soon.

Im truly enjoying the game however the only thing that is a problem for us is that when Im watching an ad to get rewards it doesnt respond to when we press the X button. Some ads just continue to make us play their trial and not take us back to Cup Heroes. Its like its telling us to play their game and forget about Cup Heroes.

This game is amazing! It has a simple mechanic but requires strategy as you build through the levels. We would love to see equipment that matches the heroes and maybe some kind of PVP where you challenge a player after five rounds of building your boosts. Great game! Please keep it going!

We really like this game we just want it to be known some of the legendary powers are bugged. Im using the green boots which are supposed to give you +15% life steal but this does not show up in our stats nor amd we getting the buff. We are also using the Viking helmet and that gives you +15% chance to pierce armor and again its not in our stats nor have we ever seen it work. Love this game just want to see it work.

The ads are bugged we constantly have to restart the game because you cant leave the ad pages Fix it voodoo or it will cost you players that like this game.

Lot of fun even if it becomes a bit of a grand later on. We would like a faster method of merging the items as things get even slower when you get to mythic gear. We dont know if this is consistent in other peoples play throughs but our game seems be bugged because at Chapter 74 our character is stuck running in place with all the enemies stacked on top of each other, so we’ve been unable to progress sadly.

As the title says, the only problem with this game is the sheer quantity of ads within.

We like this game a lot but when we reach a wave it freeze up and we cant continue the wave. We have to start all over .

Nothing really changes, but if youre okay with that then this game might be for you.

Was entertaining for a bit, but now it keeps freezing during the journey.

Game was awesome till we decided to spend 10 dollars on a package. Then game crashed wouldnt load. Uninstalled it reinstalled it now restore purchase button wont work. Makes us start over. Hope something works on this game.

We genuinely like the game, Its a good way to waste time. Im not even going to complain about the number of ads since that is to be expected with a free game. Our issue is that the X to close out most of the ads is broken, so Im stuck in an endless loop where the only way out of the ad is to close the game completely and hope that it saved our progress.

Hi, we are trying to upgrade our rogue to level 20 but every time we do that and try and go into a chapter it freezes and nothing comes up! Please help!!

WAY too many ads. You only play for about 20% of the time, the rest is spent watching ads.

Fun game until you reach Chapter 72. Then once you kill off Wave 13 the game freezes. We have tried many different Heroes and the same thing happens. Disappointed!

The game was fun till they started ads that played randomly.

Once youve put several hours in, the forced ads begin. Given that the best upgrades usually are available only after watching ads its annoying. Our biggest complaint are the features that dont work. Sunnas shield doesnt actually absorb an attack. Legendary Phoenix armor doesnt actually revive you. Other reviews have found other bugs.

Fun game but there are a few significant bugs we’ve seen, sometimes when you watch an ad it is impossible to close the ad forcing you to close and reopen the game to continue and when you do that it just skips the ability select and you get nothing, we’ve also noticed that some people (myself included) just dont have the heroes tab at the bottom, from the start four tabs down there instead of five and it just doesnt exist.

If there werent so many ads every other screen, Id actually be willing to spend some cash on this game. As it is, Im not going to be bullied into buying the remove ads option. Additionally, having a massive pop up every time we pass a stage about an exclusive chapter deal frustrates us more than anything. Im all for watching optional ads, and we find myself chain-watching ads if we are the one to opt into them. When theyre forced on us, it just seems cheap. We understand that voodoo forces the game to be like this, which is such a shame because it could be so good.

The game is pretty good and has hit our little monkey brain grind for power but after we unlocked the Rouge we’ve been having to deal with bugs where theyd try to execute their backstab but no one is on screen so it bugs out and we cant move forwards in the waves or even after a boss would love to see that get fixed edit: okay now we’ve run into another problem our stats have zeroed out where we cant equip or unequip any items where, when we start a new game it doesnt start no character show up and nothing happens it just tells us Im somehow at wave 14 and have our old power ups.

A decent game destroyed by voodoo wanting to make money. Do NOT watch ads as they only seem to crash the game. We’ve also noticed that the math is not accurate so when you upgrade abilities they dont work as advertised upgrades math doesnt math.

Clearly the developers have been doing a lot of bug fixes, as you can see by the version history notes. They use to do them once a week sometimes multiple times a week. But now its been 3 weeks and they havnt fixed any bugs. Grinded for weeks for legendary gear and a good few of epic+ gears skills doesnt work.

At least once or twice every time we play this game now an ad will cause it to freeze and Ill have to exit the game completely and come back in. Its a fun game. Dont get us wrong but its quickly becoming not worth the trouble.

5-star game until we hit a dead end bug. Kind of a pachinko/idle autobattler thing. Unique combo and gameplay. Multiply balls. Spend balls on battle perks for autobattler. Get cool gear and upgrade your bros. There are forced ads, booooo, but $3.99 to remove, which we paid cause we enjoy the app. Only problem is we FINALLY got enough stuff to craft legendary gear, heck yes, make some, aaaaand none of the perks work. Took a screen recording, tried to find a support email or something, couldnt, so here we are. Really, really good game, 1 star cause theres no point to crafting/upgrading gear, apparently.

We cannot get past level 74. It freezes after wave 12 and wont let you progress to wave 13 even after restarting the app. This has happened multiple times, please fix it!!

Everything was going good until more heroes were released. We were playing and then one day we were unable to get loot or see our character in the character upgrade center thingy. Every time we go into a match and play through it, after the fact we get 333 of a certain upgrade scroll that we’ve never seen before. We get no money, no exp, no gear. Just those unusable upgrade scrolls. We cannot seen the heroes we purchase with our gems either.

We have legendary armor for all slots but no effects are working. We have Pheonix armor at legendary and we get no revive at 20% health and the vitality boots and no life steal. And the other effects dont work either. Please fix because we really like the game. Note that it does not say set affects so if it is because of no being in a set that is not what the description says.

Our friend started play and we realized you can choose different heros. Im a higher lvl and have been playing for almost a week but dont have the hero tab to choose different heros. Plz fix and we will rate 5 stars.

Another scammy game designed to force you to watch ads so frequently that you pay for no ads. We refuse to pay into trash like this.

Im in level 40 and have been loving the gameplay. However, we have 5/6 pieces of gear at legendary (yellow) rarity and they are not giving the bonuses!! No life steal, armor pierce, nothing. Please fix.

Theres literally an Ad every 2 minutes.

It does find a convenient way to make you watch an ad if you dont want a crappy enhancement. But the game on the past two days would freeze (the balls wouldnt go in cup when we killed bad guys). We had good power ups and a lot of ads watched on one level so we didnt want to restart and lose everything. Im on chapter 22 and when we hit fight, the screen comes up nothing happens. Its a real shame.

We bought a bundle package for the game and we know for a fact it included getting rid of the ads and we still have to sit through them and we cant get our money back. Dont buy anything for this game.

You literally have to watch 3 ads you cant skip in a match, thats way too much.

98% of the people playing this game had NO PROBLEMS with it. None. Then you guys updated it, and then instead of 1 ad at the beginning of the stage and 1 ad at the end, we also got 1 ad in the middle. We can deal, not that bad. What have you done now? Its been one day since the last update. We opened the game, and 3 minutes later Im still not playing. Just ad after ad after ad. We got 4 30 second ads before we could even play. Then when we finally get into a stage, theres another ad. We defeat the first wave, and the selection screen appears. But, then you get an ad. Then make a selection, followed by an ad. THEN the wave takes 3 seconds of play time, followed by an ad. Your greed has ruined this game. We were online for over 10 minutes. We played the ACTUAL GAME for about 20 seconds. Why ruin an excellent concept with bottomless greed?

Ok when we first started playing this game we were in love .. Then about a week into it we started noticing little things that kind of annoyed us but got over it . Then another week went by and now the only changes we have noticed are exponentially worse than before said improvement.. Random forced adds when we have either not even had the chance to watch one on our own or directly after we have just watch a whole add. Also the game play is getting to the point where it is t fun to play anymore cause the opponents from the beginning when we as players have no chance at having the perks have most of not all the perks used against us.. Then when for example we have upgraded the chance to attack twice to the fullest so meaning 80% chance of attacking 2 times we will go whole rounds till death only attacking once while the 5 opponents each attack twice till Im dead.. Its become not fun! We have never played an app that as they fix stuff and update it it has gotten worse so bad its maddening and almost not worth the time.

This new update that states bug fixes didnt fix anything. The only option we have is to click on gear and when we do the game freezes. Do the developers even test their game before they release a new update? What a lousy company. – Yo developers when we lose a level by getting one shot and try to collect our rewards, the game crashes. Good job.

Our game is frozen on level 74, we cannot complete the level. Our character just starts to run and wont finish the level. Reading reviews we see this is common occurrence. Messed up to do that to those who play your game.

Unique, inspiring, and addictive! Once you see outside the phone again, youll retry and enjoy more while being better at seeing real world solutions!

While this game was fun to play in the beginning, as you get upwards of level 25 it forces you to grind so much that the only way to make real progress is to purchase from the store. If you have days to replay the same level only to get taken out at the same enemy youll enjoy it.

We’ve never written a review before, but we’ve enjoyed this game for quite a while and we got all the way to the 80s in levels. After a recent update the game tells us to click on our gear and when we do so it shows only a single ring in our inventory and our person, the screen then shades down and we cannot do anything from there. We’ve been waiting hoping a quick fix would fix our game, but weeks later and its still the same.

Its a decent game for time waste. It could really use a speed up button or just in general for the battles. Since you can not add anything to them. You just play the side part of dropping balls for more balls money. We’ve gotten to the point where Im just playing to get by a level maybe. Not gaining much in currency and its dragging now. Got a few good hours out of it. Butt needs more QoL.

When ima bout to get our powerup or upgrade whatever you call em ad pops plz put the ads after we get em atleast.

Great game but its really annoying we can listen to anything while we play this game. Also after the newest update the game is unplayable, like it tells us theres a new feature and click on the gear tab and it freezes.

We like this game. The peglin like game loop is fun but this most recent update has locked us out of the game. We are on level 42 for context. The game opens and forces us into the gear tab where we cannot do anything. We cannot equip gear or back out of the gear tab. As we said before, we like this game and hope it can be fixed soon.

It literally crashed our phone completely.

Was a fun game until the new update. Now cant do anything.

Great game but after a recent update we cant play anymore? When we open the app it tells us we’ve gained access to gear and makes us click on it and once we do we cant do anything after. We love this game and think its super fun so please fix this.

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