Cupcakes! Bake & Decorate

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Cupcakes! Bake & Decorate


Cupcakes! Bake & Decorate is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Maverick Software LLC, Cupcakes! Bake & Decorate is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd February 2010 with the latest update 4th July 2017

Whether you are a fan of Family, Entertainment, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


23 people have rated 3.8

You can download the game Cupcakes! Bake & Decorate from APP STORE.


The original and still BEST cupcake baking app- bake, decorate, and eat virtual cupcakes with all kinds of flavors & toppings, using real recipes!

  • Featured in "Our Favorite Things" – Disney FamilyFun magazine
  • "The cupcakes look so good I almost licked my phone." – Robin Rhys,
  • Over 6,000 five star ratings in the App Store.

Cupcakes! lets you bake, decorate, eat & share yummy cupcakes right from your iPod Touch or iPhone. Pick your cupcake liners, fill the pan with cake batter, pop it in the oven, and before you know it your cupcakes will come out piping hot. Shake your phone to get the cupcakes out of the pan and then choose from an amazing array of frostings and candy toppings, to build the perfect cupcake.

Once you’ve baked and decorated your masterpieces, you can share them with your friends via email, Facebook, or save them to your photo albums. And of course you can eat them! Choose the tablecloth and plate to serve them on and you are ready for dessert.

Features include:

  • 27 different cupcake batters (white, yellow, chocolate, strawberry, carrot cake, red velvet, lemon, confetti, marble, apple spice, blueberry muffin, pineapple, gingerbread and more!). Mix the cupcakes from scratch or use pre-made batter.
  • 32 different colors & patterns of cupcake liners, plus an option to create custom liners
  • 62 types of frosting, and a ‘mix your own icing color’ option
  • 80 candy toppings from gummy bears to sprinkles, fruit to nuts
  • 25 flavors of Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans to add as toppings
  • 14 kinds of plates and 9 tablecloths, to give your cupcakes the perfect presentation
  • The ability to set your baking time, from lightly baked to crispy burnt cupcakes
  • Candles you can blow out by blowing on your phone! (shake for older iPods)
  • Full support for VoiceOver, for the visually impaired. 
  • 40 achievements to earn!

Post a review with your requests, and you never know, our next free update might add your suggestion!

Have an iPad? Get Cupcakeroo! for all the Cupcakes fun with full iPad support.

Updated on 4th July 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Updated to 64 bit!

Cupcakes! Bake & Decorate Reviews

Hey Maverick!! We just re downloaded some of your apps today because we miss them from when we were in middle school! We remember a long time ago that you used to do this thing where each week or day (I don’t remember) you gave the app users a theme and they would create a cupcake with that theme and submit it and you would post the best ones! Do you think you could bring that back? It was so much fun!! Thanks :)

Our 4 and 11 year old daughters love this game. Its a great little game they can either play together or meet us or by themselves. We love that you can choose different cupcake liners and different batters; we love mixing up the different recipes. There are a ton of different frostings patterns and decorations, and you even get to put on candles and eat the cupcakes!

Looking back at it now it looks so stupid and repetitive but when we were much younger it was by far the best game out there. That was 6 years ago and we are 13 now. Purchase for young and creative children.

This is an awesome game we love this game it’s fun to play when your board and we rate this 4 stars because we like how you can decorate the cupcakes anyway you want and set the timer any time you want thank you for making this game.

Hi. We really appreciate how liners, batters, and other things are described. There’s a few issues, however. Whenever VoiceOver users want to put things in the pan, we have to turn off VoiceOver, tap in certain places, and just hope that the cupcakes are in the pan. We’re wondering if you all would please make it to where we could double tap the cupcakes, then they’d just go into the pan. Also, when you’re dragging items to the fridge, or trying to put things into the bowl, whilst baking from scratch, VoiceOver doesn’t seem to tell you when things are in the bowl, or what items you’re moving. Will you all please make it to where VoiceOver will read the baking time you’ve set with the oven dial? We have to turn off VoiceOver to set the bake time, too. Just turning it clockwise… The eating… Yes, you can double tap on the cupcake, and you hear the eating sound, but we’re not sure when it’s all gone. Wonder if you all could put something up that says, "One fourth eaten." Then, when it’s completely eaten, it’ll say something like, "All gone. Sad times." It’d also be cool if there were a button that you could press, to take the liner off, before eating. We know that was a lot, but we really do enjoy the game, and would be very happy if it were even more accessible than it is now. Keep up the good work. We have faith in you.

One reason we love this app so much and all the maverick food apps is that u can also use the recipes seen on the game. We just tried one and it worked perfectly. Plus the game is absolutely adorable and fun to play.

This app can help pass the time if you don’t have anything to do.

Like the app but needs in update.

This game is so awesome if we are bored we play this and we can play it all day all night.

The reason we gave this app five stars it’s because it has voiceover accessibility support please add background music and sound effects throughout the whole app so that way blind people know what they’re doing if they are mixing it should have a sound affect like if they’re mixing if they’re adding toppings they should have sound the whole line should have sound as well put them on the pan and all of the frosting Zen toppings should have sound including the chocolate chips.

Just cannot figure out how to purchase an app to pieces.

This is a pretty cute and easy way to pass the time.

Thank you to the developer Maverick games for making this application and other applications like it accessible. We really do appreciate it as a blind person. Kathryn.

When we bake the cupcakes using pre-made cake batter, we are able to do everything from baking to decorating to choosing liners. However, when we mix the cake batter from scratch, the game is less accessible. We can drag the ingredients into the bowl, but we are unable to proceed after this point. Please fix this. Also, please make it so VoiceOver can announce timer increments. Thanks so much for listening.

We love this! We only wish that the holiday expansion pack contained Fourth of July options, like the option to put an American flag sticker, or white stars for the frosting, a deeper shade of red frosting, on American flag liner, and things like that to create a Fourth of July themed cupcake:)

Bought this app for our kids as we were tired of the ads and in app purchases from the free ones. The graphics are terrible and the app looks pretty old. The making of the cupcakes is not realistic. Newer apps offer way more options to decorate.

We love this game but it won’t let us lick the frosting and the graphics are a little bad but we love it.

It said free but then we downloaded it and it said it cost money.

This app is fantastic. It is wonderful that work is done to make it accessible with VO. We can successfully make cupcakes, and we gave it five stars because we really appreciate the superb effort, but we would like to see some improvements someday. Some tags that inform the Voiceover user when a liner is in a cup and which liner it is in case a pan of different cakes are being made would be very useful, as well as when batter is added (for example it might say when you touch a pancup "pancup one with a pink liner and chocolate cake batter." Also, something similar would be neat for the decorating process. This way, the VO user would know what has been successfully added to the cupcake. It would make the final cupcake more enjoyable as well for those of us relying strictly upon words, because we would get a nice statement of what we have that isn’t just "cupcake." we would like to see something similar to this as far as the tagging in the More Breakfast app, which is also very cool but has some of the same problems in that we don’t actually know what’s on our plate. Thank you so much for working to make these apps usable by the visually impaired!

This game is the best!!! We think it is better than any other baking game. People should definitely get this game! There is sooooooo much to choose from. Our favorite part is you can actually mix in all the ingredients! Definitely get this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This app is amazing! There are so many choices and none of them are blocked and are only available if you pay. The only thing that we would want is to be able to make all of the mix recipes from scratch but that is not a big deal and does not take away from the fun of the game.

Our friend showed us this app like forever ago and we finally downloaded it ITS AWESOME.

This is a really good app to have fun with & be creative.

We absolutely love this game!!!! We love how there are so many different flavored,frostings,toppings and everything else!!!!

One word for it Awesome! 99c is really worth it! The game includes a expansion pack for again only 99c again totally worth it!

We mean don’t get us wrong, but finally something good! Next to easy bake this game is awesome! This game has lots of choices, it’s not like all those other games where there like, forcing u to buy imaginary cupcake stuff with real money don’t get us started with those people! Well this game DOES offer in- app purchases, but there is more than 1 thing unlocked, but we know that that’s how those people make thier money but, come on! Overall this app is awesome!

We totally love it!!! We let our friend play and we couldn’t get it back for 15 minutes!!! :D.

This is a great app!!! We love how you can submit it to the hall of fame! In our opinion don’t Change a thing!!

Such a cool app. Lots of cake flavors and frostings to choose from. Love it!

This app is amazing! In this app you get to make different cupcakes. You have everything from chocolate to vanilla to apple spice all the way to pumpkin in flavors. Have fun frosting, putting toppings on, putting jellybeans on them, adding candy letters on top to tell a message, and decorate your liner with stickers. Have fun making patterns and eating and decorating more and more cupcakes. If you get bored of this game but still want a bigger Cupcakes XL then buy Cupcakearoo! That will allow you to make cake pops, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, and whoopie pies! Also, buy the Holiday Expansion Pack for $0.99! It allows you to create even more cupcakes with holiday fun!

We love this app! Be far one of our favorites! Whether youre old or young this app is for everyone!

This app is so fun! There is so many choices for cupcakes to make, and we’ve had this app forever. Love it!

We love this app! It’s amazing. ^.^ we especially love that you don’t have to pay to unlock certain cupcake batters, because every other app we’ve downloaded for cupcake making you have to pay to unlock other batters-which we find quite silly. So download this app because it’s AMAZING!!! :D.

This Cupcake App is a must have app for IPhones Ipad etc! . You guys, can you add more frosting just like German Choclate! That you have already ;) Make a FaceBook fan page for your apps! You gain more popularity and more fans!!!!!!!!! Your apps keep our time on the bus intresting a good time waster est on long road trips. You don’t get this app, you are seriously missing out! Who knows you start baking more after you play these baking games like this cupcake one! We for one am definitely keeping this app that’s a Promise.

We love the cupcake app. The reason that we give 3 stars is because you have been on a summer break for quite a while now. We mean you have been on a break since June all the way until December. We’ve always looked forward to entering the contests granted we never win. Unless there has been a calendar not flipped or a humongo family emergency we’re pretty sure summer is over and that you invented an app, you should really make a prior commitment to it. Merry Christmas to Maverick.

With the new update we can’t get tired if it! There is SOOO much more combinations.

We played this game when we were younger. It brings back memories! XD anyway, a MUST get. It’s probably T H E B E S T cupcake game out there!!!

We like it is so much fun being creative is part or acting and acting is our thing!

We love this app! There is so many frostings/toppings to choose from. We upgraded it so we could have even more to choose from.

We really like this app we gav it. 5 stars!! This game is awesome u should get it Meghan100.

We love that years later were still getting updates and it is truly appreciated that’s why we bought many maverick apps.

Its really fun! We love all the different choices! Some of the achievements are really hard tho. Could u maybe give at least one hint on the ones with just question marks?

This is one of our favorite games to play though there are some thing we might suggest changing. We love how there is the option to make or use boxed cake batters. But we don’t like how there are so many adds that pop up for other related games. We overall give this game a 4 out of 5 rating. There is a wide variety of frosting and candies and stickers and fillings and candles … Etc. Love this game.

The nuts for cupcakes achievement is glitched we put EVERY NUT TOPPING ON IT AND IT STILL DOES NOT GIVE ME THE ACHIEVEMENT we would rate 5 stars but this glitch is keeping us from rating 5 stars PLEASE HELP AND FIX IT!!!!

Really cool never gets old best 99 cents spent we bet you would love it!

This game is so fun we love the selections and its really fun to do!!

We think they should have ice cream cupcakes with all the batters.

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