Cutthroat Caverns

Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 05:05 pm

Cutthroat Caverns


Cutthroat Caverns is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Cellbloc Studios, Cutthroat Caverns is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 21st October 2019 with the latest update 21st April 2020

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


5 people have rated 1.0.9

You can download the game Cutthroat Caverns from APP STORE.


Without teamwork, you’ll never survive. Without betrayal, you’ll never win.

Cutthroat Caverns is the award-winning, semi-cooperative card game about a party of adventurers who MUST work together in order to escape the horrors of a deadly dungeon, but who are rewarded with untold wealth and power if they alone land the killing blow on the most fell creatures. Trip or edge out your ‘friends’ as you position yourself for the kill – knowing that each time you do, you risk the entire party dying before any of you can escape, with no winner at all.

This digital version of Cutthroat Caverns has been optimized for solo play against 3 AI opponents, selected from a pool of 6 unique AI constructs. Each AI has their own tactics and strategies, which mirror the play styles that have emerged in the twelve years since the physical card game debuted. Players may choose a short 3 encounters, medium 5-encounter game or the traditional 9-encounter game – and may adjust the difficulty for a greater challenge. Unlock achievements as you progress through the game as you face off against the characters you know and love from the original Cutthroat Caverns.

Trust No One.

Updated on 21st April 2020

Fix to crash in case of a single remaining player facing Minotaur.
Players get 10 bonus LP on Hard difficulty setting.

Cutthroat Caverns Reviews

AI is pretty good. Makes us want to buy the physical game.

We just got the physical game, so we quickly downloaded the app. It is a good approximation of the card game. There are some bugs and inconsistencies in the interface that are hard to get around at times. Also, no resume game function if you have to close the app is annoying.

When it works it is fun but out of the last 10 games we had to restart 5 of them. Either due to a condition where the game pauses between rounds and no monster shows up or the game simply cannot be won or progressed such as the creature spite is in play with 185 life points all players are dead except us and we only have 1 card. There is no way to kill the creature and no way to progress the game. This has happened to us with different scenarios more then once.

This is a great representation of the card game but only certain monsters are available that we get every game and none of the special abilities, relics, or fun things are in it. Need to add more content and playing with others online. Hard mode just makes your team stupid and has us edged out or tripped on the first monster we face so by the third monster the entire team is at 15LP and circling the drain. Good start but lets keep building!

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