Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

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Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is one of the best $8.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Spike-Chunsoft CO, LTD., Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th August 2020 with the latest update 19th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,670 people have rated 1.0.3

You can download the game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair from APP STORE.


Danganronpa 10-Year Anniversary Release: Part 2!

Danganronpa 2 is finally available on smartphones!
The stage of the new killing game is set on a tropical island. Survive the evolution of the psycho-tropical class trials within the typhoon of madness, doubt, and suspicion!

■ Story

Blue skies, white clouds, the glimmering sea, and vast expanses of sand.
The students of Hope’s Peak Academy arrive at a tropical resort destination known as Jabberwock Island, but they end up trapped as castaways due to the headmaster’s schemes. In exchange for escape from the island, the students are forced to play a killing game and find the killer through class trials. Play through high-speed and fast-paced class trials by gathering testimony and evidence during investigations and use them as ammunition to shoot down your opponent’s contradictory statements.

Brewing suspicion… Unseen madness… Their limits are tested as the evolution of the class trial begins.

■ Game Features

・High Speed Deductive Action
Determine the truth of each incident with testimony and proof gathered during your investigation. Use what you’ve learned in high-speed Class Trials to shoot down the opponent’s statements.
Progress through fully voiced class trials, the key to the deductive action!

・2.5D Motion Graphics
A distinctly crafted environment that’s planar yet stereoscopic is born by combining 2D illustrations of characters and objects in a 3D environment.
These new, 2.5D motion graphics were developed by using unique motion techniques and camera work.
The unique setting exudes style and flair.

・Completely Optimized for Smartphone Controls
The 3D map movement controls and UI have been optimized for smartphone use!
The map jumping function has been improved, like Danganronpa 1 for smartphones, and the minigame difficulty has been adjusted for better playability!

■ Additional Contents

・Intimacy Gallery
Intimacy Events have been compiled in gallery form!
Replay your favorite characters and events whenever you want, as many times as you want.

・Character Gallery
Allows players to view character sprites and lines in a gallery.
If you ever get the urge to hear that one line, now you can!

・Ultimate Gallery
A gallery full of promotional illustrations and character sheets from the official art book.

[Supported OS]
iOS 11.0 and above.
*Not supported on certain devices.

[Supported Languages]
Text: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese
Audio: English, Japanese

Updated on 19th July 2022

■Update Notes
・Minor bug fixes.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Reviews

We literally love this game ! But one question, why is togami so fat ? Yes we know its not him.

The game is amazing no lag at all we were excited that it came out on iphone 13 and the game was awesome.

We may have lost all our friends, family, and have made no outside connection to the world, and it may have given us ptsd, anxiety, trauma, and trusts issues, this game is pretty cool.

(Danganronpa 2 Chapter 3 spoilers) Sonia shouldve died instead of Hiyoko. We love Sonia and hate Hiyoko but Hiyoko felt like she was going to be redeemed, only to die last second. (Which Kinda is what happened). Sonia doesnt have much to add to the story, and while shes a good character she doesnt seem like the type to survive. And we know Mikan had abuse in her past, which is why her execution was like that, but it didnt make any sense whatsoever. The game made her a fan service character thats s*xualized more than she should be, and then she dies like that as a fan service character. If it was trying to go for an execution that is similar to her backstory they did a terrible job. If they wanted it to be about being mistreated, we could come up with tons of execution ideas. Like, hands that touch her all over, scratching her with extremely sharp and long nails, and then ripping her apart. Or, she couldve had a bunch of Monokumas pour milk on her, write on her, push her in mud, and then throw things at her until she dies from her injuries. Thats just off the top of our head though. Mikan was our favorite, and still is.

Hi, we loved this game and a couple other ones throughout the Danganronpa series and have purchased some. As we started expanding our interests, we drifted away from Danganronpa all-together. We would like to know if theres any way to get a refund for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair, as we are not a fan anymore and will not be playing again. Many thanks!

In addition, Komaeda Nagito is our wife(I m a girl)

We were playing the game right, we were on chapter 3 (Class Trial) but then the game glitched sortof kicked us out and then there was this black screen that said "contact the support desk" or something and im very confused, we tried asking our friend about it she told us to delete the game and re install it but then we told them the progress would not be saved, we dont know what to do. Please help.

The game was great to play we loved it if this didnt happen we would rate 5 stars but there was a small little glitch that happened when we were in the middle of chapter 2:so we took a break and did something else and when we logged back in we couldnt access the game no matter how many hours we waited we couldnt play and it would only work until after we uninstalled the game and redownloaded it and When we did we lost all our progress so the game is great but this glitch was alittle irritating and hope this glitch goes away one day.

When it was time to feed nagito we couldnt go to the old building cause the go button wasn’t available? Is this a glitch or is there something else we need to do im confused.

We love this game and love playing it but at the moment we cant play it only loads nothing else Id like help:(

We personally LOVE Danganronpa, and we were done with the chapter 3 trial when it turned black and it said an unexpected error has occurred and stuff like that and then we clicked on it and it went to a screen with a bunch of words in Japanese we think and it just wont let us in anymore.

So Im very close to the end of the chapter 6 trial, where you have to store up power in the truth bullet, and for us it just perpetually fires. It just keeps looping and the fast forward and concentrating buttons quit working and when we open the menu, the menu button remains so we cant even back out of the menu. Because of this we are unable to complete the game :(

Its a good game but we had some problems while playing it like we didnt play for a pretty long time and then we had to delete the game and get it again because it wouldnt let us in the game at all! So we had to restart the whole game after we were on chapter 5! Show our just because we were doing stuff that we already did before but its not the best and its really slow with not very much action.

Please delete the hands at the trial, nagitos trial, it really hurts our feelings because hajime kees making fun of us for it looking goofy. BOTH pictures, front AND the back. Also, delete junkos pta now. Now. Now.

Please delete the hands at the trial, nagitos trial, it really hurts our feelings because hajime kees making fun of us for it looking goofy. BOTH pictures, front AND the back.

Please delete the hands at the trial, nagitos trial, it really hurts our feelings because hajime kees making fun of us for it looking goofy. BOTH pictures, front AND the back. Also, delete junkos pta now. Now. Now.

WOW we absolutely love this game!!1!1!1! We didnt expect the quality of it to be so good! (im playing it on an iphone 8 btw (**)) for those of you having trouble with the reboot, try powering off you phone, waiting a couple of seconds, and turning it back on! We think this game is soooo fun and wonderful and beautiful and amazing!!&/!!/7:6 its totally worth the money also, fuyuhiko best boi.

Thank you so much to the creators! Our parents would NEVER let us play danganronpa but having the ability to get it on the app store (with our own money ofc) is very exciting! We hope you release the rest of the games soon!!

We wanted to play DANGANRONAP 2 for sooooo long now. And now we can play it on our phone!?? We saw some reviews that there were bootlocks this hasnt happened to us Im on chapter 1. We hope 3 comes out on iPhone soonnnnn!!!!!!

We just finished and we had no glitches, it ran extremely smoothly, and the quality was surprisingly high. It was also easily the most fun game we’ve ever played. Atmosphere, characters, plot, its got it all! Easily the best game we’ve ever played.

When we try to open the app it dosnt even load to the main screen its just a black screen could you help?

Spoiler alert for people besides the developers. On chapter 5, where you must talk to Chiaki Nanami after Fuyuhiko finds the bombs, we cannot walk, making it impossible to talk to her. Maybe there is a setting somewhere that we have not found, but if someone could tell us how to, or if the developers could patch this. Thank you!

Pls Im in love with this game its so much fun we recommend it.

When we first got the game, we were so excited. (I got the game today btw) The game has amazing graphics and was honestly the best 16 dollars that we have spent in our life. Thank you for being such an awesome game creator for 10+ years. Thank you for creating such an amazing fandom. Thank you for being here. – Juliet/Kai <3.

We love this game it is so good and our fav is Sonia Nevermind.


It made us cry so much oh our god.

Every time we try to hear the characters on English they switch it back to Japanese can someone explain.

Game beautiful cuz nagito is blood nagito is life nagito is god and the other characters are cool too ig.

Love that its on mobile but only one thing is bothering meits doing a boot thing so we cant play the game because we dont know the password yknow- so we had to delete the game which deleted our progress to actually playplease fix that.

We loved this game, we already finished it and the ending was.. Well you gotta find out ^^ anyway we dont have a pc to play v3 so we hope you guys add it here!

Im so happy that danganronpa is on IOS and we saw some reviews and got scared but it was amazing how we expected and it was so fun and we always wanted to play this game and now we finally can. We dont usually write reviews but this game was amazing 5 STARS.


We love the game, it barley has any bugs in it. Only 1 issue we had in the beginning, we set it to English but it kept going to Japanese its fine now! So, overall this game is wonderful and Im glad its on mobile!

The game is so good they fixed some of the bugs, and Im happpy that mobile players get support and its worth the money.

This game is awesome and we love it! No glitches but sometimes got a little hard during the trials, really interesting executions and great storyline! 10/10 recommended definitely.

If u saw our comment or whatever nvm Im stupid.

The game is great hope for more in the future.


As a danganronpa fan, im happy that this is on ios (and android) it feels like im playing it on our pc, thank you for putting in the app stores.

We love danganronpa and im a huge fan of it its just at the end of the class trials when it got to the panic talk action it got really hard.

We Recently got this game and we love it so far! Im having one issue though, whenever we try to load into the game it just goes black. Can someone tell us how to fix this without losing our progress? Anyways the game is very fun and interesting in our opinion we would recommend it :)

We LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!! We were so shocked and surprised at the ending!! We love solving the mysteries and Im glad its available on mobile. Im just so happy we got this app and we 99.9% recommend getting it Also we are really hoping Danganronpa V3 will come out on mobile too!! We’ve been a Danganronpa fan for a long time but we never got the chance to play V3 because we dont have a pc, or any type of desk top, so Im really hoping it will come out on mobile Edit: we were reading lots of reviews and it seems like everyone is having glitches with the game, but we never had any glitches or errors with the game. It worked 100% fine. We guess it just depends on what type of phone/iPad youre on we dont know if thats true.

Will somebody help us get pass teruterus PTA? Is so hard for us and we’ve beaten dv1.

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