Dark Mist

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Dark Mist


Dark Mist is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Pixel Cattle Games, Dark Mist is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 7th June 2020 with the latest update 30th March 2021

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


62 people have rated 2.0

You can download the game Dark Mist from APP STORE.


Dark Mist is a card game that combines elements of the roguelike deckbuilding genre. with monsters that appear in waves. defeat monsters, level up during mid-battle to keep yourself going.

About this game:
● Your health is equal to the number of cards in your deck. Every time you take 1 damage, the enemy takes 1 card. When you lose all your cards, the game ends.
● Monsters are swarming in! Defeat them line by line. You need to carefully determine the order of killing monsters, which will have an important impact on your later actions. A reasonable killing order will make your later battles more efficient, otherwise you may die suddenly.
● Gain experience points and level up as you defeat monsters. Adding new cards to your deck to press forward.
● Four characters. Each character has a different way of fighting.
● More than 300+ cards are available, with over 70+ props, 30+ events, 80+ different kinds of monsters and 15 bosses.
● Three game modes: standard mode, custom mode and daily challenge mode.

Updated on 30th March 2021

New character: Vampire
This patch brings a 6th character, Like the other characters, the Vampire comes with her own set of cards and props!
65 New Cards.
17 New Props.
Added 2 achievements.

Dark Mist Reviews

A great fantasy themed deck builder rogue lite game with fun mechanics. If this remotely interest you, just buy it. It has multiple classes, artifacts, and difficulty levels.

Very well made and fun game. Constantly updated and consistently engaging. Deserves more of a playebase.

We have played a lot of card-based rogue-likes and we were impressed how creative this game was in that genre, from the classes to the core mechanics of using you deck as your life and fighting a horde of enemies in each level, not one at a time. Of course other games have done many of the same things but it comes together to make a very fun and refreshing experience.

This is maybe one of the best roguelike deckbuilding we’ve run into because it does a few things to bring a spin to the formula. The main draw is having your discard and draw piles double as your health. Every time an enemy hits you he steals some of the cards underneath their card. This means you have to balance prioritizing harder hitting enemies, ranged enemies, and who has the most of your cards/life. The base character is straight forward to start but every other unlockable character adds quite a twist to the formula. The Bugmaster in particular was a favorite of ours as most of their cards work as buffs and debuffs when held by the enemies. So one in particular makes your attacks hit all enemies of one enemy has the card in their hands. Its a great game we keep coming back to and has no microtransactions or gimmicks. You buy once you play all you want. There have been one or two minor bugs such as a card that gets stuck in the hand area until the end of the floor but nothing thats ever been truly game breaking. Dont miss this game. Its worth way more than The countless free-to-play trash with endless grinds and energy meters.

This is an excellent game. There are a few things we could gripe on but overall, for the money, this is a blast. If you like deck builders and CCG this is definitely worth the time and money.

To the devs: Great game. Very fresh gameplay. This game is too good to have such generic artwork. If Dark Mist had some custom art, it could have been featured on the App Store. To potential buyers: Congrats on finding this gem. We know it must have taken some scrolling. Now buy it.

We were never really a fan of card games until a few years ago when we got Imbroglio. Granted, it’s not a card battler, but it got us started down a path where we saw Pirates Outlaws and gave it a shot. A year later we were a little obsessed with it. Now, we’re still not what anyone would call a fanatic, but we do have a few card collecting games/card battlers/strategy card games on our iDevice, and, for us, Dark Mist fits right in with the best of them. You’ll have 4 characters that you can choose from (three of which you will need to unlock just by playing, no IAP required), all having their own special cards and abilities as well as cards that are shared with all characters. Right now, our favorite is the Bugmaster. Being able to infect your enemies with massive amounts of cards (which can turn into MASSIVE amounts of dmg) and the chain damage mechanics are just…. Highly enjoyable. But we will say that each character has their charm. For a while, we really enjoyed the Prophet; being able to see what cards you had coming and the multiple ways you could drag turns out with cards that cost no energy points to play or that wind up triggering effects in other cards makes it, IMO, the character you’ll want if you’re wanting to be more focused on strategy and taking your time thinking a turn or two ahead. Priced at just $3, we actually think it’s underpriced. We would have felt good paying at least $5, and $7-$10 would not have left us thinking we were overcharged, though we also think this of the developer’s other game, another fantastic card battler. And – if you’re new to the genre, or are a vet and would like a bit more challenge; there’s custom rules that you can pick and choose from for each game: positive, negative and neutral attributes that can change the game up quite a bit, making it wildly easy or brutally difficult. And on top of that, there’s also a daily challenge if you get sick of the main mode… Which randomly picks one positive, one negative and one neutral attribute while you try to get the highest score you can to climb up that leaderboard. Lastly, with no IAPs in sight, you can be sure that the game is balanced properly without trying to nickel and dime you into bankruptcy. If you’re looking for a card game to pick up, this is one of a handful that we would FULLY recommend, we’ve even gifted it to friends and people we work with just to get them to take a chance on it. The majority of them wind up loving it, while the ones who don’t never had any interest in card games on the first place…. More RTS or action rpgs, which we really should have found out beforehand. =P.

We like how it expands upon the blood card idea and it makes for a fun rogue like one more go experience. Music and visuals are well done. THANK YOU for portrait support!

In less than a day, our problem was solved. We cant remember when the last time we got treated so well! Love the game!

As title says 5/5, but there is a bug and the for some reason the contact email keeps refusing our gmail message. We love the prophetess, and spirit guide is our favorite card, but we cant get the game to use targeted attacks from the top of the deck when using it, we hope this gets fixed soon because it has so much wonderful potential. (It is our favorite because of its combo power with the tentacle prop, and the wheel of fortune card, allowing you to kill everything in the field by ending your turn.)

Good mechanics. Need to fix the scaling of enemy difficulty to be less OP. Too much randomness with building your deck to meet difficulty level of enemies. Need a better system for choosing cards as you level up.

Tutorial gave us no idea how to play this game. Played game once and didnt like it at all. Dull and nonsensical. Only bought since cheap price and no in-app purchases. Had hopes, but still a waste. Prefer our PvZ heroes (plants vs. Zombies heroes) card game that was free and soo much more fun. Still looking for another great card game to enjoy as much. Search goes on.

Im a big fan of card roguelikes and this one definitely stands out. Its gameplay is unique of cards entering and leaving your life/discard piles and going into the monster hand, it adds a lot of interesting strategy and it moves quickly enough we dont find myself waiting for cards to play out. Apart from having a repeated issue with the stargaze card freezing gameplay, we havent noticed any major bugs and have cleared up to difficulty 4 (once with each class). We definitely recommend it and for $0.99 its a steal!

Currently we’ve unlocked every character. They are all super fun in their own way. We wish there was more characters. Idk how long it will stay on our phone but its solid gameplay with easily hours of fun. We expect greater things to come. Overall very fun.

This is a deck builder along the same concept of games likes slay the spire / night of the full moon / dream quest , but has more than enough original concepts. Im very pleased that games like this are getting exposure in App Store … Im sure Im not the only one annoyed with RAID gameplay style and the unending horde of advertisements. We can only hope there will be added content in the future. Will buy! Great Job !!!

Im a deck building rogue fan and only a few games have really added to the mechanics of the first of the genre: Dream Quest. Slay the Spire has, Monster Train has, and now Dark Mist. One of the thing that strikes us the most is how unique the classes are. Not only do they play vastly differently from each other, but they dont play like other games in the genre. Too soon to tell if is balanced but its fun while we figure it out. Well done developers. The game is visually rough around the edges but its a hell of a lot better than dream quest.

Enemies take your cards when they hit you, which you can then turn around to unlock other cool abilities. Really interesting and solid! We only wish the game didnt restart so easily when we spend time in other apps…

Solid entry in the card/roguelike genre, and so far Im preferring it to their last game, Blood Card. Interesting decisions to make, and a good challenge for survival. One big wish, though, for an update, are more icons on the cards. Its been a pain, especially when first trying to learn the game (but a pain regardless), not to be able to see what cards do, even broadly (e.g., 2 damage), without selecting and reading the card. The sword is already in the top right… Just put the attack damage number there, like the enemies have in the lower left.

Fun game and a unique take on the formula but this seems idea for a portrait mode. Theres lots of space on the sides and always looking for more portrait games!

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