Day Repeat Day

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 04:00 pm

Day Repeat Day


Day Repeat Day is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kimmo Factor Oy, Day Repeat Day is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th April 2021 with the latest update 10th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


46 people have rated 1.0.10

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Day Repeat Day is an interactive story and a match-3 game that takes you through the years in a life of an average person. You’re hired to do a job. You try to manage your relationships. But you’re never really sure where it’s all leading to. It’s a story about living, the daily grind and what it all means in the end, topped with a sprinkle of satire and mysteries.

After doing a lot of action games, I wanted to do something much more intimate and personal and Day Repeat Day is what came of it.


  • It takes some serious ingenuity to subvert a genre as entrenched as the mobile match-3 game, but somehow developer Kimmo Factor, probably most well-known for the awesome hack ‘n slash game Barbearian, has done exactly that – Game of the Week / Touch Arcade
  • It turns out to be much, much more than this, than either genre, a whole, complicated and unique creation, that speaks truth about life, about work, about hierarchies and about mistakes. It’s stunning. – Kotaku

Updated on 10th February 2023

  • Minor bug fixes

Day Repeat Day Reviews

We thought the reviews on the writing were too good to be true, but we feel like it underplayed the quality in retrospect. Impressive choose your own adventure pick from 3 and match 3 game for a thinking audience.

Fun, challenging, thought-provoking, entertaining, and artistic. A must play. But we also think you should get all of this developers games. They are all brilliant in different ways.

A few thousand days in the life of a near-futuristic wage slave. The numbers you can call provide comic relief which is extremely necessary to break up the hellscape drudgery of the main characters existence. Come for the match-3 gameplay, stay for the intense depression that follows. A very good game, but probably not recommend for the easily discouraged.

This game is something. We really love all the little side sites you can connect to. So fantastic, such a great parody of real life. One of the best phone games we’ve found in a while.

We thought we wrote a review before, but we dont see it. This is like the French art film of match-3 games. We enjoyed the chat feature as well as the puzzles, and we appreciated the lack of in-app purchases, but we loved the background music! Such a stress relief at the end of a long day at our real life Joki Joki. Thanks for making it, Kimmo!

The game does everything we feel its sought out to do. We started out just having fun with the whimsical, match-3 type job and chatting with friends and coworkers without any thought of consequences of actions. Very quickly we ended up dreading every single match-3 game, just wanting to complete them quickly so we could have some sort of family or friend to text or number to call to break up the monotony of the pointless little job of a game. We put thought into every message between contacts, and the game almost immediately makes you feel the consequences of your choices. We played through once, trying to focus on our family, only for work to eventually take over our life. We played again, acting as their perfect little corporate slave and watching as our family and friends all got pushed away as a result. The results end nearly the same, withering away as just another cog in the machine. No matter our choices, no matter how different the story varied (and we were surprised by how much it did vary between every little choice), it always ended more or less the same. But we played again, persisted, and achieved what we believe is the true ending, and we dont think Ill ever be the same as a result. Truly a work of art.

Our only complaint is we wish there were achievements included. Im also not sure about the possibility of multiple endings like in the steam game we’ve been trying, but havent been able to figure it out myself, and as far as we know theres no guide, so not sure if its even possible on iPad. If it is, awesome, Ill keep trying.

We completed all our tasks for the first day but we cant contact Charlie to close out all the messages sent between him and we are gone (no other contact messages are gone) and we just see a blank screen when we click his name.

We just finished our first playthrough of this game and am pretty blown away. What at first appeared to be a simple match-three game and satire of working for a large, modern, corporation quickly turned into a much deeper, thought provoking experience. This is some of the best writing we’ve experience in a game this year. It isn’t just an "art game", the puzzles themselves are fun, but you should definitely check this out of you are interested in the intersection of "games" and "art".

At first this looks like a way to make match three have a bit more personality. Ok fun they made it your job. Then there is the chat box. You can choose to be the perfect employee and the dream spouse, a great friend and support your alcoholic brother or you can choose not to. The first time we played this we did our job, we were a nice person but a amazing as the game was, already 5 star worthy, we missed the best part. All those phone numbers. Smart, hilarious and a bit horrifying. Absolute perfection.

This doesnt feel scripted at all, and it felt like we were having a genuine conversation with the characters even though we couldnt choose exactly how to respond! Awesome game, well-executed!

A Match 3/life simulator combo (seriously) that addresses questions of life, agency, and what it means to be a person. The character relationships felt compelling, the Match 3 gameplay was entertaining (until [spoiler], but that just served to advance the story), and we didnt see the ending twist coming. If you liked Papers, Please or Catherine, give this one a go.

We were having fun until it would randomly skip days, people we didnt know texting us and situations happening we had no clue about. Would be great if we could understand the story.

A ridiculously simple match 3 game with a very short and slowly drawn out story of texting back and forth to a slow responding jerk boss, a clueless ex-girlfriend and a demanding, emotionally unbalanced current girlfriend. Oh, and your alcoholic brother that keeps relapsing with veiled threats of suicide. Super fun. You know how you have that one relative that youre obligated to speak to? They text too much, say nothing, and take way too long to type out responses? This is just like that except you gave the devs money for the frustrating and depressing experience. And the final message? That life is all work and in the end, completely pointless. Like we said, super fun.

When we first saw this game on the App Store we thought oh boy, another match three. But something about it caught our eye. It just seemed different. We are so so glad we took that second glance! This is one of the most interesting and thought-provoking experiences we’ve had on the App Store since probably 2014. Lets be honest, the App Store is incredibly stale. And when you talk about a genre like match three, well that just takes stale to a whole new level. But this is much much more than a matching game. It has to do with love, family, isolation, loneliness, disenchantment, joy, depression, relationships, and oddly enough, futurism. As you can see, the apps creator bit off a lot to think about, and they handle it all in a beautiful and thought-provoking way giving the player agency to put a piece of themselves into the experience. We feel that theres a strong undercurrent of philosophy underpinning the game. Its hard to put our finger on it because Im still in the process of playing it, but somehow it feels so important. A lot of the interactions you have with other people through text, and the various easter eggs you can find by making random phone calls, have a way of inviting you to reflect on your own life, and your place in the world. If all that seems heavy, dont worry! It is offset beautifully by just a fun and satisfying match 3 game. Its the perfect game to bite off in 20 minute chunks day after day. Theres also a strong air of mystery that makes you feel like you are unraveling a story as you play. We really cant recommend this enough! Im an avid gamer for 30 years now: coming from someone who has literally seen it all, this one is worth checking out.

We had stop buying apps 3 years ago because it was becoming real boring after awhile, we took a chance,Im glad we took the chance, we love it and, cant stop playing it,it a good stressed relief game and Im 58 great app Guys!

This is easily the most compelling writing we have seen in a game in 2021. Each choice feels weighty and difficult and the narrative never stops extolling the price for every choice youve made before. We’ve never played a match three game where we spend virtually every moment second-guessing everything we’ve done. The story will keep us up at night and we will return to this game for a second and third play through. This is time and money well spent.

At the end of our session Im asked to log out for the day. We do so and it tells us Im all logged out. The next day we try to log in and it tells us that Im all done and we should log out. We logged out yesterday and got a confirmation but the app doesnt seem to have recognized that. So here we are living in Groundhog Day unable to go forward which is pretty ironic considering the name of the day. If this is not resolved we want our money back.

We love this game for how its casual but you can play it in just a day. Its very fun and the 3 match is quite entertaining. We really enjoy playing it and would recommend it to anyone.

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