HearthStone Budget Deck

HearthStone Budget Deck

Is Hearthstone Pay to Win?

Most Hearthstone players would wonder whether, Blizzard’s free-to-play collectible card game, is pay-to-win (P2W). They have been debating about this since the closed beta and, while ultimately the question is hard to resolve, we can come to some conclusions.

Since Blizzard sells Hearthstone cards for real money, the argument is rather straight forward. Players who are willing to spend lots of money on the game can amass arsenals of powerful cards to use in their decks, and steamroll players who have more limited resources.

However, there are lots of opportunities in the game which one can win the cards for free, and some of the most powerful decks in the competitive game use only easily-obtained cards.

For instance, Hearthstone streamer Kolento managed to climb to Rank 1 Legend in the European server using a Hunter Deck with no legendaries or epic cards. We will list down some of the budget decks which could bring you to a decent rank in Ranked Play and some even till Legend.

HearthStone Budget Decks