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Decked Builder Lite

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Decked Builder Lite! Developed by the innovative team at Tan Thor Jen, this Card game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 9+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 1st October 2010, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 9th November 2016.

Are you a fan of Card, Strategy, or Entertainment games? Then Decked Builder Lite is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Decked Builder Lite

Over 30 players have rated Decked Builder Lite. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Decked Builder Lite Cost?

Good news! You can download Decked Builder Lite on your iOS device absolutely free!

Decked Builder Lite Release Date

Eager to know when Decked Builder Lite first graced the App Store? It was launched on 1st October 2010.

When Was Decked Builder Lite Last Updated?

The latest version of Decked Builder Lite was updated on 9th November 2016, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Decked Builder Lite?

To get started with Decked Builder Lite, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Decked Builder Lite

Decked Builder is the premium deck building app for Magic the Gathering — providing a sleek user interface to research decks, find cards, and then build, price and finally buy the deck that you want.

Note: the Lite version of Decked Builder allows building only a single deck and a limited size collection.


"This is the program I recommend for anyone willing to spend … on an MtG application. I’m one of those people who will generally take the free alternative over the paid app any day, but I’m actually happy to have spent the money on this one. It has a ton of very cool features, runs smoothly, and even has RSS feeds for several top MtG sites."

  • Michael Evans,

"Decked Builder is the absolute pinnacle of what a Magic the Gathering accessory app should be. There’s almost nothing that I need, that this app can’t do for me."

  • Jaden,

"The iPad version of Decked Builder is perfect. Solitaire play has been upgraded and the card loading speed is marvelous. Thanks for a good application."

  • Eugene Lee, author of Wagic

"I have to say that this app is certainly one that I would recommend to any MTG player"

  • Josh Elliot,


  • Find your cards
  • Instant search results with no Internet connection as the database is stored locally
  • Search for cards by any combination of card expansion, rarity, color, type or cost
  • Built in support for tournament formats including Standard, Modern, Extended, EDH and Classic
  • See only distinct cards, or find every printing of a card in every set
  • Full card text search — easily find every Landfall card, Elf, Vampire or any other attribute that has ever been printed.
  • Build your decks
  • Build multiple deck listings and sideboards
  • Easily test sample draws from the deck, and simulate a game of Magic by playing cards to the battlefield.
  • Get statistics on your deck including mana curves, color symbol counts and card type percentages
  • Email decks to your friends
  • Full text search for cards in your deck — perfect for building EDH 100 card singleton decks
  • Sort and filter your deck by mana cost, color, card type, tournament legality and more
  • Price and buy your decks
  • Decked Builder contains multiple price feeds from,, and
  • Finding the cheapest way to put your deck together from some of the largest card suppliers on the Internet
  • Price your entire deck with a single tap
  • Easily buy your entire deck online, or just cards missing from your collection
  • Research decks
  • Decked Builder includes RSS feeds which are specially formatted for clean viewing and fast downloads.
  • Cards names are automatically be highlighted for instant (no network required) card lookups from the built-in database
  • Featured RSS feeds from,, MTGCast,, Channel Fireball, Power 9 Pro,, StarCityGames
  • Deck integration with allows you to download, analyze and test the latest winning decks directly on your device
  • Track your collection
  • Easily input your collection by any criteria you can think of
  • Find missing cards to complete your collection or your deck
  • Value your collection — find out how much you have spent on your Magic addiction
  • iCloud synchronization makes it effortless to keep your collection in synch across your Mac, iPad and iPhone.
  • And More!
  • Decked Builder features high-definition card art scans that display brilliantly on your Retina Display
  • Fully support for Innistrad day/night cards, Kamigawa flip cards and split cards
  • Works perfectly offline with no Internet connection

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Decked Builder Lite updated on 9th November 2016:

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Bug fixes for card viewing

User Reviews on Decked Builder Lite

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Decked Builder Lite below:

Unlike how some of the other reviews have mentioned, this app is actually pretty well kept up to date as of recent! The deck builder tool is very handy and the search engine is well constructed. The lite version is great for building one deck at a time, but you have to purchase the full app to get access to a few extra tools and additional decks. To be honest, this is nothing out of the ordinary and really isnt hard to work around if you dont have the cash. Overall, this is a really great app and we would recommend it to just about any MTG deck crafter!

This is amazing app, we’ve used it for years with all our EDH decks. We travel a lot for work and its great to deck tech while on a flight. Only critique is we prefer the old layout. The new update is nice a clean but we feel the older one was more intuitive and easier to read. 5 stars time and time again.

We have been using this app almost since release. We suggest this app to everyone we run into that plays. Its amazing for building decks and getting a minor play test to see how it will flow. Of course nothings perfect and you cant please everyone, but for us it is!

We’ve been using the lite version for a long time but recently when we save cards and close out of the app they are not there when we reopen it. We figured Id buy the premium version since we enjoyed the app so much and we didnt mind the cost because of the time invested and how useful the app was. However the premium version is worse. It literally has less features. What we really like about the app is the apps settings, however on the premium version you cant change any of the apps settings, so for example we cant change where our price data comes from or if we want had art or if we want to view the art offline. Because of this we immediately requested a refund. Besides there being actually less features of the version you have to pay for we like the UI of the lite app better and we wish there was a setting to change it or any settings for that matter. Lite version is great, wouldnt buy the full version.

In short, it works good but its missing Kaladesh and Aether Revolt.

Basic setup. Missing at least the five most recent sets, despite being updated today. We just restarted our collection with HoD, so its a deal breaker.

Major crashing ever since the ONE update when you tap some of the filters like color, set, etc.

Every time we click on the white symbol filter, the app closes instantly. Can anyone help?

This app used to work perfectly for a number of years. Now there seems to be a bug where when trying to use the search function, the app will close on you. We’ve waited through multiple updates for this to be fixed. Finally read comments and ratings. Seems Im not the only one. And is probably intentional.

Might be a good app for its value, but we wouldnt know because when we select White in the color category on the search page, it immediately crashes. Had it for a total of 2 minutes so no loss.

Why are you missing the one set we have?

Doesn’t have any of the latest sets. Don’t waste your time.

Had this downloaded for years, worked perfectly. Recently a bug was introduced wherein clicking on the top selection for a category (example: selecting white under color, or 0 under Power or Toughness when doing a specific search) will instantly close the app. We reached out to the creator of the app but they seemed far more concerned with whether or not we paid to download the full version. That was literally the first and only question they asked us. This tells us the recently introduced glitch is most likely a deliberate cash grab attempt to try and corral people into paying for the full version. We recommend passing on both for now since there are plenty of alternative apps that do the same thing for free, and without shady underhanded business practices.

Disappointing. We’ve used this app for card searching for years. Now the search function is totally neglected. The app crashes if we try to search for white cards, cards that produce green, artifacts, common cards, cards from about 1/3 of the sets, cards that cost 0, creatures with power or toughness of 0, or current standard cards! When we contacted them our response was that our issue is that Im using the free version. Seems theyve known about the constant crashing, but only fixed it for the paid version. Im not supporting anything with these practices. Choosing to make our experience miserable instead of offering more features in the paid app is NOT the way to encourage purchases.

The app crashes constantly and our deck lists disappear every time we close the app, let alone if it crashes. All our saved lists just vanish.

We realize this is limited. The people who rated this don’t seem to realize it’s a LITE app. The full version is probably updated with all the sets and is much more efficient.

The deck making part was very well thought out having the mana curve chart and making it easy to find cards, but ALOT of cards we couldn’t find and they should have a play test option. But still for a free app.

It’s a good app it just needs an update in prices and 2015 cards. We want to make a deck with Ajani steadfast in it but they don’t have the 2015 set yet. Please update because we would really like to use this app at its full potential.

We can’t speak for the full app, but the images on the lite version are intentionally misleading. The lite version of the app has not been updated since Return to Ravnica Block. Meanwhile he makes advertising money from it.

The search categorization is a joke. And it doesn’t have any new cards. Nearly impossible to use this.

Doesn’t even have all the sets available.

This is a horrible app. We made an 80 card deck, it said $13, we went to checkout, subtotal:$13.46 s/h: $27.36! Total:40.77!!!!! That is a scam. 80 non-mythic cards for $40????? Um no.

This app has helped us build great decks that have finally made us a threat to our friends! We love it! Haha.

We like how you can out together a deck then order it, we like how easily we can find the cards we like too. Though we don’t think we like the effects of the lite version, it should be something with saved cards or something instead of the packs available to view. Final score, 8/10 plus we will buy the full version when we can due to accessibility.

Only had like 7 different sets, not up to date at all. Good for beginners not for veterans.

It could be a lot better if they would have the older cards and if it would let u pick foil also.

This is purely awesome must have for any player.

Free version is terrible compared to most others.

Don’t let wizards of the coast bully you into shutting down your app. Keep up the good work.

We searched for horrors, a couple other creatures and other card types. The app came up with no results so the card data base needs work and it needs more sets.

We haven’t been able to use it much because most of our card decks are a little bit older and our cards are not listed. We’re a little disappointed, it may have been great had it had all the cards :(

If you want the full version just type decked into the search box and you’ll find it fast enough. NOTICE: this is the free version so it only has a few card sets.


We know the light version is supposed to be scaled back but when you look at standard card and the scars block doesn’t exsist there’s a problem.

Great app, just wish you could browse cards in full screen. What we mean is when zoomed on a card, so it takes up all of the screen you cannot swipe to the next card without first zooming back out.

This is another "lite" version that pretty much forces you to buy the whole game in order to get access to the really good functions! Why even bother having a lite version if you don’t even offer 10% of the cards to be viewable!?!? They make it sound like there are great functions in the lite version but we have had it for 2 minutes, looked at 2 decks and was actually able to view 2 cards out of 150!!!!! The thing is we probably would pay $4 for this app if we didn’t feel slighted by the fact that they were not totally honest about the lite version! Now we don’t want to give them our money out of spite and will hold out for another app even if it costs more!

We would love to buy the full app, but this won’t play in our iPod (which we can’t install iOS 4.0 to). Please, make it work for previous iOS versions. Thanks!

This is an incredible companion app. We are dumping all the rest. Inclusion of hi def scans are fantastic. Sometimes one likes to just browse through the beautiful art. This update makes it possible with beautiful clarity. We can only ask that you make it possible to slide browse in full screen mode. Great features, great layout, great app! Well worth the purchase. Keep the updates coming.

Download "app trailers" it’s an app that allows u 2 get a $10 gift card just for watching app trailers. In just one day we are half way to earning the gift card!!!!!!! We will have it tomorrow and we might download the full version of this app with the money! And if u want 2 get the gift cards faster then use "nobby19" as ur promo card it will give u a lot of points.

We took a look at this "lite" version and went for the upgrade. We’re liking it more than TCG (formerly MTG) Deck Builder. Better search. Doesn’t drop changes. Easy to use. Looking forward to upgrades. Thanks!

Best deck builder app ever but we want to upgrade to the full version but don’t know how.

This is exactly what we have been looking for in an on-the-fly deck builder. Extremely easy to use and comprehensive without being slow. Cannot wait for the full version!!

Great way to keep your decks organized and listed for the go. Simple to use… Can’t wait for the upgrade to be released so the ALL the cards are available.

It’s a good base for searching but we wish it had all the sets like it said or at least SOM.

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