Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It!

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Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It!

Def Leppard - Let's Rock It!

Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by PURE BREAD INC, Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It! is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 11th April 2022 with the latest update 15th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It! ?

612 people have rated 1.14.153

What is the price of the Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It! released ?

Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It! was released on 11th April 2022.

When was the Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It! updated ?

The latest updated date of Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It! on 15th December 2022.

Where can Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It! from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Def Leppard’s "Let’s Rock It!" – Step into the shoes of Bethany, an up-and-coming rocker on the rise to stardom with the help of the legendary Def Leppard.
Collect stylish clothes and new musical instruments, conquer social media, and make your way to the top of the charts as you progress through levels & solve puzzles using match-3 combinations!
Features of the game:

  • Classic match-3 gameplay that you know and love
  • Follow the rise of a hot new rock band from the very beginning
  • Interesting characters: aspiring/daring young musicians and their wise mentors
  • Dress the band members to your liking and set new fashion trends in social networks with a variety of options
  • Clothes in different styles: rockabilly, glam, modern
  • Lots of instruments: guitars, drums, bass and more! Choose the one you like and go on stage!
  • Lots of levels with musical elements, colorful special effects, and challenging puzzles!
  • Concert levels on which your musicians will rock the crowd and earn their claim to fame.

Updated on 15th December 2022

  • minor fixes

Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It! Review

We’ve been really enjoying the game but for the past two days our fuel doesnt regenerate when Im not using the app, other than that we love how you can change the appearance of the characters and how the game has a story line with it. We really enjoy playing this game but we dont like opening up the game to play and see that we still have no fuel after hours.

Good game, great take on the matching games. Building the band is awesome, choices are limited and linear in a way bit at least you can customize. Odd that you arent listening to Def Leppard music really though.

Great game play thats easy to grasp the concepts. Fun theme and we love Def Leppard. One level was absolutely impossible, to the point we had to spend some real money to get enough bonuses to pass it. We dont mind spending a little here and there on a free game, usually when there are sales, but after being stuck on the level for about a week it was like we had no other choice than to spend money. We would have considered just walking away but Def Leppard lol. We still gave it four stars because so far, even though there have been some hard levels, we havent experienced anything like that again. So hoping it was just one poorly designed level. Our only other complaint have been with a few glitches (tokens not dropping down to fill boxes so there are just random spaces on the board, instrument bonuses like the missile being placed on the board where it is automatically lined up for a three of a kind so it just instantly goes away without shooting a single missile, etc) but its a new game so we figure those might still get worked out.

Im really enjoying this game but would recommend a couple of fixes. First, when the boosters are combined and used with other boosters they dont carry any extra punch. They do the exact same thing as if they were being used by themselves. Next, the story seems to just stop abruptly once you get in the 300 levels. Great game otherwise, very engaging.

Im a big Def Leppard fan, but this app needs a lot of work. We hope that they are able to improve gameplay to come closer to the reputation thf this amazing classic Rock Band.

Another boring match game under a cool premise. We like match games but there is just too much going on. Too many screens of other stuff and not enough actual game play.

How else would we rate a game from one of our favorite bands ever? We LOVE these kinds of games and the fact that theres one with some of our favorite people in it, its a dream come true!

This was such a surprise to see a Def Leppard based game. We were absolutely shocked, and when we played it, it was such a unique game and fun way to incorporate a rock n roll experience. Love the build a band scenario. Thank you Def Leppard rock on!!!

We really am enjoying this game. Its fun and easy to play!

We enjoy the old school looks & simplicity of the game. Also, DEF LEPPARD Fn RULES! Love the soundtrack!

We dont know what else to say, this game is great.

Such a great game with an amazing band with an amazing storyline.

A fun and entertaining game to pass the time!

Great game for Lep fans and rock fans alike. Looks like the band had a hand in it. Some great music with some familiar gameplay makes this a MUST!

Im hot, sticky sweet From our head to our feet….. YEAH!!! Awesome game!! Def Leppard anything is AWESOME!!!

Im level 146 and the next stage seems impossible to beat because the bills arent spawning fast enough to get rid of before the turns run out (and thats with bonus turns). Truthfully, Im a bit bored with games like this but the storyline is keeping us engaged. If we can never get past this stage though, theres no point continuing. Im not looking for a freebie here. The spawn rate just seems like its not set right.

We just got to level 24 and tried about 25 times to get past it and cannot. All a matter of luck. Only way is spending to buy power ups but shouldnt have to in such early levels. A shame as it seems really good with all the customization.

This game is visually awesome and a fantastic change on the repetitive matching genre but the story line is so bad. The main character is terrible. She takes away from the game so much.

Why is there no DL music in this game?? Seriously, the Iron Maiden game has IM music. Sorry no matter have fun this game is, without the music, its lacking.

When is there going to be an update? Its been months since we’ve been able to play the game. Im sitting on level 399. It would be nice to be able to play it again!

It’s not bad but it’s annoying because some of the levels are just impossible : //

If you love Def Leppard, just get it.

Love this game! It rocks! However, we’ve been waiting for new levels since June! Wish the creators would release levels pass 400!

This is a cute game. Challenging at times, but winnable with patience. We just wish there were more levels.

This app is fun to play. There is 400 levels and bummed there isnt any more! We love Def Leppard and it is cool to have their own game! Rock! Rock til you drop!

This game has potential, however, it includes no official Def Leppard songs that we all know and love. Its kind of misleading as well as disappointing. We as fans play games such as this to hear the music of the band the game is tied to. You wont find that here. Huge mistake by developer for whatever reason. Cant bring myself to play it again. No other reason to.

We cant find instructions anywhere and there doesnt seem to be a point to the game that we can figure out.

We play this game just to hear Joe Elliott tell us You Rock. But for real this game is fun.

Its getting stuck at a certain point.

We played a couple levels and then the game soft-locked us on a text box and we couldnt play the game until we clicked off the text box and we couldnt.

We have been a fan since there second album way back in 1981! We have seen them many times and look forward to seeing them soon. Incredible to have a game with their music, their likeness and with a good storyline to boot! Maybe some songs like Switch 625? Still miss steamin Steve. THANKS!

Very fun game! Got to see them in St Louis and they advertised it at the show.. Phenomenal Show and Game!!

When we seen this game as an ad we immediately downloaded it! Just came from one of the stadium concerts, love yall!

Went to go see them they great and before show they showed a QR code to download this game not gonna lie BUTT this the BEST game with some actual MUSIC we’ve been looking for apps like this one like it was guitar hero but this toke a diffrent route to right route the ROCK THE GRANDMA WAY you might be asking why the Grandma eh well mate aint what you think it is grandmas always play candy crush or games like that like toon blast and we always see grandmas playing so it makes sense so Rock the way to this awsome game grand-ma-ma we finally got into this type of games hooray for everyone WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIYY E-E-ET bicycle.

We love Def Leppard and this game rocks!!!

We game quite a lot and enjoy a challenge. Love the graphics. We were always the broke Indian girl dreaming of seeing Def Leppard in concert. We live in Montana and know that few bands come here. This year: Las Vegas. What a dream come true.

Really like the game. Very addicting.

Have been a fan since we first heard Rock of Ages. We are thankful that Def Leppard is the featured band, not KISS:) The characters are interesting and you cant help but cheer for Bethany and wait to see her make it big!

Pretty cool but got to a point where we had to pay to play. No thx.

We enjoyed the game genuinely but the story randomly just stops in a weird abrupt way. After that its all levels with no plot.

New game, kinks to be worked out to be sure, but the scriptit needs work. Typos, weird phrasing, the main character comes out with bizarre non-sequiturs. Also as another reviewer said, Im not even sure we like the main character. Other than that, its a standard match 3. We would like more Lep music and interactions, but we are cracking up every time Joe says banger!

Like must games, this is fun for a short time and then it becomes almost impossible to pass a level without special items. Is this game worth spending money on? The answer would be a solid No. To the trash it goes.

Lots of bugs forecloses in the middle of board and wont let us recover our life.

We like the game, it’s fine. Some kinks here and there, a better text editor is needed, but overall not bad. Im on level 222 and havent needed to spend a cent (i wont). But we just unlocked a tattoo for the bass guitarist called chief and it’s an image of a native american with the chief feathers. We dont know how to feel about it, it seems like it’s iconographing native american traditions, as if that hasn’t been done enough. It’s not necessary and shouldn’t have been included. If it were an actual person (like the idol tattoo) it wouldn’t be a big deal. And then we went to the set it was for and it’s called chief where travis will wear an entire set of clothes to appropriate a native american culture. Not good.

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