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LONER is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Chengdu Lanfei Huyu Technology Co., Ltd., LONER is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 24th May 2017 with the latest update 22nd March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Music, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


81 people have rated 2.0.4

You can download the game LONER from APP STORE.


LONER is a very simple game, no attributes, no upgrade, or even no score, what it wants to bring you, is only purely tranquillity and loneliness.
LONER tells the story of a lonely journey of a pilot, in the journey, you would understand his past and his pursuit.

**Unique Game Mode
It has two modes of operation, two-hand-sliding and gravity sensing, the unique design brings a deeper sense of immersion.
**Very Simple but Various Pictures
There is no complicated shape and brilliant appearance, but you would set foot on a different kind of color trip.
**The Right Original Music
Several sad, or quiet background music makes you completely immerse in the game.
**Random and Rich Barriers
Level barriers are completely random and there is the strong vs strong level. It takes the different levels of players into account; obstacles are based on the music beat, which deepen your inner resonance.

Director Profile
Before making LONER, I was a game programmer, and really wanted to make a game with my own style. The original idea is to make a 3D version "Flappy Bird" with a different perspective, but in the production process, I suddenly found that the game has a quiet loneliness: A plane flies slowly alone in the dark channel by passing one after another obstacle, but seems never reach the end of channel, which is slight shiny in the distance. In the influence of some literary and artistic works, I have been very interested in loneliness, and there are rarely games which express mainly the lonely sense in the market, so that the game topic is decided as this.
As a programmer who begins to learn art, I understand that to create roles and environment with rich details in short time is unrealistic, so I decide to pay a tribute to the art style of the "2001: A Space Odyssey”, and this style features "Loner" that the entire scene tones can be arbitrarily transformed.

BGM List
2.Sea Sand

Updated on 22nd March 2022

Content optimization

LONER Reviews

The 1 star is just to (hopefully) get your attention. This is the third time we’ve purchased this game between various devices and accounts. We’ve always loved this game, and Im aware its old and likely dead, but we hope you can help. The story is in English, but everything else, the settings, menus, greeting (loading) screen, etc., is stuck in an eastern language. Im not sure which language exactly, but, if you see this and are willing to put a tiny bit more into this masterpiece youve created, we know the patch would be greatly appreciated by more than just us. Im on an iPhone 13 Pro, if the information is necessary. Thankyou for the time.

We can no longer play the game. We keep getting a pop up telling us to confirm something and we click on the button and it just crashes. Over and over. You cant do anything but push the button. Wth man.

You ruined a great app by requiring location information, we are going to have to delete. We do not like tracking or having our information in foreign hands.

Us personally love the game its so amazing we fell in love with this game everything is okay and we recently got our phone fixed so we lost our data and the inverted controls were a new one on us but Im okay with that our main issues is that we don’t understand the words we wanna read the story but we cant because its in a Language we dont understand so Im just asking if we can get English words so some of us can enjoy the story please.

We love this game, yet we cant understand it due to the English Option not working. Please fix this as soon as you can.

And boring too. You cant maneuver the airplane, nor steer it in any way that isnt trivial. You would have more fun and have a more memorable experience if you just lit a five dollar bill on fire and watched it burn.

We dont play a lot of games. They all seem a bit fast for us. Loner is very much our speed. Relaxed game, beautiful imagery and phenomenal music. We wish we could find more like this.

Im coming back to this game for the second time in a row just to relive it. We loved this game when we first downloaded it. Quiet and non-competitive. It calms us down instantly if Im having a bad day.

We discovered this game two years ago through AppsGoneFree. It sounded interesting, so idol loses it. We played enough to get close to 40 of the story pieces unlocked, but then stopped playing. We recently started occasionally playing it again, and now we just unlocked the final piece of the story. Its a rather sad story, but its also hard to understand and follow. That is our only criticism of this wonderful game. The grammar (especially near the end) does not make complete sense, and leaves you filling in some pieces. Other than that, the serenity and simplicity of this game has us playing for hours on end. We wish there were more to the story, as now we feel like we dont have much motivation to keep playing . Thanks for making this game.

How can someone relax when he have to keep worrying not to hit obstacles?!!, moving obstacles in a game where the goal is to relax!!!. Please remove the moving obstacles, at least in zen mod.

Im seeing a lot of the music critiques and its understandable, music is the most sensitive and far reaching in all of us for emotion .. But you did a great job with the first version and getting this app out into the world its beautiful, but now the music and a little fine tuning and this could go next level !!! Needs to run deeper, music, visual and other creative ideas for expansion send Hans Zimmer the app, he might put something together or we suppose you will have to let people tap into their own, which to be honest we would love this app to have the music just for the full disconnect and connect into this journey options options and more options, this is youre brand and you dont want people bringing to much outside world into youre creation but its time to let the settings ring baby!!! Why not, very limited right now if you want us to throw down hours of game play the simple visuals are incredible and zen definitely works, but implement some fascinating options within, open this baby up thanks bryce.

The visuals and story are amazing! Simple and satisfying. But um, there are some minor typos. Still, its a really, really good game.

We mean, dang. We dont know what to say… We dont know how to describe the music. It creates a heaviness. Perfect for the game. Sad and deep, yet almost like a lullaby.

Hesitant to spend $.99 on this. Worth every penny. Good Story. And relaxing.

We enjoy the concept and content of the game. Will there be a continuation for the story? Keep up the amazing work!

If we might suggest some adding some landscapes, and other aircraft, P-38, Fokker dr1, sailplane.

Immense and deep. Genius game with deep emotional impact. It will take you places.

It has been a really long time sice there was a game which fascinated us as much as this one. It feels as if a player was flying in a dream with all the wisdom, love, compassion etc. We havent studied it for long but it seems that there has been written some really smart coding. Always a surprise. Never bored us down so far. Keep the work up. Thanks.

This game is awesome. The gameplay is good and easy to learn. This is beautiful but simple, all that colors over that black background creating a black hole full of lights are really impressive. All the songs are amazing and deep and they make us imagine and feel like the characters in the story of the game. The story Of Loner and Alma is beautiful and deep, we could feel what the characters felt and it kept us interested and curious in how it was going to be, this made us continue playing to unlock all the parts of the story, and that was amazing. But the story has no end or it ends in open, and it is weird and takes from us what we were waiting and hoping to for. This is the only thing we have to complain about the game, and we hope for a continuation for the story of Loner and Alma and a new story to keep us and the other players in the game. Tanks!

There needs to be a way in Settings, like in most games, to separately turn off the music or turn off the sound effects. We are not sure whether this app has sound effects. But it should have them, and they need to be separate from the music. If we cannot turn off the music then we will not play this app. It looks intriguing but it is not for us. It will be good for players who dont mind constant music. We want to play in silence (but not mutedI want plane and environmental sound effects).

Really fun but ours wont let us read more stories without an add and it says no adds.

This game is really nice. The journaling stories have some grammatical issues and spelling errors. We give the game a 4 star rating because of the spelling and grammar. But would definitely make it 5 star if fixed. Wonderful game!

2 different planes have morphed into 1 which now makes our double planeboth wide and tall. No good. When we clicked on app support here it linked to an Asian language only site. Never mind. Minimalist game so dont expect too much story or fancy controllers but great if youre into that sort of thing, as we am.

We love the game, it’s a relaxing concept, but the music drives us crazy. We wouldn’t say it is bad, it’s just not to our liking. We find the tones a bit jarring and not particularly soothing or relaxing. The rain without the background music would be a perfect option. Or other nature sounds, like the ocean or wind, without music or even the option of just muting the sound all together. It’s not a criticism of the original music, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

This game is beautiful. It looks great and the music is gorgeous (although you cant turn it off which could be annoying to some people), but the story is basically non-existent and the gameplay is repetitive. Its basically you just flying around and avoiding obstacles. Its not as addictive as something like an infinite runner game. Its just kinda boring. We got this app for free, but we wouldnt pay for it.

You cannot adjust or even turn off the saccharine music so one cannot play and listen to podcasts which would be wonderful. You can choose boring mode which has a nice Zen quality but gets boring fast or aggressive stomper mode with device that stomp on you unless you time, not fly, it right. So either zero or eleven. Having the ability to even just turn off the music and a third mode with just the gates to make the flying interesting would make this game amazing.

This game is wonderful. Very relaxing and calming. The music is soft and clean while the graphics are simple as are the controls. Highly recommend it to anyone that just wants to zone out and relax.

We like to play relaxing games while listening to audiobooks. The only reason we paid for this game is to play immersion mode while listening to audiobooks. But we cant turn off the music!!! This game is worthless to us as it is. (I gave 5 stars to not unfairly skew the cumulative review score)

Great, immersive, and simple with an original way of progressing a story thru a mobile game. Score and soundtrack is great too. Our only problem really is when we’re reading the journals, some sentences seem to be incomplete, or whole parts of sentences are missing every once in a while, and the grammar gets pretty sloppy towards the end. Idk if this is a isolated problem that only we are experiencing, but it took away from the storytelling experience a bit for us. Other than that, one of the best free games we’ve played!

We have never played a game on a tablet that got us so hooked on the story line and was dying to get to the ending. Such an Amazing game!!

The sound track is almost as good as Battlefield 1s track, very immersive play with headphones!!

This game is so soothing and is great for relaxing. Makes us feel at ease. It also has a story throughout the whole game. Love it so much!!!!

Beautiful, relaxing, peaceful, calming, brilliant, harmonies, healing, wonderful. And it really is more amazing with headphones.

In previous version and the current one the plane can go through the wall with out exploding. Fix it please.

Great game to relax. Good for people that enjoy the music of games as much as any other part.

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