Desert Golfing

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Desert Golfing


Desert Golfing is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Captain Games Inc., Desert Golfing is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 7th August 2014 with the latest update 5th December 2017

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Sports, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


597 people have rated 1.22

You can download the game Desert Golfing from APP STORE.


To see a world in a bunker of sand
And a heaven in a wild cactus,
Hold infinity in the pocket of your shorts,
And eternity in Desert Golfing.

Updated on 5th December 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

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Menu bar hidden on iPhone X
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Desert Golfing Reviews

Are you the kind of person whos self worth is defined by your ranking against others or you cant accept that the mistakes of the past will follow you through life and jump for the reset button when things go wrong? Well…. Stay the heck away from this game as it isnt for you. Run away… Run fast… If youre looking for a simple, addictive, frustrating, and fun mindless waste of time with a decent physics model that takes place on an infinitely long 2-D golf course made of sand, you cant find better than this!

We’ve played through 4 times (40,000 holes). Quite meditative.

Ever wanted to know what it is like to play golf in the desert in an alternate universe where you are the ball and a giant thumb god flicks you around and you take that life for granted and by the time its over you wish you were a ball again instead of a human?

There is nothing but you, sand, and the ball. Was that a cloud?

Until you learn to ignore the numbers you cant truly enjoy this game.

This is the most relaxing game ever. We love that the graphics are simple, and the sounds minimal and soothing. That said, the challenge is real! You can play a hole more than once just by shooting your game off the screen. So if you think youve figured a better way to solve the hole, shoot your ball off-screen – the ball will reset on the tee and you can try again. We have one big wish – we wish the screen would show what the par for the hole is. It would be fun to try to make or beat par on each hole. But we love the game.

We’ve grown to love it, like someone you think is obnoxious who becomes a good friend.

The game helps fill those few-minute voids with nothing to do. Its a wonderful distraction. We find myself playing it at the strangest of times. Developer is very responsive as well.

32530 shots later we reached the end. 10000+ holes and Im bummed that it ended since we were enjoying it so much. Thank you.

There are no achievements. The game doesnt care if you get a hole in one or take 100 strokes for a hole. There is no tutorial, and no need for one. The holes have not been designed for a single solution, or even multiple solutions. The holes do not get harder. They do not introduce new hazards. You cannot acquire new skills, gears, collectibles, or power-ups. There is no story. There is no end. It is a toy for you to play with, a physical thing that is not trying to reward or punish or incentivize or otherwise engineer you. Just play with it. Enjoy the little sand splash and the click of hitting the ball. Of course you might feel happy when the ball goes in the hole, but thats up to you and not the game. Have fun and enjoy being left in peace. We cant be harassed by other games after this.

Is it procedurally generated? Anyway its the best golfer.

Its simple, its well executed, its not overloaded with ads, and its fun. A great game to have on the phone.

We have been playing this game at least once a week for the last 3 years and im still going! Im on level three thousand and something. It is so simple but so addictive!

500 holes in, and we have seen one (1) water feature and one (1) cactus.

We love the near silence experience. So frustrating but rewarding as well. Thanks for this!

This is the best game on the App Store. We are more than 5000 levels into it. We wish the developer would add more past the first 1000-2000 levels. It would keep things interesting.

This game flys in the face of modern mobile gaming. No gotcha mechanics, no ads, not pay to play more, and no time gating. Just come and play a fun mobile game with no interruptions that can be picked up and put down in an instant. Update: The game ends on the 10,000th hole. Very much so worth the money, but it has left a hole in our heart not being able to play it anymore.

Very calming game. Enjoyed it so much we went all the way to the end of the course – 33025. We would love to reset and start over but we do not see an option to do that. If you could add that option, that would be great. UPDATE: we still want to reset progress so we can start the game over and get addicted all over again. Any possibilities of that happening?

This really needs a little direction. It took a long time for us to figure out that you can shoot from anywhere on the screen – you do not have to be to the left of the ball. It would be nice to have a reset button to start game again.

XKCD sent us here. Great simple yet highly entertaining game. We find it a good way to unwind.

We love this game and we’ve played more than 3000 holes. We would love it if a running average of shots per hole or other stats could be displayed up top along with the total. How about a total for the last 18 holes? Thank you!

We just want to say thank you for this game! Desert Golfing has really helped us through some stressful times in our life. This game has been a much needed meditation. Has truly made our life better.

This is just what we were looking for. A very simple golf game to pass time. The only thing we wish they would do differently is we wish that the aiming widget was focused on the ball and not your finger (but your finger could still be anywhere on the screen). It would make it easier to aim.

We played all 10,000 holes!!! Ends with one last lake shot. Which is typically how our real game goes too! :)

Im at 10,500 holes and still love it. There are times that you believe that theres just no way you can do this hole, but persevere, you can and you will. The number of strokes dont matter, its a Zen kind of thing, just you and the desert. Yes, the sand and sky will change their tint after awhile, just like the sky above you now changes. Not to worry, its not a glitch. Just keep playing. Mind-soothing; let your troubles just drift away… Just one more hole… Great game for when youre at a Drs office, or waiting while your partner is shopping. Minutes or an hour or two, doesnt matter. Just you and the desert… One of the best values in the App Store. Playing it for years and still doing demos of it for Apple User Group meetings! Very relaxing!

A brilliantly simple yet highly addictive game. No menu, music, character or shops. Just a golf ball in the desert with a cactus or two every so often. This may seem boring being read but trust us when we say that you have to play it to know that its like. We are on hole 200 and only bought the game about 4 days ago. Dont pass up on this gem.

Read the reviews and tried it out. It’s about what you expect, you know, just golfing in the desert. We’ve had the game for almost a year (maybe 10 months) and we finally made it to level 10,000. Then it ended. Didnt have a Congratulations! Message it anything. Just a giant lake where your ball will never return from. This was what we used to multitask and hold our ADD at bay during boring meetings / events. Totally worth it. Wish the levels lasted longer so now we have to go find a new time waster app. Previous review: So a month or two ago before we purchased, we read a review about a hole at 2800 that the reviewer couldn’t get past because it’s a hole covered by a plateau next to a body of water. We were worried about it and also thought I’d never make it that far. Well, we just ran into that hole. It’s hole number 2866 and it’s a doozy. However, there’s a trick: you can’t land it directly into the hole. There’s actually a land mass to the right, just off the screen. We found it by accident. By sheer luck, on our second try, it bounced off of that land into the hole. As a tip, you can’t bounce it off the side, you either have to hit it from the top or on the corner (which is what we think we did). Anyway, we plan to keep going until we get sick of it. Maybe we’ll come update our review after we hit another significant landmark.

We play it on the bus, when Im bored, or if Im waiting in line at the bathroom its just that easy to pick up and play. We’ve whiled away hours one hole at a time.

Great game. Fun, but infuriating at times. It took us 26,386 strokes to get through all 10,000 holes.

Its so great. But it really needs an instant reset button or a fast-forward feature. Watching the ball slowly roll down a hill is a bit grating by the 97th hole.


It doesnt have a goal to complete. But you can find goal in real life u know.

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. – Confucius we can no longer tell where heaven stops and the desert begins.

What’s not to love? This game has it all: breathtaking vistas, infinite replayability, elegant mechanics which are simple to learn yet difficult to master. Would recommend to anyone regardless of their affinity for the game of golf.

So simple. Doesnt bother you with ads or menus or any of that stupid crap. Just play desert golf.

… We have to go to the can, she says have fun golfing.

We came across a cloud, and shot the ball at it. Nothing happened to the cloud. Im worried that we may have angered the gods and it may be another 700 holes before we see a cloud again. There really isnt any better mobile game than this. The simplicity provides replayability. It is zen, and we can play it for 20 seconds waiting for a conference call to start up, or for a few minutes before bed. Those decrying lack of options, replay button, stars, and congratulations make us laugh. The entitlement generation that needs to be told that they are doing such a great job for just existing. These children could not survive on older game systems where you didnt get an achievement popping up just for playing the first level of a game.

We finally made it to the end. Just over 29k holes. Kept us entertained for quite some years.

This game has been our literal no-brainer game for several years. Its small and simple design has kept us coming back for more. The occasional changes in landscape, be it a cactus, a cloud, a color shift, brought an element of satisfaction simply because of their rarity. It was a joy to see something new. A reminder of how pleasant the simple things of life can be. However, upon reaching hole 10,000 today at 26,476 strokes, something new we did not expect occurred. Hole 10,001 did not generate. Instead we found myself on the shore of an endless ocean. Hmm, we thought. Perhaps its a fluke? So we rebooted the app and there was still no new hole. We hit the ball into the ocean, and the ball vanished beneath the water and did not regenerate again. We no longer have a ball to hit. Nor a hole to shoot for. The game promised infinity, but the game literally ending like this exactly at hole 10,000 seems like its an ending by design. If not, the game has broken at hole 10,001 and Id like to keep playing. As far as endings go, we will say this does seem like a very appropriate ending for this simple game.

Getting a hole in one on a long shot over a hill is the most satisfying thing we’ve done with our life in months.

We liked it, except the part where it turned our neighbor into the golfer. Our neighbor then got really mad about our "car" on his "lawn." Literally bashed our windows in with his clubs. We haven’t read about anyone else having this bug, however we’ve reported it to the developers. They said they’d work on it, but "in the mean time, we recommend you try to turn off your device and turn it back on." Now we are on the lam for murder. Thanks, Desert Golf!

We’ve played a lot of games throughout our life but this may be one of the best.

Its golfing in a desert. Five stars!

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