Dig Deep

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 10:30 am

Dig Deep

Dig Deep

Dig Deep is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CRAZY LABS BY TABTALE , G.P., Dig Deep is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 28th April 2022 with the latest update 11th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Simulation, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Dig Deep ?

49,114 people have rated 10.2.0

What is the price of the Dig Deep ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Dig Deep released ?

Dig Deep was released on 28th April 2022.

When was the Dig Deep updated ?

The latest updated date of Dig Deep on 11th May 2023.

Where can Dig Deep be downloaded ?

You can download the game Dig Deep from Apple Official App Store.



Ready to be a mining diamond tycoon?! It’s time to become a gold digger and shovel your way to success. In this simulator game, go underground and dig deep for treasure. But don’t get stuck down the hole – hire workers to boost your digging empire.

This idle miner game is the best digging game there is. Your only goal is to dig deep and look for gems and diamonds. Become the best gold miner there is! And then you can get more gold diggers to boost your mining tycoon.

Amass as much money as you can. The more you collect, the more you get rich. Simulator games are sometimes lame – but not this one!

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Updated on 11th May 2023

Bug fixes so you can keep up your game addiction!

Dig Deep Review

We just got the game this morning and we cant stop playing it. Its soooo addictive. We already have 7 dig spots and 3 of them have pass level 100. SOOOOO FUN. Recommend getting it. It helped us to release stress and anxiety. We are so relaxed when we play this game.

Okay so we think that there might be a bug or something but our screen keeps on freezing and we were in level 100 or something but today we entered and we started on level 0 so we dont know whats going on with the game but. We LOVE IT.

We dont know if we can do anything but this game it is so fun to play.

We just started playing and Im hooked its so fun.

It is a very good game, and we enjoy playing it thank you for taking your time and making it so we can have fun while chilling and just sitting around.

This game is very entertaining, and is very addicting and we love it so much.

Its SO satisfying and best part is NO ads it doesnt have any ads its a great game you should download it.

We love this game and it is so fun.

Get this game you can get workers and at 100 layers done you get a elevator you can level up your workers too you can also get leveled up too so easy but the farther you get in to the game it gets harder but still hard is easy:D GET THIS GAME.

This game is so fun you can have helpers and get a lot of money.

We loveIt is so fun and A enjoying to play end it doesnt need Internet.

Its sooo fun that we even got to 1,000 in two days.

We love wasting our time with holes if you know what we mean.

We forgot on the other review that we really like the music (Maple Leaf Rag) :)

We like this game it is just a fun game while waiting for something except the the random adds like what!! Make the game more fun we at least gave you a five star rating oh and add us on fortnite or YouTube or Tik Tok please SEE THIS REVIEW AND PLEASE TAKE THE ADDS OFF PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!!!!

When we first downloaded we thought it would be one of those game that you play for 5 min and get bored of it, thats not the case. Its really good and Im in hole 3 because we just downloaded this game yesterday. The game is really smooth.

This is a great game like you can dig and dig and also you can but new areas with only like $300 good deal we are on #3 it is amazing!

Hi ur game is awesome we just wanted to say that Im not aloud To say black market kk.

Every time an ad loads it freezes and then closes out we love the game but can you please fix it or make it so the ads can be removed please.

We loved Dig-Dug. This is fun. Pop-up ads are as annoying as always.

The pets need to be able to mind and help out!

Addictive, but the forced adds are giving us a headache. We know you need revenue, but Im just annoyed.

The game is great but the only problem is sometimes you would be just walking around and suddenly an ad would appear. We give the game 4 stars but if the game had no ads we would give 5 stars. When this problem is fixed we will change this into 5 stars we hope this problem get fixed soon.

This Game is pretty fun but when we were playing one of our workers got stuck in the wall.

We down loaded this game but playing it for only a few minutes we are getting ads . If we wanted to watch ads we would watch the tv not play a game. Very unhappy with this.

The game is good but there is way to much ads and just makes the game unenjoyable.

This game is awesome but too many ads and the elevator goes down too fast it hurts our eyes.

This game is great to play when we want to relax. We unlocked 6 areas & finished 5 monuments. Then we opened the game today to find all our work gone! Everything vanished! Id like to rate this based on how we like it, but its lost 3 because of what we lost.

We found a big issue so we spent hours on this game and we got to like 1 billion trillion of some sort A major bug has been fond we got back on the game and all our player speeds were glitched our workers were glitched and we no longer work or go fast we hope you guys fix it?

The ads make the game crash and they come too often but we find the gameplay realaxing.

You need to fix adds when Im trying to play the game a add pops up and its annoying.

When you choose to watch an ad for the magnet and unlimited capacity (both temporary) after completing the ad you are NOT rewarded with it.

This has a virus all the 5 starts are fake and all the reports are!

This game has way too many ads that our phone is overheated. This is illegal and this game should be banned for allowing this!

Its cs every time u get off the game and u get back on it makes u fully restart.

Within the first ten seconds of playing, we got stuck in the dirt and couldnt move.

When you made the game smoother it just stopped allowing us to play!

When you go to sell to the black market it sell for 5!X.

Hi! We’ve been playing DD for a few weeks now and Id like to say Please add villages! There isnt much to do after you got the depth of 1000, maybe you could add villages to the game to make it more interesting. You could have shops to buy better digging gear and you could use the balls to make bricks, and bricks to make houses for the villagers! You could also add animals. Also, when you go to stand on the motorcycle pad you have to wait for a while. Other than that we have no complaints about the game. God bless whoevers reading this!

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