Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 02:40 pm

Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends

Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends

Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by UNICO STUDIO LLC, Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends is a Trivia game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th April 2023 with the latest update 1st June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Trivia, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends ?

6,020 people have rated 1.4.6

What is the price of the Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends released ?

Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends was released on 4th April 2023.

When was the Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends updated ?

The latest updated date of Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends on 1st June 2023.

Where can Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends be downloaded ?

You can download the game Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends from Apple Official App Store.



Brain Test 4 brings a cast of new characters, new customization mechanics, and the most importantly all-new brain teasers. We are going ‘back-to-basics’ to refresh the original Brain Test 1 formula with a huge dose of trickiness. Join the Tricky Club, unlock all of its members, and help them overcome tricky situations.

Brain Test 4 is catered for the Brain Test veterans who are looking for challenging tricky puzzles to solve. Nothing is as it seems and everything is there to trick your brain. But the game provides a robust hint system to help you along the way. Get ready for a challenging, but enjoyable and accessible experience.

With their colorful cast of members such as Tricky Lily and Astrodog, Brain Test 4’s Tricky Club awaits you to solve the trickiest puzzles of all time. Time to sharpen your wits and expand your mind!

● Tricky & Mind-blowing brain teasers.
● Surprising riddles.
● Unexpected solutions for puzzles.
● Tricky Club system with unlockable characters.
● Character and Environment customization options.
● Fan-favorite Brain Test art style with animated characters.
● Dozens of levels and constant new level updates.
● Humorous dialogues and exciting stories.
● Family friendly gameplay. Safe content for all ages.
● Can be played with one hand.
● Can be played offline.
● Completely free to download and free to play.

Updated on 1st June 2023

New levels are coming very soon!

Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends Review


Love this game . And guess what? It has no ads. Now we didnt see on ink ink. That ads sorry. Butt we got past so many levels without even one single add . Now a lot of you people are saying that is a lie. Well tell us if Im right ok by THE END.

1:The game could go as offensive to some people because some of the levels joke about people being overweight or old.2 Lags. So many lags. A couple times we literally had to delete the game and get it again because it would not stop lagging. But the main thing is if you make a 5th version please dont make it offensive!!!

But this game is just stupid. We thought it would be fun but no. The level with no spare tire was stupid for example. We think it would be more fun to actually figure out how to fix the tire. Not roll the uncle to be the tire.

Most levels are rigged to be impossible without adds. Im not saying that they have a difficult solution, but you cant beat them.

It is the best game ever we even played it and it is the best.

We have completed brain test 1,2,3 and now downloading the 4th one great job guys.

We love this game so much and it has so mini levels. It is fun to pass time but there are a lot of glitches it might be our internet but we have good internet. So please fix this it is not a big problem but it would be great if you could do that and we do recommend people to get this game it is so fun oh and one more thing it has a lot of adds so can you also please fix that if you can. Bye!!!!!

This is a really exiting puzzle game, however there are way too many of those ads with the king where you have to save him. Overall, a pretty fun game to play when your bored!!

So Im just playing this game and an ad pops up and IT FREEZES! We are really angry and it is so frustrating! We also have another complaint that it just stops EVERY TIME we DO ONE OF THE LEVELS RIGHT! The music still plays but whats wrong with this app is that IT IS GLITCHY!

It is fun but has a lot lot of adds and we dont like that but if it had less adds we would love it.

We play this game ALL THE TIME when Im on free time from whatever Im doing. But yeah we love this game!

This is a great game because you have to use your brain.

We love this game because it has so many interesting but tricky levels and even though we just bought it we still love it.

We love how fun this game is! It tests your brain power, and you can move things around. This game is so silly!

We’ve been playing this game for a while and we absolutely love it, the game is fun and playing this just really calms us down and makes us feel good.

We like how this game tricks you and your friends please get this game to fool around with your friends.

We love it here is going to be brain test 5 its our favorite.

Omg, we dunno what to say, except for we LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! We love the brain test games, and we were really excited when this one came out! Cant wait for brain test 5! PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS GAME ITS AMAZING!!!! Now, the only flaw it has, is ads. Now, not an insane amount of ads, but it DOES have one about every… 3? Levels. So. Yeah. But anyhoo, please download! So great!

Please dont stop the crazy fat jokes. Much needed with whats been going on.

Love the game, super fun and works your brain, just want to know what the gems are for.

They finally made another one, just as good as the other 3.

Its soooooooooo fun and no glitches. We love puzzles games this is one of our favorite!

So basically, infinite art, theres a blind sheild on 22 that you lift up and solve the problem. If you just cant solve it then you probably havent learned about variables. (Its 7 btw) But if anyone is saying that its a good game but it has ads, they kinda need ads, so you can either buy a subscription OR a much better and free option TURN ON YOUR AIRPLANE MODE!!! It might not work for everyone, but it worked for us and we dont have ads (unless we need to get a hint, then we turn it off) Sorry this is kinda long, anyways great game.

All of the apps that you have created are amazing!!!!! Id really like a brain test 5!

Fun not to easy not to hard and you can get hints when you get stuck.

We love this game!! It has a ton of levels!!! Quizzes for your brain also!!! You should get this game!! Though the only thing is that there are a lot of adds unless you pay to have none!! Most of the game is great though!! Thanks for listening!!!!!!

On level 92 we typed in the right answer it said we were wrong so we searched it up just in case we were right and we had it. But it still says Im wrong and everything thats it but overall a really fun game.

This is the best game ever because of all the puzzles and tricks but we did get angry and throw our phone a couple of times but this game is still fun.

This game test our brain a lot which we love.

We have other version of this game and we like it Leena.

We love this game so much!!! You should download it !

We LOVE this game so much! It has so many levels! This game is so fun when your in the go and have no service! We LOVE uncle bubba! All thought we think we should of had more levels with tiki. The only bad thing is that at the end of the game it said more levels soon about a month ago. We have waited for a month and we check about every week to see if there is new levels but there is none yet! Hope to see more levels soon!!!

We love this game so much and the other series there a lot of fun.


This app is good there are not to many ads bug its not very entertaining.

You have to watch ads for hints, even after purchasing the ad free bundle. We wish you were occasionally awarded with hints instead of gems.

We are gonna say this HOW DO YOU PASS LEVEL 22.

We love the game but theres too many ads.

Because its really hard and they dont give you the pets hits so we would like if this game give us more kids so it would be easier but the reason we like to say is it because its OK you it makes you think a lot so you get smart her about it at Chick-fil-A.

The game is fun and we love all of the brain test games but its really glitchy. Every time we beat a lever it says on the screen with a check mark. Other than this the game is very fun and as are all of the other brain test games.

We love this game, but it keeps glitching. Its been like this for some time and only today it stopped glitching long enough for us to get to level 13. We would love to be able to play this game. Has anyone else with IOS had this problem? We’ve tried everything, resetting our phone, closing all other open apps. Other than that, the game is great and very interactive.

Specifically level 7, we’ve flipped our phone every which way and nothing worked. The game was fun but it was short lived the dumb cats tongue didnt move. Will be deleting and if we could Id leave more bad ratings.

Not even worth it with how many ads they throw at you. Can barley even play its mostly ads. 5$ to remove them? Joke.

We were first the leave a review. This game is amazing we have been looking forward to it and we had it on preorder and we are so glad it is finally out! But it is a little low quality on our iPad.

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