Dingbats – Word Games & Trivia

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:50 pm

Dingbats – Word Games & Trivia


Dingbats – Word Games & Trivia is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lion Studios Plus LLC, Dingbats – Word Games & Trivia is a Word game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th December 2020 with the latest update 26th January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Word, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


60,137 people have rated 3.7

You can download the game Dingbats – Word Games & Trivia from APP STORE.


Are you a fan of classic word games like boggle, scrabble, or crosswords? Dingbats will fill your need for fun and unique new puzzle challenges! Each level brings you a new and unique ‘Dingbat’ to solve. No matter if you’re a puzzle newbie or a puzzle pro, our Dingbats have something for you. Once you get going, you’ll be hooked!

Pay close attention to the formation of each of these word-based clues and use your vocabulary and pattern recognition skills to crack the phrase. You will love flexing and improving your brain muscles as you move on to each new level. It is like taking your brain to the gym! There is no other game like it in the world!

Game Features

  1. Unique Word Puzzles:
    Each new Dingbat brings a unique word puzzle that will pose a fun challenge to solve like you’ve never seen before

  2. Play at Your Own Pace:
    With unlimited tries, and over 200 unique puzzles, you can take your time with each Dingbat with no pressure at all.

  3. Relaxing with Dingbats:
    Is life getting a little crazy? Why not take a load off and relax with these unique word puzzles?

  4. Flex Your Brain Muscles
    Test and improve your vocabulary, and your pattern recognition skills with a new type of word game!

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Updated on 26th January 2022

  • Bug Fixes

Dingbats – Word Games & Trivia Review

Might we just say that this app is phenomenal. We love all the different puzzles and boosters when needed! One thing, on level 32 of the logo quiz, for some reason the picture of the logo wouldn’t appear. We are pretty sure this is a bug, so we’re just letting your team know about this so they can fix it! From, reviewer.

We love it so much we love how too much you love it so so cute and adorable and Im sorry that you cant even come to sleep so you can FaceTime us when youre back in the house love you too and love love miss you love miss love love dad love love it love love dad love love it love love dad thank you for all your good stuff love love miss you too thank you for sending us love and love you too love you daddy love love dad love you love love you guys love love dad.

We really like the idea of this game its test your brain and its fun.

We really love this game because its a great way to test your brain and have fun at the same time.

We love this theres really no ads after like 10 rounds theres one ad but thats its really good.

Most games will have an add every few rounds but there are usually never any adds in this one. This game is so much fun!

We’ve beaten all the levels when are you going to do an update we really luv this game.

How do we use all the coins that we collect?

We downloaded this game and have not gotten Any ads yet! If you turn off Wi-fi and turn on airplane mode there will be no ads! We do like the game its self as we like word games and puzzle games.

Smart game cant put our phone down.

This is a great game! All the levels are very clever and fun to solve. And one of the best parts of it is the ads. Im not sure if this implies to everyone, but we barley get ads, unlike other games where there are ads every level. The only thing we think is a little weird is after every level you have to go through a whole Thing to get the coins, and honestly we don’t care about the coins and it takes some time . But overall a great game, we recommend!

Makes ya think about years ago.

Its hard for us but we enjoy it.

We have mastered all levels. When are new levels coming.

We think this game is really fun and addicting because it takes a lot of brain and knowledge you learn world to answer some of these questions but Its not a 5 star because there is always that little part of us that says it not there yet but the game is pretty good.

Fun game but too many ads. Every word solve has an ad very irritating will be deleting the game.

Bad:Look as much as we love this game the ads either freeze the game entirely or block our view on the game so do us a favor,please fix this. Good:Inspired us to say this; could you have a extra mode for making a dingbat please that would be awesome we would definitely appreciate that. Goodbye and thank you for listening, -Superseanasorus.

This is a wonderful game to play. It challenges your brain, and it reminds us of a paper game we used to play in the second grade. It was the same process as this one. Anyway, our only complaint is that the levels are a little bit to easy. For example, we keep getting thing like Man over board and other thing similar to that so its easy to find the word. Other than that its really enjoyable and when we play there are not actually to many ads!! Thanks for reading!

Listen the ads more ads but Im pretty addicted its fun and challenging but sometimes its a little too hard and you have to use your tricks our coins but overall an excellent game.

Finished all the Word Quiz levels in a few days. Says there are 604 levels, but there are no more after 576! Just a message saying more levels coming soon. We want to know what the devs mean by soon. Is it a week or two, or a year or two?! And how many levels? 10 or 20, or a couple hundred? Hopefully many more levels are coming. It is a fun time waster!

We honestly have really enjoyed the game so far, one of the best mobile games we’ve played in a while, but there is an issue with Level 31 of the logo quiz. We dont know if this is just us, but the image is completely blank? We had to look up the answer and apparently its supposed to be the [spoilers] gerber baby logo, but its absolutely blank. Please fix!

We realized in the logos levels 64&65 are wrong. It said Gucci logo was apple,and a picture of a president was the Gucci logo,besides that we really love the games and tournaments.

Every time we try this level the logo doesnt show up.

Fun game and somewhat challenging but way too many ads that take three clicks to get out of. Not worth it.

We love the game but when you click next, it takes you to the option to watch an ad for more coins. We would play this way more often if that didnt happen.

Great game but the ads dont really go away. The ads that do run are way to long.

Too many ads, so we will stop playing. Offer an ad free game that we can purchase and we will return.

Fun but ads between every game play!!

This is a fun game, but WAY too many ads constantly interrupting play.

There are times where we would put a word, have it not turn green, put in different words, then Ill put that same word that didnt turn green before, and have it turn green.

The ads are really overwhelming. Most all apps have ads but we’ve never encountered this many. We finished ALL the puzzles in just a few days-including the bonus puzzles. While it says there are 700+ puzzles we got to the end of each level and saw messages to stay tuned for more puzzles coming soon.

We have clicked on getting X more points, but received them only once! Where am we supposed to click to get them each time?

We love the game but Im going to delete because the ads automatically open the App Store and freeze the game. We play on puzzle and then spend ten minutes trying to close Royal Match and finally have to close game and restart not worth the time Seems counter productive if the ads cause players to delete the game.

Started the logo puzzles the other day and the Quaker Oats guy pops upunfortunately we had to use a bunch of hints only for the answer to be Gucci??? Then the next puzzle was the Gucci logo and once again we had to use more hints only for it to be Apple??? Just a bit frustrating.

This is a mundane app with not a lot of challenge. The insane amount of ads do not help, either.

This app is so much fun but we spent the money to have the ads removed and Im still getting ads! How do we contact you guys to have you fix this? So annoying!

The developers definition of no ads and our definition differ significantly. We found this app when searching for some of the puzzles we did in elementary school for our daughter. This app is exactly what we were searching for, and we were happy to pay for an ad-free experience. Sadly, Im barraged with ad requests (to play a bonus level with every set of ten). Alas, this is not something Im comfortable putting on a childs device. Ill continue to play because its a fun distraction, but Im disillusioned with the developers integrity.

The easy levels are too easy, but the hard ones are pretty good. Our main complaint is that we paid for the ad free version, but we still have to watch ads for the bonus levels and that the game wants you to click the watch ad for bonus button after each level. The regular continue button doesnt show up until a few seconds later. It would be better to make the price a little higher so we dont have to put up with that. We feel ad free is a little misleading.

Game freezes after you watch video for rewards.

Its a good game. Some of the clues are definitely out there. If you dont want ads (air) plane. Mode, boom! Problem solved!

Reason for our 3 Star review. Whats the point in paying for the Ad-Removal if the app is still going to run ads anyway? Waste of $3 that Im never going to get back.

The game is interesting and fun but there is an ad after every level. We would have just rather the developers made the game available at a charge instead of constantly bombarding the user with ads. The over abundance takes the fun out of the game. We deleted it.