Level Up Cars

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 01:15 pm

Level Up Cars

Level Up Cars

Level Up Cars is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Level Up Cars is a Racing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th February 2022 with the latest update 21st April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Level Up Cars ?

14,349 people have rated 3.1.7

What is the price of the Level Up Cars ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Level Up Cars released ?

Level Up Cars was released on 24th February 2022.

When was the Level Up Cars updated ?

The latest updated date of Level Up Cars on 21st April 2023.

Where can Level Up Cars be downloaded ?

You can download the game Level Up Cars from Apple Official App Store.



Collect gears and smash lower level cars to level up, avoid obstacles and higher level cars to beat the track !!

Upgrade your car and explore different levels.

Unlock new car packs and expand your garage.

Updated on 21st April 2023

Hey you, hold on! We’ve added new features for you to get the best experience when playing Level Up Cars. Don’t forget to update!

Level Up Cars Review

When we get in the game we’re greeted with a note saying we need internet to play the game. It used to not need internet before, but now it does, and we cant figure out why we need it. When we actually get in the game, we spawn inside the ground. Please fix this.

So we’ve played for a while but we quit due to lvl 113 every time we load in no matter what Im stuck half under the map and cant drive nor get past the lvl.

The game is good but the last update made it to were we cant even play the game.

We got a bug. Our screen is upside down. Its never happened. Only until level 366. We might uninstall.

Opens on shop and stuck. Wont let us change cars to play. Wont let us close window. Nothing. Can no longer play.

We loved the game so much and played it all the time then when we got to level 79 it stopped working and now we cant play.

Its a really good game but can you guys stop with the adds every couple clicks.

Its sooooooo fun when we saw the add we were like we have to get this its super fun when Im bored of other games this game never gets old also we love cars so this is the game for us and other car lovers.

Amazing game love it downloaded it today but cmon dude. There is way to much ads its very annoying this game would definitely get better reviews if there was not as much ads! Fix this devs.

This game is cool but not having the option to get rid of the ads is why we will be deleting it. You watch more ads than you get to play the game..

Dont get us wrong its a good game but it takes so long to get passed car level 80. It barely happens and we downloaded this game to play for short amounts of time with little to no effort but it takes foreverrrrr not a good game dont recommend.

The game is great until you lose your internet connection. For that, we grant it the lowest rating.

Once we were just dose rep bumps made our son mad and broke his phone we are never gonna play again.

Best game ever we’ve ever played.

We live this app so much its so much fun we use it all the time thank you so much for making this app.

It was a good game at first but after a while it got boring it was just the save thing over and over but than at level 140 it just stopped and wouldnt continue at all our car would just get stuck in a invisible barrier.


Fun game, realized that the fifty ads you watch for coins and lvl ups dont give you anywhere near the amount advertised with the multiplier.

Gotta say we enjoyed playing this game . Even went so far as to purchase it. Then when we got to a certain level the game would lock up and not load the next level. So had to delete it and reinstall it and now we get to start all over from the beginning. If we hadnt paid for the game we would delete it and never mess with it ever again. But since we did we will play it but its not as fun anymore.

You expect us to complete a level that hardly takes 20 seconds and then watch a 30 seconds Ad after that? Wish we could give negative 5 stars.

This game is trash every time we finish theres a ad.

Before downloading we checked to see if there was a way to remove adds and it says there was. When we downloaded the game the option is completely gone. Because of this there is an ad ever level or about every 10-15 seconds.

For us, why doesnt it go higher than level 40 for car?

As hyper-casual games continue to flood the AppStore, some occasionally have some redeeming qualities. This one definitely does not. The gameplay look is okay but theres very little to look forward to. 30 minutes of play is all thats necessary to max most upgrades. With how short the stages are, more time will be spent watching ads then actually playing. Most levels are completely uninspired and the exponential scaling on the leveling costs invalidates any hope of natural progress later on. Save your time and play something else.

This is the type of games we like to play were you kill other to get stronger but we just cant like it because theres way to many ads every Time we finish a level a ad and they take so long.

Fix your game it has had us on the loading screen for 10 danm minutes this is ridiculous.

The ads are pretty annoying but overall its still good please add more packs for cars but its still fun and we enjoy we saw an ad for the game so we got it its nice just add more options and other stuff and it will be a great game.

Th game was good but we keep getting a bug of us cant see the car but our screen moves and we can see the bottom of the floor.

Its been super fun so far, but now we stopped getting points when we drive close to the other cars. Another thing is we cant play the game anymore because when we enter the game it shows the map basically upside down and super glitchy. We do hope you all can fix that.

We recently reached level 49 and now the game wont work its stuck on the menu.

Save your time and do something else.

Cant get it to load it was working fine now its not Im at level 185.

This game ruined our marriage because of the notification.

This is one of few mobile games we enjoy we would recommend playing this with airplane mode on but other than that,I like the gameplay Only problem is that it gets boring after a little bit Developers, Maybe you should add different tracks for in game coins to unlock Or add power ups for in game coins All in all, 4/10.

Even after paying for no ads, to do some level changes and go unlock things you need to watch ads. So annoying. At times we felt the money for winning races wasnt being added up correctly and we were adding to the cash bonus but we didnt see it changing anything.

Game looks interesting, but the ads are so obnoxious.

Some games just arent worth the amount of ads, this is one of them.

In the ad it shows youll drive for a long time but you dont. Way to many ads. As soon you done with one level itll force you to watch an ad every time. Only good part was the driving. We wont recommend anybody to download this unless you wanna pay.

Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads.

So we were playing the game you know normally and then we wanted buy no more adds and then whenever we were done playing a level we wanted to buy more levels so we bought more levels because we had so much money but then whenever we didnt have anymore money there was ads and then we pressed the thing and then It made a ad and then thats why we wouldnt buy this game this game is a scam dont get it.

We’ve had it a couple weeks. Cant even play the game right. It lags too much. Then an ad pops up after you screwed up a game because it keeps lagging out. Very fun the one run it worked.

Can you please make it so you can buy more starting level and other thing. Over all the game is so good Im addicted.

The game is really fun but we get every time a really long ad per level and sometimes 2 ads per level so it would be nice if they fixed that but other than that the game is fun its just annoying dealing with the ads 24/7.

We got this game and now its our new favorite game. Its fun to play and we love it. If we were you we would get this game its really fun.

The game crashed when we were on race 80, It reset all our upgrades but it kept all our other things. So now Im doing race 80 with a level 1 car and only making like 12$ a race.

Game finished by a couple hours in.

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