Dirt Racing Mobile 3D

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Dirt Racing Mobile 3D


Dirt Racing Mobile 3D is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Windowed Universe LLC, Dirt Racing Mobile 3D is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd August 2015 with the latest update 24th July 2020

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


107 people have rated 1.2.1

You can download the game Dirt Racing Mobile 3D from APP STORE.


Dirt Racing Mobile 3D is a Universal app.
Enjoy it on all of your iOS Devices.

— Key Features —

  • Advanced Vehicle Physics Simulation (Each car has
    it’s own original physics)

  • 7 Different Car Classes

    • Street Stocks
    • Crate Late Models
    • Super Late Models
    • 305 Sprints Winged
    • 410 Sprints Winged
    • 305 Sprints Wingless
    • 410 Sprints Wingless
  • 8 Tracks (Each with TACKY and SLICK versions!)

    • All Tracks are built realistically to-scale
    • Varying sizes from 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 mile
    • Different bankings for each track (from flat, high bank,and progressive banking)
    • Search for the fastest racing lines (Will vary on the car, track, and track grip combination)
  • 12 Car Fields – Race against 11 AI opponents!!

  • Dynamic AI (Ai cars dynamically choose their racing lines, providing an original experience each race!)

  • Hours of Content!

    • 7cars x (8Tracks x 2grips) = 112 Different single race combinations!!
  • 4 Game Modes

    • Single Race — Race for the win against 11 AI opponents with varying difficulty settings.
    • Qualifying — Compare your fast time against the world with the online leaderboards!
    • Time Trial — 4 lap event, total average of all 4 consecutive laps.
    • Practice — Hone your skills in practice, Recommended Mode for learning how to drive each car.
  • No Ads – No In-App Purchases.

**** Developer Notes ****

We recommend that you drive the slower "Crate" cars first to learn each car. It makes learning to drive the higher horsepower versions much easier.

For any feedback, please contact us via:
Twitter: @Windowed
Facebook: Windowed Universe LLC
Email: [email protected]

Updated on 24th July 2020

Adjusted AI difficulty to match updated physics.

Dirt Racing Mobile 3D Reviews

This was our favorite game and we played it all the time but now it kicks us out every time we try to play it and we cant play anymore.

Please add new track, very fun game to run. New tracks would be great.

Idk if Im the only one who cant get in if anyone is lose is having the same problem please tell me.

Cannot open game since we upgraded to ios 16.0.3.

This game has potential to be the best mobile racing game ever made. Add in a few things like a complete race night and options to select how many laps you want and it will be golden.

This game is really fun but you should add cautions and you should make it where they spin out too and you should make championships but besides that its really fun.

This game is challenging enough to keep you coming back. The physics are getting better with each update. The 410 sprint cars are a blast! Awesome game play, this is one of our go-to game.

Game crashes like it used to when we all got iOS 14. Update?

Best mobile game we’ve used and ik it’s alot to ask but online and this game turns into the best game oat mobile or pc.

Legit the best dirt racing game youll buy. The physics are on point. The AI race you hard and its by far the best sprint car game out there. We’ve bought them all. Zero complaints on this game.

We love the game been playing for a long time now but the Ai difficulty is still not good enough we can get by the whole field less then 2 laps. Is there anyway you guys can upgrade the difficulty so they are more of a challenge. Thank you.

The game is amazing but it crashes whenever we try to play.

We love playing this game and it wont let us get in the app.

The game has been out for like 10 years, its time to add something new, please pay attention to this so the game doesnt get boring, more tracks, more cars, something.

Why is it that when we click on the app it kicks us out right away can you fix that?

We just wish there was controller support that would make the game 100 times better! Yall should think about adding it into the game.

Love the game we use to play it all the time until the game would not let us play anymore. Whenever we try to load the app up it kicks us out every time.

We love this game and all but we absolutely hate it whenever the AI hit you and you go flying but they keep on going like it never happened or you go to throw a slide job and run into them on accident and you spin and they dont.

We love this game and have been playing on and off for a year. We always have a fun time trying to beat every track on the hardest mode but it would be awesome to see some sort of season/championship where you get points based on your place in each race. Also qualifying for these races would be great too and even a harder difficulty!

Positives: -Like how the AI is a actual challange -Have to practice to know the physics of the car -tracks are fun for sure -Green/Yellow flags -has multiple groves of racing Negatives: -can push the AI all the way up to the wall with your car connected – Tbh a great game for a long trip, bored, and sitting on the toilet.

This game is very good but if it had a career mode it would be sooooo much more better. A career where you start in street stock and work your way up the divisions with heat races and time trials too!

Used to be our favorite game. But now it just crashes and wont open. Please fix so we can play again.

Hey your game wont let us play it. Can we please fix that issue please. We find this game pretty fun and we loved it but now we cant even play what we bought.

We dont know about anyone else but we just spent our money on this game and it wont let us into the app whats up guys???? Fix it now!!!! We loved playing this game.

The games good just not enough updates.

Game is fun to play when it works.

Game is really fun and what we used to play all the time but hasnt worked since iOS 16 updated to our phone.

Im had this game for 5 months now and never had a problem and now with the iOS 16 on iPhone it just kicks you back to the home page its not just us we’ve tried it on our brothers phone too.

Everytime we click the link to get it, it kicks us out and doesnt open up.

We cant open the game can yall help us out.

We have an iphone 11 and payed for the gane and now it wont load in to the game.

Used to be an amazing game, we bought recently on our phone & it doesnt work anymore, fix it!! Or refund us lol ty.

We cant get the app to load or start it crashes as soon as we click on it.

We open the app, it immediately closes it. Wont let us play = bad review.

We used to love this game, it WAS 5 stars when we played it. But we payed $4 on our old phone and for whatever reason it stopped playing. We couldnt open the app and play. Now we got a new phone, Apple 14, and saw it on the App Store. We figured because our last phone was pretty old it just wasnt playable anymore on that phone. Payed the $4 again on this phone and cant play it here either. Really sad because we loved this game but whatever. Just dont spend the money, its a total waste. You cant play it anymore so we wish it would be pulled from the AppStore.

We havent played this game in a while, but that is because the AI cars dont give at all, you cant get off the wall without coming close to stopping, there is no multiplayer, no complete race night, qualifying does nothing.

We just purchased the game and it will not work as it kicks us out of the game as soon as we try to play, we read other reviews saying it didn’t work since they got ios16.

We got iPhone 11 and it keeps crashing every time we open it.

One day we bought it was fun then it wouldnt let us play it anymore don’t buy it.

Horrible we would like a refund.

It used to be awesome but after getting a new iPhone and paying the $4, it wont load. It starts to open up then just goes back to our phones Home Screen. Granted it was only like $4, its still annoying.

The app just crashes now every time we try to open it? Anyone know any way to fix this?

Bought this game very excited. When it was downloaded on all of our devices it just crashes when you try to open the game. Can you please make an update fixing this. Thanks.

Used to be a fun game but now all it does is crash and cant even get into game.

They finally updated the game so we can play it on our iPhone XR… It was out of date previously which was why it wouldnt work but this game is BACK!!!

We love this game its the best but we would like modifieds and dwarf cars and midgets and b mods and we would like if the street stocks would go a little faster but other than that love the game.

We like this game but we never can log in to Game Center And we dont know how to fix it.

We love this game tricky at first but learned how to play it and love it ever since but we think as a dirt four cylinder driver that they need to add four cylinders as a division choice.

We like this game and we’ll give it five stars but what gets annoying is that there is no modified’s and caution flags so add caution flags please. And for modified’s we want 358 modified’s on this game. If you can add those two things to this game then this would make us happy.

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