Dirty Kids

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Dirty Kids


Dirty Kids is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bytwice srl, Dirty Kids is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 19th December 2013 with the latest update 24th November 2016

Whether you are a fan of Family, Entertainment, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


74 people have rated 1.3

You can download the game Dirty Kids from APP STORE.


“Never have I ever seen such grimy children! Now, here’s a job that must be done!” ­ M. Poppins

Have fun in the park with your friends! But be careful not to get too filthy or you’ll upset Mum. And then you will have to do the laundry, peg your clothes out to dry and iron them! By the way, don’t forget to have a bath and brush your teeth.

An entertaining game for young children. A collection of mini-games for plenty of guaranteed fun:

  • Create your character from thousands of possible combinations
  • Dress him or her up as you like: there are very many clothes to too choose from
    ­- Get nice and dirty at the playground
    -­ Give your character a bath using natural products
    ­- Have fun washing your character’s hands and brushing his or her teeth
    ­- Play with the interactive washing machine
    ­- Peg your clothes out to dry but make sure it doesn’t start raining!
    ­- Get all you need and start ironing

A familiar environment, home and everyday activities like bathing and doing the laundry, turn into an interactive game for spending some quality time together!

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Have fun!

Updated on 24th November 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Simplified interaction for children
  • Ready for new iPhone and iOS 10

Dirty Kids Reviews

Our grand daughter loves this very much.

Our kids love this game. It’s a good game, but the racial stereotypes when making an avatar are APPALLING. The hairstyle choices are different for each skin color chosen. The dark skin kids have a choice of cornrows or Afro and the lightest skin color has Japanese anime type hairstyles or sumo wrestler buns.

It’s a fun game for our daughter, and it’s sad ppl always have to bring race into everything and anything! We hardly believe that having the option for cornrows is "racist" as it’s common knowledge that this hairstyle is typically worn by Africans. Give it a rest ppl, rate the game. Not your perceived injustice (Stupidity)

This is such a cute game! This helps kids learn how to keep themselves clean & it also commends them when they do! Very cool!

A cute and fun way to help teach our son about cleaning himself and his belongings.

Fun getting the kids dirty, and fun cleaning them up!

We play this before bath time and she is crazy over it. We’re not sure why but it is her absolute favorite and we have a million apps. The music is catchy too! Very cute.

It is ok. We thought it would be better.

Our 3 yr old son loves this game!!

We think the game is cute but the hairstyles are pretty racist.

We might have given it an ok review but wow we can’t believe how racist the hair is!

It is not good. The ironing takes too long and you probably wouldn’t like it unless you are 5 or under. We wouldn’t of put one star but you have to put at least one star.

If your child is old enough to play this they should be able to do what is suppose to teach them. Our daughter is three and knows this stuff. We thought it was going to be a game she could play but we just got played.

The characters are very racist and horrible and cannot do many things. We hate we even bought this game cause it’s very stupid!!

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