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Kiloblocks is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Andrzej Chomiak, Kiloblocks is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 18th October 2011 with the latest update 8th September 2018

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


419 people have rated 2.0.0

You can download the game Kiloblocks from APP STORE.


Build your own base, mine, castle or whatever you imagine!

Kiloblocks is a game – editor which allows you moving, building and transforming the terrain in the 3D environment.

Updated on 8th September 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • new game name: Kiloblocks,
  • new graphics and blocks,
  • new terrain generator.

Kiloblocks Reviews

Pls add some signs we had the ever since it was called exploration.

We waited years to get the game so it would work with our device and now it does we write this to thank the maker for fiannaly updating it also we want animals.

We love the game so much and play it all the time! However, could you make it to where the windows can be big and open and not those little small blocks though still the keep them. Thats really it besides you cant have animals and also be able to have signs to write on just like Minecraft. Thanks!

It hasnt updated in 2 years we are worried for the creator the first update was 9 years ago so this app might of been made in 2012 or 2011 depending on what month it was made if it was made before may then it would be 2012 after may 2011 we dont know welp its a great game we have fun on it but what happened to the creator?..

This is the best game ever!!!! We are totally amazed and have used this app for year!!

Thank you SOOOO MUCH for this very recent update! We have been waiting 3 years… Maybe 4 for this update! Thank you, and do please keep it up! Fantastic stuff you have done so far, plus: please dont implement ANY survival tactics, thats hard to code, and we like it how it is now! Thanks and byeee!!

So we love everything about it but it doesnt save your data and theres no people which is kind of boring.

Only thing we dont like about this game is that it doesnt have animals. GET THIS APP.

Straight forward building game. Hands down better than Minecraft…. Kid friendly, our son lives and dies by it. Good clean fun.

This game is actually so much fun, it really lets your creativity come to life! But we would suggest making more realistic features so we can build actually houses and cities because im having som much fun doing that!

We absolutely love this game is very addictive we’ve been looking for it for a while and finally found it today under a new game awesome game.

Hello we just want to say that we absolutely love this game and we played when we were 6 and we remember how it was exploration to Kiloblocks but anyway thats not the point this game could use a few details like we would love to have other people including friends to join you so you dont have to feel lonely and some animals so you can have as pets and we like the fact that whenever you leave the app your hard work save despite the lite version although whenever we leave ( not the game)whenever Im called to do something or getting a snack when the phone turns off and we turn it on why does it leave the app we really dont like that but the hard work still save hallelujah and one more detail you can also change the bed design or add some wallpaper to your house and there can also have more furniture for kitchens,living rooms,bedroom and bathrooms anyway thats all we got have a wonderful day ps. This game is also safe for kids and theres no adds.

We played this all the time when we were younger. Almost everything about the game is great, but we wish the terrain were as nice as it used to be. You are basically choosing between flat land with absolutely nothing or shoreline and slightly layered land with trees. We miss the rivers, mountains, and islands it used to have! So much more fun to work with.

This is an amazing game and we have played it since the beds were pink. We like that it use to have pumpkins and what looked like watermelons but with the recent update, they are gone. This game could be 10x better if it could have animals and people. We like that on Minecraft they have signs that you can write on so that would be really cool if that were on here too. We really miss the terrain where it looked like mountains and water and it was different each time. We love the new terrain shore but we still miss the other one. And we liked the way the fence used to look, its just looks orange and weird now. It would also be nice if there was more of and option of flower colors and maybe a flower pot. And another thing, it would be nice if the tv could have the option of being a little bigger and look a little more modern, maybe it could take up two spaces instead of one and look more like a flat screen. We really hope that the creator sees this and considers our suggestions. If not thats fine we will still play the game cause it is great, it would just be a lot better with some of this stuff.

Ever since the game became Kiloblocks we like it a hell of a lot more. We just wish we had the torches from Exploration.

Great game! But recently when we get on the game the controls and stuff are all messed up. Like when we turn our phone sideways so we can play it turns the whole game the other way so its like playing the game sideways. Please fix it.

For example, we cant go up. Can you add space? We could go visit other planets with aliens and stuff. And can you add an animation button? We might build a car or an airplane and other vehicles. It also needs more blocks. We were also thinking it would be nice if you added weather affects and seasons: Winter, spring, summer, and fall. Some people were saying that there were once mountains. If you cant bring it back, then maybe add it as a new Terrain and other new ones.

Now you dont need to be on ios 9 or 10 to play this game.

We love this game, and we think that it is totally worth it to buy. However, we do think that it would be better with a multiplayer option. We think that it makes the game more fun to be able to share the experience with your friends, and to be able to build a village with somebody else instead of just on your own.

The first time Id EVER played this game was in Kindergarten of 2013. We freaking loved this game to death and we played it every single day. It was our Minecraft until we finally got the game in second grade. Years later, we come back to find out Exploration Lite was turned into Kiloblocks, and as excited as we were to play this again, we were immediately disappointed. For starters, the open world game that had hills, forests, lakes, rivers and beautiful landscapes had been replaced by a bland shore map. Theres not too much going on here, as it literally is just a continuous piece of land that ruins the whole experience. Throughout our childhood, Id explored many terrains, and come back to find this is just disappointing. Please bring back the open world terrain, as the bland shore line is not the game we remember.

Don’t like the new terrain generation. Feels less natural.

We wish you could have the same terrain on a different device and we wish there were people.

We have played this game before it was named kilo locks, and we have built a huge city, and love the new updates and new look. But the app is very glitchy the screen randomly shakes and random things we’ve build randomly appear in other places and we have to delete it and rebuild what was their before, very annoying, very.

Okay- we absolutely LOVED the other version of the game. Excited to see a new update that will work on our device, but we were soooo disappointed when we found that there were only three options- basically flat land with no terrain variation besides a few trees, boring flat land and the flying blocks. We mean, come on! The other version was GREAT – we could build into the sides of mountains, there were great little areas. We just feel like its so basic now and prohibiting our creativity. Not impressed.

This game was our favorite growing up we loved it so much but after the update we refuse to play. Its less quality and all of our work was deleted. The old version was 1000 times better.

Great game its worth the $4 and its great! But the thing is we sometimes get mad because we always delete stuff. But fun game has a tv and a better bed than minecraft but has no animals.

Okay. This is a very good game and Minecraft is better. But.. If you don’t like "IT" then we think you will regret reading this right now. So convincing time! Do you like games that are made of blocks? Do you like when you can build stuff that is fun? Then this is the right game for you!

It’s a good game even though it doesn’t have interactive forms like mincraft it’s good.

We love this app so much!!! The only things that could make it better would be 1. Faster walking 2. You can name worlds 3. Double jump to fly Love it though!!! Thanks.

This game is very fun and creative, but it would be nice to have animals and stained glass.

We love how it’s like mind craft but cheaper and has its own twist of difference but we wish it could have your own person or animal, and smash things.

This game is awesome. We think it is really cool how you can make your own world but it would be better if enemy’s came out at night and the were REAL things to ours from mines. We really like this game and think these improvements would only help it thanks for considering these ideas. Please email us if you do thank you.

Our son loves the game. The developer is quick to respond questions. Awesome service. Suggestion: addition of animals.

Great game. We bought the full version and definitely worth the money although we think something’s should be added. 1.) we think you guys should add blocks with letters inside the blocks or attached to the blocks. 2.) Add more blocks like tables, chairs, couches, ovens, microwaves and more household items. 3.) we think you should have an unlimited amount of space to build instead of only about 4050. 4.) we think you should make it to where you can let people come in to see your city, town, house or other builds. It’s not fun to look at what you’ve built but to see what others have built! We hope you truly take these suggestions into account! Thank you for such an amazing game. Hope to see the update out soon with some of these suggestions on there!

We love love love. This game its awesome. We have built so many things on it we recommend you get it.

We love this game we’ve made a castle a hut a farm a market pretty much a small town we love it but we think this game would be way better if you added animals.

We want a way to share our city with other people! We’ve built cities and cathedrals and we want to show our family the creative work we put into this!

We love this because you can save your land and the money is so worth it.

We love this game we love how the door works it is awesome.

It is such an amazing game. To Saba you just go to menu click terrain and hot the copy button.

It has so much more stuff then minecraft.

Our friends mom died today she had brain swelling she had to daughters one in 1st grade and one in prek.

Who loves this! Thanks for making this game! Thanks soooooooooooooo Much! We it. But please no perchis, we say that wrong we’re sorry! Ok that’s what we need to say! But thanks.

It’s Creative mode only, but still quite fun! However, I’d like the following additions in 1.4: -Survival Mode: It doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be collect, craft, and build. -Animals: Something simple like a chicken and a pig would be nice, but make them somewhat rare. -Can the mushrooms be edible, please? -It would be nice if you had multiplayer and the character had an avatar, but that could be later. Nice game, though, overall.

Ok if you are a fan of minecraft creative mode and you don’t want to spend so much on minecraft this is the way to go! In this game you can save progress, build but there is no survival. If you want a game with survival mode you should get minecraft or survival craft. We prefer minecraft but Ya anyways!

Download this game today! It’s amazing! But it could use: Monsters Villagers Animals And that’s all! It is amazing! It is amazing! It is amazing!

We had the lite version and had to get the full version because we loved it so much. We loved to play and our brother got the lite version and had to get the full version as well.

This game works great! We recently had exploration lite and we bought this with our iTunes gift card and it saves your work… The only thing it needs is a save button but we guess that doesn’t matter this is definitely recommended to you.

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