Disney Mirrorverse

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Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kabam Games, Inc., Disney Mirrorverse is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 21st June 2022 with the latest update 30th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Entertainment, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Disney Mirrorverse ?

50,213 people have rated 5.1.1

What is the price of the Disney Mirrorverse ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Disney Mirrorverse released ?

Disney Mirrorverse was released on 21st June 2022.

When was the Disney Mirrorverse updated ?

The latest updated date of Disney Mirrorverse on 30th May 2023.

Where can Disney Mirrorverse be downloaded ?

You can download the game Disney Mirrorverse from Apple Official App Store.



This is Disney Mirrorverse, a visually stunning new action RPG game for mobile, set in an all-new divergent Disney universe where players assemble teams of amplified, action-ready, 3D Disney and Pixar characters to battle against a dark force.

Long ago, two stars collided to create an altered universe full of light and dark forces. In the Mirrorverse, Stellar Magic has evolved familiar worlds, now threatened by hordes of unrelenting Fractured enemies. Players unite teams of powerful Guardians to battle together through an ever-evolving narrative of epic quests to defeat the Fractured forces seeking to shatter the Mirrorverse. Choose from the vengeful draconic mage Maleficient, an armored-up Sulley, the ultimate personal-battle companion Baymax, and many more Mirrorverse Guardians. Each Guardian possesses powerful, special attacks that are unique and authentic to existing Disney and Pixar characters. They are designed to complement each other through different team roles to maximize battle potential and chemistry, enabling players to advance through multiple levels and progress to the highest rank.

Discover an ever-evolving story as you play through Story Quest mode with loot-filled chapters, limited-time Event Quests, and Dangerous Dungeons to explore. Experience the thrill and excitement of real-time action combat as you control the Mirrorverse Guardians’ individual actions, combat arsenal, team strategy, and special attacks. Build alliances with friends and compete to gain powerful rewards. Customize and strengthen your Guardian’s abilities through a deep character progression system, finding the best team combinations and strategies for the ultimate win.

Experience a new storyline that authentically reflects iconic Disney and Pixar characters in ways you have never seen before. Enter a divergent universe featuring Disney and Pixar characters that have been amplified and empowered to defend against a dark, unrelenting threat – the Fractured.

In this Action RPG, enter richly detailed new worlds filled with 3D-rendered Disney and Pixar characters that have been powerfully evolved to match this high-stakes universe. Uncover the intriguing backstories of these Mirrorverse Guardians and unlock surprising and authentic special abilities that equip them for epic battle and adventure.

Experience the thrill and excitement of team-based action combat. Assemble teams of three and take control of every second of gameplay including the Mirrorverse Guardians’ individual actions, team strategy, and special attacks.

Unlock unique narratives and battle the Fractured enemies to obtain rewards and restore the worlds and characters of the Mirrorverse that have been corrupted by dark magic.

  • STORY QUESTS: Experience an immersive new Disney storyline of tasks and quests to complete, all based on the history of the Disney Mirrorverse and the Ages of Isolation, Discovery, and the Fractured.
  • EVENT QUESTS: Complete limited-time quests that tie into real-world Disney and Pixar content and events, and offer players unique characters, awards and progression items during a specific timeframe.

Delve into the Mirrorverse’s darkest dungeons and complete for top place on our global leaderboard. Explore dungeons, rack up points, and collect valuable artifacts in this high stakes venture.

MONTHLY CONTENT RELEASES: Experience new Mirrorverse story chapters and event quests through ever-evolving and expanding storylines, with regular releases of new Disney and Pixar characters.

Please read this Terms of Service Agreement and our Privacy Notice before using our services as they govern the relationship between you and Kabam.


Updated on 30th May 2023


New Guardians are entering the Mirrorverse.


A Whole New Adventure Begins! The first Chapter of "Act 2: Fractured Bonds" is now available in Story Mode.


Minor fixes and other improvements.


Disney Mirrorverse Review

Dodge mechanics make high level gameplay unplayable.

HEY DEVELOPERS!!! Love the new story Act 2! Would you be adding a Villainous Tower next? Please do!!! Thanks and keep up the great work!

We love its so much fun you get to fight deadly animals.

Please add Mack and all characters from cars movies 1 to 3.

So its good in general but when we restart our IPad it reunlocks every thing like we just got it so that should be fixed.

We love the way the colors look and the way the eyes are so detailed and the whole game is awesome.

We downloaded this game because of an ad and it looked like a lot of fun! We went through the tutorial and everything was great! But then we got addicted and then we got competitive and started buying stuff left and right $100 dollars later and we decided it was time for us to uninstall. GREAT GAME but just be prepared to know your limits Ill probably reinstall it but not spend money on it.

We love everything about this game we just wish we had a larger iPhone.

We are a huge Disney fan, and this game in our opinion is a great addition to the mobile lineup. Personally, turn based games have never been our first choice. We prefer to be able to run around, hack and slash and button mash. If thats what you are looking for in a mobile Disney game, and also a chance to collect some of your favorite Disney characters with new twists, then definitely consider checking out this app. We’ve been having nothing except fun since downloading.

The game is pretty fun, but unfortunately one star because of the gross amount of predatory pop-ups, and the fact that this game is 100% pay to play. If you are not willing to pay the $50 for the beginners five star hero bundle, your progress will grind to a creeping slog. We have also had, no joke, five pop-ups in a row, trying to sell us things, just from switching to a different window, and two out of the five were over the $50 mark as if Disney doesnt make enough money. Last thing Ill say, is they go above and beyond to make the pop-ups something you would want to click buy on! We have a hard time ignoring them as an adult, so the fact that theyre knowingly doing this towards kids in hopes theyll spend there parents money is gross and again, SUPER predatory.

Someone was using our iCloud/Game center account cause our email account linked to them got hacked a while back and we found out about it when Kabam popped up at the top of our spam email folder. We think the person that did this created an account when they hacked our account back in July from what we could see between their conversations with kabam. Hopefully things get resolved and they will delete the account account that this person created since havent linked Game Center to our new phone.

What a joke of a game. Disney needs to just stick to what they do best.

As a big fan of Disney we think its awesome and cool and we have started collecting the Mirrorverse pins at Disney.

A lot of action and leveling up a lot of characters to unlike and super smooth mechanics while playing and fighting! Good game!!

We love this game but Im unsure of how to use our energy potions when we have so many. Besides that its easy to navigate and lots of fun, although we do wish they would keep coming out with new guardians because who doesnt love Disney characters! Definitely recommend this game!

We have no words its so good. This is the best Disney game ever created on earth you know Im saying its all good. Everything is perfect about this.

We think it would be very cool whenever you hit levels from 50 and up it gives you a crystal you can only choose a guardian you dont have but it doesnt show the star until it appears after taping the guardian you want. Be like a surprise 3 or even 2 but definitely 100% amazing game we’ve recommended 2 friends that actually play it today!

We love this and will never delete.

Both of our sisters and we have this game. We all battle together and compare guardians, we even are in the same group! Its so much fun to play this game and we would definitely recommend it! We are totally healthy addicted to it! ;-)

Hello we Started Playing your Game a Year and a half ago it is Great the adventurous with in every level has the right amount of action and Adventure through the Mirrorverse. We Have noticed during Holidays you Release characters from Movies like Moana, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Incredibles. But like The Incredibles you have Released only Three Characters maybe you can release the rest of the Family of Heroes, but not just that Remember Star Wars and Marvel in a part of Disney Now maybe you can add some of the Avengers like Disneys INFINITY Video Game. Overall Your Game is One of our Favorite Games to Play on our Phone.

So far we’ve really enjoyed playing this game, its quickly become addicting/my go to game. Story line is fun and challenging. Collecting guardians and striving to get 4/5 stars is exciting and pushes us to play more. Only real issues we have with the game, is how difficult it is to get crystals/4 star guardians, as well as shards. We feel like without spending enough money its hard for players to collect new/better guardians and progress. Another issue is we feel like there should be more multiplayer aspects of the game, such as being able to fight against friends teams/guardians, being able to battle side by side in rifts/story line, or a form of dungeons. Im hoping that the developers will take into consideration adding more multiplayer features in the near future. Other then those things, its a very fun/addicting game and we highly recommend it to anyone who likes a grindy game and enjoys Disney!

This is such a fun and cool arena-style RPG! We love that we can play with all our favorite Disney Characters. Please add Pinocchio! Please and Thank you!

We love this app. As everyone should. End of discussion.

This game pretty great its good.

Great app and game please add more guardians and more level up too 400 and expand the friends list to 100 or more and add new towers and new classes or stuff.

Lots of fun! Reminds us of what is was like to play Kingdom Hearts back in the day!

The Characters are all Amazing and all fantastic. They need to add the other Disney Characters like from Encanto, Pocahontas and many more.

Great game overall we like that this came out around the time of the new Disney cards. We really enjoy this game.

We need dumbo that is all dumbo!

This is one of the most fun things we’ve ever played and guess what who likes ads? Nobody the reason l said thatTHERE ARE NO ADS and this game is completely free and we love Disney. We think it everyone in Disney. This is also one of our favorite fighting game now. Tutorial is pretty easy. So what are you waiting for come on. Download the game!

Nice game but one thingmake the dungeon battles harder please we beat then it 30 seconds and plz make then harder this.

Gameplay is engaging and enjoyable, and freebies are often enough that even as a budget player, we feel pretty engaged and comfortable. Would love controller support and some optimization in general – our phone runs pretty hot on this game after a while, and we have the latest (small form factor) iPhone, so its a bit surprising.

Love the game! Takes a bit of effort at the beginning to unlock everything but once you have all the game modes unlocked its a challenging and fun character unlock game. The visuals are great, though we WISH for the day that they allow us to toggle the cinematic cutscene when using a special move (first time and never again makes us sad ) Some minor bugs and things we hope theyll fix soon: -Being able to see all 4 stardust amounts instead of just 3 sometimes -energy is shown up top but it scrolls through normal energy and dungeon energy and sometimes mismatches energy types and quantity – please organize Motes more like the gems so that its not messy looking and you can look down a column to compare quantities.

This is a great game, we absolutely love how the developers made Disney and Pixar characters into fighters, but we do wish there was some PvP. And its also really hard to get new characters once you have a bunch and its hard to get them at higher star ratings. But besides that we really like the game.

Hello this is Lmaoki here huge fan of MCOC best mobile game we’ve played and Im very addicted to titan quest the music and mechanics in that game are so fun, now lets get to the facts about Disney Mirror-verse, we’re currently on chapter 8 and we have a strong team of 4 stars (Sully, Gaston, Tiana) they have upgraded abilitys and are fun to play with, but sadly this game does not capture the Kabam magic for us and it feels like a chore hopping on doing the bazaar refresh to dungeon runs to event runs to supply runs once you do all your 14 dailys you have no energy or real life energy to complete any meaningful content, the game makes our phone really hot and lag compared to contest of champions and the battle style should be more linear like Street fighter duel so it runs smoother, once you log in you get bombarded with ads and money deals its too in your face, the events dont feel worth it, we understand Disney wants aggressive marketing, it seems this game was made as an afterthought and we can understand the cash grab but compared to the other Kabam games it does not match, if we did not love this company we would uninstall this immediately for a better game, but Im willing to work with them to improve it. -thanks.

Its hard to get free good guardians. Ours right now is Mulan, and shes bad herself, her attacks are not helping our other guardians. Please make it free to play.

We’ve been saving up Alliance points for Tier 3 Diamond Shards so we can Rank Up Guardians and 2 out of 2 times we havent gotten the awards!!! Considering how hard you have to work to get these items, which you need to even play the levels that let you earn these shards, just to have gotten nothing is beyond frustrating. Whats worse is these store glitches seem to happen after every update. Its gotten to where its hard to enjoy the game and our whole family plays together on a team and were all super disappointed this stuff keeps happening. We want to play, and we spend money to play. We just want it to work right!

Love the characters and how they move act, and the attention to their qualities and fights. There is some p2w element, but it seems the devs try to make things right and can be generous when doing so, like with fun special events that potentially help close the gap at least a little. Dangerously close to wanting to spend on this one, its fun.

Wont tell us why we’ve been silenced and for how long. Dont download if you want to be treated as if youre a lab rat. Only nice to you if you spend money in game over $100s of dollars. Its really sad a company treats the whales and dolphins with respect more then a the average player who wants to play without spending for the best guardians.

An in-game purchase was made by mistake. Apple Store approved a refund as it was a valid claim. Then we received an in game balance of -999 of the most difficult in-game currency. We would have to spend either real money or play for years to erase that negative balance. We feel cheated! Horrible Terrible gaming experience.

We always get duplicates when we spend all our orbs on crystals.

This game is the absolute worst.

Hello developers at KabamI wanna say we love this gameI wanted to tell you right awayAbout something we saw on the loading screen it was either our imagination or we think we just saw Alice from Alice in wonderland her character Biograph was on the loading screen And we do not know what that is we were hoping you might fix itOr just spill the beans on the new Guardians.

Much more fun than expected than that we thought it would be. Easy jump into and very satisfying to play. Definitely will recommend to friends and family!!!!

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