Divine W: Perfect Wonderland

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Divine W: Perfect Wonderland

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hainan Erniu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th September 2022 with the latest update 21st September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Divine W: Perfect Wonderland ?

521 people have rated 1.5

What is the price of the Divine W: Perfect Wonderland ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Divine W: Perfect Wonderland released ?

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland was released on 14th September 2022.

When was the Divine W: Perfect Wonderland updated ?

The latest updated date of Divine W: Perfect Wonderland on 21st September 2022.

Where can Divine W: Perfect Wonderland be downloaded ?

You can download the game Divine W: Perfect Wonderland from Apple Official App Store.



Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is an fantasy open-world MMORPG with oriental style. The game owns a massive map which is over 60,000 inch². Begins a thrilling journey in this Sword and magic world. Everything you choose affects the world and decides the world’s future.

Make a dent and create your own legend!

【Paint the fantastic world】
An oriental fantastic new world that you can truly immerse in. Unlock the exclusive warlord to increase your power, and explore kinds of fantastic myths and legends. Come into Divine W, and make your fantasy dream come true.

【Massive Open World 】
Feast your eyes on the world around you, with a beautiful art style and excellent visual experience.
Lighting and weather all change naturally over time. The seasons, the weather and the vast world. Bringing every detail of this fantastic world to life.

【Most enjoyable fighting】
Freely combine your skills, and choose a weapon as you want. Also, a correct strategy is vital in a fight. That’s why a wise choice is essential. This intense fighting is waiting for you.

【Be yourself】
A lovely outfit system. Hundreds of fashion outfits and accessories. Dress how you want!
Not to mention the cutest pet, mounts, and wings. Thus, in divine W, Everybody is made unique!

【Not only fight】
Deity also needs rest. There is much funny gameplay besides the fight. Fishing, Hunting, cooking… And more little fun is here for you.

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Updated on 21st September 2022

Oriental Fantasy Open World MMORPG is officially launched today! Download to claim 1,000,000,000 diamonds!

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland Review

Very good game its had lots to do and we like that u can auto stuff while doing chores.

We love the game play. Im huge on mmorpgs and this is beyond what we’ve played so far. Love it!!!

We love the game, we play it almost everyday but we just wish there was more stuff to do for exp when your a f2p player.

Could use more quests/daily things to do. We find myself killing the world bosses over and over.

This game is amazing but we would love more features and more characters but overall this game is so good.

We love this game so much but it would be better if it had controller support. Thank for the future controller update.

This game will keep you occupied for hours.

Love the game, nice graphics, nice world. . Our only con is that it does not support controllers.

A more refined eastern themed auto play game.

Please promote controller for this game.

Fun game , intuitive controls, decent graphics.

Its a good game similar to Mirage skyline but the drop rate to get a 2 star equipment can take a while we dont mind having tons of stamina bottles but we know thats not gonna be enough or all that enjoyable we do love the Morph Mutation u can have permanently its just that Mirage skyline is a lot more fair to both players and u can acquire 2 star equipments whether its yellow or red they dont give out 1 star single equipments for a long period of time cause u sometimes get it through equipment dungeon or the bosses u attack so u dont have to look like ur suffering to gain 2 star equipments its just sometimes you will get them and sometimes u wont but with this game it seems rather rough to gain a measly 2 star or 3 star equipment once ur gathering t7 equipment we want games with a good longevity that supports gaining 2 star or high star equipment so if this game had a good fair drop rate of those higher star equipment then great but so far we only see a few and lesser equipments that r only purple everything else about the game is fairly good so far but enough for us to keep your game with us or even spend more than $6 dollars in the game keep up the good effort tho.

The game is amazing it got good graphic good gameplays and plenty of events although the leveling grinding system may need a bit of working more fashion option weapon and armor other then those Ill think the game is amazing.

The game loads up quick for us and the game is smooth as butter.

Yes you can play for free and level up decently. But they want you to pay for EVERYTHING. We purchased a small pack of ingots for the first purchase pack. We received the pack and the extras only to find out you have to use ingots to open the park that you just paid money for. And the pack we purchased wasnt enough to open it. So in order to fully use the 1.99 pack you will need to buy it for 1.99 then purchase an additional 4.99 in ingots to open the pack you originally paid 1.99 for. And you pets you have to pay ingots to use and u aint using them for under 4.99. It continues. But as a time waster while your waiting for an appointment or something its great. If youre a BIG spender it will be a great game but if youre a micro pack or F2P player then eeeehhhhhh .

The game has great potential but we really dislike autoplay whats the point of downloading a game when it plays itself.

There is no way around the pay wall for this game. If you grind you have no chance in keeping up with someone who spends money on the game. There are many items that you cant get in game without real world money. But the game is fun and has a lot of features we think other games could try to implement. Like server merging for dead servers if people stop playing on your server.

When we looked at this game we thought it looked amazing. But when we downloaded it, it was pure CRAP, the graphics are not as you say, plus the auto stuff is so annoying! And its all buy this and buy that and the wings dont even work! Fix this RIGHT NOW.

So far the game was buggy at the very start, but very few are nowadays. The game itself is pretty pay heavy to be competitive. The normal mob farming gives very little xp and little to no drops after hours of farming. Events are focused on paying customers as the f2p players get stuck behind the pay wall. Right now player log in for a few hours, do the dailies and log out as theres no farming normal mobs for gear, event items, etc.

Our server is dead so Im not even able to participate in any events relating to guild and server. Farming becomes boring because its just myself doing wild boss. Im not sure why they cant merge the servers. We only have 2 other players that are playing who arent even active.

The game could benefit from two additions. Much like Dharma add in a new event to gather copper coins. At higher levels the cost for enhancement is rather costly and run all of the dungeons to get just a couple of enhancements. In the wilds outside the cities create some higher levels mobs to grind for experience. Trying to advance from 320 up you need a lot of experience for each level. Have ran everything from the events and dungeons, including the additional purchases from VIP level. Best mobs can find offer 2 mil exp per kilo, but when needing 1.8 trillion for next level is a bit ridiculous.

We tried to play this game but it played itself.

It’s odd to us that they claim they have character creation with no skin tone or even body height & type options. Pretty, yes but nothings there….. "yet" we guess…. But yeah, disappointing to say the least.

Getting married in order to get more and rewards to get cp should be the same if your single because other people dont want to meet you and get married!! The matching for battles is out of balance too you match us with low people or with people so high they us once and we are dead, so stupid. So we just dont do it. Every day is pay to win. A few times ok for cool stuff but not fair for people who dont have money just to burn we hate to trash this game but we can see how this going your going to burn us out on pay to win there will always just be the top few people who will be on top and the rest of us will just get board.

No matter if youre auto playing or not there is absolutely nothing to do. It has the feel of a slot machine game, pull the lever and watch it spin so boring it put us to sleep! It was funny the first time we knocked out, but it happened twice!! We have no clue what the game is suppose to be if anything other than a slot machine watch only thing but this was a waste of space.

We’ve played similar games to this like Wings of Discord but you dont even play this game. It quite literally plays itself and no way to turn it off. Very confusing as the game with continue while your still trying to figure something out.

This is a pure autoplay game, and this is isnt really an MMORPG so much as it is a casino game. Flashy things everywhere, constant sayings of BUY BUY BUY being shoved in your face, only to get you to buy more and more, day after day, month after month, until youre basically outta cash. Please avoid if youre looking for an MMORPG that isnt a wallet eater.

Just not our type of open world game and its not really open world they definitely make it seem better then it truly is.

We love this game but now when we open it we just stuck in the loading screen and we cant even log in yall need to fix this game.

We just want to be the first to review this game.

We thought the ad and we were like Ill test it out you know we were kind of iffy about gentian impact but that turned out to have beautiful graphics great gameplay so we were going to give this a chance but its already not loading we dont see anything about diamonds yet but Im trying again and Ill update this later if we can find anything/edit: OK so the graphics look pretty good there was no problem with logging in we think the servers were just a little bit slow.

This game is super fun and easy.

Idk havent even played the game yet.

We pre downloaded this game and its 100% the best RPG game on our phone.

Downloaded now and play with your friends.

Graphics are great gameplay is great easy to level up USA # 1****

We’ve been waiting and our gosh we LOVE ITTTTT.

The graphics are so amazing and its such a thrill to play. We recommend this game for everybody and not only that we would even recommend it for our kids. Give it a chance its not as money hungry as our previous games.

You know those CP-based Chinese browser games that play themselves? This is one of those. That huge diamond reward for downloading? The stuff you buy with those diamonds costs a lot, so its just a big number to draw you in. If you like those braindead plays-itself browser games, horrible graphics and all, dive right in. Ill be uninstalling.

We have had it for 2 days and we love it but we cant play it anymore it wont let us do anything at all When this is fixed please let us know cause we want to continue to play this game.

The path finding is really annoying. Can you please make a option to disable it??

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