Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins

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Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins


Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MAZE THEORY DEVELOPMENT LTD, Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th March 2021 with the latest update 24th August 2021

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


364 people have rated 1.13

You can download the game Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins from APP STORE.


Can you solve the mystery? We’ve got big problems now.

From the award-winning creators of Sara is Missing and SIMULACRA, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is a thrilling found-phone mystery. Uncover an all new horror story that builds on the terrifying legacy of the Weeping Angels, first encountered in the iconic story, “Blink”.

Amidst a sinister series of events at a seemingly abandoned house in London, someone goes missing, and you find their phone. When it begins to self-destruct, ex-UNIT scientist Petronella Osgood enlists your help to uncover hidden clues and solve cryptic puzzles. Will you unravel the truth behind the chilling disappearance before it’s too late? But remember: don’t turn your back, don’t look away and DON’T BLINK.

This survival horror game will lead you through a mystery like no other. Solve crime and uncover the story of where Lawrence has disappeared. Play detective to connect all the pieces of the puzzle available in the palm of your hand. The found phone will pull you in deeper and deeper, unveil its sinister secrets and solve the mystery.

Search through messages, emails, videos, photographs and more to uncover clues, solve puzzles and reveal the truth. Work alongside Petronella Osgood (played by Ingrid Oliver) to investigate mysterious events and come face to face with a new evil.

Download The Lonely Assassins today and embark on a perilous journey to discovering the truth. Whatever you do, don’t blink.


Solve the Dark Story:

  • Play detective as you scroll through the phone and find mystery riddles
  • Choose story clues to share with your partner, Osgood
  • Solve the puzzles and uncover the story

Mystery Puzzle Adventure:

  • Mystery riddles and puzzles will lead you through the journey
  • Solve the mystery by going through the phone’s recognizable and popular apps
  • This horror story is non-linear, so choose which path you take

Play Detective:

  • Uncover and solve mystery secrets about Lawrence, Osgood and more
  • The found phone contains all the answers, are you savvy enough to solve them?
  • This horror story ending is on you – what will you choose?

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins – no phone is safe!

"The Lonely Assassins is the best Doctor Who game ever made" – Engadget

Updated on 24th August 2021

Lots and lots of bug fixes!

  • Improved stability on older devices
  • Implemented fix for ‘missing contacts’ bug
  • Fixed ‘black screen’ issue

"The Lonely Assassins is the best Doctor Who game ever made" – Engadget

Thank you!

Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins Reviews

That was fun. Sure if youve seen the show you kind of know whats around the corner, but it didnt detract at all. Hopefully theyll come up with future storylines!

Apart from jumping a mile every time a weeping angel came on screen a most most enjoyable game ! Great play for any doctor who fans old and new.

We really enjoyed this game, full of mystery and adventure. Definitely recommend for fans of Tennant era Doctor Who!

Not the greatest adventure game, in terms of having a ton of agency or alternate paths. But as a fan of Doctor Who, a fun ride.

Great mystery game but too short. It would be cool if it had alternative endings. Played it once by myself then in the dark with our bff. Not worth $3 if youre not a doctor who fan but if you are then defiantly.

An excellent cast of characters brought back for a game where we can participate (from a distance) in a Doctor Who adventure? Sign us up! We loved the originality of the game, the use of video and audio, and the puzzles (although we could always take a few more puzzles). We hope theres a sequel!

We enjoyed it, we wish it were longer and never more options but its very exciting!

We loved it all tho not a fan of doctor who but still good to play.

Awesome game that keeps you wanting to play until you finish. Very great concept.

We finally got both endings and did everything correctly.

We really liked it! We hardly EVER buy the full game of anything. We enjoyed every part of it, theres so many aspects we cant list them all. Cant wait for the next one! Soon please!

We have played the simulacra game and pipe dreams and Sara is missing and all them blow this monstrosity out of the water. We just do not believe it was made by the same people. The acting was horrible compared to the other ones. No likeable characters and there isnt even any investigating or things that spice things up or make it seem real. Simulacra 2 being the best game out of all of them was so thought out and had different endings. You really had to think and immerse yourself. This game is the complete opposite we could give it to a two year old and they could figure it out and play it. Zero brain activity needed and the story got so ridiculous unbelievable no likeable characters. It reminds us of a corny action/ attempted horror series come to a game. Its laughable if anything else. A doctor whos an alien that time travels who some investigator is friends with? We didnt know we were reading a childrens book. We were bored but not angry until that part and then when the investigator nonchalantly says stupid corny preposterous things like we died once with no explanation. Aliens, spirits, the occult, time travel, possessions, coming back from the dead are all interesting if you do it correctly and not just mash them all up in a unbelievable corny child book type of ridiculous. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. The only reason we gave it two stars is because allegedly unless they got it wrong it was made by the simulacra people.

Okay. So, when we 1st started this game. It was a awesome experience because the weeping Angel kinda scared the crap out of us but still. Awesome game but sometimes if you get stuck in a specific level/mission, always look up a walkthrough, it helps! BEST GAME EVER! #DOCTORWHO!

Compared to previous games in this genre this was short but we were a good.

Doesnt work on iPhone, dont buy this.

As someone who has a fear of the Weeping Angels we had a lot of fun with the game! It has some good playback value so that you can try to complete the game 100% and we think that it would be a good introduction to new Whovians as well.

This reminded us of what we loved about the text adventures of old with a very modern flair that takes advantage of todays technology.

A very fast playthrough (working quickly, only skimming the text, etc) takes about an hour and 45 minutes. Id say an average playthrough in which you read everything would be somewhere around 2.5-3 hours. Its mostly text and image based with a few audio/video segments, including audio from Osgood (a main character) and a clip from the 13th Doctor at the end. Beware of the jump scares and glitching screen, which is a part of the game. Overall, we thought it was great! We think the ideal age for this is teenagers (13+ ?), but adults can enjoy it too. Probably not suited for children as there are several jump scares.

Just a plain load of phone with a perfect blend of find objects, clues, solve riddles, puzzles, and a fast-paced dash of an escape room, and you have yourself some Lonely Assassins! Hats off and cheers for the great title! Would be phenomenal to have more adventures with Osgood and The Doctor!

This is basically an extension of the original Blink episode, but set in the era of the Doctor we know now. Just as tense as Blink, with lots of satisfying references to Doctors past and present. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip!

It was such a disappointment that it took us so little time to complete this game. We love the concepts and animations, the story is great. We just wouldnt pay $3.99 again for this.

Exceeded our expectations. Great game.

This game is a real gem!!! It was so fun to play, we had such a great time!!

We really enjoyed this. Well worth the money.

We loved the way it played like an episode and we were one of the characters but never seen, and we cant wait for a sequel.

For all doctor who fans, this is a great adventure! Its no tardis trip, but facing the weeping angels of old is always a way to get your heart pumping. A great story with so much to keep you on your toes. Even for non fans of the show, this game will give you a taste that could draw you in to The Whoniverse! Take the chance and play, its brilliant!

Fun game with many layers. Well worth the cost, especially if you are a Dr. Who fan.

We were super excited to find this game. It is a bit short, as others have said, but that didnt bother us at all. We think it was definitely worth the money. The story line is interesting even to fans and the acting is great. All in all we would absolutely recommend this game to fans and non fans alike!

As a die hard fan of the show, we were enthralled in the thrilling story. While people who have seen the show might find some of the plot twists quite predictable, that didnt detract from the experience whatsoever. We found myself completely immersed in a gripping story. The puzzles are very clever, and the tension feels very real. This game is not for the faint of heart, as we found myself screaming at some of the jump scares. We do wish it had been a bit longer, as we were able to complete it in under 2 days. The way all of the clues come together at the end is brilliant. Definitely worth the money.

Bonus if you are a fan of interactive fiction. For us this was reminiscent of the old school text adventures but on steroids. You basically get to be in an episode of Doctor Who by interacting with the phone in the app. The puzzles arent difficult but they are satisfying. A short but very fun adventure. Dont blink! Note to devs: a nice addition might be a notepad app to jot down things you might need later.

We enjoyed the concept of the game abs the storyline. However, we wish it was longer and we wish there was more required of us in regards to skills needed/ puzzles to solve. We think this could be expanded and that the developers will update it and add more aspects. There is potential for more here but we did enjoy it.

SUPER short game. Like, really short. We felt like we had just been getting started when it was over. BUT that being said, it was fun while it lasted. We wouldnt really call it a game per se. Theres no challenge to it and not really anything that would be considered gameplay, but it was still a fun way to experience a short story. And we love that it picked up right where Blink left off. We’ve always wondered what would happen with that circle of angels! So, it was a good start. Hopefully this is the predecessor to more Doctor Who games like this that are updated and better!

We gave this app a 4 star and wish we could have split it to 4.25 or so. As a huge fan of the TV series we’ve been wanting a proper app to come out so was really excited to find this. The premise is simple, you find someones phone and strange things start happening, but the story line is very good. The game is a bit short which lowers the rating from 5 to 4 in our opinion. They have actors from the show so the acting is what you would expect, very good. The story is intriguing as well. All in all a solid, short game. Honestly, unless the ratings were crap Id have gotten it anyway just to show the developers that there is a huge and underserved fan base here.

So we finished it a few days ago. And yeah it could have been so much more. We liked it… We think it has potential but its very short and suddenly over. The disco ball solution was perfect and probably the best part. And we think that there can be a great Doctor Who phone game. There was so much to work with that they could have done. We feel like they made a quick and easy. We wouldnt mind so much if maybe they added content at some point, but right now theres just so much wasted potential. Thirteen Doctors and all those companions and all we got was a short game. Add more! Add the Doctors Daughter! Torn between 2 and 3 stars because we like it but it needs more. Please update!

Loved the theme of the weeping angels, but sadly since the Angel episodes are our favorite we knew exactly what happened right from the beginning. Using the episode of Blink as a guide really gave away the ending. The tasks were super easy and we finished the game in maybe 2 hours if not less. Would have liked it better if it was a new adventure with the Angels and your choices mattered. Definitely too short and too easy of a game, but seeing the old characters return was fun.

Okay so this game is absolutely amazing. The graphics are great and so is the story. But, we havent been able to finish it because it keeps crashing. At first we thought it was fine, but it got to the point to when it crashed it didnt save our previous data and we had to start all over again. For example, when we had to piece the fragments together and delete them so that the weeping angel would be out of the phone. The first two times we tried, it glitched and crashed, causing us to have to start over. The third time we FINALLY made it through deleting the fragments and right as we were done. . . It crashed and we had to start over. Super frustrating. Overall this is a good game, but we wish it didnt delete what we already did. (I also am on a really good device, so that probably doesnt have anything to do with it)

We finished it within 2 hours. It was fun but disappointing.

So we entered in a pattern three times and nothing happened. Is there some secret pattern we need to discover?

She deserved a better game And how they treat Sally is a joke.

Im reading about an update that fixes black screen but not working for us. Cant even play it.

We were so excited to play this. Its a great concept and we suspect the game itself is fun. However, its impossible to know for sure because the game crashes every minute and a half (not an exaggeration). We’ve tried everything they have recommended. We uninstalled and reinstalled the app. We’ve turned our phone off and on so many times. Dont waste the $3.

That was AMAZING. We just finished playing Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, and it was PERFECT. Im a huge fan of the show, and our favorite episode is Blink, so this was right up our alley. It took us two days to play the game, so it has a lot of play-time (although we secretly wish it had been longer). We love how it brought back some of our favorite character (Osgood!! And Larry!) from Doctor Who but added some new, interesting characters. It is so well-written and so well put together. We’ve tried some of the Doctor Who games in the past and we just was never impressed. This is incredible and well-worth the price. We love the idea of a found phone game and this one executes it flawlessly. We honestly felt like we were present in a Doctor Who episodemy dream come true! So thank you for that! Overall, it was just FUN. We even screamed once with one of the jump scares! At the end, it tells you what you accomplished, and what parts you missed, so now we have reason to give it a second play-through! Loved it!

We thoroughly enjoyed this game. Top notch!

We absolutely loved this. It was a great interactive story experience and helped give more of the story after Blink. Please do more like this!! Just remember: Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And most of all, don’t blink. Good Luck.

Full disclosure: Im biased – Blink was the episode that got us hooked on Doctor Who. However Im not so biased that we would give an app 5 stars if it didnt deserve it, and our bias ensures Id dock stars for lack of faithfulness to the source material. Im happy to report the app gets full marks across the board. First off, an original Nightingale plus Osgood? That right there is almost enough to get us to say take our money! We dont want to give any details about the story lest we give anything away but we will say the story follows Blink in a reasonable and believable manner. Actors and story are nothing without execution. Simply put, the app is brilliant. Production values are extremely high across all media and the interface is solid. Its glitch-free, responsive, and is an excellent representation of a phone. In fact its so good we actually played through on our phone for the full found-phone experience. We never play games on our phone, only our iPad. In fact we had less trouble navigating the game phone screen than we often do with iOS The only thing Id change about the interface is to add a way to force a save or increase the frequency of saves. We had to play through a part Id completed because our progress wasnt saved when we quit. Granted, the game is on rails but necessarily so. Even though we could see where things were going before Osgood and us in the game we didnt find the game boring at all, quite the opposite. We got sucked in and was engaged in the story, and really what more could we ask for? Spend the money, this is totally worth the few dollars being asked. While you do that Im going to play through again because we didnt complete all the parts, darn it!

If you are a Whovian get it NOW! This is amaZing!!! Also WHATEVER YOU DO DONT BLINK!

We had a lot of fun with this even though Im not a Doctor Who fan. Its a little too cheesy to be really scary, but very absorbing and hard to put down.

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