Save them all – drawing puzzle

Last updated on November 30th, 2022 at 12:35 am

Save them all – drawing puzzle

Save them all - drawing puzzle

Save them all – drawing puzzle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FTY LLC., Save them all – drawing puzzle is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th August 2020 with the latest update 7th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Save them all – drawing puzzle ?

46,333 people have rated 1.3.8

What is the price of the Save them all – drawing puzzle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Save them all – drawing puzzle released ?

Save them all – drawing puzzle was released on 26th August 2020.

When was the Save them all – drawing puzzle updated ?

The latest updated date of Save them all – drawing puzzle on 7th September 2022.

Where can Save them all – drawing puzzle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Save them all – drawing puzzle from Apple Official App Store.



Draw freely and help them.
The line you draw will become 3D.

From the rain,
From rocks and bombs attacking,
Please draw well and protect them.

There are more than 600 levels in all!
You can force it to unravel, or you can draw it beautifully to help.
The lines you draw will save the world!

EU / California users can opt-out under GRPR / CCPA.
Please respond from the pop-up displayed when starting in the app or within the settings in the app.

Updated on 7th September 2022

  • fixed minor bugs.

Save them all – drawing puzzle Review

Fun game dont give up on a level just keep trying Im on stage 271 havent skipped one yet.

This app is exactly what an ad says. Not like other apps when you download them and every even (or odd) level is just another Crush Candy Saga. Anyway, perfect physics. Very interesting! Perfect for waiting room, travel or relax a little! We are 44 year old male and we only play two Empire Earth like games AND THIS ONE! Thank you developers!

Too many ads. We are having a hard time enjoying the game due to the ads.

The game is fun enough, but getting interrupted by ads every other level got old fast.

This game looks fun but after 2 hours of play time we only got about three minutes of actual game time. Way to many ads!! Find something else to play during your boredom because this is just frustrating. We have removed this game.

There are too many ads. Causes game play to take an extraordinary amount of time. Ill probably just remove this game.

Its more like one big ad with a little bit of game sprinkled in here and there. Cant stand games that force you to watch video every round or two. This one has that in addition to large on screen ads during play.

This game is not at all clever. The puzzles are so simple its just boring. On top of that there is a constant nagging of ads. Also, its unplayable if you dont have an internet connection. We dont usually leave reviews, but this was so utterly disappointing.

The game has potential, but the graphics are rudimentary and the numerous longs not only interrupt flow because of how frequent they are, but they also cause the app to crash. We got to stage 20 with more ads than we could count and two crashes before we deleted the app and wrote this review.

The game created only for get money from ads.

The game has waaaaay too many advertisements, and as always, they want you to pay a monthly fee. Dont fall for this guy or we will be in a future where you wont own nothing and owe everything. El juego tiene demasiados anuncios como siempre, quieren que pagues el servicio mensual. No caigan por esto o en el futuro nunca podremos ser dueos de nada y lo deberemos todo.

A fun game but ads every two levels is annoying. $4 a week to get rid of them is a jokeits like the cornhole game that wants $7 a week. These games should be a couple dollars period! Not $4 a weekthats over $200 a year! These developers need to get more realistic.

A good and easy game to play,but it has too much ads which makes it very annoying and stupid, worst part is it cant be played without internet. Didnt get to level 5 before deleting it.

Other than all those ads this game is hilarious!

When we first got this game we thought it was the greatest game we’ve ever played but then when we got to stage 96 it started to glitch really bad so we thought Id give it a three star rating we can draw easily but when we push the button for the level to start it would go very slowly it would shoot out and then it would stop and then we would shoot out again and would stop if we continue on this pattern for a long time finally we would just give up and go to a different game we think one way to fix it is to get rid of one of the glitches we even tried to update it but it still didnt work.

Idea of the game is good, but Youll spend more time watch ads than playing the game, ridiculous.

Look, we get that you have to make something off of this. And we get people have to put food on the table. TL;DR: Fun game ruined by ads. But if you consistently shove multiple ads down our throat, with shoddy controls and no way to skip them, we will delete the game quickly. Which we’ve done here. We should not have to wait for 3 minutes to play a game that takes 30 seconds to solve.

We’re stuck on stage 140not because we cant solve it, but because it keeps freezing. When it isnt freezing, the little assassin men are able to walk through the wall (I have screenshots). If they fix the bugs and lay off ads after each puzzle (the ads are longer than the stages), Ill change our rating.

This game is just a front for ads. Average play time = about 15 to 20 seconds. Average ad time to get back to gameplay is 30+ seconds. You spend more time watching ads than playing. The gameplay is so easy its insulting.

Though this game is fun, theres to many incessant adds that ruin the game and the operating speed is quite slow. This game can be more fun to play but, more improvements is needed such as, no adds in the game, and faster operating speeds would be preferable. These adjustments are needed and no more adds in the game play please.

Ads everywhere, literally its riddled with ads. You can skip bonuses earned by watching ads and they still play ads. Which, by the way, crashes the app. So it forces you to watch ads, which freeze the game and boots you out.

Fun game to kill time with, but very, very buggy. Walls get glitchy and cause you to fail an attempt even though they should be solid – and we use a stylus to get straight lines. Walls also get penetrated by bad guys and bullets at certain times. Just needs some cleaning up. Worth a download, but you will get annoyed.

This game is a fun game its is destroyed by too many adds. Especially when the levels seem easy and you get through them in 2 seconds just to have a 30 second add be thrown at you. This game becomes bot worth the time or the effort to play when your spending more time looking at the adds than playing the game.

We understand advertisements but.. Like many other apps there is way too many.

Downloaded the app and it wouldnt load up. (I have a brand new iphone)

Can not even play the game without being comnected to the internet so they can force ads down your throat every 45 seconds, 1 star is a blessing.


Too much ads to a point you dont get to enjoy the game. Developers dont care about the game do you just wanna make quick money. On games like this we turn off Internet connection from the setting but on this game looks like you cannot so uninstalling the game is the best choice.

Levels barely increase in difficulty, on lev 179 and they all take 1 try. Ads every two levels make it almost unplayable, not worth the money.

This game is really fun and great to play if u want to exercise the brain or when ur bored but the fact that theres an ad for every level u past is annoyingly outrageous, we tried to turn off our internet to see if thatll work/ stop the ads from showing so much but it seems like u need ur internet on for some apparent reason?!?! We would honestly keep playing the game but we deleted after level 7 due to the fact that theres so much ads. Also if ur trying to gain more players try not to sell a No Ads gamepass for 2.99 because thats ridiculous.

The game is nice by itself, but it has so huge amount of ads that you watch ads instead of playing. Constantly, this is every 30 seconds. Horrible!

You cannot even use it on ios 15.

An app to watch ads with some minigames in between. Also they ask you to accept the privacy terms but there is nowhere to read what those terms are. How did Apple allowed it into the store?

Really and overall horrible game that has more ads than gameplay. Seems like a scam really.

We paid the $3 for the ad free experience but they kept coming anyway.

The app has ads while youre playing, then stops you every 3 levels to play a long ad. If you try to play without wifi, which this game doesnt require, it just spams you with a no wifi message.

We get a ad every 5 seconds. No real point of play if Im watching ads 70% of the time.

Ad made game look way more fun than it is. The levels are repetitive and boring. The ads are too frequent and lengthy. Deleted within 5 minutes of download.

Game is really fun and interesting to figure out how to counter balance to save the dude. But almost every single level glitches and force quits our game and we have to start the level Over. We’ve gotten to over level 400 but Im about to just say forget it and delete it because its not worth it. Started around level 250 for us. Its no longer fun. FIX IT.

We opened the game, tapped view the privacy policy black screen now we opened and accepted it black screen. Come on guys do better.

Way too many ads. You spend way more time skipping ads then actually playing the game. Also the game freezes up/lags pretty bad sometimes.

Too much adds cant even enjoy the game.

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