Save them all – drawing puzzle

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 04:07 pm

Save them all – drawing puzzle


Save them all – drawing puzzle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FTY LLC., Save them all – drawing puzzle is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th August 2020 with the latest update 7th February 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


45,355 people have rated 1.3.5

You can download the game Save them all – drawing puzzle from APP STORE.


Draw freely and help them.
The line you draw will become 3D.

From the rain,
From rocks and bombs attacking,
Please draw well and protect them.

There are more than 600 levels in all!
You can force it to unravel, or you can draw it beautifully to help.
The lines you draw will save the world!

EU / California users can opt-out under GRPR / CCPA.
Please respond from the pop-up displayed when starting in the app or within the settings in the app.

Updated on 7th February 2022

  • We’ve added a VIP menu!
    We will release new levels exclusively for VIP menu subscribers, one per day. You can also remove all ads, including rewards.
    If you’re interested, please check out the details from the TOP button!

Save them all – drawing puzzle Review

The games a lot of fun if youre bored and need something to do, there are a lot of ads so we went ahead and bought the no ads for $2.99. Some of the levels actually require you to think about it but for the most part theyre super easy. The game can get glitchy sometimes but its not that bad but overall its a good game.

This game is as fun as banging a hooker!

It has too many ads wish it had like one ad per like every 10 min we wouldnt complain.

We understand that most companies use ads to earn money from the game in order to make a profit but the ads can seriously be displayed less than they are, every 2 levels a ad comes up and thats why we dont want to play this game no more.

Fun to play but the ads are ridiculous and we can only get to level 42 before its froze completely like did we play it too much for you to have to freeze our game intentionally or what? It cures boredom and such but the freezing is annoying.

Its a good game except there is an INSANE amount of ads plus it lags sometimes we do really like the game tho.

Spent more time watching ads than playing, almost made it to level 50 and never got harder or more fun.

Is the game fun YES Are there some many ads that it makes the entire thing miserable??? ALSO YES! Lot of potential but not worth $10$/month or $120/yr. The developer is a bit greedy on this one.

Fun enough game but way way way too many ads. Not even being dramatic. We cant even click the screen without ads. We hope they change the game or else its just gonna keep going down in ratings.

We enjoy this game for a nice little brain break but the ads are insane. You beat a level in a few seconds just to spend 2 minutes clicking through ads. You can pay to get rid of the ads but we honestly dont think its worth it.

Decently fun game we wouldve like to continue playing but they just flood you with longs ads after every level. Too frustrating to play. Deleted after 5 mins.

This game would have gotten five stars from us if they didnt make you watch a thirty second ad after each level. Its terrible. You cant even play while on airplane mode. Its a waist of time and hopefully they fix this.

The actually game is fun when you get to play it. Unfortunately for every 15 seconds of game theres a 60 second ad. Its ridiculous.

Maybe if there wasnt an add after every two levels the game might be somewhat enjoyable.

Im agree with the adds, but not in this way, you hace 1 ad every 2 levels, spend more time watching the adds than playing.

The game is fun and actually enjoy playing games like this but the ads where enough to get us to stop playing the game. There is an ad literally after every level you complete. We spent more time watching the ads then actually playing the game. The game itself is quite easy and its fun to play when your bored but we feel like there are other games like this where the ads arent as big of a problem.

Slow and glitchy. Could be fun if they didnt make you spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game.

This is a very good game even it doesnt has the best graphics ever, it could be pretty entertaining to play during free time on your work or school, but it has the problem everything we in this life has: ads. We personally hate, HATE ads, but even if you dont, this game is an app to see ads and play 10 seconds; is the only reason Im delating the game, theres a lot of ads, you cannot play without connection and the ads are pretty repetitive and persisting, which causes you to delete this game. Is pretty good, but the exaggerate amount of ads is the reason Im giving you 2 stars.

Id like to say the concept of the game isnt bad its a nice thing to do if you were bored for like half an hour to only never play again. Our biggest issues were the fact that there were ads every level and the privacy policy isnt in english so your just agreeing to something you dont know the content of.

Fun game but there are so many ads.

The levels are repetitive and almost every stage can be beaten by just drawing a bubble around the guy or a basin above him to catch whatever is falling.

Title says it all. Every other level there was an ad. Even in the tutorials. 0/10. Trash game too.

Just downloaded and game wont even load.

Every other level is proceeded by an unskippable advertisement, the puzzles are nothing like they are advertised all over YouTube a complete waste of time.

Ads between every game , ads to get the free stuff theyre offering you like different skins for the character. Sometimes between rounds you get more than one ad. And its not particularly challenging at least not for us. So in about 15 to 20 minutes we spent probably 90% of the time going through the ads than actually playing the game. If you might not of guessed it, its been deleted.

One add every time you you play a level. Ads take longer than gameplay deleting off our phone after 5 levels. Ridiculous.

Ads we understand, but the excessive nature and the length of these are too much.

Tried playing in plane, game didnt work.

Nothing but ads. Every single game will finish with an ad. You dont even have the option to skip. Also, developers are blocking reviews this is our 3rd attempt to review this app. Youve been warned.

Really really boring and simple we dont think a child would struggle with this game it only exists to make money and feed you adds. You cant even play it without Wi-Fi lol as if a game so simple needs Wi-Fi. Seriously its really really bad.

Too many ads. Its ridiculous. You cant even play it without having ads shove on your face. For that, one star!

Minute long Ads after 15 seconds of game time. Terrible and frustrating.

We hate these kind of games that force you to try to pay. We know you need ads for revenue but it’s ridiculous. The game itself is fun but you can’t play 2 simple rounds before a whole ad takes over that’s even if you chose not to take the perk.

Fun game but youll be spending 80% of your time on ads and theres no way to turn it off, cannot play this game without wifi either.

Way too many advertisements. Do not download.

The game requires you to agree to the privacy policy which is written in Chinese characters. Granted about 1.5 billion people in the world read these, but its not the common tongue. We deleted the game without playing.

There are too many ads. Do you really need 30 second ads for a game where the rounds are less than 5 seconds to win or lose? And You cant block the soles in airplane mode, either. We played 4 rounds before we deleted the game. We wish we could give ot no stars.

The game is only ads, we deleted after the first 3 levels. Cant even airplane mode our phone without getting the stupid internet connections error message. Terrible.

Our phone over heats, lags and crashes way to much.

Simple game with a fun premise but the sheer amount of ads means this isnt worth it. Forget playing on airplane mode either as youll be hit with a Internet Connection Error that reappears as soon as its dismissed. Skip this one.

Just another one of the many many low effort games on the app store made solely to have players watch ads more than actually play the game, dont downlod this terrible game.

Cant even play for 5 seconds without have a 35 second commercial. Its horrible commercial.

This is not the game. This is advertising with little game.

Ads and redirects to download other apps make this game unplayable.