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Domino! is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Flyclops, LLC, Domino! is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 15th May 2012 with the latest update 19th June 2019

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Board, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


368 people have rated 3.3.16

You can download the game Domino! from APP STORE.


Play FIVES, BLOCK, and DRAW multiplayer dominoes with your friends! Join over one million people who have downloaded Domino!

  • "Is Domino! for iPhone the next Words With Friends? " –
  • "Crazy addictive!" – adjote
  • "Best Domino game out there." – redvision4

Domino! is super addictive, fast-paced, multiplayer dominoes done right for iOS!

This easy to learn but impossible to master strategy game is beautifully designed and endlessly entertaining! Play opponents at your own pace or see who’s online right now for even faster game play.

Find yourself bored with other, slower multiplayer games on the App Store? Change that now with Domino! Taking turns is ridiculously fast. Play your Facebook friends, contacts, or even random people across the globe! Push notifications let you know it’s your turn. In-game chat lets you tell your opponent who’s really the best.

Download today and join the community of Domino! players now!


  • Insanely addictive
  • Extremely fast game play
  • Most popular styles of Dominoes
  • Easy to learn, impossible to master – it’s always fun!
  • Familiar, intuitive user interface
  • Turn-based or real-time play – play whole games at once or at your own pace
  • Play an unlimited number of games at the same time
  • See who’s online now for even faster action
  • Play your Facebook friends, random opponents, or even the computer to sharpen your skills
  • Push Notification support so you always know when it’s your turn
  • Taunt your opponents with in-game chat messaging

Updated on 19th June 2019

Bug fixes

Domino! Reviews

It would be even better if you could play with (4) players.

We love this game. Its the closest game to the real life play there is. We also love being able to play with a real person.

Good app- been playing >10 years. We 3ish they would: -allow users to set their own game rules at the start of each game -allow the use of 9s (versus standard 6s) -allow app to play automatically (without player logging in) if theres only one possible move to be played we’ve thought these things for years. Would be nice if they came to fruition.

Trying to play but it says to update and it wont let us.

This game is one of our most fun. We never get bored with it. Great game we never get tired of. It would be even better if skunks and pita rolls were included. (10 to get in optional).

Love it so far. We’ve been on it for hours. The online play seems fun. Wish Blitz had option to 150. 100 flys by and its too easy to get smacked by 100.

We love the game of dominoes. This app is it!

We dont care for the new update. Too small and awkward.

App is great for the game. Interaction with Facebook and playing friends is seamless. The January 2023 update, however, is trash. We get a warning our games are about to expire literally 20 seconds after someone plays. That notification is almost hourly and its frustrating.

The free looks and feels better than the paid one and that doesnt make sense the paid one should at least look the same dont you think.

Since downloading new update, we had to start all the way over bc of glitches. Also would like to know why it says blitz is currently under maintainance.

We want back the hardest version. The one that had the meanest little guy. This version isnt hard enough it lets us win most of the time. The other one was a challenge that we enjoyed.

The update happened and only the free one works and was updated. We want our $5.40 back!

Why did you take blitz away. We have been playing for over 9 years.

Would be a great app however the only option is casual which allows days between moves which most people either abandon games or take three days per turn. Please finish maintenance as it has been months with no updates.

The chances of you or your opponent getting a hand full of 5s is Is MORE THAN LIKELY! Needs a better pulling system as well. Seems like dominos do more of controlling the game than the actual players.

This game is alright,you cant take it seriously though. PEOPLE CAN GET EXTREMELY LUCKY, almost to the point where its RIDICULOUS.

As someone that purchased the app, we dont think we should have to play guests In the blitz game guests frequently let the game timeout. Guest players should not have impact on stats.

On iOS 14 the system shows a banner saying that your game copies the paste board. There are no reasons for that other than sloppy coding practices. IOS 14.2 shipped and youre still trying to spy.

No matter how many bug fixes it has, the game continues to be inconsistent and biased. Its disappointing that there is no chance, no randomness, and will consistently turn in favor against you by allowing favor.

The computer cheats – seems to use ability to know what Im holding…. When we lose hand, we’ve got high-value bones to count the majority of the time; on the other hand, when computer loses hand, it has mostly blank bones to count the majority of the times! This is with game setting is on hard. When it seems the games are more from random selections, we win most of the time. Otherwise the game is good to pass the time.

We just paid $5 for this app and we cant even log in. It times out everytime.

We have to give this a one star. We enjoyed the game but the BLM SJW BS is to much. We dont care about that we want to play the game we purchased without someones leftist opinion. We will one star and comment everyday until the BLM BS is gone.

We recently paid $4.99 for the paid version to avoid the constant ads on the free version, only problem (which is a huge problem for me) is that the dominoes are so small we can barely see the pips. Flyclops please fix this, some of us have poor vision!!!!!!!!!

This update has wrecked our app and we have been directed around in circles trying to request a refund and all they keep doing is telling us to go play the free game that is not satisfactory we want our money back we did not do anything wrong they updated and it no longer works our phone is completely updated so they should pay us back we have it on the app that long.

This app/game has become annoying! Its unreal beyond belief how when it determines u will lose… EVERY opponent 1 pulls against you. Then when you have to pull… Makes you pull multiple times &/or set them up for domino &/or money. Used to be fun… Now just plain dumb!!!!

Game is broken. Completely!! After the update all our previous games AND record is GONE! SMH. This is pitiful!!

Its a shame a person cannot enjoy a casual game of Domino with this rigged app! Really ZERO stars!

The developer copies your clipboard data every time you switch to the app. Also, they have not disclosed this per Apple rules and should be removed.

It wont let us play. It says it wants us to update but it wont let us update. Stuck on update screen.

4-20 Worst update ever, now cant play games they crash, after many years of playing unfortunately will be deleting this one.

Though we dont always have the victory we will win. Being referred to a a loser is degrading. It would be better to acknowledge the winner instead. Also single players dont have the same level of scoring because the controller is not accurate. Playing actual games give each player an opportunity to win with high scores. Unlike this staged approach.

The new version is terrible please please please Luke James brown fix the bugs. Dont make us find you and slap ya like Ike.

We just got the new update a day later and its worse than it was before. The game stalls its very glitchy on our iPhone. Can someone please fix that right away… We need another version. We dont like being without our game! Thanks in advance!

Got the update and the app wont get past the load screen. Still some bugs in there somewhere.

Guys its not even firing up…

Please update the app again! Constantly freezes and doesnt respond anymore.

Glad you changed logo back. Thank you for changing back. It would be nice To be able to decide the amount to play up to omelettes.

Please put it back so games do not expire so fast.

It seems reasonable to add statistics to single-person games. This should be simple counters, at a minimum counting games won vs games lost, but total scoring, highest scores, etc. It doesnt seem like it would be hard to add this code.

Please add back %s for stats versus opponents.

The programmers of this game should be ashamed of themselves for programming the to cheat the way that it does when you play against the computer.

We dont like when the game freezes up and we especially dont like losing because THE GAME says that we failed to play when, its NOT our play OR we cant play ! Please fix.

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