MoviePop Answers

MoviePop Answers

Last updated on October 13th, 2020 at 05:50 pm

MoviePop Answers

MoviePop Cheats and Answers for iPhone, iPad, Android game created by FreshPlanet Inc.

Our playlist answers included Musical, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, Family, Horror, Comedy, Romance, Action & Adventure, 2013 Movies, Best of 80’s, Best of 90’s, Best of 2000’s, Legendary Directors, Thriller, Animation, Sport, Biographies, Dance Scenes, War Movies, High School, Western, 80’s Comedies, Zombie Movies, Historical Movies, Award-Winning Movies, Best Kisses, Fairy Tales, Disaster Movies, Alien Invaders, Indie Movies, Weddings, Gangster Movies, Superheroes, Spy Movies, Animal Kingdom, Romantic Comedies, Villains, Best Car Chases, Hollywood Hunks, Family Halloween, British Directors, New York City, Sultry Female Leads, Scary Halloween, Remakes, Teen Romance, Holiday.

Are you a huge movie fan? Then get the popcorn and turn down the lights! Guess clips from some of your favorite movies and send challenges to your friends! Brought to you by the developers of SongPop, the top social game of 2012!

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