Drag Fight

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Drag Fight

Drag Fight

Drag Fight is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by KAYAC Inc., Drag Fight is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 29th June 2022 with the latest update 28th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Drag Fight ?

344 people have rated 0.0.81

What is the price of the Drag Fight ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Drag Fight released ?

Drag Fight was released on 29th June 2022.

When was the Drag Fight updated ?

The latest updated date of Drag Fight on 28th July 2022.

Where can Drag Fight be downloaded ?

You can download the game Drag Fight from Apple Official App Store.



Drag to move joints.
Avoid enemy attacks and attack your enemies!
Can you clear all the stages?

Updated on 28th July 2022

bug fix.

Drag Fight Review

Fun game to screw around with but whats the point in playing the later levels again if they dont even have the level replays.

Its a great game and we love it so much but there is only a few levels to beat if you could add more levels into the game that would be great.

The game has barely any details, more levels would make the game a lot better since it gets repetitive.

Why do you need an ad every level.

Like 8 levels and too much adds.

Would be more fun if there wasnt a add each level.

Its good and all but there are only about 9 levels and too many ads.

We said 5 jest so you would see this but we would really give it a 2/5 it is so so fun but every leval there is another ADD!!! And evry time you die or pass you always get an add but it is really fun.

Level four is impossible everything we try does not kill the second guy in level four.

The game is good but can we use weapons.

We like the fact that the players are dummie thick tho.

We love this game and we have been playing it a lot. This wouldve been a 5 star rating if it werent for the ads. You see after every level there is an ad. Can you please fix it?

We love the game but we play it for the animation at the end we would love it if there was a button during the fight that adds that particular frame to the animation so it doesnt look like it teleports. We would also love if there was a control somewhere to twist its body. Thank you for reading our review Sincerely.

Its a great game and we love it but just one problemTHE ADS oh our god it has an ad after every level and the levels are so short we get it you want money but its so ridiculous PLEASE at least make it an ad after every 2 levels.

The game is a loop because one e you get to lvl 15 it starts to loop.

Is we wish you could have weapons.

It is a very good game but you can make the missions longer and add skins but overall a good game.

Its a good game but would be better if there wasnt an add EVERY SINGLE LEVEL.

Ads. So so so so so so many ads. After rounds, when you die, randomly, and levels arent long so an ad after a round seems stupid. Airplane mode doesnt work which we assume is our data or forcefully added which just put a video in your face and an invisible button that sends you to the AppStore. Im not sure but they wreck this game. Then this doesnt hurt the game but every level, they simply just repeat, repeats, repeats, on and on, it wouldve been nice if they atleast added character customization or a button to show replay. It also always doesnt show replay which we want it to. Character customization, money after rounds, an option to use your coins to get less ads or US dollars to stop ads entirely. The backgrounds are boring and the characters are nothing special. This game couldve been much better, but time wrecks it. Thanks for reading.

Every time we restart every level an ad pops up, please remove this, thank you for your time.

We like the game but it needs less ads.

There is 2 problems. 1. No weapons in the game. Then red has them. Big bummer. 2. TOO MANY ADS! Can there be a platinum or premium for 5 bucks?-2 stars.

So we got this game when we saw it on an ad and the ad let us play which we like in an ad. The first few levels were okay and fun but after that it got boring. We also started to see glitches like when we go under the enemy we dont even touch the blade and im dead. Like not cool,FIX THAT. Also our second complain is the ads like we know its a free game but there are so many ads we would rather pay for it. Sometimes its after 2 levels or after 1 but sometimes they dont even wait for the level to be over. But overall its a pretty fun game.

While it is super fun to contort this guy into whatever moves you wanna do, its only satisfying until the first or second loop, and then it gets old. We could imagine this game having a full on story mode, with more stages, some wild attacks that might be harder to dodge, full on bosses that dont fall to one hit, some dialogue, or anything really. Though, we feel like one it starts on that route, itll just turn into another one of those pay to win games where you cant progress without endless grinding or money; like the majority of app games. For right now the adds are avoidable by turning on airplane mode, and we appreciate that.

This game isnt too bad, moves are a little clunky but with some polishing this game can be really cool.

The game is great but when you hit the engine our whole goes in that direction and theres just and add after like every level and we got killed when we didnt even touch the sword and also THE LEVELS KEEP REPEATING AND ITS SO BORING PLEASE MAKE NEW LEVELS just please make new ones and it would be cool if we could get weapons in certain levels.

Its good but in the adds they have skins but theres no skins in the real game :(

First off, the ads. If you want to actually somewhat enjoy the game you have to turn on airplane mode and it gets tiring. Without airplane mode, after every few levels there are ads. Another problem is that the levels repeat. And no im not talking about the levels repeating after like 20 or maybe 25 levels. Im talking about levels repeating after about 6 or seven levels. Like seriously could you please add more levels and maybe cut off 20% the ads? The game was pretty fun when we first started playing, but after an hour or two it got boring. Also we found a lot of glitches like the character almost going through the floor, and if the character dies it just goes nuts. It looks like it was squashed like the wicked witch of the east in the Wizard of Oz. Also when you pose the character and it hits an enemy the limbs can look as if it got hit by a truck and is fighting the enemies. So all im saying is there is a lot of problems with this game, and unless you guys fix it im deleting this game.

First of all there is way too much ads it keeps borthering me.

An ad after every level is just too much.

Advertising is so obnoxious that we looked right on by the promise of the game and quit sorry its that bad though.

Its cool but its like your playing the same level when we started we did the levels that pop up in the game its the game alover again we’ve done every level over and over.

The game ad seemed very cool. When you play the game it seems like what you expected but in awhile when your playing the game it repeats the levels. Then when your done with a level sometimes it wont record what you did. This game needs some more entertainment and enthusiasm please, all you can expect is the same thing. We recommend playing it but just know its gonna bore you in awhile and then every level you get an ad all the games you play like this has a insane amount of ads for no reason there boring anyways. Its like they are asking to get bad feedback please fix this thank you reading.

Its a very good game but it has way too many ads so if you love games then download it.

They are way to many adds. Every time you die or beat a level an add pops up. The game is pretty good beyond that however the adds completely ruin the game.

Its a lamer version of what you think it is.

This is an interesting concept, for sure, but there are far too few levels and they are too easy. We think the slow motion is simply too slow, maybe, and the movements end up unnaturally quick in replay, if it works. On certain levels, we did notice that replays simply did not happen.

There is an advertisement after EVERY level. We understand you need to make money off this but every level?

Whenever you fail or complete a level it just gives you an ad.

Every 30 seconds you get a ad not fun after 2 minutes.

Absolutely horrible game. Its less a game and more a service to trick people into watching advertisements. Game is built on Unity and uses the default physics and assets. As little work as possible went into this game to get better returns on advertisement profits. Seems like the positive reviews are made by botnets. Avoid at all costs.

Still to many ads Im deleteing this games.

Too much ads in game nonobonnoon.

So when we got to level 4 there were so many ads that we couldnt do replay! Every time we try to close the ads out it just counts down 20 Seconds and when that is over the replay is gone fix this like now there is way to many ads.

You guy are weird you are telling is to hit it in the privet part please fix that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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