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DragonSpear-Ex is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Game2Gather, DragonSpear-Ex is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 4th February 2022 with the latest update 5th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


40 people have rated 1.0.15

You can download the game DragonSpear-Ex from APP STORE.


Dragon Spear is a traditional side-scrolling action RPG.
Save the world from the invasion of nightmares that come from the abyss.
You can create new equipment using materials acquired from nightmares.
All equipment has a unique appearance. Show off your hero with gorgeous and cool equipment.
As you grow your hero, you can learn new skills.
Grow your hero and fight against powerful nightmares.
You can acquire a pet friend that helps your hero through nightmare hunting.

Game features:
▶ Stylish Action RPG
Enjoy a real side-scrolling action RPG game.

▶ Various Occupations
There are six occupations: Knight, Swordsman, Fighter, Assassin, Gunner, and Wizard. Experience various play styles.

▶ Resource Sharing
Heroes share important resources and items through a bag.

▶ Equipment
Collect the best weapons, equipment, and runes among thousands of items to create your own powerful hero.

▶ Freely Customizable Appearance
You can freely change the appearance of equipment in the fashion store.

▶ Powerful Bosses with Various Patterns
Prepare for battle with powerful bosses with various patterns.

▶ Equipment Crafting System
Collect powerful set equipment and cool appearance equipment. Try crafting them at the forge with materials obtained from the abyss.

▶ Supported Languages
Korean, English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

▶ Company Information

YouTube Channel

Developer Contact:
[email protected]

Updated on 5th April 2023

Update History

  1. Scaling errors have been fixed.
  2. Equipment drop rate increased by 15% in Adventuring.
  3. 20% increased chance of coins and consumables in the Abyss.
  4. Significantly increased the number of coin drops in the Abyss.

DragonSpear-Ex Reviews

One time purchase. No ads. Farm all the items by playing. Great characters. Wonderful art. Entertaining gameplay. Giant boss raid coop battles. Just get it if youre even slightly into this type of game because $5 is really a great price considering how enjoyable it is.

This game is amazing, and controller support would be the icing on the cake. Highly recommend to anyone reading this.

When we just press the attack button, the character will act and keep move forward thats really weird, we didn’t press the direction button, but the action keep moving the character, and it makes us always lose the target, could you make some change?

Even tho the game is pretty good, as far as we’ve seen, this was originally launched on Steam four years ago, and the content seems more or less the same, so we doubt we will get anything new (hopefully Im wrong and the developer wont just leave it like it). It would be great full controller support, by the way, but then again, we might not see any real updates :/ (please tell us Im wrong!).

Premium hack n slash with online, no IAP!!! Play it.

The game screams Dragons Crown. Has that DFO feeling & also people should be praising the fact it went from freemium gacha to b2p and removed all the gacha mechanics. Endgame is online co-op boss raids. You can use all classes on same account and freely flip between them. For fans of looters that play like beat em ups; definitely worth the price point. Only thing this really needs is mfi support & hopefully more content on the way!

Pls add setting for controller and vietnamese language.

Story is 0 star, boss design is your mom.

There is a bug in 3-5. When the boss has been killed. The dialogue process is stopped on a window which cannot go ahead. IPhone type is iPhone 12 Pro. Hope repair and update.

Have over 40n hours in so far and still great. Only five dollars and you get a game with a bunch of expansions. Used to be an IAP game but they took out all the IAP. Great beat em up game reminiscent of golden ax or dragons crown. 6 playable classes. Lots of gear to grind and upgrade. The only downsides: The English is not perfect but it is understandable anyways who plays games like this for the story It does have pretty thirsty anime graphics. Outfits range from bikinis to pants suits though so you can dress your character modestish. Also usually the screen is exploding and hectic so you barely notice it. No IAP No ads. All currency is earned by helping others in random games. Optional 4 player drop in co-op raids. But come endgame this is the primary form of progression (when you become powerful enough you can try and solo). They go from pretty easy to quite difficult. They are tiered and need to be unlocked. Each fight lasts about 1-3 mins with tougher mobs we’ve gone as long as 7 mins. Really fun fights though. Once you get to endgame we would suggest looking up some of the guides on steam. This is just a starting point and you can figure out a lot of build yourself. Overall this game is an absolute steal at $5 and our favorite of 2022 so far. Lots of endgame builds and items to collect. You are limited to a certain set of phrases you can use to interact with others but for the most part almost the entire playerbase we’ve met have been very polite.

This game screams MFI controls needed. Combat is fun and seems to be pretty polished. The humor too is great, especially with the gunner character when she refuses to save any of the hostages. But alas, MFI controls arent quite there yet. When we try to use our xbox controller in game, the thumb stick seems to work fine but none of the buttons or triggers work. Please fix this!

Seems like there’s little direction to this game. Should we be focusing on one particular raid over another? No idea. Does a high quality lower level weapon matter more or less than a higher level weapon? No idea. Once you hit max level 50, which takes 2-3 days of casual gameplay, what is your main goal? No idea. Am we focusing on raid equipment, store equipment, or story equipment? No idea.

Controller Support Controller Support Controller Support Controller Support Controller Support please?

The game is fun. Every hero has their own powers and special moves. Not very long game, but is fun and the girls are a nice view.

Unable to archive and read films.

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