State of Survival: Christmas Event Tips, December 2021

State of Survival Christmas Event Tips Dec 2021

The Christmas event has entered Stage II this week, how’s it going to upgrade the Christmas Tree in State of Survival?

In this stage, players have the chance to obtain up to 51 Christmas Coins via events. Do you know where to find them all? Let’s take a look at this short guide.

  • Each day, players are able to get up to 5 Christmas Coins by completing 5 Christmas Intel missions in the Christmas Tree Defense event. That makes 35 coins in total for this week.
  • Additionally, players are able to get a max of 15 coins by completing 80 out of the 100+ milestone tasks in the 7-day Gifts feature.
  • F2P players can finish 60 milestone tasks relatively quickly, thereby obtaining 12 coins. Pay attention to stocking up on as many Biocaps, Hero Search Maps, Speedup items, Epic Hero Fragments, and Plasma as possible to gain points fast.
  • Don’t forget that you can also continue upgrading the Tree Body (which was the major task for Stage I) during this Stage. There’s no Stage limitation on upgrading parts of the Tree from previous Stages.
  • Players are able to get 1 Christmas Coin via the 8th Day sign-in.

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